Former NASA engineer. Current ALselr and friend of science.
Answers to some common questions:
1) I studied Mechanical Engineering in School. I did my undergrad at BYU and Masters at USC.
2) I worked for NASA JPL for 9 years, 7 of which were working on the Curiosity Rover (I made a video about it you should def totes watch cause it's probably my favorite of all my videos). I founded a company called Digital Dudz on my nights and weekends while working at NASA (also made some videos about that) and sold it to the guys who make Morphsuits in the UK. As part of the sale I quit my job at NASA and worked for them coming up with all their new costume ideas for 2 years. Recently, I was presented with an opportunity to return to my Engineering roots to come do some ideation type of work for a tech company near San Francisco.
3) Link to free and therefore substandard build plans for my custom workbench can be found below.

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  1. G Kman

    Good bye camera

  2. Lucas Drexler

    Then why if you put like 20 clear bags to gather and you look though them they look blue and where is lots of layers in the atmosphere

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    They can get a scale and then weigh themselves then multiply it by some number

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    Hey Mark Rober! We are in an outbreak of coronavirus and you said you still wanna do your monthly videos. What about making a thermometer sniper gun as a video. Would be entertaining to watch shoot people with it 😉

  15. mari uwu

    I take more notes on this than in class

  16. David Daivdson

    Despite making up only 14% of the total population around 80% of the thieves seem to be 'melanin enriched' It's almost like these people are entirely animalistic and cannot control themselves in a civilised society.

  17. Jillian Ward

    How did he know that there was gonna be a new virus that spread around the world??

  18. nukecraft_ o

    Would you be able o use the soap trick with a real boat and gallons of soap. (video idea Mark)

    1. nukecraft_ o

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  19. Crissy Cox

    You look like Nate from The King of Random

  20. james gilbert

    More great propaganda. Yeah!

  21. Colton Jones

    It will cost less because it is gross. God wanted us to eat animals as a stable source to remain healthy and strong. Not only will it disorganize the food chain, millions of hard working farmers all over the world will be laid off. I sure wouldn't want to eat some gross lab concoction. A lot of people in the city have no idea how hard it is to run a farm. You get up at 5 and feed animals and you probably don't get done till 10, that is for a lot of bigger farms. People have no idea how hard farmers work and care about their animals. If they didn't care about their animals, they wouldn't have them.

  22. little bitwise


  23. nukecraft_ o

    I think i would prefer a normal video over a science class. Sorry Mark but it is true

  24. Common_faults

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  25. a random dude

    lol the dude who followed mark rober and stuff got 4 free iphones your plan backfired.

  26. NineGang 50

    Can we go back to hunting animals for meat. You know we dont have to change the way we eat because some vegan just wants to eat plants. Animals were put here some of them either to be your friend or a food source. If you dont like it get use to it. Cause ima be eating meat till i die. Also i dont belive in factories its extra for no reoson. I think we should let them free and physically have people or ourselves hunt them. Like you KNOW THE OLD DAYS. Its way better and we still get food just not by killing thousands of pigs everyday its unnecessary. Thats coming from a keat eater. Were not cruel or bad people. We just want food. Real food. Plant is food and other things. But meat is that natrual delicious protein we need.

  27. Sportsman Cal

    I have so much respect to you

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  29. Richard Y

    By weighing them selves before hand

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    My answer is that they put on some straps that make a downforce like the Earth's gravity

  32. Speed Gamer

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  33. Jessica Bellandy

    I'm guessing cow blood is more accurate to want those sharks ate, and so they learned to sense it in the water. Probably not much munching on people and so they don't recognize it.

  34. ClickzFxl

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  36. InfinityKid2048

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  37. InfinityKid2048

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  38. Mr President

    Planet 9 is 1500 AUs away.

  39. Alfred noe

    do people not steal the phones

  40. InfinityKid2048

    If a hydrogen atom were the size of a tennis ball, a penny would be 1km bigger then our planet!

