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  1. Terrance Malone

    I really felt uncomfortable when he put a casserole dish on the burner he used.

  2. c0mpu73rguy

    You should have gone with tomato. But I guess PENIS is more entertaining for the viewers.

  3. Josie Weston

    Dan Smith BYU 😂 (also thought you were gonna say Bastille lol)

  4. Chastity Rippingale

    Can you do hot cheesy GRITS..mmmm

  5. Party Penguin

    But I can't eat cheese Josh I'm allergic

  6. FirePath564 !

    Papa? Is that you?

  7. Dee Rouge

    i was shook when he didn’t wash the rice

  8. Laura Wegener

    Question! My hubby doesn’t love soy sauce... any recommendations on other flavors to make fried rice with?

  9. Deja

    Opening scene 10/10

  10. Nawaaz Babamia

    At 3:27 Josh throws in a random 'Whiskey Business'. I love that Josh watches Joshua Weissman ✨

  11. Papita Show

    I like heart it’s chewy

  12. Michael Gayer

    Dude, you should do Warheads with Creme Brulee

  13. Dalton Ames

    100% best intro

  14. iiTzBluNTMaN

    Girl in yellow is hot af

  15. Psyborg

    can david hill just permenatly be here

  16. ShellyMay AllDay

    Honestly, I have developed a weird habit of eating oatmeal every night before bed... and yes my butt is getting bigger. so you’re right

  17. Timothy John Reyes

    For easy extraction of that thicc spam. Try to punch a hole on the other side of the can then blow on that hole (😏😉) 😊 That might help you big time 😊

  18. carbonated_salt

    Mtn dew does taste like halo 3 Unrelated but i would die for trevor

  19. Harry Gregory

    Where is a new snack smash!

  20. Will Hawkins

    Cringe fest

  21. Janel Mua

    I want Josh and Garret to go on a date😂🥺

  22. I Once Ate A Taco

    I've never seen Rhett without Link lol

  23. HonoredMule

    Insert vegetables into your loved ones.

  24. Robin Mcclain

    Add hot sauce to the rice and cheese...delicious

  25. Luke Burrow

    Excuse me, that was a FANTASTIC zoidberg impression

  26. Adriana Ranieri

    Could you please do a how to spice up box Mac n cheese episode ????

  27. Airychay

    “THIS IS NOT A CHEER-OCRACY, THIS IS A CHEER-TATORSHIP!!” i think i’m in love with josh now😭😭

  28. MOMO SqUaD

    Do something with krispe kreme

  29. Jimmy Donaldson

    That arts department is insane!

  30. Amy Christiansen

    Please please please post the recipe for the Mac and cheese wings, I need them in my life :)

  31. Timothy McInvale

    love this show..but his energy makes me stressed out!

  32. keepsmiling

    My dreams have always been pork

  33. Jay Scholtes

    Kansas City, MO or KS?

  34. _Spoff_

    How emotionally dead inside is josh to be able to eat that and say stuff like that and not be phased or grossed out... Can’t lie I’m kinda loving it

  35. Ioana Huiban

    i find him annoying :(

    1. Gardella's Travels

      Then don't watch :(

  36. John Secret Spirit

    My baby

  37. Shawn E

    Could've called it a sniffle bat lol

  38. amanda gibson

    I want to work at GMM just to get sporked!

  39. Angela Gunn

    Deep fried Oreo butter nuggets

  40. Buck Jame

    Oh boy josh don’t try so hard have fun

  41. Bryan Salinas

    I wish emily was my soulmate

  42. Grey Jackson

    Ivan ooze is my all time favorite villain

  43. FIRE KING04

    I'm an arachniaphobic and I hate this so much

  44. Mori Official

    Josh blinks so much

  45. Michael Anthony Pagsibigan

    You've heard of 3-Cheese Pizza! But what about 3-Penis Pizza!? XD

  46. PinkuSugar

    This is greatttttttttttttt

  47. Nohwon Atol

    As someone from nashville, i feel attacked by Emily.

  48. Andre Hughes

    Wow you talk soooo much.

  49. Issabug Marie

    This week on cooking for vampires🥩

  50. Lily Vuong

    I'm here with my empire of stocked up instant noodles because of the quarantine...

  51. Jenn Harris

    OMG when he asked Alexa to turn on the sink, my Alexa turned my Kitchen lights GREEN😂💚

  52. TraitorFromSpace

    uhhh lil peep is dead

  53. runawayfae ?!!

    Most relevant cooking show ever

  54. Darren Peecher

    “Can I be done eating it?” - A child and a coward. :)

  55. dawn lolly

    Lucas go away trying to watch it and ur ruining it please stay away ur not funny

  56. runawayfae ?!!

    Turns out I've been tempocalypse cooking my whole life

  57. Eugene Ax

    Josh: So if we have to go in there and steal an ostrich egg... Ostrich man: Oh, we're going in there.

