In case you're new to my videos, I get thrown into a lot of unbelievable situations, I travel a lot and I'm in the entertainment industry so crazy stories are gonna come as a result.

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  1. Unknown Offender

    0:33 thank me later

  2. Jagger Whitty

    My first job was to be an nfl player

  3. Suu Mar

    I also don’t know why girls (I’m also a girl) always go to the the bathroom together!

  4. Naomi washington

    Should’ve went with LAX girl #1

  5. Alex Gecaj

    In minute 5:35 lol


    This dude is a G. And after every he didn't rat on anybody. *Respect*

  7. Megan Burford

    my friends BETTER take some of our crazy shit to the grave all im saying is im the only one that picks dare

  8. Ian Jessup

    The ending was k.k. slider from animal crossing singing old town riad

  9. Dan Musa

    I love your videos💩

  10. Okay, Fine.


  11. Yvonne Links


  12. Ewan Brown

    1:08 hostess is called rena possible higurashi reference


    I’m upset because I went on swoozies insta trying to find the “baddie” but he has like 200 girls on there🤣

    1. afutla qian

      You know, after this whole pandemic ends. You’re such an amazing storyteller, I’m always excited to watch, thank you for so many years of free entertainment 😁😁😁

  14. Michael Bernard

    Nice Gingerpale Statue 2:50

  15. Emme Oliver

    So uno = sexual tension. Huh. Noted.

  16. ijay- gameX

    I watch in Mozambique

  17. Noelia Zapata

    “These crackheads would buy it” 🤣🤣

  18. L_avoKJ_L /

    Ayyy I swag when I surf

    1. afutla qian

      It’s none of my business, nor my concern. GHOST PROTOCOL LMAO. // Swoozie stays out here flying girls to LA and I’m just over here WAITING FOR MY PLANE TICKET????

  19. ijay- gameX

    Broo you speak Portuguese

  20. ijay- gameX


  21. LiamTheBloodylegend Animations

    Teachers: *walking down hallway* What they hear: ugh ugh! Harder harder! Si papi si papi! Daddy daddy daddy!

  22. Mr X

    You sure you not get I hear that alot

  23. ijay- gameX


  24. Karriem Muhammad

    Swooz I want more juice you should had made the story with extra juiciness.

  25. ijay- gameX


  26. [Vex] Atom

    How many times will the name change

  27. ijay- gameX


  28. ijay- gameX

    Like I said that day

  29. LINGSHOT Games

    -3:08 Ed Ed eddy reverence? -3:02 goralaz reverence next a Pokémon reverence.

  30. Yung Smeaty

    What is up with this amazing animation

  31. Melanie McArthur

    Every so often I’ll randomly hear “LIPS! WHO WANTS TO COLOR QUASIMODO’S LIPS!” Inside my head for no reason. Thanks Swoozie! 😂

  32. Luis Ibarra

    OMGGG I Love Your videos, I’ve always wanted to make animated story time videos but I just don’t know how to animate lol

  33. Noah Maggio

    Dont worry i will come after her if you go missing

  34. Chocolate Chip

    U trini 🇹🇹 I’m 🇬🇾 Guyanese

  35. Cringelord Memes

    So swoozie a good youtuber decides to collab with some of the worst youtubers on the platform

  36. Heyim Fate

    what about those krispy kreme doughnuts

  37. fiji fishy


  38. Scout

    Nooooooooooo y she play overwatch

  39. Adam Mulholland

    I remember the Bracknell blockbuster exists but I never remember going into it

  40. Black Lotus15

    You had Yoda do your animation didnt you Swoozie? Is he trying to work a bit harder to get that money back u took from him in that race?

  41. Anomalox

    Yooo. I found this in my recommend and I was like, "hey! I used to watch him!" Great nostalgia

  42. Sergeant Z.U.C.C

    Oh cool he wears an ankle pager

  43. Ferris Elway

    Tiny little asian man 😂


    the life of a NERD...:(

  45. Adam Kirkley

    your life is weird

  46. Noah Adegge

    Who else misses sWooZie's old anmation | | |

  47. TheDinoGod

    shes a gold digger

  48. Lindokuhle Jason

    When Adande twerked 😂😂😂😂

  49. La'Shonda Ray Ballard

    f in chat

  50. harvasblackjacket _

    That woman is Karen as a cashier

  51. Zheyzhel Team Double Z


  52. Master SCK

    My teacher is one of those funny teachers

  53. CanadianQueen76

    That shirt is my life choices sometimes.

  54. Superplutopierce Sml videos

    I would just look at my phone

  55. xd badrudin

    they shouldda banged

  56. iman chaudhry

    Isn’t it the 76th hunger games because the 75th happen in the 2nd movie

  57. Tarique Ali

    Bruh, like fuck, - you get paid 300$ as an Architect in India, like wtf ?

  58. Cringelord Memes

    Swoozie sees his dad in the door *boss music starts playing*

  59. Alyssa Ramirez


  60. crease

    ^Definition of a simp

  61. crimson

    Ayo what if its a middle school crush and you cant really go out to places

  62. King Clintz

    dog I love you fam but your such a fucking simp

  63. cdx_ quaty

    1:50 leave :)

  64. Isaiah Phelps

    Swooz u got all these baddies as yo friends. All these stories of u fucking wit baddies. Bro what is yo secret

  65. Khari Shelton

    lori harvey and future. i'm calling it I. AM. CALLING. IT. 💯💯👋🏼😤

  66. Ja'Khai O'Neal

    I don’t get this she’s a cheater and cuddle buddies

  67. Ja'Khai O'Neal

    I like uhh

  68. Just_Jonathan Haddad

    Top ten anime betrayals number 1 baby Yoda and Swooize

  69. Kyle Boodram

    Damn need to show us more of your life😂

  70. Andrew Berde

    This is the biggest simp video of the decade.

  71. EquinoX ReZ

    Death is predetermined

  72. Brandon Mejia

    It looks like Lana Rhodes

  73. SabreGoof23

    0:33 was that the kermit as palpatine?

    1. afutla qian

      Yo Swooz. What's with the downgraded kindergarten art? How you go from dope ass animation to this? Splain that to me

  74. Erik Koenig

    I’m about 6 years late but ion know what she wants, cuz she outa pocket sometimes. She is nice and cute, but she got 3 personalities.

  75. Clos MasMas

    Stars in LA?

  76. Erik Koenig

    I hate buzzards

  77. lol boy

    Simmmmmmmmm Mmmmmp

  78. Cyrus Don't At


  79. Karma Key

    Or anime

  80. Devoo James


  81. poop dwdd

    while we aint doing shit tell us more stories u be entertaining

  82. Purge Apexx

    Adande can u still backflip