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  1. Aussie Jim

    Gee wizz tUcker everyone on this planet is a liar except tRump... ? Do you see how absurd this is getting...?

  2. عادل سعد Adel saad

    Be dog 😂

  3. Pushyhog

    bolton bushee rino deep.

  4. Michael De Santa

    Give bolton to the dems, get hunter, win impeachment, win 2020

  5. Retired Early 53

    Why are they always picking on that ' HONEST NEW YORK CITY CON MAN " ????????????????

  6. craig spowart

    This moron can hardly string two sentences together that make any sense. Long past his Due Date.

  7. Scot Johnson

    I thought John Bolton was Sheldon Adelson's pick.

  8. Ted Pallas

    When the establishment retakes the Whitehouse this country will collapse sooner than's inevitable Amen

  9. karlkey

    Jesus Christ Sean you really are that stupid huh?

  10. Scott Groves

    The Deep State is run by Little Green Men from Mars MAGA 2020, 2024, 2028...

  11. Trevor Sedis

    Bolton...hardon for war!

  12. Glyph 123

    Video is out you guys, what do you have to say to that? And if Trump is so confident, why is he so afraid of Bolton testifying?

  13. Tammy Jo Dolan

    Thank you

  14. Greg D

    Can't believe he sold out!!....used to respect him.

  15. Gina Armstrong

    Hannity that "Tan" is clouding your judgment!! You, tRump and OJ's/ Epstein attorney need help on reality!! Step out of the headlights, Deer boy!! Do you like little girls also?? Jerk!!

  16. leslie ackley

    Way down here in Texas fixin to vote Trump 2020

  17. kpvr

    What a pity, the POTUS cannot do anything. What is he elected for? Is he not a boss?

  18. kelbel

    for 200 years were were homogeneous....European...

  19. nocturnal hustler

    I believe Rudy follow the money.

  20. sandra burke

    Stomped on Schiff like he was a bugeyed roach! Loved it when they Said CORRUPTION AND THEY'RE STILL COVERING FOR BIDEN NOW!

  21. Nick Kallinikios

    They are not allegations when there on video! They’re Trump’s own words.

  22. Kevin Lindsey

    Mitt Romney? Ask him how he spent his vacation with the Clintons.

  23. Jason Collins

    Bolton simply knew it was a “drug deal”

  24. RyVolt

    What a Joke Fox News is!

  25. emil toutou

    I like how Trump put that Evil witch ..he says she is Ridiculous

  26. C Williams

    Trump does not want to be president. His main objective is only this: He's bitterly obsessed and envious of President Obama's success! He's sick as hell over the fact that President Obama earned two successful years as President!

  27. Lloyd James

    I got a question for all you trumptards. Ask yourself how many ppl were ARRESTED, PROSECUTED IMPRISONED QUIT FIRED under the OBAMA🇺🇸 ADMINISTRATION vs TRAITOR CHUMPS🇷🇺 ⁉️ Now really think about that🤔 ⁉️ And if your gonna support that MANGO MADMAN in the white house especially after this mountain of evidence proving HIS guilt ? Then YOUR either one of two things: YOUR either as RASCIST as HE IS ⁉️ OR INCREDIBLY STUPID💥❗

  28. mrsanatra1

    MGTOW is the only way to happiness

  29. Roger Ritchie

    Why does Trump hire these snakes?

  30. werxed

    The spin cycle is on high with these morons.😂

  31. Mike Mcclenithan

    If all people can clear trump, why doesn't he let them testify? Hmmmm. Bunch of brain dead's I'm thinking. I would want witnesses if I was on trial, wouldn't all of you?

  32. Lars Magnus Samuelsson Svenssonsenn Magnussvensamuelsson Thor

    Bolton has always been a warmonger, and Trump has always been a criminal conman.

  33. Cade White

    fair trial please

  34. Aaron Justice

    Back when I was a democrat long ago, it was because of people like Bolton. Now democrats love him and mccain.

  35. Depcom

    LMAO! This dude really does look like a dirtbag! Alan DIRTowitch. A Trump bag full of dirt! Do women really mate with guys who look like him?

  36. Ken Grantham

    Now that the demoncraps have impeached our president, will President Trump be able to finally drain the swamp or will the demoncraps cry “revenge” by the president?

  37. Jay freshman

    dems are morons...

