Celebs + puppies, kittens, thirst tweets, and more = so much yes.

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  1. Julie Puaa

    The intro made me laugh 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Diamond Roblox

    It’s creepy how he opens his eyes so wide! Eeeeek lol

  3. tea lol

    Now I don't know who's more adorable the puppies or billie

  4. Carter Harris

    is it just me of does his accent go STRAIGHT to American when he says ass?

  5. BTS21 tae

    5:35 Mingyu was like, Bitch laugh 😂

  6. Impeding Disaster

    isaiah: wolves also isaiah: played a werewolf in shadowhunters

  7. Carter Harris

    1:58 "..what a damn 👋snack👋 Tom Ellis is in Lucifer" why the hell did he do that wit his hand 😂


    *** SPOILER ALERT *** . .. ... They all get Barbara... RFLAO! She's my favorite shark - this is truly awesome. Ha Ha Mr. Wonderful!!! :P =M=

  9. Loaf Of Bread

    I like his american accent better

  10. Hi Hello

    I love how they really idolize BTS

  11. 내 마음에 햇빛

    I remember watching her on TV when I shouldn’t have been. Lol. Thank you for educating generation after generation on sex education Dr. Ruth. We appreciate and love you!

  12. mark

    Underneath the tree was the only good semi-finalist. Others were trash

  13. Booldt

    I can’t wait until acting takes off and I get to do dumb crap like this

  14. Street Toys


  15. Xxlonely_WolfxX

    Noah:what am i? Millie: finn your hilarious Noah:😢😢

  16. Hector Molina


  17. The MOON CHILD

    RM is actually faster than a Google translator.... And also My WiFi Connection

  18. Brynn Kilcoyne

    "I'm not good with compliments, especially about.... stuff"

  19. I Love Foods

    Find henry GF for we got married

  20. CCJJ160Channels

    Great cheekbones.

  21. Sarah

    suddenly i wish i was a puppy

  22. Taei Juan

    He got sooo red at the end lol

  23. Roxie Marquez

    How is his hair flawless after all these years?

  24. охвондер 666

    that girl in pink is really beautiful

  25. Laila Masoud

    Identity theft is not a joke, Jim.

  26. Thunder_Storm_Animations

    2:24 thats the hermione in her speaking

  27. maria oliveira

    he’s too kind

  28. maria oliveira


  29. rojy paily

    I love cats

  30. Caylee Denise

    Florence has such a nice nose

  31. Ana Laura

    Tehyung tentando comer o cachorro 3:32 o jimin larga o cachorro mais o dog volta pra ele 3:22

  32. mrfreshamerican

    i really want to watch season 12

  33. Ellie Harig

    why does darren look like dat

  34. Guimont 101

    Natalia- Your my b--- friend Both laugh😂

  35. Marr

    at which minute perrie sais “what is disbanding?”

  36. Lady Toast

    There should have asked more questions about Swiss Army Man! That movie was GOLD!

  37. Samantha Villagonza

    I wish I was a puppy🥺❤️

  38. Toby Griffiths

    i love this man

  39. billie eilishhh

    Yeontan is jealous

  40. y u _ g u r l j u j u

    "I will literally spit down their throat"

  41. Trevor A

    they kinda did him dirty on the thumbnail tho

  42. Axel Leon

    Anyone else was watching and had to stop to look for the breakaway tea? LOL i still listen to the song and that comment did heavy damage haha

  43. Le Zhu Gao

    they left out rudy in the description under the video

  44. NamDohyon TBM

    + You have six packs - No, only one pec

  45. NamDohyon TBM

    3:32 Lmao..

  46. 2 on Fire

    You guys will be in billboard soon😋

  47. Miranda Dias

    My favourite parts of this video: 1:all of it

  48. y u _ g u r l j u j u

    The fact that they said "smol" its small

  49. Meeshuh Meesh

    Why would you pin them against each other...just why?

  50. Mena’s Editz

    I feel like this is basically stranger things because either way Noah/Will gets ignored 🥺 I’ll take him

  51. Dallas Stars Warm Ups

    All imma say is madi Can have my kids

  52. Axel Leon

    That moment your idle just murder u with a bread knife by only having "run away with me" and "party for one" as common picks, Why did u do this to me? haha Love you to bits <3

  53. atiny moa

    i’m a new stay and idk everyone but the third one in the back row is really cute-

  54. 박지원

    I had to change the playback speed just to catchup. 🤣

  55. cooky

    I felt so attacked at the start of 1:00

  56. Hope Sunshine

    Idc who he plays... Hes Dan!

  57. Bloxburg Vids

    I’m not lying she is bell she is the bell nobody can take that from her she is bell!

  58. Kai Daniel

    I'm so glad I found this show. It made me so happy. Right up until the last minute. Now I gotta be all mad cause we gotta wait for next season.

  59. Sarah Rhinehart

    1:28 😂😂😂 hehehe puppiesss😂❤️❤️❤️

  60. Yø0nGx Wxfe's

    Mommy be thiccc - er than half of the population 💅🏻

  61. MTBB

    I was dying the whole time

  62. Proxima

    He's such a likeable person

  63. 1337 Cubing

    Where is Gaten and Joe?

  64. baby chocolat

    someone go get dk a pepperoni pizza

  65. Mikaylen Rockhold

    It’s scary but hilarious how wide his eyes are

  66. Den WP

    He really is a king :)

  67. imcsk channel

    Jungwooo sooo cute n innocent lol😂😂😂

  68. ya yeet

    I'm kidding when are vegetarians

  69. roko aokum

    Jackson is so pure.😭 Every time he talks I’m happy.🧡

  70. Işıl Çetin

    Who is watching this in qurantine 👇+1

  71. YouNiceKeepGoing

    01:25 Namjoon *cracks a dad joke* : Pup- pees Me: Guess joonie has been spending a lot of time with jin.

  72. Elayna Simonson


  73. bella

    these comments are so thirsty and he’s just like “Oh thank you! That’s very kind of you!”

  74. Dovie Connor

    The dogs are just sitting in his lap and eating paper lol

  75. zodiac slut

    not virgo men 💀

  76. Tara Jade

    Cogratulations! Ms Ramona Young!!

  77. Carolina M

    I've loved him since he appeared as Dan.

  78. The Higher Taste

    All similar comments. Why not some different ones

  79. Funtime- Bear

    4:51 sounds like a dying horse I’m dead lol

  80. Vaishnav Sahu

    people who disliked this must really hate their life 😂

  81. Emily P

    The closed captions overlap with the questions 😭😭😭 so frustrating.

  82. Kenzie Kay

    4:05 Jaida was offended asf😭💀

  83. Min Yoongi Is Baby

    She should do an asmr

  84. ericka belle

    why weren't there more about mark HES SO HOT BYE-

  85. Danielle Alessandra

    He is toooo cute!!!!

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  87. Maria K

    Which song are you tired of performing? Jesy: BLACK MAGIC! she did not stutter🙌🏻😂😂😂💜

  88. gracie ——————

    i’m so used to JJ have bruises😅

  89. Mili Bonillo

    liam: "i think i would colaborate with zayn" me: :)))))))) i know darling, i know

  90. Brooklyn Bailey

    Everyone’s over here talking about joe, but the only reason I clicked this is because I saw dan humphrey

  91. la sana.

    gargamtilla pañuelo

  92. Karleigh Floyd

    I'm sorry but wowser this is what the world has come to