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  1. Redowan Rahman

    At last I thought they are again gonna make plans for tomorrow,After reaching home Twan will search for Ana and boom,They are lot of Anas then Annas!

  2. Janiyah Theus

    Who else think Twan is so fine but he can’t pronounce she

  3. Choco Bear

    Gavin? Evil Coco? Gavins friend Twan? Brother Hotel? Trivago

  4. Chiranjit Hazarika

    Happy republic day. Jai Hind 🇮🇳

  5. Keeley Ketnor

    I love you

  6. gerry pete catangui

    ill join pipers team thats why SAWYER left gavins team

  7. srivastav chingsubam

    41 viewer

  8. gerry pete catangui

    Ihate gawin and coco i hatee both i hate yall

  9. gerry pete catangui

    I hate coco shes a traitor she tricked piper i hate her so much ewww

    1. Mermaid Power

      I agree with you !!

  10. Emîłÿ TV

    Broke Up and Said I love you Me- Perfect they still love each other :/

  11. Nisha Aduikari

    I have been single for 23 years. What a life.

  12. Brianna Barragan

    I now that kid I saw him in another video

  13. Nikashz Ganesan

    The title should be Twan’s Notebook

  14. Keeley Ketnor

    You make the best videoss

  15. Keeley Ketnor

    You are the best

  16. Kalie Jo Potter

    His house looks like Liza Koshy's

  17. Blessy puduri

    coco is so stupid i would be in piper team in stead of COCO'STEAM!!!!

  18. Greydis Gonzalez


  19. jamik Alex

    Are you an Lele boy friend still

  20. Dominic Caputo

    We know he deleted he deleted Instagram

  21. Debra Bates

    Twan is cute😍

  22. Debra Bates

    Team is cute😍

    1. Debra Bates

      Twan is cute😍

  23. NZT KING

    Yike. I thought im watching how to get a girl tutorial ahh.

  24. Crescent crystal moonlight Satisfying videos

    At 4:56 Gavin starts ballin

  25. Kensy Amaya

    I can't beleve coco and gavin did this to twan!!

  26. Selena Torres

    I don't like being single I wish I had a boyfriend I'm 21 year's old

  27. m2mpossession

    You should do a body swap video.

  28. Julie Edwards

    I hate coco #team piper

    1. Aileen Campos

      Girls chill I like Piper too but you don't have to send hate it's not Gavin's falt it's Piper's mom so you should chill

  29. Spongebob fan 101 Channel

    Cool viedo We just watch your brand new video

  30. NINI FMV

    Legend has it that today Twan still wants his $3.99 back 😂😂

  31. NINI FMV

    Legend also has it that to this day Anwar never gave Twan his girl back😂😂

  32. mateo

    Gavin and coco in their first sight 🤣

  33. NINI FMV

    Legend has it that Twan’s cooking is still Trash, and Spencer is still inching his way under those covers😂😂😂

  34. Iceman Cold

    Wassup love vids

  35. Ewuresi Duncan

    I love your shirt!!!!!!!

  36. Madison hanson

    you guys should date without twan knowing and

  37. Childhood Cancer Post Fertility And Life

    This was great as always hahah

  38. LeIa LiKeS pOtAtOeS

    This is basically just saying you can’t survive without a woman/men which is not true

  39. Ambroise Marçais

    When will we have evil little brother part 5? I can’t wait to watch it!!🤣

  40. ashley lopez

    Best break up ever 😂

  41. Ana

    But.. I'm Ana with one N too. 🤣


    PART 5!!!

  43. riya maisuriya

    Twan: being single for like 5 minutes Me: being single for 15 years 😭😊😏

    1. riya maisuriya

      @Bo Stengard just know that everything happens for a reason and eventually you will find the love of your life 💓😊

    2. Bo Stengard

      Me:being single for 30 years :) XD

  44. Tribe Girl

    The thumbnail though is totally different from the actual video though

  45. Meer Taha

    Who want to be my friend?