  41. Javabasily

    Instead of glitter, he should use chlorine gas

  42. Stupidbro

    Okay, SO the main problem I've had with being a vegetarian is iron, not protein. For your peanut butter sandwich comparison, 2 Tbsp of peanut butter (based on the supposedly healthier pb in my mom's kitchen) only has 1 mg of iron (2% of your daily value according to 2,000 calorie diet etc etc) While 2 slices of whole grain bread has 2.4 mg of iron (12%) making a total 13%. On the other hand, one 3-4 (depending on your source) oz patty of beef provides 2.5 mg on its own. I'm not saying that I would switch to a meat inclusive diet from my vegetarian one, but I do see the argument for it simply being an easier source of iron. So far, I've yet to see a solution for the iron problem other than eat cups and cups of various vegetables and beans or take supplements.

  43. Conlan Jarvis

    the poor crying kid its getting demolished 7:08

  44. Eamon Drohan

    Question for a future class, How is distance measured in space? Like so he can see please.

  45. Nardose Mengesha

    I don't eat meat that much because my country food doesn't have meat in any food. But I haven't eaten meat since October so I guess that means I'm vegetarian.

  46. Sanad Shalash


  47. Sanad Shalash

    You are using a hotwheel track as a stick

  48. Carson’s VR

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    2020 will be remembered for covid-19

  51. Tetê MARTE

    i'm brazilian and i love watching your videos are very good, and i'm learning a little english, i don't know if i'm getting more little by little thanks ♥️♥️

  52. Stop, Let's Go!


  53. Domce

    “I love Dix” -Bill Gates Haha, me to bill, me to.

  54. Shelly B

    Thank u Mark - awesome stuff! Is there a way u could compare wearing gloves to using hand sanitizer? (Cashiers/baggers). Also wearing a mask? I know u cant put this powder in ur mouth but maybe another idea to show results?

  55. jack tiktak

    Can it get u a 7-10 split

  56. Ya Boi!

    8:24 me watching this in my home self isolating: oh f**K

  57. Stupidbro

    6:17 Ooh! That reminds me! Someone should do a variation to see how much/little better fist bumps are than handshakes.

  58. Yeet

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  60. VAMM's Gaming and Vlog Channel

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    Abangkuh nyari mati gaes :v

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    However 1 normal microscope is 1000 times more convenient. But you can’t always bring it in each place of Earth.

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  70. Phoenix PN

    drowning in sand confirmed

  71. mem reflect

    I live in a duplex, and when I get home, I make sure to take any packages inside, small or large. There's a single entrance at the front with an entryway leading to the actual living quarters of both units, so I just leave my neighbor's packages at their door. I figure it's better than their stuff being stolen, even if they hate me for touching their packages and never opening them. I've never had a package stolen, and I hope I never have to deal with it, but just in case, I would rather just take it to a safe spot instead of leaving it for someone to steal.

  72. Alan Steinlage

    Mark can you make a video on how a drive through works?

  73. That's Legendary

    im ok

  74. Shaikh Hanzla

    This is how to dodge a grenade in PUBG or Fortnite.

  75. mem reflect

    Halloween Edition: Welcome to my world, B****! (Freddy Krueger)

