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  1. Jovani Kun

    I miss Kobe #MambaOut

  2. imurder Opps-

    Rip dawg we love you 💔

  3. kshitiz lama

    Rip legend 😭

  4. Cousin Tete

    RIP Kobe

  5. De Em


  6. Juan Mercado


  7. Dontay and Kenetra Tv

    Lebron should wear kobe's jersey on tuesday night game against the clippers that would be epic ❤ rip kobe

  8. RaGe_ ANONIM_

    R.I.P. legend you are on us heart

  9. zx c

    my man ja morant just dunked his own teammate

  10. Mike Barbosa

    Rip legend ❤️

  11. Kim Williams

    This made me cry cause just the other day me and my friend was talking bout him cause my friends name is Kobe n I was like how his name reminded me of Kobe Bryant

  12. Shannen Duffaine

    Rest well, Kobe!! 💔💔 you did very good in this life 😞😞 gone too soon but will never be forgotten

  13. BlueFalcon


  14. Liz

    R.I.P To the legend Kobe Bryant ❤️ 7:44

  15. Chef Ouattara

    Jesus this is so heartbreaking, RIP Kobe & Gianna❤️

  16. Rod Thomas

    Al Harford saving us he might struggle in the beginning but when we needed a bucket in most of these games if embiid down i would want al in my locker room

  17. Kevin Fitzgerald

    Damn this hurts so much... Rest in peace Kobe Bryant. You, your beautiful daughter and friends on board will be missed by everyone...

  18. Dell Basig

    😭 RIP KB



  20. EBV


  21. YOB yobi codi guacamole Blah

    Rest In Peace, a legend

  22. Optimus Prime

    Besides the tragic news i can't help but notice the Hawks, who are a bad team, scored 152 points in regulation. What a joke the NBA has become. 0 defense is played. It's embarrassing to watch.

  23. Richard Carabio

    i will miss you black Mamba.RIP kobe and Giannas.

  24. Jefferson Santos

    Bye best the World... 🏀

  25. FUCK YOU

    God's plan, the universe continues to unfold as it should. In mysterious ways in which one will never truly comprehend as we (human beings) were not designed to be as complex as our higher powers.

  26. G Gucci Pajamas dripin Tony Montana Wut

    5 Beats 1. MJ>KB>LJ Rip young buck #kobe

  27. Higris Marisol Garcia Ralda

    Estupendo, tristeza en el mundo...te extrañaremos, Kobe..

  28. superfragilicious

    This is 100th time watching this RIP Mamba

  29. Max D.Demos

    Thank you for everything you've done in NBA you bring us a lots of memory especially your mamba mentality spirit keep going on.A big love from malaysia fans,Thank you KOBE. #RIPMYIDOL #8 #24 #WELOVEYOU

  30. Jaswel

    Rip Kobe

  31. XDx Bradly

    Rip kobe

  32. Konstantinos Vontitsos


  33. Tylique Brown


  34. BlueFalcon

    How come we don't do this every year for the HEROES doctors or nurses who has REALLY done something ESPECIAL FOR HUMANITY or some else?. KOBE CURED CANCER??? MOST PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS AND SUPERFICIAL THAT IS THE ANSWER... KEEP FOLLOWING THE BALLS ...YOU FKRS.....

  35. Mete Bey

    R.I.P Kobe :( We will miss you...

  36. Subodh narayan Padhi

    But now he is no more 😭 R I P Legend

  37. Rosario Cruz

    Gracias gran Kobe... :´(

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  39. Mike B

    1:36 carry

  40. zaldy ale

    From Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 Rip Kobe

  41. cray Smith


  42. Steve-O Thunder

    Nerlens hyped that steven's injured

  43. The High Ground

    Hello there

  44. Nick Halfmann

    Dame goating right now. Rip Mamba

  45. Devendra Mani

    Kobe Bryant ....

  46. Aries Marte

    HIS EYES SO HUMBLE OMG🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹😥😢😢😢😢😢

  47. Jenny Tan

    You always be our legend 💞🥺😭😭😭

  48. mario rodman

    Adam fucking Silver had to cancel the games. His so stupid

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  50. Fil More

    He'll keep inspiring people not just about the game

  51. Carlos Byrd

    To Zion's trainer and Coach. He must lose at least 30 lbs to sustain future injuries at his current tempo. Zion is way-too-devastating of a force to not know that his tempo alone is going to make him injury-prone.

