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  1. Halima Idrissi

    that is punishment from The Almighty Allah swt, because they killed 2 million ughyur moslims . Nothing is difficult for Allah swt. Alhamdoelillah. this is a sign for the people who wan't to understand

  2. Khairul Naim

    So come on eat rat again n again

  3. Reece Tidwell

    It's possible for it to mutate and kill itself off too like Ebola

  4. J Nomad

    Guys, we’ve decided to produce our own solution here at Umbrella pharmaceuticals. We would like to invite all the animals who originally carried the virus to be sent to our location at Umbrella headquarters, or Raccoon city for short. We will solve the problem. Trust us, we’re a corporation you can trust :)

  5. OK Zoomer

    Corona is a nice beer with a packet of bat scratchings

  6. jthmastermind

    Swine Flu, Ebola, Zika.... every few years they make up something new not only to encourage you to inject more vaccines into your system but also distract you from what else is really happening

  7. Ranna Gamingz

    My answer to the thumbnail is yes cuz since China started it then they should all die instead of spreading it to the innocents

  8. StillNotChill

    So what you're saying is.... were all gonna die.

  9. 그루트


  10. Pardesi Pilgrim

    Godless leaders and most are Godless people too. These leaders became arrogant and proud and started to flout their muscles and money upon weaker and poorer nations.They depended upon their own weapons and money and continued to degrade GOD and persecute those who believed in GOD.The world can see that their so called might can be brought down to their knees by a virus unseen by a naked eye.This catastrophe can happen to any nation or people who are arrogant and proud who persecute those who believe in the LIVING GOD.

  11. Ian Hay

    Nearly 19000 new cases in 2019 this hasn't gone away its on the rise year on year.

  12. River Smith

    And what about those who become sick and have treated themselves at home? We only know about those who become very sick or die due to already compromised immune systems. This virus was out earlier than declared.

  13. Wiscolivin

    Earth, yet again trying to dwindle our population. People, keep making more.

  14. Benevolent Tengu

    Looks more like a mass grave being dug....

  15. John Surratt

    Who's lab created and is spreading it. Big pharma will be pushing vaccines.dont put poison in your body in Hope's you wont get sick

  16. Andrew

    Banging on about an imaginary gender pay gap when you've obviously only been given your job because you're a woman.

  17. LostInPA


  18. ThrobbinHood

    4:45 - So what you're saying is that lobsters can get infected?

  19. Hey its me

    Flu incubation duration is about a week. So whatever they try is like running after an already lift off plane to get in.

  20. Dave Wilson

    They deserve for what they’ve done 👏🏻👏🏻

  21. remy lewis

    Is anyone else MORE worried about the fact that China IS being more forthcoming than usual (I.E. SARS)? That alone suggests they knew they couldn't cover it up or keep it contained from the get go, but does that mean that they have shared everything they know about the virus yet? Are they trying to avoid worrying consumers who buy fish or other food items from China that there may be a bigger contamination problem? Has it mutated already? The fact that they are trying to build a (seemingly) massive hospital in 5 days has me way more concerned than anything else because that's how quickly they expect things to escalate.

  22. Dan Miller

    And excavators tend to dump their scoop into a truck, not simply turn around and around. Weird stuff.

  23. Jonas

    Did he say "Pet passport" is that a real thing? is it a joke?

  24. Falc0n Slayer

    I am legend "realife"

  25. Mufazzal Mansoor Ali

    These are the sins of Chinese people . Allah will punish them now.

  26. simon Collis

    60 of us offered the UK gov an offer of actively seeking out illegals and making a border force. Free voluntary, they declined our offer. Why do u think that is 🤔 because it opens a big can of worms and why the government don't have a force that actively goes out looking for illegals.

  27. Julia Walker

    Lucifer: the Divine Androgyne, Ancient God of the Modern Transgender Movement file:///C:/Users/faird/Downloads/Lucifer-the-Divine-Androgyne-Ancient-God-of-the-Modern-Transgender-Movement.pd

  28. Jonas

    How does voting for an EU exit and then moving to another eu country make sense? I hope the EU dissolves completely because it is a shitshow that spends taxmoney with little return, sweden's eu fee will now increase as it wasn't bad enough already

  29. Solas O'Dimm

    China be lit AF! Bought to move over there.😤

  30. Sharon Lanham

    think ill give a chinese takeaway a miss for a while

  31. adam pool

    You think this is bad now? If nothing changes at this rate in 30 years England will be a majority non white country. The next racial group that will make up the majority will be the dominant group and they will not give two shits about your girls getting abused let alone the other atrocities that will occur. Wake up people. Close the borders and start repatriating the non natives before it's too late! England for the English!!!