  38. Kevin 213

    Just like 2016 , those who live in the Media Bubble will cry on the street when this over.

  39. Lucky Dog

    Hey Schiff for brains..... news flash you are an idiot.

  40. Jonny Deth

    *The National Security Adviser is in fact, a peon in their position in the National Security Council making their job primarily as the media face and spokesman for the council with a half dozen members that outrank him lol.* Other advisers have said "Trump asked if he could do this action, I told him he couldn't so he found an option" and they have mentioned this several times since early on after he took office. *So who cares if Bolton is telling the truth? We already know the Democrats are not!* What sickens me is an army of voters 18 to roughly their early 30s, that the Republicans don't care about giving the verbatim facts. *The Republicans literally think these people are irrelevant to how we interact as a society, and are irrelevant in how they vote because of the voting body of middle age to senior citizens.* They're lazy deadbeats!

  41. Bill C

    How many millions of tax dollars are they wasting? That’s what a lot of tax payers want to know.

  42. James Cowan

    I think the Senate is doing a great job showing how uneducated the Congress was in an impeachment process.

  43. Xcris crosX

    Parnas and Bolton are not credible, but an impeached guy that holds the record for the most lies as a president is believable🙄

  44. Blade Man

    Vote Romney out! He’s done. He’s using a Republican label to keep his job because he knows the democrats don’t want him for anything but propaganda but he sure as hell ain’t no Republican! Another prime example for the need for term limits. He’s sucking the system dry.

  45. YahshuaLovesMe

    knew it was a lie, that's a no brainer at this point.

  46. Aleah York

    The liberals committed voting fraud many times, and this last time, they still lost!! Hypocrites!!

  47. Dana Church

    Adam Schiff's staff are probably still working with cia lawyers and NSC officials to finish Bolton's book and testimony.

  48. Van Hammer Films

    Does Gutfeld thinks he is defending Trump?

  49. MrNanonano64


  50. 607 1977

    Comparing Presidents now are we?

  51. Mark Sablan

    MSM is full of 💩💩💩💩..

  52. Mollene Parker

    Sen. Kennedy has the best analogies! Thank you Senator Kennedy for all your doing for the American people.

  53. david bleh

    Mitt what, er who? Why is that loser still mooching off the ppl in my senate? Thot he was supposed 2be a biz genius??🙀

  54. aboveknee

    OMG!!!! CHUCK SHUMMER NOW CLAIMING IT IS NOW A COURT IS LAUGHABLE! WHAT A HYPOCRITE! They controlled witness's and what they could say, And now Shummer is trying to turn it around the other way??? AMERICANS ARE NOT STUPID!!!BUT SHUMMER SURE THINK'S WE ARE!! HE THINKS WE WON"T BE ABLE TO SEE THROUGH HIM!!!

  55. irish lady

    Sean, just because you co sign his delusions, doesn't make it fact, you people are so out of control in Washington, so that's why Ivanka and Jared have such cushy jobs in the Whitehouse, Jared named head of every country and state. With no political experience....EVER

  56. Metal Patriot

    These Democrats give a black eye to America!!! Buckle your seat belts, military tribunals are coming !!!

  57. M W

    Trump didn't like Bibi interrupting him and taking over the conference.

  58. Daryl Leckt

    more lies from hannity. nobody besides the trump administration knows what was said during trumps phone call to Ukraine. it is locked up on a server in the whitehouse that trump refuses to release to america.

  59. Michi Botlo

    whoa, these guys are throwing their former buddies under the bus.

  60. Dagooch23

    2 of the sickest individuals..might as well blow him Netanyahu!..JESUS!..

  61. Frank Mayer

    Since we're talking about Canada, do you think we should ad an "A" to the end of all that. A?

  62. Scott Groves

    The Deep State is run by Little Green Men from Mars MAGA 2020, 2024, 2028...

  63. carlo huerta

    hannity i love watching you on fox news to see you circle around the main facts . you keep defending your buddy trump over and over again you are one sad individual. i hope they call on bolton and other witnesses then you be switching your toon to okay he froze aid but its not impeachable or removal of office

  64. Hello

    Fox is listing to the left. Hope they figure it out before we let them sink!

