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  1. Mike Sutton

    100% they add sound effects of food moving, squilching, etc in post

  2. Michael Smith

    5min 10 a little rat saying hello lol

  3. jhiro Tv

    gordon’s line - .... wow😊😊😊

  4. Buzz Lightyear

    I hate to break it to all the “culinary experts” in the comments section but even Gordon Ramsey himself reheats food in his restaurants. It’s impossible to cook everything to order, unless you have a very limited menu, that is.


    2:25 2:26 hurt your feelings bring back all this food. Chef 👨‍🍳 said he dose a really good job. Yeah on microwave every dish for Gordon Ramsay that poor waitress have to bring out all the microwave food to him. There is one episode where Gordon Ramsay like the food and it was it microwave.

  6. Nades Trash

    Did u hear about the chef who died He pasta away

  7. Chey Barnfather

    1:35 these boiz r stoned

  8. Dedy Hermawan

    2:50 .. this is what are you wanted guys,

  9. Marinapetelin

    OMG 🙀

  10. Tegnet

    I can tell you right away, if your "frikadeller" are as big as a "bøf" (Patty)... Then you have the wrong idea from the get go :P

  11. Joker Pilot

    43:22 i want to know the name of the episode , can someone find it plz?

  12. General DAWN

    only here for the MEME LORD

  13. H MAN

    "Stop sitting there and bullshiting me!" "I'm not sitting, I'm standing" (but I am bullshiting hehe)

  14. alex

    This title is way too overdramatic

  15. Rtac Yob !

    “I’m not sitting, I’m standing” 1000% Intelligence

  16. Andy Kal

    What the fuck do you think I found this -:)

  17. Eggsclusively Gaming

    There’s an Italian restaurant in my town where they serve a salad with grilled lettuce and idk why it’s getting so much hate on here cause I think that’s normal

  18. Eric Kane

    “Bless my food please” Bless you Gordon 😅

  19. Cap Colombie

    The point is that Ramsay doesn't want to intimidate them, he wants to point out where they've gone wrong and help them improve. Even Ramsay can learn from others, that's the way life is.

  20. blosh

    Shit.I thought this was The Office and it was Meredith bellydancing.

  21. Ernest1980pol

    How can it be that this place is still running?

  22. Eric Kane

    I love it when the chefs are good cooks but it’s the owners who tie them down.

  23. Proud Male Feminist

    Blue is a depressing color

  24. lil Butts

    5:09 customers says the food is disgusting but still eats it

  25. Elementrix YT

    I don't know what I'm supposed to feel without the sound effects

  26. Usui Doge Sama

    Considering when I went to England the fish and chips were consistently bad or mediocre this seems about right

  27. Mac Hector

    Owner:We've got Chef Ramsay here to improve us,otherwise what the hell is he here for? Answer:To hear your wife say that she's sixty-four.

  28. I_am_not_a_sandwich

    Dude, Im really not a cooking expert, but I love Indian food and when I saw that chicken masala I almost died. That thing doesnt even look like chicken masala in the slightest.

  29. Coreone 9

    This is the equivalent of a controing parents

  30. Eric Kane

    Who on the face on this planet messes up a gumbo?...

  31. May Choy

    Where is David in this vid?

  32. TerraReez

    I thought Pescatarian is a some kind of bird


    Love how he’s always nice to the servers

  34. Becks not beer

    Have you ever send a dish back? I’m just interested cause when I watch these videos people always do and I have never had enough balls to do it

  35. Lucas

    You’re not Italian you fuckin moron.

  36. Cali D

    Pat is that guy when.... oneday you wake up in a dark basement tied up, bleeding and confused, and he's getting ready to chop you up and eat your dead corpse.

  37. your auntie stinks

    Lol that waiter crying for the gram the sly bitch she knew damn well what she was serving lazy ass 👀😂😂🤮

  38. Hellomylovelies

    As Gordon makes a joke and chuckles to himself at 5.51. Too cute

  39. Julia Jules

    Weird parents!! What the..... Dad looks like “don’t you dare talk openly “ looks to me like the parents have some problems poor kiddo is the scapegoat look at this kid how emotionally he reacts

  40. Jack 'The Lad' Stevens

    If this guy came face to face with a real Mafiaso he'd shot himself, he's a bully

  41. Hellomylovelies

    “Oh wow it is” 😂😂😂

  42. Diamos

    Typical boomer stealing from his kids their life not just their money.

  43. MotownTyler

    disgrace to Italian culture

  44. DESTROYER 983

    The only reason of why gordon ramsay is doing this its because he cares for the restaurant and the people and closing it because its the owners fault i think gordon is finding new managers to handle the restaurants he closed

  45. E g g

    That’s why there motto is “we can’t afford another lwasuit

  46. Someone

    Well that plan was immediate...

