Welcome to the Young Don The Sauce God ALsel channel, my name is Don Hinds. I make two types of videos:
1) Funny animated videos where I either rant about a topic in the same way a stand comedian does on stage or tell a funny life story.
2) Blvd Docs (Mini Documentary) - where I document my life and the life of my close friends as artists
My animations are what I mostly known for though, so check them out.

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  1. caleb rosenbauer

    man i still want that

  2. Diamond Fisher


  3. Skatefastandita## Jones

    Fake ass

  4. loony voodoo

    I feel his pain 😔

  5. David Nolan

    4 days

  6. Warriors Fan

    He forgot eid for Muslims

  7. Tae Sacramento

    I love bag juice I miss it. And beef patty with coco bread. America y’all need to have that shit here y’all missing out

  8. jxmxs

    but what if the sauce is from other people cooking what if the sauce hit the laptop

  9. kayla b

    i watch vader and don

  10. Tae Sacramento

    Damn I died cause it’s true Jamaican hate weak guys. Now I realized why I broke up with my bfs and not the other way around.

  11. Santiago X7

    Jesus is from Bethlehem not asia lol

  12. David Nolan

    I still haven't returned

  13. Stepbro Misty.

    0:53 damn he caught my ass controller handed...

  14. jxmxs


  15. Malachi Barton

    Man I though hit was an actual thicc girl like big booty my guy😂

  16. LilDykeGang

    I haven’t seen this video because I was never recommended it but this video is like entering a head space that you have never entered

  17. MasterofC

    I have a scar on my leg by running into a stop sign on my bike

  18. Ryan Slyh

    The stealing is part of the culture fo real!💯👌

  19. Marckable_Gaming

    Why couldn't you just ask your mom "instead of getting your ass woped you just ask can I just practice please I'll try so hard"

  20. Lean C.D Official

    im talking to 9 of em and like 5 of them go to the same school so im f**ked

  21. kayla b


  22. 91shelbyj

    For real tho everyone in my PE class got their PE uniforms from Walmart. so you must have went to a bougie ass high school lol

  23. Corrupt exe

    She made the best macaroni and cheese my guy. No lie has been told.

  24. Justin Lennon

    Why was they driving backwards

  25. Heather

    I don’t feel my heartbeat.

  26. bouytt guyt

    “Doctors as in plural, why I need more than one I got one heart one doctor right what’s going on” 😂😂😂

    1. bouytt guyt

      The doctor said I had blood clots But I ain't Jamaican, man... - Yeezy | College Dropout (2004)

  27. The wonkus is Back

    Pls pls I love your vids can you sub to me or shout me out pls pls👍🏾

  28. Armando Jr. Soriano

    Was not about to let this pot bellied mall cop make a hashtag outta me 💀

  29. spikyend senpai

    Actually I eat like 20 wings 10 is not enough for me I have a big apititte

  30. Dr Octopus

    Dons morals are no cap philosophical

  31. Zethron710

    3:03 who else did the shirt thing too

  32. Jude Amurao

    I mean I just smoke grabbed with my weed, I won’t get addicted right😂

  33. Skyler Savoie

    2 million

  34. The extra virgin

    This animated story was pretty funny and entertaining but the moral of the story at the end really hit me.

  35. Walakilma Tiger

    My mum once hit for rasclat. Me: Ra! :Mum smack boi ya better be watching ya mouth

  36. Walakilma Tiger

    At least she said sorry my mum Never says Sorry

  37. kayla b

    but tru had the same problem

  38. Cooper Werklund

    This video is so racist but yet funny

  39. Terrence Ebere

    Lmaoooo how he be saying “magic” instead o’ edibles

  40. King of the dead Azi

    How else was trying to hold there breath to and then he said like u where taking a shit and u la

    1. King of the dead Azi

      Laughed sorry

  41. Sonic The Hedgehog

    Cool you know Kingdom Hearts

  42. Stephanie Garcia

    He’s so cute

  43. GMC Mc

    Damnnnn g yu did homie so petty 🤦🏾‍♂️😭

  44. allysiah brown

    I’ve been here since the panda hat

  45. Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Poor

    First story is exactly what happened to me...in a way, I was like 12 and my little sister was about 10, she was getting borderline bullied at school and she didn’t know how to fight if she were to get into one, so I tried to teach her how to fight because I took boxing, I decided that my punch buddy would be the door...I squared up to the door and hit it with all my kid strength and voilà, hole we put a mirror over it and this was near Christmas, so through the entire holiday season my mom didn’t have a clue about the door and I felt guilty

  46. why just why just just why


  47. Asa White

    This video should have been named Most intense orgasm of my life

  48. kingofblack7 price


  49. Neequan Pierre

    Thats a real snake

  50. Markelle Wilson

    Rivers be like some dude:Rivers,they outnumber us 1-5! Rivers:Then it is an even fight.

