Danielle "Dani" Cohn is a 15 year old American actress, model, social media sensation, and recording artist signed with Audity Music. In 2014 she was crowned Miss Florida Jr. Preteen, and has since attracted over 11 million fans via Musical.ly, Instagram, ALsel, and Twitter.
Dani, who began posting on Musical.ly under the social media handle @DanielleCohn, is constantly on the top 10 of the leaderboard on Musical.ly and has an average of 3-4 million views from her fans daily. Her Musical.lys have received 1.9 billion hearts. She also has a large Instagram presence with 3 million followers.
She was nominated for a 2017 Teen Choice Award for "Choice Muser.” In addition to her social media presence, Dani is also working on her debut studio album and has a design collaboration with Target called Art Class Fall Semester, in stores now.

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  1. margo pederson

    ur not latina but go off queen<3

  2. Epicthecat

    you can tell that she’s 14 when her voice is higher than every other 16” year old

  3. Grace Lambert

    "i saw this girl addison rae" she acts like she is a small tik toker 😂

  4. Claire Tibbott

    Wow is actually does think I her voice is bad bc she is a BRAT

  5. ii_lxsh

    ‘It’s in my private photos’ not anymore.

  6. beannie nnabuife

    Congrats on still lying about your stupid age even though nobody cares please go spread some drama else where😑😒😐

  7. •Itz Amelia•

    You know you can't sing when even with auto tune you sound terrible.

  8. Schmacks

    She kinda chubby ngl

  9. ii_lxsh

    Am I the only one noticing a 11y old is standing next to a fire. If I stood that close ma parents wud lock me in my room for a year until I’ve learned not to

  10. Schmacks

    Came to press the dislike button, stayed for the fbi to break my door down

  11. •Itz Amelia•

    Dislike to like ratio-

  12. •Itz Amelia•

    That auto tune god damn.

  13. Subliminals For you

    My favorite one is the Adams family one because you looked really pretty also people need to stop Hating like no 🧢

  14. Maiya Papaya

    I'm sorry but it's sooooooooo obvious that she's wearing a padded bra in the dress

  15. Nikki Knuckles

    Its ok

  16. Jalia Vue

    60 year old man's:🤤🥵

  17. Fish Stick

    I would never wear that stuff, i wear sports shirts and sweat pants

  18. FatChickenWing

    The fact That This video has more dislikes and Likes 😂✌🏻

  19. Naima Hussain

    Her bra is about to burst -_-

  20. sleepy Bunny

    Danielle is Super pretty❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. UniSerenity 14

    Is it awful that I come back occasionally just to listen to this and read the comments. I’ve got to admit as much as annoying as this maybe, it’s still very catchy.

  22. FatChickenWing

    Honey,😔 a 12 year okd can sing better then You Look at Piper rockelles song treat myself She sings way better, even a 4 year old 😔✌🏻

  23. ItsJustJazel

    She really said *BiLeNdO*

  24. Not Me

    Is it just me or is she getting fat...

  25. Breezy.bbyy Dᴏʀᴀᴀ_ʙᴀʙʏ21

    Stop, fuckin stop you CANT speak spanish AND YOU CANT SING. Goddam. Ur not latina,Hispanic,OR Nun. Ur WHITE accept that.

  26. gabby

    bruh she gained so much weight...i’m guessing she’s on birth control now

  27. •Jojo Deoliveira•

    Ai ai ai 😬

  28. Your Boi Siiya

    For a 12 year old this song is really not that bad Itz hella worse than ur content

  29. Petra Calixto

    Pour girl gonna lose her Fame then end up being a stripper

  30. Your Boi Siiya

    0:13 cause am a what? A tho..??

  31. Emily plays

    I feel uncomfortable and I feel disturbed period.

  32. No Name

    Wow is that Mikey tua?? Are they in a relationship again or this is some kind of reupload video? Sorry for asking such a dumb questions I’m just wanted to confirm it

  33. Cheezy Breezy

    The only thing lacking more than her ability to speak Spanish, is her parents skills to raise a daughter

  34. whatitis whatitdo

    omg yall remember when she was singing English, now she out here looking like a fish seller

  35. Petra Calixto

    "cuz I'm a bit younger"does she mean she's 5 years younger

  36. Isabella Finzer

    she is a slut

  37. Zahra White

    Why’s this so bad, she could so much better🤭

  38. Chloe Online

    I can't with this girl, she likes to lie, and I can't understand a anything she was saying

  39. Itzarie Amaro

    You as a person should know your worth - Danielle Cohn Can we get some merch????

