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  1. BakoymaTravels

    I didn't even know who Jordan Vogt-Roberts was until now and now I madly respect him.

  2. Random Cat

    Is this a Half-Life 3 honest trailer equivalent

  3. Rashad Abdullah


  4. sahil barua

    Womb raider seriously 😂!!

  5. MasterChiefSha

    Wish they would do one on hot fuzz lol.

  6. abdulkareem ibn neville

    Very happy for him. The bank balance helps, not a criticism just a fact. But if I'm wrong then they will still be "happily" married in 2023. Congrats and good luck :)

  7. Vanessa R.


  8. Doug Dooling

    Tim Allen's 'Zoom' (2006)

  9. Uncle Creepy

    Watch Paul Rudd play Ant-Man by being himself and every other character he’s ever been. Seriously, your Marvel and you couldn’t find a good actor that has range?

  10. Zainab Ishola

    No Joke though my best friend was the one who got me into the Divergent series and when she was explaining I was like it sounds like you're explaining Hunger Games 😂😂😂😂

  11. Karenina Halim

    Dad like a lady 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Cats in Cars

    1600 people want the truth, but they can't HANDLE THE TRUTH!!

  13. Dr. M. H.

    Omg those "quotes" at the end....ffs, i hope SR made them up 😂

  14. Cats in Cars

    These movies had limitless potential, instead, they turned out like the visual equivalent of those hellacious and inedible Jello salads.

  15. Bruce Lee

    Damn it I really thought there was a snyder cut

  16. KingDuken

    This movie in a nutshell: Rey being Rey, Finn getting friendzoned, Kylo Ren still emo but turns good, Poe being dominated by another female but at least this one is badass, Palpatine being overpowered but completely immobile, and more unnecessary nostalgia for original Star Wars characters. No one really cares that Rey is Palpatine’s granddaughter. That subplot was really irrelevant and it wouldn’t have changed the movie if that detail was left out. The only thing I liked in this movie was that tiny little mechanic guy with the helmet.

  17. CO - 09SJ - Castlebrooke SS (2692)

    Poor Morgan she din't deserve finding out cookie monstr eats "sushi" Lmfao

  18. HomestarAK

    "That movie was so dumb.... But I still cannot WAIT for the sequel!" - 2013 Oh you poor, poor man.

  19. Shivam Goundar

    You know this really wasn't that good of an Honest Trailer at all. It was a whodunnit all the way with one heavily emphasized misdirection.

  20. Malia Sanchez

    do arrow next

  21. Mayu Jog

    Bran can rule the best..... You say whatever you want......

  22. moscowandy

    How very similar to nowadays

  23. Andre Gere Adsuara

    Please do The Office Honest Trailer.

  24. Marko De Vaio

    (This makes me want to drink some bleach) 😂😂😂😂😂

  25. HomestarAK

    "God please just stay away from Bladerunner." - 2012

  26. Pranav Parwal

    Do Money Heist honest trailer (LaCasaDePapel)

  27. cosminmoise13

    Ghost had a better story than Bran... Him and Drogon should had ended up together... they both had shitty masters...

  28. shashwat singh

    If a girl doesnt like you, beat her up till she changes her mind😂😂

  29. Claudio CK Kunstmann

    GEt TO DA SHOPPAAAAaaaaa!!!

  30. Claudio CK Kunstmann

    Jajaaajaa xD.

  31. W Hunt

    After 30 seconds i had to turn it off, jesus it was bad i wanted to throat punch a baby

  32. S M Aminul Islam

    Oye! Please do the 'Person of Interest'. I'm waiting.

  33. S M Aminul Islam

    Oye! Please do the 'Person of Interest'. I'm waiting.

  34. S M Aminul Islam

    Oye! Please do the 'Person of Interest'. I'm waiting.

  35. S M Aminul Islam

    Oye! Please do the 'Person of Interest'. I'm waiting.

  36. G.C. Bolling

    Honest Trailers: Angels In America (HBO)

  37. Abasi-ono Umobong

    Do naruto!!!!!!!!

  38. Louise P.

    To finally see the knights of Ren Who do absolutely nothing This is soooooooo true 😂😂😂😂

  39. Louise P.

    Honestly I love the sequels even if everyone hates them.

  40. CO - 09SJ - Castlebrooke SS (2692)

    I love dragons, anyone else?

  41. Alfred Ramirez

    Pirates are supposedly grown up lost boys, kevin Kline was supposed to be peter, samantha mantis was supposed to be tink

  42. Cesarean Pizza


  43. A Bill

    uh batmans suit is bullet proof, , raz knew who bruce was so I'm guessing his daughter would too. Are you that slow that you have to be told every step of the movie. do you read comic books at all. are you fimiliar with batman comics ,movies, anything. or do you just read whats in front of you like a nice little lad .

  44. Sheree Hi

    Came here after seeing the promotion on Switch video.

  45. Mike Mixtape

    Where's Honest Trailers - Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation?

  46. NinjaSpecter7

    Event Horizon!!!

  47. Max Johnson

    This is possibly the most brutal honest trailers I've seen lol. Out of all the honest trailers I've seen, this one genuinely makes me not want to watch the movie at all. Some have sold me on the movie, others have put me off a bit, but wow this one sounds like a garbage heap


    The reason why he’s mouth is open becuase his bat nose is small

  49. Sponge man

    So.. what's the difference in synder cut? Filter color? Any bonus scenes? Fill me up please..