  52. Anthony Canada

    Jru holiday needs traded he a ballhog and he don't fit with the new players

  53. MelaninGod504

    The Pels Bench went crazy in this game,they outscored the celtics bench 38-8(The Pels have 10 different guys that can hurt you, i thought i was going to see that early in the season). I love the Pels attacking the basket in the half court,teams want the Pels to show that they can execute in the half court instead of playing fast and shooting transition 3's .R.I.P. Kobe and his daughter/also RIP to the other victims. Rest Easy Bra

  54. It’s Label

    rip the goat

  55. Mr Minister

    Rest In Peace Mamba! 🖤

  56. _*The Last Wizards Fan*_


  57. SilverblackskyUno

    Addio Campione😞😞😞

  58. sessahme

    7:40 Josh Heart is always left hanging.

  59. Christian Gomez

    Go home, give your love ones a hug, tell them you love them, stop problems that don't matter to people that matter, life's too short, tomorrow isn't promised. #8MambaOut24 #RIPKobeandGianna

  60. Abel Gonzales

    R.I.P Kobe.

  61. Bob Salad

    Cant believe it

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  63. karolis lingys

    R.I.P Kobe 😭😪♥️🏀

  64. Aitor Adrian

    Please one video rewind with BEST Kobe Bryant carrer plays

  65. Good Bye

    I’m so glad that he got his flowers while he was alive. He saw with his own eyes how loved and appreciated he was. Kobe, Thank you.

  66. Sol Carney

    RIP you king!

  67. Jasper DiLincoln

    Here today, gone tomorrow. So sad may he ,his daughter and the others Rip

  68. Alejandro A

    Rest in peace. It was my hate for u when you played my Suns that made me respect ur game. I even tried to mimic ur moves when I played. Much respect! Mamba mindset!

  69. Trish Noble

    Your retirement is such a heartbreaking moment for your fans but now your gone no words can express how sad we are. 🥺😭💔 Thank your for being inspiration to every dreamers in the world. RIP LEGEND

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  71. Josh Sadist

    There will be no another kobe

  72. Mubasher Ishaq

    Miss Kobe Bryant ... Lagend Lagend Lagend 😭😭😭👈

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  74. ismail hannioui

    a monster with the body of a human

  75. Herman Marginal

    Thank you Kobe.. RIP

  76. Magali Marquez



    Rest In Peace Black mamba ..we will 4ever spread ur legend thank u for everything Kobe .we love u and ur daughter thanks 🙏🏾

  78. Travel with Tommy

    So sad. RIP Kobe.

  79. David Pingitore

    Was that a 15-3 run within the final 4 minutes? Dude.

  80. Account Deleted

    It's eerie how LeBron spoke of Kobe in the post game interview almost in a past tense and putting his name on his sneakers before the game

  81. The RedKing's Art__ 6221

    Don’t worry guys, I bet he still up there ballin out with Gigi.

  82. Hoodie T


  83. Leonardo Cioffi


  84. Solomon Koe

    Kobe I love you and your adorable daughter

  85. _*The Last Wizards Fan*_


  86. James St. Patrick


  87. Cole Johnson

    RIP Kobe. You made me really love to watch the game.

  88. Argeni Mateo


  89. Secret SuperStar

    Ohh man I'm sorry to say this as I'm not a basketball fan i never heard this name Kobe but today since I turned on my internet the news of sm1 named Kobe has died has poured into my phone n suddenly realized that sm1 legend has died may his soul rest in peace with all others who also died in this tragic accident this is really very sad😓

  90. sport boy

    long live mamba

  91. Lewis Hemphill

    RIP Kobe Bryant

  92. Jerah Herrah

    RIP to him and gigi, dude was my inpiration and was the one who made me fall in love with the game of basketball.

  93. Ishur Lubering

    Why grizzlies got 1 ball instantly at 1:06 after kyrie do a float shot. Before 122 v 122 than 122 v 124 for grizzlies. After that beeing 124 v 124.

  94. Zack Hallam

    Another one . Who cares ...

  95. Стефан Митић

    0:20 we all know where LeBron learn that ♥️ rest in peace black mamba

  96. Leonardo Cioffi


  97. Jay Lewis


  98. kenny w

    RIP KOBE #BlackMamba

  99. Doruk Yurdabakan

    God bless Kobeeee.. :(

  100. MrBogusBWP

    Who the fuck cares right now