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Last winter’s #1 most-watched alternative series, “America’s Got Talent: The Champions,” returns for a second season. The series will feature a star-studded panel of judges, including executive producer Simon Cowell, global superstar Heidi Klum, “AGT’s” longest-running judge Howie Mandel and the newest addition - singer, songwriter and author Alesha Dixon, who joins “Champions” from the smash hit “Britain’s Got Talent.” Terry Crews, star of NBC’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and People magazine’s “Sexiest TV Host,” returns as host. “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” brings together the world’s most talented, memorable and all-around fan-favorite acts from past seasons of “AGT” and from the other “Got Talent” franchises around the globe.
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  1. Frank Zuniega

    Extraordinary! Grabe!


    If you had watch Marcilito's performance, you'll get me, but if not, then you can't. The judges seems pretty unfair. Just look at Marcilito's vid, it hit 18M+ views without even a golden buzzer! While thi one! -__- SO UNFAIR. I'M NOT BASHING!

  3. Martha Gaming


  4. Hassan Shahid

    I am from pakistan and i loved it so much

  5. Lourdy Vicente

    Sad we are supporting a 7 yr old to make fun of other ridiculous!

  6. paul saha

    V unbeatable got robbed last time. Hope this time they get through. ✌

  7. Angelo Bautista

    Sadly this kind of act last for just a period of time..

  8. Rajveer

    It's a hidden talent and it's unbelievable too but, i think he used special trick for diverse the audience mind maybe that's a tricky bowl which was already has water before showing the rice. in short, he has already one bowl of rice and bowl of water 🤔

  9. latest video's

    Bhai log ye dance to aag hai 🔥🔥🔥

  10. Jk Sanju

    🌹🌹🌹💪🚩 love you

  11. Khevinn Rojas

    Howie is a big person

  12. Zainab Akram

    Feeling so proud.. hard work pays off

  13. Muthuja Chamodya

    Love you so much this team😍❤️🤗

  14. Awad sahaja

    This better than robot 🥴🥴🥴

  15. MM-usic

    I like her voice <3

  16. Molly. Xx yt

    Riana: *make one step* All people: *GASP* Me: SHUT UP I WANT TO HEAR RIANA

  17. Zemer Ak

    Omg he is the best❤️

  18. Twilight sparkle Show

    I love how positive he is despite all that happened to him. Jon is a real inspiration!

  19. ryan jay ecarnalan

    Super wow

  20. Merry Car

    I sooooo love his facial expression when he is running back to the stage 😂😂

  21. JohnMight

    🇮🇳 India and 🇵🇭 Philippines - POWER 👇 Like if you are asian❤️

  22. L_ Maximus

    Hes a living video game

  23. Alejandra López

    Honestly as amazing and jaw-dropping as this act was, I completely understand why he did NOT go through. It’s BECAUSE he risked his life, not once, but with this performance three times trying to conquer this exact same act. Everyone has something to prove to themselves, but I believe he got the respect he deserved by the judges and the rest of America allowing him to keep his very life at the side of his beautiful wife. I can’t imagine what must have been going through her mind when she saw the love of her life almost MISS his window for survival. The guy was barely hanging on the edge inside of the box, even with himself hooked in, it looked like his hands fumbled to properly latch himself on to the single harness. Which is probably why he was shaking when he was finally released. That and literally looking near death in the face for the third time? His prize was staying alive. MAD Respect to this young man. You had me in TEARS when you made it!

  24. naly naly

    This is what we call the best performance ever!!! Good choice for choosing "dhoom machale" song because this song is the best!!! Been waiting someone to perform this song but they did it!!! Omg...goodjob!!!!

  25. Khmer Movie

    i Love u🇮🇳🇮🇳🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭

  26. Jana Ramirez

    There should be animals got talent

  27. Yvonne Prebi

    That's so rude. Really??

  28. Xav E

    For me it is very funny, lmao And scripted


    Yesterday, just yesterday the view of this vid is 17M+ and now... AM I SEEING THIS RIGHT?! 18M+ VIEWS?! REALLY?! O_o

  30. SpiderFang

    Oh my God that is sick.

  31. kckgirl78

    I watched him win ten years ago. Loved him then, love him now.

  32. Legendary Fan

    ▪Let us(all the viewers) give them a "GOLDEN BUZZER"▪

  33. NrX GmnG

    "It was so stupid i love it" -simon

  34. Ana Sujashvili

    Heidi is B*

  35. Ayesha Hafidz

    The way his voice squeaks is cute!!