  50. Malvin Cleo Sabillo

    jim carries the movie hahahah😂😅😅😅

  51. New East

    I liked Alien 3 :(

  52. Jason Deros

    The WKYK quote instantly gets a like from me!!! 🤣

  53. Strawworks Gen

    Do teen titans go to the movies

  54. Akshat Singh

    I noticed the clips from office..

  55. Jason Chamberlain

    So honest trailers, when is your perfect Star Wars movie coming out? Every one is a smartass. Yes I see the irony of what I just said, haha!!!

  56. Samuel Johnson

    Say “LOOL”

  57. NinjaSpecter7

    I had to do a deep edit on my tv’s brightness settings just to see wtf was going on.

  58. Seventy Eight

    3:00 that line rings painfully true in 2020

  59. david taylor

    “And yes that includes Suckerpunch.” Man, you guys really hit the mark on the weird Snyder fan mindset.

  60. Gray Beasley

    This actually looks kind of sweet

  61. Marcelo Gonçalves

    Did you see DC and dumbass Warner producers? We don´t want "family or existentialism problems to solve everytime" created by Zack Snyder & Bryan Singer...

  62. Tacitus1990

    They really missed the point about the "Be a man song". Mulan did not suddenly become strong and able to fight. The crucial part was about her learning to use her wits and fullfil a task (regaining the arrow) other, stronger men were unable to do.

  63. Scarletbull

    Lex Luthor... A criminal super genius who dresses like Andre 3000. 🤣🤣💀

  64. Sol 18

    I love his movies but when feet appears... make me barf

  65. Gresham Mork

    do Sky captain and the world of Tomorrow. do Sky captain and the world of Tomorrow. do Sky captain and the world of Tomorrow.

  66. Darkmastr15

    8:50 funny that he says “half”... I know the joke was probably made already.

  67. CO - 09SJ - Castlebrooke SS (2692)

    Yay, thanks for a video o my bday!!! Finding Nemo was the most aggravating-funnyish{if you will} movie????? comments actually it sucked nvm

  68. Cameron Coryell

    Dude where’s my Honest Trailer for Dude where’s my Car?

  69. Directors Choice

    Hahaha "so surrender your mind, body and soul..." Great video, I am a *ALselr* and always looking at new content to bring to my viewers! This is hilarious! 😂😂😂

  70. Senor Que

    Do a Rush Hour honest trailer Jackie Chan

  71. NinjaSpecter7

    Event Horizon! DO EVENT HORIZON! I double dog dare you!

  72. NinjaSpecter7


  73. LordNumbnutsthe1st

    Thank you, Thank you on bended knee, HT narrator guy, for picking the best line of the movie to end the vid on! :D

  74. Shayne_tha_Mayne

    What dimension did I get transported to where this guy becomes Batman.....

  75. Shayne_tha_Mayne

    We need the intro to this video updated to reflect the current state of things... It's not fair to the prequels

  76. Ankit Kumar

    Even the eyes on his mask is small.. Cmon don't be so real..

  77. MasterChiefSha

    I love the ending, now you are thinking with Portals lol.


    Can we get a daredevil 2003 honest trailer

  79. AnkasaurusRex

    Just imagine if they did it with 'everything wrong with'

  80. Elizabeth Kreft

    Do the Firefly series!

  81. reddd 123v.j


  82. Buck Jolicoeur

    AH HAHAHAHA! So bizarre... Someone's socially isolated.

  83. Jalla MichaelSchoenbaum

    TROS was awful. I loved TLJ, but TROS made the whole sequel trilogy just pointless. It all should have ended with ROTJ.

  84. Aaron Jordan

    Do gossip girl honest trailer

  85. Connor McDavid

    Hah... hah... heh... LMAO!!

  86. Themuffinman909

    Honest trailers The Mandalorian

  87. stv dagger

    Forget Battle cats, I want Battle Toads!

  88. Paul Thompson

    So is the Snyder Cut actually good or nah? I can’t distinguish his sarcasm in this one lol

  89. Ben soso


  90. Apollo Mo

    Hey! I'm 40! 😅

  91. shannon celeste

    *needs more ser pounce*

  92. Here I am, a confused person

    Holy crap commenters, chill out. It's a satire channel. These are meant to be essentially made up criticisms. If a movie is really bad, not so much (see the emoji movie one), but if it's good, then it is more of a stretch, (see the winter soldier one).

  93. anonamous365

    That wasn't starwars

  94. Zan.

    Just use some lapel mics next time. The entire ensemble is mic'd up so bad. It sounds like they were captured with an iPhone on the table. So much reverb and awful mixing. The guy on the left is way too loud compared to everyone else. I'm guessing he edited the video and audio. :/

  95. Bleu Chocolate

    This just made me want to go see Inside Out

  96. AveryLiz13

    I think I’ll just stick to the cartoons

  97. Soylent Green

    Rise of Skywalker, fall of the franchise.

  98. Tea V

    Its unfortunate that this had a cool story line, you know if it wasnt the worst written thing I've ever seen

  99. Cédric Almeida

    You guys are bad 😭😂

  100. Chris Moore

    Well that fight scene in the forest makes this movie a win in my book... I'LL TAKE YOU ALL ON!