  46. Rob Cornwall

    Piper and walker are better *not being mean*

  47. Rob Cornwall

    I can

    1. Rob Cornwall

      I ment I can,t believe it😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧

  48. Fabian Romero

    But here's the thing I don't want to be single

  49. Messi Boss

    Is She you girl friend know

  50. Jasmine Campanella

    Twan is a really good youtuber

  51. isaac zechel

    My favrite part was at the end

  52. T Francisca

    Was twan wearing Angelina

  53. Queen N.J

    I wish break ups went like that.

  54. gamerlv444

    will there be a 5th episode

  55. iman chaudhry

    I'm doing an amazing job I'm singlet whole life 😂😭 *internally crys while looking at cute couples*

  56. Melanin Gomez

    CEO of being single 👇👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿


    Coco,, s so pretty.no wonder he's triping

    1. nicola clements

      Coco is so so pretty

  58. Omar moustarji

    .we don't need advices about how to be single,we need advices about how to be in a relationship

  59. Sufiyan Shariff

    Love you 😍 your video are always awesome and you always make people laugh

  60. charlie rain

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 that last guy with the water pipe scene made me burst out laughing.

  61. Taylor Tofanelli 2

    Twan Kuyper is a warrior

  62. FK_TheBest

    I’ve been waiting for a vid that contains a video game that is in this link alsel.info/video/video/bKRwoqagqqp-hKo.html Not gonna say *cough fortlife cough* what vid I’ve been *cough fortlife part 2* waiting some months for

  63. Mia's world

    Hi twan

  64. avolsey

    “And who are you, Dr. Phill?” LMAO, IM DYING😂😂

  65. amabely garza

    XD I suck

  66. Timothy  Miller

    Watch this video christian backflip video it is the first one

  67. Estrella Trigueros

    Love u twan

  68. Jeffrey lynn Lawson

    Also I'm jeffrey 12 years old and live in tn

  69. Jeffrey lynn Lawson

    Wow how cute I. Am Jeffrey and hanah stoking and lele is both stronger than twan obvious

    1. Jeffrey lynn Lawson

      Also I'm a boy 12 years old my name is jeffrey and I live in tn

  70. Israel Torres

    I subscibe


    Anybody notice that they zoomed in when Lele's mom came in 🤣

  72. Riley Cole


  73. Margaret Bueckert

    Hi, 😄Who all notice the bandage on his small finger ? 🖐️ 👍Like if you notice

  74. Dragon ball Super

    Pls dont live your recent vidoes pls its anoyyin

  75. Brandon Martinez

    I’m single asf hahha for almost 5 years and I’m happy asf 😂😂😂

  76. Fairly Star

    I don’t think I need this am always forever single

  77. Mylo isaac

    Anyone else single

  78. Sny Aks

    Best ship lele and twan

  79. Simon Dobler

    been single for 13 years and i'm not 13 year's old

  80. duck ARMY

    How to be single: Me: Ha I don't need a tutorial for that because I'm a EXPERT being a single😂

    1. Becky Fang

      @duck ARMY HIIIIIIII how long have u been an army for?

    2. duck ARMY

      @Becky Fang HIIIIIIIII💜😂

    3. Becky Fang


  81. Grace Valentine

    I like how he said “people?”

  82. farley creton

    evil little brother part 5 pls

  83. Alana Shands

    PART 5 PART 5 PART 5 Like if u agree 👇🏽

  84. king gatie

    I love his acting

  85. Keira headley

    1.4th like!

  86. Liliana Rooz

    Hi Twan I love your viedo !! Whomever loves Twan give me a like !!

  87. Zain Ghassan


  88. John Jansen

    Ya yaat

  89. Angélique Meloche

    That poor Plant

  90. Gabrielle Bintin

    1:16 I think she left her backpack!

  91. familie ZILVER

    Twan can you like my comment

    1. familie ZILVER


  92. Mercy Dennis

    Twan what happened to ur right pinky fingers.🤣

  93. Isabel Ohwaga


  94. Chase Larsen

    Clickbait much? Thumbs down

  95. Mutasim Salah

    I am mr e

  96. abdillah oucherfi

    WHAT HAPPEND TO your finger

  97. Sangita Tamang

    Love you twan ❤️❤️

  98. Amaljith .c

    Surprise your girlfriend with new girlfriend on this valentine's day.😉

  99. Lory Rocchio