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  1. Mariah Olvera

    Y'all have to make a part two with elle

  2. hamdiya fatima baig

    No one: Literally no one: Austin aka patricia: the two dollar frappe what kind of shit is this 😂 then licks it.

  3. Genevieve Mèl

    Your bday was wonderful Austin 🥺✨ even though it wasn‘t as Crazy as usual... i Stan Not crying on My bday

  4. Marcela Fernandez

    6:19 Elle really ain't feeling it

  5. michelle Santos

    Does anyone know where her top/bodysuit is from!?

  6. Amber Ducharme

    Well helllooo man behind the camera 🎥 😍😍 Y’all are so generous 🙏🏻 God Bless y’all!! ❤️❤️

  7. yakaka shettima


  8. Melissa Kendall

    Catherine's talk hit different. Much appreciated ❤️❤️

  9. Bhumika Thapa

    Why is Ryan so much like Austin ??😍😍😍

  10. Funke Akinlabi

    It alright

  11. Kathryn Three Legs

    My sleep schedule is way off

  12. Soph_ia

    Happy birthday elle birthday 🎂 🍰4️⃣

  13. Taylor Holloway

    Ever time I joined a server in roblox people always be hated in on the ace famiy I say you just mad your youtubers don’t love u 😍

  14. Briona Williams

    OMG HI

  15. Zaniyah Washington

    omg austin smacked his stomach and i was dead after this if you were laughing the hole time like this comment

  16. NUGGET

    The comments should be disabled

  17. Vani Filipo


  18. Genevieve Mèl

    But is Elle actually changing diapers?😂

  19. Addisyn Brewer

    Elle funny

  20. kaitelyn Sinoro

    I am a huge fan of u please respond to me

  21. kaitelyn Sinoro

    I am a huge fan. I am

  22. Mamy Mamy

    Elle happyyyyy birthday 🎂 Ahhhhhhhhhh there so cute

  23. keneisha khan

    It's not pain is beauty , it's beauty is pain

  24. Avery Faith Sarmiento

    A Lagfing so hard cause your dance is so funny

  25. Mamy Mamy

    Love your videos 😘😘😘😥 Happy birthday 🎂 El

  26. Ana Aguirre

    Thats so rude!!!! You should be treating Valentina better she’s over here watching Elle opening nice shoes And expensive stuff and a ipod!!! Valentina probably has Walmart clothes and she has addidas and Alaia has expensiver shoes and she’s a baby!!! Wowww and Valentina was cleaning everything 🙄😔

  27. Ana Aviles

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLE i been with u guys since the begging i love u guys so much and lovie too

  28. Addisyn Brewer

    Why don't you move and keep to keep elle safe

  29. Niznet Yekzom

    Favourite youtuber ever And favourite video

  30. Daisy Melissa Vlogs

    Elle is going to WIN!!! Yayyyy

  31. arianna orta

    Soy de Michigan pero mis padres son de Mexico.

  32. Oliviyanna Cilento

    I really wish I could meet you girls I love you so much you are so good and I love your girls so much I am a boy and I have a six pack

  33. Nina Garduno

    It was also my birthday on may 28 🎁🎉😊🎊

  34. Vesna Vasich


  35. Addisyn Brewer

    I love the ace famliy in my famliy Catherine forget about the purse to😂

  36. kaylee & Aishlyne

    I love elle

  37. Tan Ly



    u missing the glasses

  39. Hshs Hshsshsjs

    Fr like if. U are

  40. Lintonia Browning


  41. Maria Salinas

    Ugh those donuts and all the pastries look so yummy 😭😭😭😭 Can’t believe the way Elle conducts sentences! She’s an awesome 4 year old!

  42. Lintonia Browning


  43. ChellyTv

    Most definitely my favorite intro by far!!💓

  44. gauri jaikar

    Catherine is just so genuine

  45. Jakayla Sparks

    Can we just admire how organized their fridge is 28:38

  46. Roma Olvera

    Yes,I like both outfits

  47. Drawing with alliyah

    My little brother is 4

  48. J T

    Why do you act like we’re gonna go to your house. When someone pulls up to your house you tell them to get the fuck off your property. And, you ruin someone’s grape plants (3 times), but not even have a form of apology. Lastly, don’t act like you need more things, you’re a family of 4, you don’t need to buy a state for a family of 4.

  49. The Rising King Twins

    She really had gloves on at the beginning touching his feet HAHAH me 😂😂❤️

  50. Jacinta DelaCruz

    SUBSCRIBE "DONE" what a sweet and happy family❤❤❤

  51. Tia Vaeono

    I have NONE!!!!!