  58. John Williams


  59. The Fat Guy Syndrome

    If you love peanut butter, then you should have Kare Kare Josh. Its Pork Stew with peanut butter as the base of the sauce... Real good!

  60. Survival of the Funkiest

    Emily: This tastes like childhood Josh: *Thinks about all the alcohol in the drink* Jash: Really? This was your childhood?

  61. Dr.Fatty

    Boneless wings are chicken tenders four-man children that want to pretend there eating wings

  62. Thomas Clifford

    We. Need. Season. Two!!!!

  63. Skyler Jones

    Keep up the good work guys are killing it

  64. wbkussmaul

    Y’all put down alcohol like crazy. I like to drink but most things make me make some kind of face and cannot chug liquor.

  65. Asryk R Wake

    How on earth did you spray mtn dew, it's like the number one drink of mine and I've never had it spray out like that when shook.

  66. Muy Bueno

    lmao Rhett- "never been kissed"

  67. Nohwon Atol

    I think josh is slowly going insane. Like the rest of us.

  68. Caliban Anon

    These episodes are amazing! Once stay-at-homes are over, it would be super fun to see Josh travel to various crew members houses and try and put together meals with random ingredients they have, or have it be a Josh vs Nicole vs Trevor challenge where they each draw a name and have to cook a meal at that person's house!

  69. Gravel

    I had a dream last night that Josh FaceTimed me. It was amazing.

  70. Wendy Joseph

    Made the French onion soup tonight... replaced the water with chicken stock and alcohol with cooking wine (not a drinker). It turned out terrific. Thanks for inspiration!

  71. Nohwon Atol

    Throw some peanut butter in a salmon. Lol.

  72. Haydee Pabon

    Im sorry Josh but as a latina I feel obligated to take away your rice cooking privileges 😂

  73. Ruben Lo

    I’d have to say chili is a soup but cereal is not, it’s it’s own thing.

  74. Summoning Seitan

    I worked at a pizza place in my teens and my fav pizza was BBQ sauce, dill pickle slices and pineapple. It sounds awful but it was so good.

  75. CrunchyTofu

    Ain't you supposed to wash the rice or are the rice you get from the American grocery store already pre-washed? I've only ever gotten rice from the Asian markets where you definitely need to give them a rise cause they be dirty.

  76. Meat Bag

    Rhett rocking the man bun

  77. Patrick Ford

    Give me that now!!!!!!!!!!

  78. mrcinemajunky

    It was seasoned with a ramen chicken nugget...lol

  79. Holly Hrywnak

    I made the Ramen noodle French Onion soup and really enjoyed it! You were spot on with serving size and everything. A quick and easy way to change up the same ole’ chicken stuff I’ve been eating.

  80. there is a not-zero chance i am Rᴇx Gᴀɴʏᴍᴇᴅᴇ, ᴇsǫ.

    struggle cookin'? _good times._

  81. Azeem Ahmad

    People eat boneless wings with a fork, bro. It's different.

  82. BluFox262

    Can you make some oatmeal recipes?! 🙌

  83. julia loringer

    *laughs in swedish blodpudding*

  84. Darren Peecher

    “Just manhandle your cheese” Josh

  85. Darren Peecher

    The music in the background.

  86. UnlivingNewt

    That bit where he licked his hand after shaking hands with the butcher certainly has aged poorly.

  87. Jaap Bijnen

    5:40 what movie? Frozen 2?

    1. runawayfae ?!!

      Fifth Element... 1997, Bruce Willis, Milla Jojovich. So good.

  88. Tigerfan 82

    Dude keep these QUARANTINE recipes going this is awesome!!!👍

  89. airjrdn2323

    Josh opens beer bottles the same way I do. Nice

  90. Morgan Wyette

    This video is chaos

  91. Andrew Pelech

    Need the real shawn evens

  92. Danny Clark

    Ive gotta try that Jalapeno trick for the heat check!

  93. itiscorey

    Please make buffalo chicken pizza with croissant stuffed crust croissant pizza has been in the family for years it's amazing gotta try it out if you haven't! Thanks

  94. XMattingly

    The kid who ate frozen peas peed his pants for no reason. 😏

  95. Vitina Dsouza

    Wash your rice!! 😱😱

  96. Katelyn Dorris

    Lol my family would die 😭 our enchilada recipe has been handed down through the generations and watching this made me hungry but my know my dad would kill me if I ever tried to cook this 😂 but still thank you for the video

  97. Zoran Redic

    that eurotrip reference made me lol

  98. lawdoggy00

    Is Austin Evans this guys little brother? I can't be the only one who thinks this..

  99. Logan Palmer

    I love you guys, but I gotta be honest, Nicole’s fav cereal is grape nuts and therefore all of her opinions are instantly suspect lol