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  1. Angeles Guerrero

    she literally started all this drama

  2. lily graham


  3. Joy Macato

    So brainy bryce hall. ❤️

  4. Sienna Notman


    1. Sienna Notman

      Got it right

  5. Alannah Mcginley

    I hate Joey

  6. Vaani Kalra

    I ship them together

  7. Sonia Héroïne

    If anyone watches Carter Sharer had anyone noticed that Ryan's from there😂

  8. maria mondragon

    Wait so is this an acting show or is it a real life show??? Also are all of you guys friends right now???? Like y’all are amazing

  9. mya tv

    Brandon is all over the place messing with all the guys

  10. Sophia Vandenvrijhoef

    Who else doesn’t like Vince and Literally cried when she didn’t pick Dustin!😭

  11. Davina Naeema

    Is there going to be season 3?!?

  12. Bintika Banik

    Wait, where did the twins go?

  13. Hannah Chitiyo

    9:06 TEAAAAA

  14. Shivanie Gookul

    I can’t be the only one he didn’t know he was Indian...

  15. lily graham

    Who else cryed but didn't realies it???

  16. ZzolllozZ

    The 2 most disgusting dellusional persons on the internet 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  17. Victoria Hernandez

    You and Indiana make a cute couple

  18. Directioner Girl

    I.. i am confusion. Are Franny and Ryan official?? Cause like, Ryan is with a youtuber and she has videos of her and Ryan dating. And then theres a video about Kian(?) dating Franny and kissing in front of a guy? I am confusion.

  19. XxgachalelexX

    omg tysm this help me so much to get over my break up!!! :D

  20. Alannah Mcginley

    Joey obviously still has feelings because feelings don’t just go like that

  21. lily graham

    I absolutely. Love these

  22. Camille Palahuddin

    Ben Roger Azelart-BRA Brent Austin Rivera-BAR Alexa Brooke Rivera-ABR

  23. Zali Heenan

    Anyone else think of brat tv’s Christmas movie thing when Zak said a barista because Sofie was the barista? Just me? Ok

  24. Alexis Vaughan

    Who else thinks that alex and nessa should be more than friends

  25. aubrey kendrick

    sarah needs to shut the hell up for once in her life

  26. Camille Palahuddin

    Ben Azelart is dating Lexi Rivera


    i love how they both say and do the same thing at 8:48

  28. Stelline

    Indi: are you dating dixie or maybe Taylor: no The lie detector guy: inconclusive Indi: Just like their relationship Savage 1000000

  29. TheFlameKiller

    On my period. I literally searched for things to watch on my period. 😂

  30. Ankita Bhakta

    OMG ....Lexi Hensler is looking like a Barbie...a human barbie treading on earth..love you Lex!❤

  31. Scarlett Rose

    The next season should be a guy looking for love

  32. Ye Tong Tan

    i know the chicken girls n expose

  33. Kathleen Balisbis

    Jacob and Joey 💖💓🙏

  34. Sydney Knuth

    Luv seeing Sofie and Zac on here😁

  35. Nini Weng

    what happened to rio

  36. Gddtgxfjcgjguu Hrstxjgjdsd

    And this everyone is how Coronavirus was born...

  37. Stelline

    That looks repulsive - Tayler Holder 2020

  38. Michael Eddy

    Why ryan look like Tjass ?

  39. Daisy Williams

    -Zoe-Andrea- is friends with Elton and TFIL group

  40. RILEY Santiago

    Everyone is being so mean to niki like [email protected]$k of gabi

  41. Susan Cardillo

    Well I mean it's not all fine and dandy between charli and chase

  42. Marie B

    Niki"talking behind backs is like high school, its petty and shady." Like bitch, this whole show is like high school. It's so cringey, it's so bad that I keep watching because its HILARIOUS. Also what gabi and niki did was wrong, PERIOD.

  43. Lara Sciberras

    collin:I hate sequence Gabi in the next clip. wearing sequence

  44. Nixcy - Music

    Is this full out season 3 because if it is where do I find EP 1 season 1

  45. Izeth Benavides

    I love Indiana so much!!! I just rewatched chicken girls 🤣 i’ve watched it like at least 5 times!

  46. Bhupan Singh

    Theme Alan

  47. Yummy_Donuts1334 donuts

    Niki doesn't have to tell them in public like seriously

  48. Luisa Lotus

    I know I’m super late!!! But I love Nessa’s purple top! Does anyone know where I can find it?

