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  1. JH Noodles

    21:15 it says unsubscribe from someone

  2. BLT designs

    Well done you saw this comment

  3. Johnson Ng

    Play roblox dan pls

  4. The_ _Hunter

    9:41 dan says he got speared in mid air... Then he said “Nuts!” That’s not a coincidence

  5. g_waygames

    Dan: "if nothing happens, I'm throwing something." Also Dan: **picks up Ellie** Everyone: (☉。☉)!

  6. Nanthakuma zr jsa Rasiah

    I dare you to watch resses puffs spotlight version

  7. Konrad Mierzwa

    i just realised that mrs Munch's least favorite thing is having an obese son XD

  8. crabbipatti.i

    We no ok

  9. Dawson Irving

    1 like=20% chance of you using CODE: DanTDM in the fortnite item shop.

  10. Ibbah Jahan

    Daniel Robert Middleton hehehehehhehehehe 😅😂🤣

  11. Rosie The rabbit tamer

    If Alison was a well known florist how did she have a salon?

  12. Cate Priestman

    I tried this and eat a baff flavourd

  13. Undertale Taze

    SMAsHING It SMASHInG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. may Brown

    THE Cat

  15. Ammu Craft

    I did

  16. Greencheese

    A rock and a hard place.

  17. master player

    Dudes he has a kid his name is asher

  18. Cate Priestman

    dantdm knows nothing about a icecream

  19. jsh lee

    Who's 2020

  20. Madison Mell

    Nooooooo skinny 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  21. S Mohren

    Ban the dabs ban the dabs come on everybody chant with me ban the dabs I hate dabs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;👎👎👎👎👎👎👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👎👎👎👻👈is the dabs soul!

  22. jamie foskett

    plz play kindergarten 1&2

  23. Dawson Irving

    Regular voices Dan is right! Because you can use CODE: DanTDM in the fortnite item shop.

  24. Ki-Adi- Mundi


  25. Daniel páša cz

    kdo je z česksa nebo slovenska odběr

  26. Kelly Collora

    Dantdm: kills Skinny Also Dantdm: completes hardcore Also also Dantdm:I’ve won, but at what cost?

  27. Carol wright

    I love think noodles

  28. Youtube Sibrent

    Now dr tr is a chest

  29. Samantha Riggins

    Yyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooo congrats for completing Minecraft you are a legend let's goooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  30. marie gould


  31. ebot25 ebot25

    L used zacien his partner

  32. Crazy Man Studios

    Congratulations, Xynella. You killed one of the most subscribed channel on youtube.

  33. the meat grinder 2 point oh

    DanTDM challenge you to complete Hardcore Minecraft again you can do it once you can do it again

  34. /waffles /lovers

    Everybody: hey Britain want water? Britain: nah I’m good Everybody: what if we put a leaf in it

  35. the awesome show

    Your most veiwed video is the best of dantdm with 42m veiws

  36. Dawson Irving

    If you or a fan killed me, I wouldn't be mad! Because I used CODE: DanTDM in the fortnite item shop.

  37. Yoyothelilkillerkitty Cat

    Joey was a girl

  38. Kubuta

    I remember watching your videos when i was 8. i grew out of your content and personality but im very hapy for ya!

  39. ebot25 ebot25

    I just used the master ball 100%

  40. Samantha Montagna

    Me: stops watching dan for a couple years Dan: i’m a dad now! Me: •__•

  41. Nesu Mckenxie

    I’m mad you didn’t know what the earthbound reference was

  42. XVIPKillerX

    what did he use to make it

  43. RainbowTiger

    what is the background music called?

  44. Numan Hussain

    Imagine asher being a youtuber"hi guys, Asher here the diamond minecart and welcome back to another video when today,we are going to play minecraft."LOL

  45. BroMcSkillz

    Dan is good dad by keeping his son's face private

  46. Carol wright

    He should do hard mode

  47. Zerrin Francisco

    Qnd its sad 😟😟

  48. D3RPY DUD3

    Omg, this is really good, you make amazing music 🎶🤗

  49. Zerrin Francisco

    Its cute 😊

  50. Haley Brewster

    That is mangle

  51. matt wheat

    I play Fortnite with controller!