  65. John Daniel

    Bolton called this a "A DRUG DEAL". I want to know why. Bolton must testify under oath

  66. Matthew Viramontes

    Someone should as well be charged for filming this with a potato

  67. Allen Heasley


  68. Braulio Hoggan

    You tube running interference on behalf of anti trump paid trolls. Doing away with pro Trump comments. Be good youtube.its not your job to interfere with free speech and elections.

  69. sofia midkiff

    NYT hates Trump, hates Sanders, hates China, hates Russia.... who knows who else it hates, it makes up stories in all news related to people and countries it hates. I stopped reading it long time ago.

  70. Michael De Santa

    The aid was released after the whistleblower complaint you shirface

  71. Brant Jessel

    It's all stuff we've heard before. Nothing new. Sure, Trump tried playing dirty politics. Gym let kids get molested. Lindsey sold his soul. McConnell won't be an impartial juror. Nothing new here. Why bother with witnesses and facts? Even when we know the truth the GOP sweeps it under the rug with more b.s. and cover up.

  72. Lelee DaDutchess Spoild

    This is completely sad lmao

  73. qassandraable

    Jim Jordan has aged 10 years in 10 days. It must be worse than we think. 🎱

  74. roel freet

    Why can't the senate dismiss dems claim its a frail lie then move on.

  75. bluto212

    Call Bolton

  76. Gino

    This guy looks like chucky the demon child play doll

  77. Painting Animals On Rocks

    We don't have the FULL transcript.

  78. El- Berith

    This day, the House Dems stand rebuked by the truth of the facts to their rigged Impeachment by the rightful use of our Constitutional laws, legal precedent, & by US history. Consequently, the radical left unwittingly drew out men of honor serving our great nation to not only rightly defend duly elected Pres.Trump against false accusers seeking his overthrow by lies & by misleading the public re Constitution separation of Powers but also brought out, one of the most outstanding proper defenses of our US Constitution!

  79. Margrit Kaminsky

    Tuck, we knew already that Bolton disagreed with T over the Ukraine "drug deals". You know Tuck, you agreed with T when he chose Bolton. It is with Bolton as is seems to be with many other people that T got into his team. Their eyes opened. They got to know T, saw the chaos, the swamp. The fact that T is an ignorant vicious BS artist and nothing else.

  80. Karyn

    foghorn leghorn -- what an idiot. maybe, just maybe, what john Bolton says is true as it comports w/all the other evidence presented

  81. Bitlowkey 44

    Why is this on my recommendation 😒

  82. Dom Tor Fleming

    When you listen to Hannity, you know everything he says is a lie, right?,

  83. What's Next Channel

    Chris is pro swamp

  84. Denny De waal

    Humbty dum ty shiff is creacing ,glowing hot hell he seese

  85. Jeffrey Jr

    Remember when the News wasn't so absurdly bias? Yeah, me neither.

  86. dussin cook

    Lmao Delusional

  87. david cruise

    bolton and romney are both traitors. both are dem lovers

  88. Ec Cruz

    Hey Snowflake and undocumented citizens, you have Hannity followers 'confused with people that give a Shiff about your options.

  89. Alberto Raphael Pinto

    *MICHAEL Obama, Not Michelle, he's a DUDE, not a woman !*

  90. Fender Strat

    Trump 2020 (in Guantanamo)

  91. The Warden

    Schumer is a tool. If the house had done their job, they’d have heard from their witnesses.

  92. Michael De Santa

    So let’s be clear, if in the same exact situation , a Democrat is impeached , will you say that we don’t need more evidence.

    1. Bill Carson

      A semen stained dress will do.

  93. Cory Snyder

    How long until they cancel Hannity? This would be hilarious if it weren't so sad. What a sycophant.

  94. shandysnanny

    Why is this pathetic Juan even allowed in a program with good looking hosts? Is it because Fox is running out of Trump trollers? OANN is the best option. Try it, you'll enjoy it.

  95. Ted Pallas

    President Trump has delivered like no other President pretty amazing considering he has been obstructed and attacked every single day.....

  96. David Gagliotti

    Thank you thank you. Trump 2020

  97. litestreamer

    the timing is oh-so-convenient. Another 'leak' from an unknown 'source'. Great way to max sales.

  98. Wise Man

    sean hannity you have no credibility shut the hell up you pathological liar

  99. Pacific Wellness

    I would like to know how much it costs per minute for the senate to be in session. and the house. What is the average cost of the senators.

  100. Titan12

    Democrats only want power and now we know they will do ANYTHING to get it.