  36. Rotodom

    feel so good but look so bad

  37. Truth Hurts


  38. Saad Ali

    Iam from Pakistan and iam proud of my Indian brother and sister really you are so amazing 😍😍

  39. Marigold Mutia

    Not worthy for a golden buzzers...

  40. Richard Ho

    Street fighter?

  41. Jesus Hernandez

    What an amazing Mom thank you god bless you

  42. Christian Angelo Elecito

    Did Simon is infected with corona virus ?

  43. BonesyBucketPlays


  44. Ruben Cainto

    Their brats

  45. Baka Anime

    RIP nipples (⊙x⊙;)


    Pride of filipinos 😍

  47. U. R.

    Gute Arbeit - Beide!

  48. jerry siasu

    Gooo pinooyyy

  49. Rps Rawat

    M a solider and m crying ohhh god what is it?love you guys love my India 🇮🇳 jai Hind

  50. Mark Frederick Tan

    Such an amazing voice! He sang this song for the prayer of those people who were affected by Bulkang Taal disaster this year! So proud of you! Proud to be Filipino! God bless you! From Philippines.

  51. Wora N

    perfect Shin Lim

  52. Spyros Ballas

    If this it wasnt Set up from the first moment, then something evil is going on here...

  53. Kevin 080592

    lol.. something tells me this is scripted and rehearsed from dancing and up to judging

  54. Michelle Gimena

    So proud of you😊😍

  55. srey mul


  56. Jing Liit

    Hahhaha this kid issss funny! I like him alot

  57. Alice Wolf Angel

    He looks so stupid eventually

  58. Asel Mahambetova


  59. Yog Paul watch this video


    Great! Now i dont know who to vote between unbeatable and marcelito

  61. Raydrone 47

    This is call self progress..

  62. Lungile Ngubane

    Can we'll take a moment of silence to appreciate how good our accents are!I mean we all know that most of us and those kids that English it's not our first language or our mothers tongue! Ithemba e-Afrca! Viva Afrcaaaaa Viva!Amandlaaaaaaa!✊

  63. Patrick Yap

    Hook me up I wanna fly as well

  64. Edith Ambasse

    👌👏👏👏👏❤️ I love my Africa

  65. Sheeps Sock

    So glad MelB got replaced lol. These new judges are a bit nicer

  66. Sunny Wildebeest

    Like my new dance video from india

  67. はぐれうさぎ

    I love Howie

  68. Tiara

    I wish they'd tone down with the lights though feel I could focus on the performance more. but it was amazing 😍😍😍

  69. Yuri Sison

    Heidi klum was like .. ok weirdo .. at first hahha

  70. Chat Garcia

    Pinoy pride!

  71. Brenda Veselich


  72. Lungile Ngubane

    Any Indians here??? Love from South Africa

  73. Mojoyin Sutton


  74. Surya Abidin Taqwa

    He's come from other planet, awesome. Love from Medan, Indonesia.

  75. aesthetic rose

    this made me cry 🥺

  76. Haadi Malik

    Does anyone else notice that the cards seem to be spelling something I know the first word is "Choose" but the rest confuses me

  77. Potato Berry Rose X Gacha

    Nathan is so funny 😂 and talented 🤩

  78. Hazel Swanson

    wait what

  79. peninah musyimi

    I like boys @

  80. Abigail Santos Manansala

    He's so attractive, isn't he? Dang his smile 😍

  81. TheViolinAndMore

    if u hear his auditions in the early 2010s (swedish idol) u can see his progress and his hard work, it really paid off

  82. 7 31

    Well deserve d

  83. jayson ledesma

    can marcelito pomoy wear like this

  84. Arla Mea Aganan


  85. Noopur Pancholi

    Such a amaziing act.... V. Unbeatable... Prode from India.... This time u deserve to win.... 🎊💐🎊

  86. Muntasir Billah

    *He looks like santio D'antonio from John Wick: Chapter 3: Parabellem*

  87. Siddharth Raz

    I can proudly say I am an indian

  88. Thu Chu

    1:39 : booooooo!. Get out man! You sucks! 1:43: woa! Wtf!!!!!!. Hang on!!!!!

  89. ryszard klara

    Golden Buzzer Emanne Beasha Earns The Golden Buzzer From Jay Leno! America's Got Talent 2019 1080p klara

  90. 1wiak1 69

    The first one is sad not funny

  91. music 4 the soul

    That was rubbish. Simon is finally going blind.

  92. Md Shahid

    I m so proud of India

  93. cowboy0212

    Old men are so classy!