  32. Angel Jackson

    My daughter in law is my son in law now bs drivel shut up you

  33. Derpy the Spy

    Plague inc: "choose your starting country" This new corona virus: "China "

  34. XYZ Ratz

    Human body sand bags

  35. HerbyPumpkin

    UK Trains are the safest trains in Europe with the last passenger killed in a Train Crash at the Grayrigg derailment 20:15 GMT on 23 February 2007, This is because the UK has spent £Billions installing and maintaining a system called TPWS (Train Protection and Warning System) on all lines. The purpose of TPWS is to stop a train by automatically applying the brakes if the train has: passed a signal at danger (red), approached a signal at danger too fast or approached buffer stops too fast. Hidden safety that isn't appreciated or commented on. But its cost was mainly born by Passengers through their Ticket prices.

  36. Veronica Obiglio

    The moon is female The sun musculine

  37. Diian Coolldoown12.8

    bat can not eat if yes Virus, said God, I am on Facebook: Diian Coolldoown, I should introduce him, 98% is ready.

  38. Jay Urris

    Yet Chinese were allowed to travel to other Countries.

  39. Kolumbus

    Remember that interviewer? He is taking revenge.

  40. Veronica Obiglio

    Aids was from africa This is from china

  41. Jay Urris

    It spreads by picking it up at the hospitals.

  42. Spawn Of Taco Bell

    Bruce Lee was arrested and there was news about child prostitution happening in the sewers.

  43. Veronica Obiglio

    Something like the lice

  44. Jalan

    China building a whole hospital in 6 days is fucking crazy

  45. hunter newlife

    We've canceled family outing activities and get-together dinner in this CNY, but the Chinese New Year could never been canceled, as staying at home safely with my family is also a nice way to celebrate New Year. As the common citizen we have organised donations for Wuhan, and trying to offer help to buy more medical supplies. It's is sad for Wuhan to fight this battle during CNY, but they are not alone, if you are living in China, you will see more acturate information from wechat and other local media. You would see both people's understanding and caring by staying at home, wearing N95 masks in public area, sending New Year greetings to friends, and actively participating in donations. My grandma is a retired nurse, she told us that China is reacting as whole nation, and we will winthis battle as we did it in 2003. She is happy to see the both the goverment and the common people are reacting possitively and we will look after ourselves first to be ready to support others. Best wishes to Wuhan, and best wishes to China.

  46. Paul Michael


  47. Paul G

    So much patience from Mr Peterson, I'm amazed!

  48. Mike Barratt

    Greedy rip off contractors !! Ffs you get a quote & hold em to it .if you want to get there quicker,get up earlier and get the earlier train ffs

  49. Dylan Lindholm

    Wasn't this in a family guy episode?

  50. HighTimes Sports

    Don’t stop it at least till 40 percent of the population die

  51. Brandon Burrows

    This is swine flu 2.0. What is 800 deaths compared to the billions in China alone? A blip. A sad blip, but a blip nonetheless. Much like Swine Flu, and the ebola scare after. A few thousands will die, and nothing more. This isn't a plague.

  52. Thomas

    University of Queensland in Australia will have a vaccine in about 16 weeks or so. So let's see how far this virus blows out until it is ready to go.

  53. Mz. YumYum14

    If the United States has a patent for the coronavirus since 2015

  54. 杰茜卡ジェシカ

    Even if they imposed lockdown. There will always be carriers who wouldn't care if they spread this virus.

  55. Peter van den Broek

    Viruses are more intelligent then humans, they don't flee to the UK

  56. LittleMissDuck 05

    That’s one way to solve overpopulation

  57. Chris Cruz

    I hope China finally just tell the truth before it's too late for the rest of the world I mean come on martial law for 7 cities 30 million people quarantine people getting threatening with guns if they try to leave I mean really in 4 days it's travel 7000 miles

  58. Serena Pimentel

    Did they just say they're building a hospital in 6 days?!

  59. jasbinder singh

    Voted to leave myself - this of course was 2 months after I travelled to another eu country and registered as an eu citizen .... meanwhile... just over 4 years later and with 6 months to complete, I should be picking up my residency permit just after the beginning of next yr ,,,,lovely jubbly. It pays to fink ahead

  60. Niall Cunniffe

    She is the most intelligent and eloquent pop artist, no, human being, I've ever l heard speak.

  61. Mike Archer

    Every child picks up on conversations around them, they come to their own point of view and any child with a spine will stand on point of principal both of mine did. Sometimes much to my constination. My lads are now 30 & 32 years old. I still don’t see eye to eye with my eldest. I do respect his right to his point of view & his principals are mostly beyond reproach. What your surgesting is that Greta should have been shoe horned into a PC mould that does not ruffle your feathers. Shame on you. Her farther has been interviews and is on youtube. He is a really nice guy. He’s also a brilliant patient. This is a about you not Greta your the one in the wrong. She has spine and conviction. 90% of us should be ashamed of our selves for not being half the person she is.

  62. hvhvgitaar

    I feel so sorry for Spain having to put up with some of these British immigrants.

  63. The Man

    i hope everything works out well but i'd rather have declared too early than too late what's the point of early warning if not used early .