  47. Spicy_boyyy

    Who is the head chef??? - Chef Mike Sir!

  48. _Yunopingu

    i’m jealous of her kids

  49. Someone

    At a place I went, Lobster is about $100, how can they keep serving this?

  50. Raja Asad

    What's the episode anybody?

  51. Ossy Widanagamage

    Pat is a fucking legend indeed.

  52. Santosh Yadav

    Who thinks gordon Ramsay should go in disguise to see how they really treat customers there

  53. Liza Koshy

    when that shelf broke hahah omg

  54. MTB Gabe

    8:42 voice crack

  55. jb

    2:48 i wanna hangout wit u

  56. The bloody Tears

    Belly dancers are in casinos and strip clubs not a restaurant

  57. Mr I

    These shows follow a set pattern. He first complains about any and every dish they send out, then he argues with them, helps them, cooks them his own dishes (which they always claim is "delicious"), they change their ways, story ends.

  58. Aquila DB

    You know Gordon is good at what he does, if he can tell if something was made SOMEWHERE ELSE

  59. Apple

    ok bawlmer

  60. Zannah the Wicked

    These two remind me of Kaczyński brothers. Now we have one left who eat stupidity of both. At least they had Gordon to show them the way. Our Kaczyński is still ruling the nation like they the restaurant.

  61. Marito Blanco

    I want to low key smash the waiter 🥵


    Americans really are strange


    Racist bitch. And FYI scones are crap

  64. Hanad Mohamed

    Well that restaurant is really screwed

  65. Gurnam Singh


  66. Sparriax

    “It wasn’t a party in my mouth, it was a funeral in my mouth”

  67. Gigantic Wang

    Gordon tasted the water Gordon: Its dry!

  68. Reem Isa

    Chef Ramsay goes to these restaurants to steal ideas and food. Acts like these burgers are the worst thing that ever happened, he does a little "adjustments" and steals the idea afterwards for his restaurant in Las Vegas.. no one would say a thing.. because they thought he "re-innovated" it so it's technically his idea.

  69. thegrimyeaper

    Me at any workplace 3:00

  70. Valhalla Gaming

    Jen: *coughs* what is that dry age I'm tasting. That's called flavour you cow

  71. The Slump God

    gordon:* drinks water * gordon: Its dry

  72. Radlic

    jen jen jen jen jen jen NINOOO!

  73. Big Papaa

    I'm not sure if you guys got this but his name is Steven

  74. Light. exe

    What i'm wondering is that WHO TF puts vodka on a tomato sauce in a Italian fucking restaurant and says its traditional.

  75. Mannsy83

    imagine your gf paying your wages lol boy is whipped i bet

  76. J C

    food to mouth Goordon,,, not mouth to food.. dont bend down like that.. your not a pig in trough.

  77. THE O.G


  78. Tom Lovett

    everyone complaining about Gordon being mean but if you've never been to the gym and choose not to eat salad you kinda deserve to be fat and have the piss taken out of you. Every day is a choice.

  79. scofab

    On tonight's menu: Ground Jen burger. Spoiler: Everybody chokes.

  80. Peter Siperki

    Sarah is awesome , calling bullshit

  81. The adventureLife

    Then how this restaurants pass the health inspections?

  82. Gaming Engine

    Forgive me father, for they have sinned.

  83. Gaming Engine

    pulled straight out of the bin. THEY ARE GOING TO DIE!

  84. Luis Oliveira

    "let me feed the chef" LMFAO

  85. Shaoorky Playz

    Gordon is so picky

  86. kdoty

    The servers are always the homies lol

  87. S S

    Let me feed the chief!!

  88. Chris Russell

    its not the first dead lobster... 2:06 noone picked up on the "i try to freeze them right away and make the bisque from that..."

  89. Swedish Fish

    That waitress is so sexy 🍆🍆🍆😘😘😘🍑🍑🍑🍑

  90. Gacha Blue77

    hEnlO! mY nAmes nInO!

  91. Dextra 420

    7:02 that girl is hot

  92. L S

    "The batter is kinda flavorless to be honest" I mean it's flour eggs and milk bro, what did you expect?

  93. bluesky

    "i am a medium rare girl " "im 46 old woman "

  94. 4811skater

    Fat owner

  95. Nicolas Hernandez

    Fat tub of lard can’t prove anything if she keeps messing up orders

  96. Ammar Naqiuddin

    That meow meow meow at the end 😂 Isn't that the moew of Amy from ABC?

  97. Ch _an

    Two WaterMelons Tho

  98. Jacob Halifax

    Sarah's call to inform Gordon about the ravioli was correct, but that psychotic smile she had means that she has some messed up personal reasons. She was NOT doing it to reveal a sad truth.


    0:43 *“it was a no brainer, please give me rerer chel”*