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  1. Iceaplice


  2. File Code #1459

    the fact that the elves are so chill about it implies that santa klaus gets replaced constantly, so whoever gets to be the new santa just has to be ok with the fact it's a very dangerous job and he might randomly die and no one will know

  3. Azisa Audrey

    DANNY dood U should buy some of these products and test them pLEASE

  4. Evan Garcia

    6:36 and 6:37 blend perfectly

  5. Mae Ris


  6. Craquer


  7. Isabella Cxl

    He should’ve used Adam driver loool. That looked like a whole different person

  8. April Eckleberry

    Watch aliens ate my homework trash

  9. Jaydog gaming

    Did anyone else get a wish ad when clicking on this video just a question

  10. Jacob Hill

    Actually Worked. Gone Wrong. Choose one, man, you can't have BOTH.

  11. Matthias Bernhard

    All their subscribers are children

  12. Pizza Hoffman

    is it troy becker or paul zimmer...???

  13. Aika Labe

    That nutcracker is gonna release a video called "My struggle: violence in the home and in the workplace"

  14. Maffim

    In 2020 we all expected to be tiny, instead we got: *DEPRESSION.*

  15. Itz Flower Child

    Want a bad girl? Well I’m a bad girl! I’m bad at math! I’m bad at feeding dogs! I’m bad at dying! I’m bad at learning!

  16. Joslyn Hunt

    Together sexy rat + robot rat = THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS

  17. Olivia Kreger

    Who else is now legally related to danny?

  18. lily of the valley

    whoever captions danny’s videos, u r truly greg

  19. Cassandra Galley

    Krishna sorry to break it to you but none of those words are real words

  20. Loading Pg3d

    Upload more or dolphin man will come and kill u

  21. flAmingal l

    They might as well ask for Thier PayPal

  22. Nathan Klise

    I'm lonely. I have no friends

  23. Dragolust

    this is so awkward to watch😭

  24. Graciee

    Why was there a vote for trump ad on your video . Gross

  25. yeeet giirrrl

    Bought Copic markers had black goo in them it was freaking weird

  26. Julia Keeney

    It’s called wish, cause you wish it didn’t exist

  27. Adrienne Kaio

    This is something everyone should hear: No, you weren’t born in the greatest generation in history. Yes, your generation had its perks. But it also sucked in a lot of ways.

  28. Potato Powers


  29. Hapito

    Standing Ovation was my childhood favorite movie, I forgot the name of it and I loved it so much and I recognized it from the thumbnail and oh my god that was the most satisfying end to the Standing Ovation Saga in my life

  30. Olivia Kreger

    One thing i like about danny is how he never uses clickbait <3 Keep up the good work!

  31. Bruh moment

    Come here shortie bring that nice ass over here so we can have a fun time!!

  32. Truly Greg

    friday good

  33. ItzTheFxllenJ a

    MooOoom gimme mah chips cuz I'm hot. That would be a joke that dud would say, lol

  34. Em Reid

    I completely forgot that Benny from My Babysitters a Vampire was in this

  35. Fulviaa

    These wish ads look like the creator got bored half way through making it and just wrote random and incomprehensible things

  36. Shiloh Strong


  37. Trashcan HoOmAn

    I am now Greg.

  38. FangirlForShips

    me when my mom asks me what I'm gonna do with my life since I waste so much time: *"well..we actually have a game of marco polo planned for the rest of time so I can't..cure cancer"*

  39. David Kenny

    I just noticed that he's not even a square, he's a cube

  40. Kelvin Akpojotor

    I need a Billie eilish app

  41. Shiloh Strong

    I like the parts in the song yummy where he said *yummy*

  42. LordFrog

    Letting my boyfriend date my girlfriend.... GONE WRONG (they married)

  43. erica crossin

    is that mr resetti’s theme song at 5:54 keusnwmenjxjen

  44. ChickenLord

    I’d buy something if the ad was like that windex skit

  45. Gaming Tacocat

    My name is shithead (She-thethe) How do you spell that S h i t head Isant that shit head This isant related to the video I just wanted to say this

  46. Luke Creeper

    Morgz more like the guy who copy’s mrbeast

  47. Doodle-Art

    I mean yes the plot is weird at the least but I still stand bye watching it and enjoying it because I mean it’s kinda funny ngl I kinda like this movie

  48. FallenBlast

    Danny weighs 150lbs or 98lbs if you don't include the nose

  49. arifrostburn

    The 31 year old man is Johnny sins

  50. Luna137Lovegood


  51. Sershon


  52. That equestrian Penelope

    Wow I never knew that dogs don't speak english and have no clue what is going on when someone breaks in! Do they expect that the dog is gonna call 911?