  52. Amy Munson

    Did u know u can beat Leon with just a magikarp

  53. Cookiegirl

    Oof that is sooooooooooooooooooo creepy

  54. Breadstickfiend

    who else if revisiting this video

  55. Blue

    DanTDM Junior????

  56. Numan Hussain

    Congrats dan!!!Asher looks so cute!😍I hope Asher will have a splendid life with you.🥳

  57. Henry Ham

    Sorry but the future sucks

  58. Christina Leibrecht

    Teenagers megaforce ninja turtles

  59. mary karen anne siago

    the cheerleeder can make any unit faster you idot

  60. Ardeshir Razany

    What kind of sauce is green? Pesto.

  61. Christina Leibrecht


  62. Carlos Xochimital

    Just take a picture of him

  63. GCR Trainspotting & More

    *RIP DANTDM'S VOICE* 2019 - ????

  64. Raspberry Cat

    This used to be my favorite game!!!

  65. Sub Zero

    Plz can have house tour

  66. Super 11bigT

    Hello from 2020 and i still remember when dan broke his hand and i was surprised he still made 2 or 3 videos with his hand still broke. Thats dedication lol

  67. Uunniiccoorrnneerr


  68. Uunniiccoorrnneerr

    Man trips

  69. Jays Cactus

    Dan:oh my god only 20,000 blocks Me:What 20,00 blocks

  70. Breadstickfiend

    Congratulations Dan, I have been subscribed to u when u did mod reviews and have followed u all the way, I have even met u in person before, keep going

  71. Uunniiccoorrnneerr

    Dan:hong man where mi glasses dan hahaha ooo bow tie man hay give me glasses back

  72. AlteeeR editZ

    It’s April’s fool!!!

  73. Nate Williams

    Everyone who has disliked this is a absolute heartless, stupid, unforgiving, satanic person

  74. Luna Fox

    No dan don’t cry she will watch you from dog heaven and that will make her sad so don’t cry dan

  75. Carson Streit

    My man Dan you are now blessed with a child I'm happy for you! BTW I'm 10

  76. SychoHide

    Dan: we wont forget you skinny dan 5 seconds later: OHH WE DID IT

  77. ebot25 ebot25

    Farfetch does not need to level up to evolve just the 3 crits

  78. Matthew Carling

    I feel bad especially that your crying:(

  79. John Smith

    16:47 His Reaction! XD

  80. PLAYER 984561

    Anybody 2020?

  81. Angelina Bowler

    The neighbour and his wife went out while their kids were at home and they got into a car crash and the wife died so the neighbour got super depressed and so did the children then the boy starts playing imaginary games with his sister and the last one is really creepy and then he puts her doll on the roof and then she goes to get it and then he accidentally big not really accidentally pushes her off the roof and she does and then the neighbour dogs her a grave and the brother gets in trouble (the family was really happy and nice before the wife died)

  82. Ratu Regina

    Shadow bonnie have A give box

  83. Micah Whittaker

    play this on vr

  84. Scarlett Leader


  85. jj clly


  86. Househopper

    Dan: I COMPLETED EVERY ADVANCEMENT Also Dan: OR IS IT Me: yea wheres arbalistic PhoenixSC: Wheres creeper omen

  87. Nathaniel Avenger

    2020 Really different

  88. Movie Trailer

    17:30 he quit lol

  89. Skeptyle YT

    The fighting gym is where the ghost gym is

  90. Jacob Weber

    It’s 2020

  91. Perkaholic

    Coming back to Dans channel and i gotta say for a kids channel its actually good content compared to other kids youtubers

  92. Angelina Bowler

    I have seen the end

  93. Michael Delacruz


  94. DARK

    Who else thought the title is ' I am dan now'

  95. Animal YT

    Awwwww Ellie so cute

  96. cool cookie

    Damn police *police siren* gogo

  97. Dat boi called Yee

    I just hope the same thing with the baby doesn’t happen to dan that happened to CoryxKenshin

  98. Haley Brewster

    The kids cove has a another one

  99. Three Spudz

    Dan: I mean theres a dog without a head what else could you want from this game? Me: A dog WITH a head

  100. Josef Garcia

    3:57 dan: breaks window then opens it