  49. HappyDayana

    Don’t forget we are there for you

  50. HappyDayana

    I love your Chanel Do you want to be friends And did you subscribe to Happydayana

  51. Teagan Flynn

    2:14 you can tell gabi cares here

  52. Camila Maia

    Did anyone else see that Lauren was going to hit the pillar in the minute 03:50? Lol

  53. Hannah Haas

    Them: omg that hurts so bad Me: are you actually having sex?

  54. Moldy Hamburger

    John looks so done w them 💀

  55. Daytona Delp

    nooooooooooo alex

  56. Shalina Santokhie

    Is anyone concern about their white shoes? 😂

  57. Meekz Enjoying life

    Brent is good with maths

  58. Humaira Larasati


  59. Carlo Buso

    They deserve another school movie before they get too old. Incredible performances

  60. Zuezuegames

    I ship Aaron and Veronica because like Roni is so nice and aaron is funny and awesome I don’t know why Roni doesn’t date him!

  61. obliiviion

    issa is actually quite good at a british accent

  62. Indy Rose

    tayler: it like shot down my throat me: that's what she said lol sorry I couldn't help it

  63. Jenny Nguyen

    Brandon needs to grow up periodt

  64. Luke Novak

    You are so gay

  65. Lucy Grindley

    I hate Kenny like no offence

  66. joonie the philosophy sensei

    12:33 Chris be giving Zabdiel that well deserved massage yow 😂😂

  67. rachel Bolfrey

    But I also think that he shook his head which was probably why the light is Hector said it was a lie. Because in the beginning the lie detector guy said not to make any movements or it will mess up

  68. Inge Pienaar

    I am 12 years old and I knew most of that questions 😜

  69. Alexa Aranda

    Yay, Ryan won 😍🥳🥳🥳😍😍

  70. Marina Borras

    I think your match is Tim or Cristian but not Brandon

  71. sophia mast

    try to find love for Cristian or Alex

  72. Mariah Gonzales

    Yooo!! Season 3 should be Corey and Crawford!!🤭

  73. Cielito Olegario

    Arianna is from markian smile squad

  74. Spade The Undying Emo

    * Me realizing I have the same birthday as Twaimz * Twaimz we need to plan a birthday, I'm down what about u?

  75. MOMO-Chan

    We need a girl for Tage! <3 he is a sweatheart.

  76. Scarlett Amy

    I wanted Christian to win but I had a feeling Brandon would win but technically I was correct!🤗😎

  77. Hannah Levesque

    Isn’t Dixie dating griffin??

  78. kira d.

    When he had to make out with her hand... 🤣🤣

  79. Neviya

    tbh i ship david and natalie more

  80. MOMO-Chan

    Dustin & Denzel <3 they are so charming!!!

  81. Jo Capewell

    Everyone is yh ere with channel bags and luxury bags then Rachel is there with her Anna and Elsa bag 😂

  82. Anna’s Guitar and Ukulele Tutorials

    Any of them except Brandon

  83. Luisa Lotus

    You ARE being manipulated Vanessa!!!! Let Brandon GO!!

  84. Zoe Campbell

    Joey needs to tell that girl he got a gf already it’s annoying

  85. Brooklyn Huguenin

    ALEX HAS A GF????

  86. Girl CLEETUS still chill

    I hope Franny and Ryan get together

  87. Queen Black Mabusela

    When Taylor said “yo wassup baby” killed me 😂😂

  88. Arlette Venegas

    2:30 someone waved at the camera in the back 😂

  89. lou

    Well we don't know for sure what happened and will never know, however, I personally believe dove, everything is pointing towards dove telling the truth, I do believe ryan was abusive, dove finally got out if that relationship an dfound someone who treats her well, she always talks about how happy she is and how kind thomas is to her as if she can't believe a man could be that way for her, I'm glad she's happy, ryan needs to chill and let it go

  90. Anna’s Guitar and Ukulele Tutorials

    I’m not liking Brandon at all he’s so moody I hate it

  91. Astrid Mikeila Ines

    Charlie be punching the air right now

  92. Caty Cruz

    I never liked airam she's just to sassy for shany.shout out to shany

  93. Wolfie playz and The no honey’s

    That is not how u hit the folks ( no hate bc i love u so much but gurl no , also don’t come at me in the comments and yes i know how to dance

  94. Jasmin ED

    I just love the fact Dustin and Denzel throw shade whenever they wanna 😂🤭