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  1. Cody Bolt

    Gotta learn not to watch these episodes on an empty stomach lol

  2. Howdy Justice

    I'd use a yellow onion.

  3. Maximilian Paws

    Josh... What can I say? You're a fantastic part of the Mythical Crew, amd they absolutely wouldn't be the same without you. Your sense of humor is exactly what gets me to laugh every time. And hooooo boy, that tramp stamp! Keep on BYMB

  4. MagiaErebea-gaming

    Chase has hedgehogs on his monitor I love hedgehogs 😂 the only pets I’ve ever had

  5. SChappellaz

    I love how silly this is.

  6. Frandi Garcia

    I hate how ALsel turned off notifications for this Chanel without my knowledge

  7. Jacqueline

    The chemistry isn't great in this video. Something seems off.

  8. Anatol LaScarf

    I think you guys should add a bit more brightness in the kitchen. The atmosphere was much better in the other kitchen set. Just something constructive I thought for your new setting.

  9. tuckfexass

    Am I the only one who was impressed Josh knew what a Nuvaring was?😂

  10. Emily Su

    Where is smellivision when we need it?!

  11. Pennyflyer

    I play with steam too 😂 I am not alone!

  12. Lisa Ellis

    What position in Quidditch would Air Bud be?

  13. Anna Hansen

    josh is just a child with a kitchen and too much time

  14. Erik Esposito

    That's a you rue!

  15. Boo3338

    Love josh. Also chase with the hedgehogs 😂

  16. Ethan Walraven

    Trevor’s voice sounds just like Josh’s!

  17. RyanBlade

    Great show, I love the energy. I also hope some of the weirder things show up here as well. Like how you made the Wheat Thiccs. The boys just really seemed to enjoy some of the alternate dimensions.

  18. Bebos 01

    *I'm making cookies!*

  19. Rick Sanchez

    Everything Josh touches comes out good

  20. Alicia Bray

    Honestly the sweatpants and the hug at the end was my FAV.... 😂

  21. Nathan Roche

    Only Josh’s kitchen would include among all the essential ingredients a jar of packing peanuts


    Are we not going to talk about the fact that Chase is looking up pictures of baby hedgehogs?

  23. FromDuskTilDom

    Air Bud: The House Pup

  24. Michael Bullard

    Air Bud: Quidditch is awesome

  25. Rebecca Ellis

    Even if I never make a single one of these recipes, I will watch every one of these videos. Josh is the best.

  26. Maidenstear

    Trevor's inputs make me laugh 😂 I have never been so invested in a cooking show before. I generally don't like them because they're so bland in personality. I love mythical kitchen!

  27. aSinisterKiid

    Mmmmmmmm looks delicious. I would add crunched up bacon like homemade bacon bits on top.

  28. Catherine Armstrong

    Spork cam what every foodie ever wanted unless you’re a Pixar fan forky gets an upgrade and exposes all the hidden secrets of being a toy and how they can talk

  29. Morgan High

    That close up of the booty>>>

  30. Garrett

    Tuck it and f*** it. That's my kinda Saturday night. Right fellas?

  31. Lee Anderson


  32. thebadpoet

    I am definitely making this, but with my own cheese sauce recipe and possibly with roasted cauliflower florets in place of pasta. Because I have celiacs and that’s a whole pile of wheat!

  33. cerina lee

    I used to think Bobby Flay was my absolute favorite chef, but now I don’t know anymore. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  34. Jonathan Palmatary

    How much for the tattoo of your back.

  35. Joanna

    I love your apron, Josh!

    1. Joanna

      Capo-Lenny! 🤣

  36. KevBotWorkshop

    Josh is my favorite person.. PERIOD

  37. Jake Smith

    I’ve never in my life have seen someone make their own pasta noodles for macaroni and cheese. Omg

  38. Juniper Christie

    Why was Chase looking at hedgehogs

  39. Paranoid Cj

    Do whatever it takes, you need to cook with Gordon Ramsey. Would love to see how he reacts to your cooking skills and your creations

  40. Tony Baker

    This dude made me never want to watch this channel again.

  41. Randi Johnson

    I'll literally never make a recipe, but this is the content I've been waiting for.

  42. Sarah Bledsoe

    Contemplating buying a $150 attachment to make this once....

  43. Bryce Walburn

    I've never heard of anyone thinking regular milk was vanilla flavored

  44. FreudianLatte

    Nicole is mom

  45. Gabbi Verducci

    this video is exclusive to the west coast

  46. Thomas Zammatore

    Did anyone else do what I did and watched this first before the main show?

  47. Koraaaa

    This dude is really sloppy when he cooks food looks great but i can’t help but notice

  48. Kelli Sees

    I want this to be my last meal

  49. Sentient Sloth

    Who would choose to eat fries and cheese instead of mac and cheese 🤢

  50. Foodie Lah!

    Wow. It’s so impressive that you made this amazing dish from scratch. It looked so tasty. And the spork cam is really cool!

  51. Zmaskua Pride

    God damn..americans eat as if they got a free healthcare

  52. average doozy

    Can we crown Josh, Nicole and Trevor to be the Three Mythketeers? 🔪👑

  53. bahamutkod

    Anyone else really love the package reveal music?

