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  1. Mystic

    This was *ing brilliant!

  2. lololo lollo

    ...i cant tell if this guy's dad is Ron Burgundy or his uncle is Ron Burgundy....

  3. andrei nita

    am i the only one who got the ad with linus before the video ?

  4. Aymeric Charrier

    Windows 10 activate by Microsoft Account... If change components or others hardware... Windows is also activate because Linus use à Microsoft account...

  5. GigaGrim

    Anyone know what SSH/SFTP software Jake was using?

  6. Wonginism

    Wow Samsung still don't make non LCD TV's?

  7. Dustin -


  8. Shadowwolf TD5000

    So this is how I started actually getting jobs to do! I got FAH up on my new rig a while ago but then didn't have any jobs for ages

  9. Akash Vijay

    Who had the shitty variable ND on full, the vignette is distracting

  10. Rufus Connolly

    Shout out to Riley, that mustache, and the game Black Mesa. Hashtag-doubt that rocket league is less his "favorite game" and more "a decent relative benchmark" for Riley. I relate to Matthias like I shouldn't.... I felt how bits in this video more then any other! #Dennistellsnolies

  11. ken2400

    "I leave it for the next person" Why do I think it will be the same guy installing it now :)

  12. Omer Bin

    eft would run so good on this

  13. Ethan.McKnight

    Linus is growing a corona beard. And I actually like it.

  14. Ascentivi

    i have an oculus quest, the oculus link cable and a 2070 super and its been great so far! i have nothing nicer to compare it to so i dont know if its ACTUALLY as nice as i think it is but its been very enjoyable

  15. TempheX

    He looks like Sherminator from American Pie

  16. K Liwacat

    Does having more pins mean more processing power?

  17. Daud

    Imagine someone playing the meme moaning sound as a joke

  18. Pee Pee Poo Poo

    6:32 i was laughin my ass off at this one

  19. Cole Harper

    Probably the only person in the linus group folding with a mac. XD. tho i'll say my dual x5675's are doing great. and 100% under load and 50% fan speed is maintaining 55c cpu temps. very happy with my machine. dont know how "good" 120,000 points a day is. but thats what im getting.

  20. Vane

    in the name of science!

  21. Dibya Anonda

    Linus ain't human. He's a lizard

  22. Thomas Kinkade

    He's in the shadows... waiting to return for his revenge. They rebuilt him. Stronger. Faster. EVIL. With RGB lighting, a robotic arm, and a deeper voice.

  23. JaydenFX

    Ive been Pulling out my keycaps with my fingers THE WHOLE TIME

  24. Unkorneglosk

    Linus "100 FPS is.... Fine." Me, with my Phenom II x4 965, 8go RAM and R7 240: *pikachu face*

  25. Nathan Haaren

    10 000 $ worth of speakers in his house :D

  26. Oppicle Man

    Pewds aint funny more he was more funny in his old vids

  27. J. K.

    Would been nice to see these tests with a system like arch or Debian. They won't be so fragile if the kernel throws tantrum.

  28. duck

    Not to be devil’s advocate, but most of these benefits basically boil down to the fact that Windows is proprietary commercial software, meaning that any person or company that makes a PC can just use it on their machine for a small price. That’s why game devs prioritize Windows compatibility, that’s why there are more Windows options of different kinds of computers, that’s why there are Windows computers that are half the cost of a Mac with equal specs.

  29. Arly G

    This is more relevant than ever in 2020

  30. Joe Alonzo


  31. Niels Kok

    Just build a Citrix farm with the hardware you have laying around.....

  32. Sp3EdStR


  33. TheNoNameYoutuber

    I Need To Be On ROG Reboot Because My Workstation Has Intel Pentium 4 As The Cpu.

  34. Mr.overkill

    Thanks a lot

  35. ARVOCI

    WTFFF, i didn't know you were the meme

  36. Mr.Eidehall

    true I didn't have a father

  37. Greg Jones

    Surprised you even got your SU650 going. I was beginning to think they were just drive cases without anything in them.