  94. TechLover Forever

    Even my salary is magical it disappears as soon as it gets credited 😈😂

  95. Gerard Roll

    @ 5:01.... The young kid looks like he’s sending a direct message to Simon, saying “CAN YOUR STORMTROOPERS TOP THAT???” ✊️🤪 My guess is that he was thinking at the time “oh S#*T!!! My boys are SCREWED!!!” 😣😣😣 This was scintillating 🔥✅✅✅🔥

  96. Binting

    This is the life story of Marcelito Pomoy. "To give you a background on the life of Marcelito Pomoy.... he was born in Bislig City, Surigao Del Sur province, island of Mindanao, Philippines into a broken family, his mother left the family when he was still at a very tender age of about 6 months old and his father ended up in jail. With no relatives wanting to help, Marcelito had no other choice but to join his father and stay inside the jail for about 2 years.. Eventually one of the prison guards was moved by his plight and took him to his home in the town of Diatagon close to Bislig City and his family provided for his needs while his dad had to continue serving his prison sentence. He left the only home he ever knew when he was roughly 7 years old upon learning they were not his parents and walked the streets of Bislig City in search of his dad whom he really never knew, often going for days hungry, doing whatever odd jobs he can do to be able to buy a piece of bread or scraps of food he could find on the street dumps. He learned to humm and sing himself to sleep. He did so much variety of odd jobs like being a helper in construction sites, mixing cement manually with gravel and water and carrying it to the guys needing to build walls of hollow blocks with cement, etc., selling boiled duck eggs which is a popular delicacy in the Philippines called "Balot" upto the wee hours of dawn, peddling ice cream to earn a few cents, he did fixing the pinballs up in bowling lanes daily, earning about $1 USD so he had food to eat then sleep on street curbs for several years, any job an under 16 year old kid could do Marcelito had done it. In my opinion God was guiding him all these years because he never thought of committing crimes just to be able to survive but work was plentiful for his tender age and he suffered tremendously to be able to eat daily but with Gods' Guiding Hand he made it in life. He would hang around clubs and restaurants while selling any goods he got and watched in amazement at the talent of the singers' performing while he watched from outside the door. He started singing himself and follow the way he sees the singers sing and thru the years he kept on imitating any singer he could watch on other people's TV singing. He was a no read no write kid struggling in life to fend for himself and survived all those years. He worked cleaning chicken pens in huge chicken farms and sang to the chickens while cleaning their pens and it was while singing to his audience of egg laying chickens that he discovered he could sing both a male and female voice when he was about 18 years old. We will never know if the hens produced more eggs while Marcelito was serenading them !!! He honed his skills on his own without any vocal coach to teach him because he couldn't afford to hire one then and after gaining confidence in singing other artists songs copying exactly the singers breathing pattern, diction, way of delivering their songs, etc. He moved to Manila still doing odd jobs that were available to him. Through the insistence of his new friends at work, he joined a Philippines TV network conducting a singing competition in Manila. He passed the audition and went on to the semi finals and grand finals.. He won the competition hands down despite so many excellent competitors. His monetary prize was such a huge amount to him that he never imagined he would be able to own in his lifetime as an uneducated adult. He signed a record contract with the recording studio arm of the same TV network and the rest is now history. His SUFFERINGS in life I just barely touched on the surface.... You won't be able to watch his ALsel videos about his life story coming from Marcelito Pomoy because he is not comfortable talking in conversational American English. He can sing almost any song in so many different languages with the help of a vocal coach now but talk to him in English, interview him in English and he would need a translator to assist him. He is very rich now in terms of an average Filipino earning a decent living in Manila, he bought a decent home with his earnings from the singing contest and is one of the most sought after performer in the Philippines with concerts in Canada, Dubai, Spain and so many other countries. He married his girlfriend in the Catholic Church and now they have a child to enrich their married blissful life as a family. He was able to reunite his mother, father and siblings but they each have different families now. Marcelito has returned to school to be more confident in his life but it's still a very long way to go for him. He does an excellent job of emulating the diction, way of delivering of the singers he hears and watches. His favorite singer's are Celine Dion and Andre Bocelli and the PRAYER is his most favorite song, according to him, that he said launched his successful singing career. He first listens to each song he wants to sing, following their pronunciation, breathing patterns, etc until he's able to follow them like he did with Celine Dions songs, etc.

  97. kubus chanel

  98. Apoorva Chourasia

    Omg, what's the name of the song, ooof I forgot urgh!!

  99. MATH Tricks

    thokoooo indian.......

  100. Reisen christian Bernardez

    Not that good enough sorry i was so disappointed. Some one deserves that golden buzzer..