  53. MorganOh Morgan

    Since when do bobby-pins stab you?!

  54. Heather

    You should watch Princess Protection Program starring Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. I think it would be funny to watch your commentary on that disney movie 😆

  55. Katie White

    In this video I was in flight or flight situation the hold time

  56. RezVloge & Experiment


  57. Nicolas Verçosa

    “Appearing in movies” Shows Will Smith

  58. No U

    Do bad boys not support boys?

  59. Adrienne Kaio

    And this kids, is how Danny as disowned by his family.

  60. ACACMC Party

    6:48 Elle from kissing booth is quaking

  61. Rebekah Langford

    Danny: the titles probably gonna be like" I'M CONFRONTING PEOPLE THAT I ROASTED" The title: meeting Paul zimmer

  62. Marnie the Fat Cat

    “A seven year old man”

  63. FangirlForShips

    In this movie mermen are the myth because OF COURSE mermaids are real but merMEN? yeahhh no I don't think so😂

  64. Potato Powers


  65. Liam Peeples

    My brain when I hear Dolphin Man: *Ocean man, take me by the hand*

  66. Victor Salazar

    I was ready to sing!!! " this video is over now...... over now"

  67. Selena Alderson


  68. Molten Fredbear

    My dad wants you to come over for dinner

  69. Coco Chen

    and I thought I was doing nothing with my life

  70. Fermit_the_ Krog

    That intro tho

  71. Siddhart Ramotar

    1:47 really starting to feel like a Rick and Morty ad.

  72. Taehyung's Official Hands

    "Roasting the shit out of BTS" "I mean Billion Suprise Toys" Me: *flashbacks to BS&T*

  73. Anna Matichuk

    This is why you drink La Croix

  74. Davis Prather


  75. Evil Daze

    I grew up to nursery rhymes and I’m afraid of falling 😨 P.S. when I was typing “nursery” it tried to auto correct to “murder” 😰

  76. DarkAssassinPTY

    Imagine brag about being "the son of a billionaire" and not a "Billionaire".

  77. Beanut Butter

    The fact that the movie about a _teen's_ love life was made by an adult just... bothers me.

  78. Nouvel-Soleil

    The baby's mom: If I had a penny for every time my baby fell out a window and landed on a guy I'd have two pennies but its weird that it happened twice. I spent two straight minutes laughing at this while alone in my pitch-black room. Quarantine is really getting to me man.

  79. Blue Faith D

    Dude the mom in the background when they were talking about cucumbers was BLUSHING! She will never move on.

  80. Maria Alves

    I think I never laughed so hard like i did watching this video

  81. Alejandro Real Mendez

    Paul Zimmer looks lifeless

  82. Cosmoose Animations

    "wow" "wow" "wow" "wow" *_"CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAD"_*

  83. avery

    is the snail jellyfish thing like a real thing that people do? am i just out of the loop and don't understand anything?

  84. Jonathan Flores

    Charole baskin

  85. German Gutierrez

    Imagine your coming home and you see this 11:30

  86. Evil Daze

    #SC, Screw Chad

  87. zach

    I thought this was an advertisement for wish when I just read the title

  88. Lauren

    Those teeth are plastic and used for denture making

  89. Evil Daze

    #PWNBS, Papa Will Not Be Silenced

  90. Jamie Roby

    Rewatching this video because it is incredible.

  91. Gaming Tacocat

    Drill and drain every last drop of fluid

  92. Cyclone

    Im the only one from corridor crew 😔

  93. Sammie Nicholls

    can you please do teen beach movie next? because that movie makes no sense bro

  94. Salmon Abdomen

    If you can read this comment, you’re too *close*

  95. Muffins ツ


  96. ohMango

    I... I watched this as a kid... Why?

  97. Amethyst SS

    1:28 *B* *R* *U* *H*

  98. FlipAlan

    ahh yes im greg now

  99. akihana - kun

    two a room together....both bed....night.....ones in the bathroom and ones in bed...if they were not brothers than....hehe....iv read enough BL to know what that means .....THEY WERE HAVING SPICY CUDDLES! doubt it tho....damn if only they were not brothers........unless...

  100. Straight Fire Gameplay

    Finally a Greg #notificationsquad