  38. Techno - Sachin

    When Your PC is more shiity than this.. :(

  39. JediAshenOne

    That, is the most beautiful laptop I have ever seen in my life and I have seen gaming computers

  40. DaRedaBua

    Please update on this video with using an oscilloscope (or let jake use it) and have that cable run through open microwaves or something

  41. Thule Gezelschap

    I wanted to get a 9900k now i am looking at the 3900 or 3950.. it used to be som simple.. just buy the top end intel.. now my whole routine is ruined haha I have 2-3 weeks before i’m buying I wonder if intel will release anything before then

  42. TheRealYochoc

    As soon as they left him alone he cracked the chiller to max 😂😂

  43. tommapar88

    The echo cancellation algorithm is also quite finnicky. We use parsec to play old emulator co op games, using Discord at the same time. Parsec has an algorithm that cancels audio coming from Discord. But it detects it as voice most of the time, so you may get either voice stuttering or complete cut off in some games. There are a couple workarounds and soft fixes but its still a PITA.

  44. Роман В

    what tool, where do you look at metrics?

  45. Ruthvik S S


  46. Neutronic

    Now for 3 people playing Half Life Alyx on one system

  47. poggon

    Devils advocate, April fools aside. If someone was able to make entertaining videos for youtube without understanding what they are doing. I don't care. Really nothing sinister about that. I bet lots of people don't know what they are doing. Just look at Donald Trump, he clearly doesn't know what he's doing and they are letting him run a full country!

  48. Dávid Návay

    Anyone noticed the guy who continuously stares at linus?

  49. Anna-Maria Ståhl

    Café namnes stfu lmao

  50. shahmeer khalid

    Living in Lahore be like : Just go to hafeez centre/hall road ez

  51. Омичечная

    Sooo it's like a Moonlite, but for money

  52. Cygnet

    I'm gonna go set my PC up and start doing work, y'all are awesome, stay safe! ❤

  53. Johann Pethe


  54. Ash3nSin

    I have a Acer nitro 5, slightly different from this one, it's a i7-8750H with 8 ram and a 1050 Nvidia graphics cards(those are the ones I remember exactly) it coated a little more but about this laptop es that I regret buying it, at the end it was around 1k plus with warranty and the problems keep showing up, until now my problems where with audio, didn't recognise mics or headphones had to be repaired and at the end I just bought a external audio plate, and the worst part is overheating when gaming, like actually getting to 90 degrees the CPU and almost 80 the GPU, it's so bad build the components but my recommendation is it's better to have for exemplo an Asus or the hp one, it's just better for the same laptop price

  55. noob gamer

    7:59 is that dr doofenshmirtz?

  56. Chuckle Feltersnatch

    Linus went from sad to dad in the span of isolation

  57. Parrfive

    I wonder if he was this condescending when he first started his channel. Seems to work for him.

  58. Sakshi Chopra

    Huh😏 Low Spec

  59. Drifta Masta

    PLEASE can you do more 3D printer videos!! 🙏

  60. ClaudeTan

    Amd is great, but sadly most manufacturers still position and as cheap laptop with less beautiful design compared to intel. They also make amd laptop spec below intel.

  61. trigonopoly

    Walking around the house listening to Linus talk and thinking of random things...when suddenly ... "FRESHBOOKS!!!" ..... @[email protected]"

  62. eXorque

    @Linus Tech Tips how did it fare with agressive overclocking?

  63. Mikayel Nasibyan

    You should do a review of the new version of the hp 360 that has a A few changes

  64. JarAxe

    Wow. I don't think I have ever seen two people develop a bantering sibling like relationship that fast.

  65. Talf1

    The video is soo funny thank you <3

  66. Tax-fraud-o-saurus

    *Cries in athlon 200ge*


    It'S tOo ExPeNsIvE!

  68. Paul Wolf

    why does Jake have a job?

  69. farm boot

    Linus, you should hang onto that beard

  70. Peter Breis

    "Somethings not quite right..." Taste in music? But looks like fun. You just need cardboard cut people to "enjoy" the ambience.

  71. Katsune

    Speaking of Wacom; since “Wa” is Chinese, it’s not pronounced “wey”. I know I’m nitpicking, but there seems to be a debate how you pronounce and I wanted to make things a bit more clear.

