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  1. Honorary Reich

    I am no longer interested in the show after what that bitch of a main character said about Kobe Bryant. I hope she dies soon irl

  2. Matthew K

    This is fucking hilarious 😂😂

  3. Najimuddin Abdul

    Please add one piece stempede movie on this channel please

  4. Charles Bowes

    Catchy tune

  5. Alexzander FitEnergyBliss

    love this man as an actor

  6. J Christo

    "He's got it in a Ziploc sandwich bag . . . that's no even zipped."

  7. Windsong Moonchild

    Flute is hard to play. I hear novice flutist get dizzy for first few times because of how much air you have to blow and consume.

  8. Gustavo Goikoetxea

    Wow if that was only in real life

  9. AJ Constantine

    Chuck’s book is great & compulsory reading ... I only wish he hadn’t been too prim to allow real curse words used in the dialogue-he employs “expletive deleted” throughout. Ironic considering all the slaughtering he described freely. Still, a fantastic book. 👍

  10. GGiebaybee

    It’s about Damnn time

  11. Josue Carlos Jimenez


  12. mindless monk

    Looks interesting I'll check it out

  13. Sean vasquez

    IDK SteveWillDoIt can drink

  14. NY NY

    As a kid I was an awe of this intro... WOW. Thanks.

  15. Lorenz Müller

    Omg. That opening episode was probably one of the best ever! Love it so far!

  16. Michael Felix

    Who looked up the definition for 'blithely'

  17. BlackBerry

    Isn’t it weird how it was only white women when he was walking?...just asking.

  18. Karoli Naa

    I tought I hear counselor's approach the bitch 😂😂😂

  19. HeadPack

    Milch's last creation turned out a fine one, but all those wasted years. This show could have run for a decade, if not more.

  20. Celtic 73

    The guy on the motorcycle kills me! LMAO!

  21. UberMikeSocal

    0:09 He beat me fair and square Jesus. Pay that man hees mahney.

  22. Tommy_Hart

    Not the Tele-Bang Policy. hahaha. So good.

  23. ACR

    How much was Lawrence Cole paid to allowed this beating?

  24. Brian McNay

    This show sucks. Sorry, but it does.

  25. Tardígrado

    What an awful future. The UK has mutated into something nasty and there's no way back. So sad...

  26. djackio

    This show is soooo bad. I cant believe it’s HBO

  27. Jose Roberto

    Cara eu não paro de assistir esse lindo vídeo!

  28. Helga Fever

    He was a monster🙉

  29. Stan Pivnik

    14 people haven’t had a laugh in a long time, because they keep breathing through their ass and out of their nose 😝

  30. ding chavez

    filmed live in the food court at west edmonton mall.

  31. PotOfGold Seeker

    See see see!!!

  32. Anais Malave

    I'm obsessed with the show. Larry David is brilliant. Wish I could have lunch with him!!!

  33. quietastronaut

    I'm really into this show, it's genuinely unsettling... & Ben Mendelsohn is truly a gem to television... I have to say I was worried about the show dropping in quality after the first two episodes. But then it picked up its pace again in episode 4.

  34. DHGlee2013

    I absolutely loved the book so I cannot wait to watch the series.

  35. Deborah Drew

    Stephen king you did it old Yia Yia had the Baboula in the cellar who took bad children.

  36. Mrs. Vicious

    Los boricua y los cubanos somos casi idénticos!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Korey Moore

    Damn, black women run the fuck out some real shit!!! Queens continue to REIGN!!!!

  38. Zacpack91

    It’s not like they pre-poop them

  39. Ian

    I hate that these guys are getting old

    1. FratNightGaming

      LD still looks young

  40. MrApple233

    This and Curb 100%

  41. Rose Petit Frere

    This is soo good

  42. Andrew M

    Save us black lady with stupid hair!

  43. Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked

    Greenpeace? Really? No bias there.

    1. M Gott

      @Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked Don't you mean the THRIVING wildlife Craig? Not dangerous at all. Just don't touch it, ingest it, inhale it or track it into your home and you'll be fine. Got it.

    2. Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked

      Paul Mopey Look at the Greenpeace report. Not dangerous at all, and neither was any sample before the decontamination, nor anything gathered in any bag. The same stuff that's still in the forests everywhere that hasn't hurt anyone and the wildlife flourish in as well. Duh.

    3. M Gott

      Radiation hot spots! Yikes! How did that happen? It's going to be on tomorrow night. You gonna try to rent a motel with HBO and see it Craig? It should be very interesting. It will give us something to chat about for sure.

  44. Summer

    Is that the guy from everybody hates chris?

  45. Rafael Marques

    A M A Z I N G

  46. Huey Dough

    Evan Rachel would drag a dead man’s name through the mud.

  47. Immortal Teezy

    Oh yes!!!!!

  48. Daouda NDIAYE

    After episode 4, i'm loving the character of Holly Gibney.