  64. Extreme Yumnam

    Hand-gloves and face mask are very essential to prevent the infection.

  65. Aranjit Singh

    Let's be honest guys Eminem brought us here

  66. Finnish/Estonian Council

    Be alarmed everybody!

  67. fuckoffyou

    Good news everyone! Old Chinese medicine that works on Coronavirus is to drink the blood of a bat, eat it's rectum raw and praise Winnie the Pooh and communism twenty times

  68. Croccy C

    System up wif the top down Got the city on wokdown Dwive by in the wo wide Hands high when we fwy by…

  69. My Opinion

    As an American, there isnt a chance UK will get a better trade deal from us. They ALREADY have a trade imbalance, account for less than a percent of our trade, and will desperately need a deal with us. Everyone will be moving to spain from England shortly after Scotxit or they will be making my sneakers for nothing.

  70. Grand Vic

    Imagine one of them killing the other one. *V I C T O R Y R O Y A L E* After 75 years.

  71. DO 4 SELF

    .... New Hospital in 10 Days!,,, yea right!,,, there digging mass graves!

  72. Krispy Cat

    Yo i so fucking sacred rn man can someone help me out man

  73. delia ratcliff

    , when the centre right say we need to extend allowances you know a change is needed, and coming.

  74. qzd777

    he put her to her place :)

  75. Star Light

    A dust mask is not enough , avoid trains plains busses and crowds ! Of course hand washing is good always , but No amount of hand washing will stop a virus , that is air born .aviod hospitals , and get the best mask you can buy , its a good idea for shopping . But many masks don't seal well and leak airflow through the sides of the mask , anyone who has worked in them knows this . Prevention is better than cure , when possible . :)

  76. Noob Tube

    We are screwed but who knows

  77. He LLO

    I hope this is not the great filter...

  78. Glen Fleetham

    The parents are traitors too send them out as well honestly British people are to soft they and their kids should stay with the jahadis and rot


    Imagine god is playing that plague game on us tryn to kill us all

  80. Yuna Lee

    oof it already did

  81. CHAOS 🤬Theory

    Don't forget to stop all Chinese shipments especially food products but electronics and other miscellaneous items are at risk of contamination as well ... If it spreads it won't be because of Travellers its will come as a Trojan horse in the products shipped from China and its surrounding areas ... This shouldn't be taken lightly ... Everything should be shut down until a viable vaccine or cure is created ...

  82. Max Buckley

    Chinese zombie outbreak - calling it now lads Should be fun....

  83. Oliver D'mello

    They are all together in it!!!The british,american and all the western governments support Islamic terrorism by bringing in muslims to their countries!!!All terrorist activities including 9/11 were ochestrated by the american and other western governments!!!And innocent people die!!!It's now a battle between good and evil!!!good vs evil!!!

  84. mlc4050

    I bet if you're suspected of having the coronvirus, the doctor sees you at exactly your scheduled appointment time.

  85. Mike Harvey

    Every prickle helps

  86. r8d4tube

    “ Made in China”

  87. iskeriii yuuuh

    Does it spread faster too because the climate is warmer? 😰

  88. marka

    Ask a straight man if trans woman are Women, He will say NO, As it's still a bloke with or without his tackle. No straight man will date a Trans woman as they are not women. it doesn't matter what the left wing or london new bubble thinks. A man is born male the woman is born Female at they die the same, surgery cannot change that fact of life.

  89. Harotia Dangleberry.

    Those people who are helping them are wonderful.

  90. Adnangoko


  91. Capleb 2000

    She how many sheep don't listen to this girl she's trying to speak for get generation she wants a better world why even after all her tenacity people still laugh and no one's listening I respect this girl she is doing what a lot wouldn't do I've defended the worst of people hoping they change because over time a lot of those confused people do change so wake up world stop fighting each other

  92. alexei190

    Expats who support brexit should be kicked out of whatever country they live in and forced back to the uk, but then irony of ironys not allowed back into the uk becasue they are coming from a EU country and so they must live in limbo.

  93. SpaceFX

    This is natures way of saying your over populated.

  94. PincherMartyn

    Anti UK pro EU as usual.

  95. Internet Explorer

    I was waiting for the interviewer to say «so what your saying is»

  96. deenloon

    What an incredible display of whataboutism and victimhood from the interviewer. Not to mention the blatant obfuscation with the tired old trope "it's a tiny minority." The stats say otherwise, fella.

  97. herringfly

    Dawkins summoned to appear before the islam advocate Jon “never seen so many white people in one place” Snow. Of course, the BBC got there first, with Evan Davis grilling him earlier that year about his reckless adherence to scientific fact and his brazen reluctance to bow to allah the one true god.

  98. SirjmeN

    imagine this being left 4 dead in real life

  99. VeryCreative


  100. seeking the truth

    They're filthy and have no real food safety protocols, they need to be quaritined in there country and all Chinese that have left be recalled back to China, everyone that has been to China needs to be contacted and checked