  54. Harper B.

    I wish I was kidding but I genuinely also stand in place and just repeatedly, at one volume, go, “help. help. help.” until someone hears and helps me

  55. Emily Green

    Happy birthday to me!!❤️

  56. TheVideoGameScrub

    I went to the bathroom all by myself today

  57. William Gringhuis

    pulled pork mac n cheese is super good too btw (mix the mac n cheese in with the pulled pork and slap it on some bread plates - delicious)

  58. kayce m.

    listen, i get that red is the opposite of green but that is an awful gel on the background lights... not setting the right vibe imo. orange would probably be better but honestly why put all that stuff back there if you're going to throw a color all over it anyway? color isn't super needed and is distracting.

  59. octoberspirit

    The kitchen vids make me so happyyyyy~

  60. Pelican74

    How does it feel to go to the gym and get buff and then act like a little queen on TV you look dumb asking the guy which way do I turn. Very feminine. Omg. Then you conplimented the guy on his smell. Wtf?!?!!!!

  61. SaberBowen

    BUT JOSH NO ONE CAN MAKE THIS because you need a nicole

  62. Scotty Prime

    Josh is my favorite content creator

  63. Pelican74

    This is nothing like animal style the proportions are completely way off you need more thousand Island and that slice of cheese was just stupid

  64. Unfulfilledaddictions 97

    Josh yelling “HELP” cause he can’t find a whisk is me with absolutely everything I do in life

  65. Lauren O

    What is this, a nuvaring? Great start Josh.

  66. bunny rabbit

    "This is like a parfait of absolutely erotic deliciousness." I will say this about delicious food now. 😂

  67. Raymond Madden

    you should make the mythical Resturant, where you serve dishes like this an many more from the "will it" episodes that was a success

  68. Hank Dunn

    You know what , when I think about it I'm with Josh on the Quidditch thing. There should have been more.

  69. Cassidy MacDonald-Adams

    Can someone please show Julien Solomita a clip of Josh placing the blender and baking sheet on top of the flour mess and then can you both NOT 😂😂😂 omg it’s giving me a panic attack

  70. Stefanie S.

    Josh is like 60% professional chef, 30% mad scientist, and 10 % awkward - and I‘m here for it!

  71. battness

    i want his apron

  72. dilanka nimsara

    damn this channel grew really fast very surprised

  73. Pelican74

    Just cook the food and stop talking you're not funny

  74. Danny Moreno

    Awe! Joshy still has the tramp stamp! So cute 😊

  75. toughluck8012

    yes. Yes. YES

  76. PSpurgeonCubFan

    Already tastes like someone made an animal style smoothie ... but in the best way.

  77. Patrick Crider

    Gonna watch this before GMM every time.

  78. Tin Do 003

    how come everyone in this show sounds amazing...

  79. Leigh

    I could watch Josh all day 😍

  80. Igna Account

    I love the spork cam, its genius 😂

  81. thebignap

    I can hear the heavy breathing through my monitor. It's terrific.


    Josh figured me out with the vanilla milk.

  83. Jeremazing

    You should just make a cook book with all the recipes from all of the crazy and normal dishes you have made for Rhett and link and for the crew members and For yourself on the show

  84. Alex Little

    i really want that air bud quidditch movie now

  85. jakemeals

    Josh makes Rhett and Link a klingon feast. Episode where Commander Riker ate at Guinan Bar.

  86. Emi Ahmed

    Josh you make me laugh so much 😭 so wholesome.. I’m deffo gonna try this recipe myself although I don’t have a noodle extruder so I’m gonna have to buy the noodles 🤣🤣

  87. PSpurgeonCubFan

    I'm so used to Josh's episodes coming out over the weekend ... checked last night and thought, "Oh No! why did they cancel him after one week? Yeah, the kitchen tour wasn't a wacky balls-out recipe with pig anus ... but it was fun." Then I checked the release date of the kitchen tour and saw Monday - "Whew!"

  88. theKWOKA

    Erotic deliciousness does seem like the correct use of the words

  89. spotonstupid

    Josh is a national treasure.

  90. At Bz

    Can you make the corn nog from Will it corn dog?

  91. Stephanie Young

    Josh. I love this. I love you. Awesome!

  92. elbentzo

    Wow, this guy is insufferable.

  93. Justin Price

    I was so excited when I saw the mythical apron. But $45!?!? What the eff...?! Guess the misses will have to wait. Lol

  94. Toxic Nightmare

    The dark humor is amazing

  95. Mohamed Mahil

    I heard the Bear reference and reached for the like button. simple

  96. James Farrell

    is no one gonna talk about how he referred to a chocolate frosty as offensively sexual.

  97. Anto Wibowo

    They should place an axe on the wall decoration, and nobody say anything about it being there

  98. youhav2luvme

    They couldn’t have chosen a better place for the oven: right behind josh. Just so he has to turn around so we get a beautiful view of that beautiful booty.

  99. Agustin Blasco


  100. Oliver Prince

    This video is a lot better than the very over the top cringey content, but it's cool cos you still get a bit of Josh's crazy thoughts. Big fan!!