  72. Aidan Martin

    How do we know Shane?

  73. TheGhung Fu

    At what point will all of these folding systems get together and decide that the best way to solve this virus problem is to eliminate the hosts?

  74. Mikayel Nasibyan

    You should do a review of the hp 360 new version that has some changes

  75. Evan Colwell

    Liquid cooled system that uses a full sized car radiator

  76. Lynxsis™

    great video but jesus fucking christ the script is hard to look past, such awkward interaction

  77. sajad asaad

    Amazing job

  78. Leonard Nguyen Schøyen

    But Linus, the eye can't see more than 30Hz. Why are you spreading these made up points??

  79. Admiral Falco

    Guys, after watching both this and your parsec video, i wonder whether you have heard of moonlight gamestreaming. Yes it isn't as bells and whistles as with some of the other options but if you have your own rig (like your editors) then it may prove better. (Plus its completely free)

  80. Potassium Chloride

    I know this is long ago stuff, but they should retry doing the whole room water cooling thing with this.

  81. Benjamin Serdani

    5:22 why do you use these insanely huge screens?! Your neck must be hurting right now :D

  82. Ashraf_B _

    Got a Linus ad before this .

  83. Lvcid

    4:03 so basically these are battlefeild headphones

  84. Ajuchacko91

    Hey, I have been watching your videos since long time. I really love watching your videos. These days I've got some free time, so thought simply to say hi to everyone of my favourite youtuber's. Don't think about retirement any more. Keep making videos. Thank you

  85. Stefano Baiz

    what is the best mac book or zenbook

  86. Chris Romberg

    Hahahahahaahahahahahahaha great. :)

  87. Daniel Brown

    You should try and build a PC inside the iMac or iMac Pro just recycling the display


    JerryRigEverything had broken Macbook Air.

  89. Daniel Zisman

    Watched this before I bought the new G3, now I'm watching this on my G3. This video is a mood. I couldn't care for many games, just play my casual Forza and CS:GO, who needs a $4000 computer when those are the games you play. Although I'm impressed the G3 runs Horizon 4 on high settings at 60 fps

  90. Windows Lab

    OH WannaCry. It's the worst.

  91. warhawk111

    "I'll leave it for the next person" uuughhh

  92. Techno Universal

    But there’s still some applications where high wattage power supplies are actually required especially in enterprise grade server hardware as a high performance CPU server with four massive Intel Zeon CPUs would actually consume close to or over 1200watts when running at it’s full capacity! However most massive data centres instead have massive PSUs that take up entire rooms that output 48v DC at up to hundreds of amps and then that’s used for all of the server equipment in that area of the building! Also the Power Mac G5 computers are an example of computers that had and used more than 1200watts as they could use up to 1600watts! :)

  93. David Johnston

    Hey, what motorcycle do you ride? As you can see it's a Kawasaki ZZR1400 & it's absolutely epic! On track days, DO ONE! I did my first one last year at the age of 42 at the Ron Haslam Race School Donington Park which is a full GP circuit, best day ever!!! 🏍🏍🏍 Great content mate! 💪 Regarding Owen Wilson, I'm not a fan of his movies but in person he's a top lad! I met him & we chatted for about an hour when he was in London promoting one of his films! P.S. I'm doing the same beard thing while we're isolating here in the U.K. 😂😂😂

  94. Rob Marrin

    Linus ❤️👍great video I'm sure I'm not the only one who when I see your name I miss see it as Linux,, 🤔👍

  95. Tom Connery

    Oh wow a zoom advert :o

  96. Woable Attack

    This Nvidia thing is a good system. Lag is more of an issue, it costs money monthly, it limits your playtime and if you are unlucky it says that you are not allowed to play right now because your virtual big brother is playing. Cool beans...

  97. Hakken NR

    ear plugs? WTF :D

  98. __ KJAM __


  99. ACID

    linus:i played 20 minutes hypixel:he can't beat us a few moments later... hypixel:holy sh*t he beat us

  100. Benji Derrick

    At least she didn't watch on The Verge to know how to build a computer 😂