  52. Chasenia Patterson

    Like I saw a vid on ALsel they said you guys use your kids for money but I said to them your just a hater stop hating on them

  53. Erika Lopez


  54. Sandra Stands


  55. Lintonia Browning


  56. gauri jaikar

    Elles expressions

  57. Daisy Melissa Vlogs

    I love Elle so much.

  58. Amiya Montalvo


  59. Latoya Masandie

    Hey guys can you do the baby mama dance whit 9 monts pregnant for the boy

  60. Abby Hernandez

    Omg 😲 that was so funny! I never did a 24hours challenge I bet that was fun! and I love y'all ace family so much! Best ALselrs ever I mean y'all are the best ALselrs ever

  61. H&D Nation

    Catherine looking thick

  62. Kayleigh T

    I’ve been watching your guys videos since Elle was a lil chunk🥺 I love to see how much your guys family has grown, and NOW a baby boy is almost here!! CONGRATULATIONS LOVES🌸

  63. Jade Charlebois

    It’s called a mud room lmao I only know that because I’ve learned it recently (the room by the garage)

  64. Samira Riyait

    I was thinking of l Zakai Mcbroom

  65. Kay’s World

    Elle opening her present. She grew up so fast🥺insane how 4 years ago I just started watching you guys.

  66. Maribeth Campos

    I’m proud elles in single class bc when I was lil in ballet class I was SHY ASF and I always got picked on by them tall girly girls :(

  67. Alejandro Martinez

    Elle is so buitiful cute and loveable so kind

  68. Kailyn Knoll

    Did lovey scare anyone else when it jumped out of the box LMAO

  69. Angela Strand

    Oh my goodness! Your fans are crazy! It’s scary and sad. The price of fame is VERY high! Maybe too high. May GOD watch over your family. Sending prayers.💔🙏🏽

  70. Viviana Villalobos

    i love yall so mich and i want to see yall so so bad and yall are good people

  71. Adriana Maximo

    Its a girl

  72. totosavaya

    She has the same birthday oct 17

  73. Serena dejesus


  74. Zoya Sohail

    8:46 is when she tells the due date your welcome!

  75. Gael Mercado Mata

    That ass

  76. Christine Sakata

    Austin : poke dot (lol) Me : laughing so hard

  77. Vivienne Biocca

    i love you guys so much ACE Family hope your staying safe and happy bday Elle and Austin!! give me a shoutout please

  78. Madison Wilcox

    Ace family I love you Austin you have the most beautifulest wife and the beautifulest kids Elle is so protected over her little sister sorry I can spell her name lol I love you I called you! You didn’t answer love y’all bye

  79. Danica Jeter

    Idk why people hate on them they are such a power couple

  80. Naomi Hailu

    Catherine looked so annoyed 😂😂

  81. Holly Rice

    i love yall so much im so sorry yall had to go through and im sorry that u felt un comfortable telling us that for a while i hope that never happens ever again i will pray for yall love u ❤

  82. Najah Gaston

    Omg who else was so irritated and mad when the other girl was opening elles gifts 😭🙄

  83. joy & justice delacruz

    That was an amazing proposal 😭 I cried so hard but in happy tears 😂

  84. Melissa Polanco

    quarantine got me bing watching old videos

  85. Bella Whitaker

    Who came here from THE BRAMFAM you should go check them out if you do not now them!😂😂🤗☺

  86. Maddie brianne

    time goes by so fast ❤️

  87. NLG Savage

    they literally needed an hour to do a house tour and my house tour would take like 3 minutes second of all who would actually watch the whole video like what

  88. Faazi Aishath

    Hey Ace fam come to Maldives tooo 🇲🇻❤️sure you will love it.

  89. Cash Otanez-Leskanic

    sry pls be c

  90. Cassandra Pinargote

    Ecuador 🇪🇨

  91. yaritza ramirez

    Wait I just got done watched ng the labrants fam vid and they totally copied Austin and Catherine's gender reveal

  92. Jalaysia Leblanc Tv

    And her dad

  93. Kamlesh Jadhav

    You can mix both for pool

  94. Mark Connelly


  95. Jalaysia Leblanc Tv

    And her mom

  96. Jalaysia Leblanc Tv

    I can’t get over how cute Elle is

  97. Valeria Larios

    HAHAHAHA I love Austin he’s so funny in this video

  98. Mark B

    I like these vids but they lowkey seem fake af.