  49. MinaBee007

    Every government does that

  50. 陳介瑋

    It's been six years and I can't believe the show has ended. I really love these guys so much.

  51. Sean Fagan

    Love that they got trump stamps

  52. Sean Fagan

    Joe 83 thousand for hunter a month is not enough

  53. Summer Time

    This is genious.

  54. ysgol3

    Just binge watched Series 2 for the first time in ages in my excitement about new Curb in the UK tomorrow. More funny than ever - PERFECT.

  55. A K


  56. Fumanchu1 5150

    Shift happens

  57. Joaquim Filho

    Jesse on Westworld! I'm in a dream!

  58. Charlie Male

    Just watched it absolutely fantastic so dry and funny

  59. Piglet6256

    I see z nation here, which was just watchable, but just since i like the Zombie genre. however this? I mean who thinks this is amusing and funny???? Well if you have a low Iq maybe

  60. a a

    everyone is so old... sad

  61. R838

    Terrible casting, it has all became constant diversity preaching and positive discrimination in favor of black actors.

  62. Kourtney Douthard-Becker

    "Oh, you need ta thank Jesus cause that was nothin short of a miracle.." Lmbo

  63. Jaclyn B

    Dies anyone else pause a video/podcast just to give their own commentary, then unpause the video? Five minutes later I’m having a mental rant about something that was discussed.

  64. Grace Mac N' Cheese

    All the ladies with ONE ✊ HOT ✊ LEG ✊ raise it up!!!

  65. Joshua Edmond

    This shit funny

  66. Sectortech 12B

    Ld's attorney should be fired for not allowing LD to use his restroom, total disrespect of a high dollar customer

  67. Linda Thomas

    These woman are crazy 😂😂😂

  68. jmieles1983

    Why did Laurie go to jail

  69. Lucy Foster

    I’m new to finding out that Apatow was involved in this show, and I find it ironic that the guy known for modern-style male locker room humor is this too. Not that the male and female locker rooms necessarily have to be that different.

  70. MrsA2801

    This show is awful and the foul language is not funny and totally unnecessary. I love Olaf but not Josh Gad's character in this at all. I do like Hugh Laurie in Jeeves and Wooster, House, 101 Dalmatians and some other things but I'm not finding this funny or comfortable to watch. Disappointed!

  71. Cisco kid

    Brian Gamble is still around? What a loser

  72. Sounak Gupta

    Being an aspiring coder, this series is very close to my heart. Gonna miss everyone.

  73. thelasonj

    Good show! We're enjoying it!

  74. 1b

    “i’m against racism” 😂😂😂

  75. Vaibhav Shende

    Golden compass

  76. Kabool Таков

    Sexism. Gender-unbalanced movie. Only women are smart and control the situation. But film still funny)

  77. D. McElroy

    This show is so funny

  78. angela

    cant wait to see the preformances?

  79. asap sofia

    Can’t wait to help!!!!!!!!!!

  80. daniG

    This is so good, rarely you can see that in nowdays movies or series. An american movie about Rusia, done so good, so real, so perfect, is amazing! This is by far the best picture I have seen in years.

  81. daniel Suris


  82. daniel Suris

    That dude is a fucking stupid fuck

  83. J B

    Trailer looks good and I have no clue what's going on other than she's a potential suspect in a murder

  84. Wolfgang 644

    Yo this looks sick and I don't even know that much about spawn but I seen the movie too

  85. me

    Finally something worth watching on sky on first episode I was expecting a massive lump of cheese on the side as with every other series except true detective 10/10 from me and excellent cast choices thanks

  86. Korey Moore

    That voice is on point.....and the whole attitude

  87. Korey Moore

    Not mensa...

  88. robyn jones

    Every American needs to know that our nation started as "the grand experiment" in Democratic govt. First govt. in history of mankind to be it's run by it's citizens who chose their own leaders. Not monarchs or parliament's. A module so unique and ideal that all Democratic govts formed since has used our model, our grand experiment to creat their own countries governed for the people, by the people. We have so much to be proud of that MUST be protected and not be allowed to fail by putting party before country. God bless America & let freedom ring!

  89. Nahla Aly

    Dying laughing!

  90. PopoSimTalia

    Its an enjoyable watch :) hope to see it get more seasons.

  91. will h


  92. Katrina Jordan


  93. Maria José


  94. Decorio Alexander


  95. Annette Williams

    Aprillllllll * in my Soulja boy voice *

  96. luna uhh

    i love how every scene is so dramatic and john oliver is just like 🙋‍♂️

  97. J NYC

    "Racism" is the biggest hoax of the 20th Century.

  98. 3317alibaba

    The fuck? Cynthia is British? Her american accent could've fooled me

  99. Barbiey

    Anyone here after bray's tweet? 😂😂

  100. Redrose Abd

    Watching trailer after watched it. Truely spectacular yet tragic