  40. Petra Calixto

    She really wants to be skinny cuz her intro is skinny

  41. lizz daily

    7:26 I was wearing earbud thanks alot

  42. whatitis whatitdo

    did this whit girl confused with her race just say Latino Queen?

  43. •Rosè Panda•

    I blame the Mom.

  44. Oscar Brickz

    Chad 👑👑👑👑👑

  45. Petra Calixto

    She needs to stop singing in Spanish just bc her bf is Latino it's very offensive to others

  46. Peach Likes Bubble Tea



    I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing lmao is this song a joke I CANT-

  48. Jade Kiki

    I think it’s time she gives up singing

  49. peach animations

    "LATINO" queen,Wow

  50. Rania Petersen

    that was the worst trauma i exspierienced like ever

  51. lizz daily

    I literally started laughing at 0:08 OoOoOhHh My mom would smack me up at that point for wearing that!!

  52. Guyn .-.

    i refuse to believe this is her voice-at her age she probably wouldn’t sound so mature, her real voice is too high pitched for this voice, but i can’t judge cuz everybody is different, so you never know. people can have unbelievable vocal abilities

  53. maria zuniga

    She beautiful this video

  54. maria zuniga

    How did she get to know Spanish

  55. RandomxN

    Your don’t look like Marilyn Monroe your just wanna be no will look like her you have to like some Prodigy

  56. Santa Therealone

    Wait did she say she's a thot😭😭

  57. Hexalot

    Bruv all your dad wanted was to help you,you dense cabbage

  58. Nya Williams

    Y’all could do the cheating prank

  59. kourtney kardasim

    This is one of the reasons why I have big respect and love for jojo siwa

  60. Kelly Devine

    I’m a fan and all but when is she going to speak her language her songs are sooo better in English like the song no way

  61. It’s Bumblebeelea


  62. Aaliyah

    Honestly I want to see from her is a dance video like her dancing to an other artists song but not just a simple Tik Tok and more of a full-blown choreography I think she would rock at it

  63. Abraham Anthappan

    Girl bye 😂😭😭😭😭

  64. iiBlxssomKatelynii

    Bro ur not 16 ur actually like 14 stop lying

  65. makayla pearson

    girl you would get so much less hate if you didn't pretend to be someone your not

  66. Elizabethh Gomez

    I cant hear her singing and her calling herself the latino queen bruhhh

  67. kourtney kardasim

    I love how no spanish person understand what she is saying 💀

  68. QueenBee26

    She literally changed her nails they were red now their silver

  69. kourtney kardasim


  70. QueenBee26

    She still has makeup on

  71. emily fleming

    no ❤️

  72. landmarkcourt

    This how many times her nails make a sound

  73. Graziella Reese

    Wait so while he was gone she was cheating

  74. iiBlxssomKatelynii

    JUST STOP UR 13 NOT 16 🤦🏻‍♀️

  75. Cristy Rodriguez

    I speak 100% spaish and I didn't understand nothing

  76. Alyssa Gomez

    We all know that she sounds WAY different without auto tune 😂😬

  77. strawberry flavored bleach

    If this kid is spanish/ Hispanic then im burning my Hispanic passport.

  78. Jazmine CAMPOS

    You know what I know people are going to hate me for this but oh well you go Dani you are a amazing & Beautiful person and a great Singer

  79. iiBlxssomKatelynii

    Ok Autotune is litterally ur life and ur 13 stop hahaha

  80. Damaris Tzul

    She’s those females that say “ I’m 2% Hispanic/ Latina”. No hate girl but stop trynna claim and be something you’re not.

  81. Renata Gi


  82. salma megag

    This sounds worse than google translate

  83. Valeria Orozco

    It reminds me of the hype house, it’s a nice house doe!

  84. araliss-tayla savaii

    Latino queen 😳😳😳 Over your head a bit

  85. Sol Gunther

    I mean, Spanish is my mother language and I couldn’t understand almost anything she said

  86. I love food

    Dani u are supposed to add apple cider vinegar to it😂 it works better

  87. Koalla_s

    She was in English class and the teacher was like "Alright class stfu i gotta teach you so i dont get fired"

  88. stormii skiez

    Dani don't let them bring you down

  89. beannie nnabuife

    Danielle going outside during corona:Lets shoot a music video here Me:My mom won't even let me go to our backyard

  90. Gail Luther

    What? 😣

  91. X3DwAnY Adwan


  92. Mar De Torres

    What is she trying to prove pretending to be Latina when in reality she’s just white..? I-

  93. Amiya Osborne

    That was just wow and not wow in a good way