  76. Aryesh Chaudhary


  77. Mj Vogt

    I am 11 and you are good at teching

  78. Ayden Ng HK

    bill gates is not the richest person the richest person is Geoff Bezos

  79. Jefferson Lima

    I think you accidentally taught a misconception. When you fart you don't lose much mass. With the methane inside, you are hydrobaric equilibrium with the atmosphere. When a fart leaves, it'd expect some atmospheric air to come in pushed by temporary atmospheric pressure differential to replace it so that the air pressure is in equilibrium again between outside and inside of body. In fact, Id expect mass to stay somewhat the same, but the density of atmospheric air coming in is more than methane coming out, meaning there is a volume change. Your intestines contract. The scale measures weight (even if some show a mass). The weight measured by scale is indeed based on net force between gravity and buoyancy. We'd weight differently if there was no air around. Id expect a net force change after a fart to indeed be negative (towards ground). But this happens not because of a mass change, but a density change (which changes buoyancy, and thus net force). I think you correctly focused on that on the video but I also think something is "missing" if you don't show the volume change. It'd lead many viewers to assume the mass is the key (when it's volume that matters more). Overall principle is still right but not exactly because you are just "letting go of light air". It's more like you are trading expanded fo compacted air. I think the "let go" example in thr end biases viewers to think you lost mass. You almost had it with the comparisson to heavier weight you held for a while on the scale. But then you undid it with the "let go of baloon thing" you did after it. td be better if once in the scale in the end of video, you "farted" by trading a light ballon with a normal air balloon (perhaps relatively deflated). It'd show the volume change. Note that this also actually means that you do get some air back in too so the net force difference is very small. It is just based on density difference for a slight amount of mass. Volume is the biggest change. Anyhow the effect is definitively smaller than if you just let go of light air (which would cause a pressure differential constantly squeezing you in and your intestines to expand even more with no air replacement than when the "light air" was inside - but that's not what happens). Anyhow the effect is likely imperceptible in most scales. Also some normal air is included in farts too (so it's even less). Also, a major component in the explanation is assumed without discovery. How does your audience know farts are lighter than air? Suggestion: Have a methane filled balloon. If big enough to makeup for rubber weight, it should float (if not do it with air balloon in water to represent effect. This would also visually show the mass replacement - see below). You could even tie it to a weight on a sensitive scale to show a net difference compared to a balloon with the same volume of normal air also sitting on a scale with the weight and string also on it. Note a balloon filled with normal air cannot be one you blow. It has to be one you fill with an air pump, as you blow denser air out then you breathe in (richer in carbon dioxide which is denser; when we breathe out pressure is equalized with each breath since our air ducts are open to atmospheric pressure). You could also use a sensitive Newton scale tied to submerged balloons with different gas but same volume to show difference in buoyancy. After that, open ballon just so (to simulate a sphincter) and let a "fart out". It will then sink as the compacted air replaces it making balloon deflate (show it in water to show water coming in to show mass replacement better). By the way, people are often curious when I explain this about why balloons sink when you fill them up with your breath. Shouldn't they be neutral buoyancy? They forget about rubber weight and the fact that you breathe out carbon dioxide. Really good job though. I was super engaged. Kids would love it - especially if they got yo do some of the demos themselves. And they would get it too! Not sure the mass vs volume issue is that big of a deal. It just wasn't technically right. But I think showing that methane is lighter than air would have been nice. You could even fart with a thermal camera to show gas going up as soon as it leaves. That'd work too . Keep up the good work. By the way, I am a science teacher who taught physics for years. I grade AP exams. I flipped my class to get facts out of the way (after inquiry stage) so kids can focus class time on inquiry/discovery and analytical/real world application practice. Your spirit in in the right direction. Even your lectures are "discovery/demo based" and that's great (especially if done after students had a chance to discover and experiment on their own first). Being a good physics teacher these days is less about showing them and more about letting them figure out with modeling and experimentation. Then, review and explain (hopefully with demos) - but involve them in that too through peer review and discussion process (as scientists do in real life). And then give them problems and chsllenges to let them apply it in real world problem solving situations (as engineers do). Love your challenge at the end... I'd love to connect if you are interested

  80. 100101101011 11000101100

    On land

  81. Delavega CFTW

    The whole night what we've got in store Whisper in my ear that you want some more And I @1:00

  82. wkruit1

    I said it before and I’lll say it again. It’s ridiculous that package delivery drivers are allowed to just drop a package on one’s doorstep, to see and steal by every person that passes the house. Utterly ridiculous!!

  83. Влад Вулкан

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  90. Night of the Peregrine Falcons

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  92. Night of the Peregrine Falcons

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  93. Alan Steinlage

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  95. Alan Steinlage

    Mark can you make a video on how a drive through works?

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