  51. Cameron Yeary

    After I saw him pick that bun no one in my family will eat McDonald’s

  52. Benetrias Ashley

    U know swoosh I watch him too

  53. OYA dezzy

    Girlfriend: So what’s your body count. Me: Well you know I Bought a few cars.

  54. Jay Clark

    Ooh, give me some of dat magic

  55. FXT_CLEE

    this is why i hate school my school is extra sexist to a girl brang a knife to school and threatened my friend we told and nothing happend and then my friend was crying so i helped him and pat his back the teacher got me expeled and said i hit him, i cussed that teacher out

  56. Mason Walker

    My g

  57. tyrese swaby

    I can recall 3/4 relationships that taught me everything ik about relationships now

  58. _icey_ UwUz

    ppl that disliked were like dis-i-like :p

  59. Adrian Tokwe

    This video relates so much to 2020

  60. Olive Andrews


  61. Malachi Sterling


  62. K.O.D. Holdin It Down


  63. _icey_ UwUz

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW my dude ur way to exited 2020 is fuuuu-

  64. LaTasha Simmons

    Church camp was lit

  65. Shivonne Grimes

    Bro I'm living Guyana in the Caribbean i know wa a Thalia

  66. iiFantacy

    That mans hair looks like hot cheetos

    1. iiFantacy

      Nothin wrong it looks sick

  67. Skittle Fish

    Hehehe boi I've got worse Diffrent schools, cops, hospital, angry mommas, cursing, etc


    I'm 12 and I'm in 5th grade

  69. joshua campbell


  70. Joyneika Favors

    Why is it that him and swoozie always get the girls?

  71. The baws Makaveli

    What’s the name for that beat at 1:26

  72. Football_Teen _101

    Bro fr u be making the best songs and animations what can’t u do🔥💯 But fr this song hit me hard😔

  73. Sincere Lewis

    i'm subscribing right know

  74. Andre Koita

    I miss this Don

  75. **

    Pause the video and click 8:38 and look at this mans face 😂

  76. Kuamku Chan

    So dope

  77. Emmanuel Kiprop Robi

    😂 can't believe this was actually useful 😂

  78. SavageOwl 21

    Young don the sauce god versus swoozie. No fight just who got dat gu gud entertainment

  79. A.P Sylum

    I listen to this and think "so relatable"

  80. Roachianna

    gir dogs dont pee on their hands they squat BAHAHAHAH

  81. :b tot

    broski dis happen every month at my school ;b

  82. nimrod zarfati

    2:43- the supreme bag is fake😂



  84. Ynt-isplxzh

    No lie I’ve done it 2 times and never got addicted

  85. Calvin Williams

    I lost it when he say “meanwhile just gave my life back to Jesus”

  86. Julian Nicholas 728

    Don: Yo doc my heart actin up, it feel funny Doc: You try putting it in rice?

  87. pokenerd 209

    I'm an OG viewer I've been watching since 2 hrs ago and I sadly forgot about this channel and rediscovered it again 6 months ago and never again will I leave

  88. Xman

    Mine was less than 24 hours...

  89. June Paolo Carabeo

    2:58 - 3:00 well about that....

  90. Esther Samuels

    Im jamaican bruhh

  91. Laidbackkevin 23

    That moral of the story hit different fr

  92. Israel Dixon


  93. H2O_ Salvador

    “It’s Babadook Time” I’ve been using that Don ur my favorite ALselr I love u man 😂😂 ur a genius with the things you say

  94. the fearless wolf

    Ha gotty

  95. Synetxcs BEAST

    Bruh my dog is a mut

  96. ryder

    “ so is that the clear thing “ bruh I need some clear thing cuz I’m ded

  97. Country Boi

    "aLoT hAs hAPpenEd tHiS yEAr" The World: HOLD MY BEER

  98. Sla5hed

    So I was riding my bike up a curb and end up falling off and me being a kid in da hood my bike didn’t have those rubber grips things and the hand bar went and Stabbed me in the chest 🤷🏽‍♂️

  99. 정국이 최고 :)

    Tbh I would probably make the same mistake. I love your videos and I hope you can shout me out at some point :)

  100. It’s ya boi Short man

    It’s so freakin hard your right and that’s why addiction scares me