Billboard’s first-ever Trailblazer Award recipients continue to build their ever-expanding empire of innovative artistry and entrepreneurial endeavors throughout their colossal career. With their romantic roots-infused “Simple” surging Country charts, as the lead single off their anticipated fourth studio album, the kings of collaborations are shattering records with 3X PLATINUM-certified #1 “Meant to Be” with Bebe Rexha [14th #1 overall as artists plus leads the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart]. Exceeding 4.2 billion streams, 31 million tracks and more than 4.3 million albums sold worldwide, BMLG Records’ duo remains the first and only Country act to achieve RIAA’s DIAMOND certification for their breakout “Cruise,” which is the best-selling digital Country single of all time (SoundScan). Since 2012, FGL has earned prestigious honors from the AMAs, ACM Awards, CMA Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and CMT Music Awards, plus left their mark on several chart-crushing songs as writers.

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  1. FLEUR

    My last brain cell has left the chat

  2. reagan tubb

    2:16 be my too fast hmu

  3. Letty Avila

    This is what I’m talking about. !!!🤘

  4. Jessie Hawkins

    Hell yeah!! Trailer Trash Tammy!!!! ‘Merica!!!!

  5. Judy Diceman


  6. Bethany

    First time I listened to this it reminded me of my brother, the same day I found out he died earlier in a car crash :/

  7. Jace macfie

    Perfect song for today

  8. Mr DuKKy738

    This song is Holy shit

  9. Marina Chavez Balderrama


  10. JustGno

    That's how making an album should be.! 🌿✨🎶✨ Love you guys, keep making them bright tunes!

  11. johnny escalera

    They wont play your game till they get their way with you

  12. theshooksterler

    I remember when this song came out, I was in elementary school at the time, living in a small town, so this song was hella popular.

  13. robert serrano

    One of my favorite song. I would never get tired listening this song.

  14. Thierry Falardeau

    I like this one... Sounds like Lofi Country Hop

  15. Brigitte Peterson

    Thank you soooooo much for this Song.

  16. Ronnie Reeves

    H - High O - On L - Lovin' Y - You One of my fav songs from Florida Georgia Line

  17. Mateusz Pobłocki

    This one for the real Thomasheads

  18. frida ayoti

    Love you guys 😍😍😍

  19. Nightmare Foxy

    This is my second favorite song

  20. natthakit phudetreangsap


  21. Almighty Trav

    This song bangs

  22. Aaron Elsey

    I hate what FGL did to this song. It was so good before they put their "twang" on it. 😢

  23. Allen Cowart

    Don't get me wrong I love Florida Georgia Line and this song. But honestly I think they could have left out the YEE-YEE at the end. I'm a very big Granger Smith fan. YEE-YEE is for Granger not FGL.

  24. Maggie Millsap

    This song makes everyday better

  25. Pacific Warrior

    According to current affairs, this song is racist 🙃

  26. Bambi Deer

  27. Tony B

    this tune was playing in my head when I was sleeping, that brought me here

  28. Eboogie What

    my boys

  29. Eboogie What

    yes lord

  30. Bryce McDonald

    Yeet yeet love the USA

  31. Katherine Doust

    FGL don't make music like this anymore

  32. Big White Sexy

    Simple. Look pretty Do as your told Kiss Nashville's ass (You know who we mean) You don't need to worry. We ruined originality We use Pro Tools And are tools Simple.

  33. F-JAYY

    Still can’t get over the fact that this was filmed in Australia we have a great country hoped I liked it here from ya mate down under 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  34. le tung

    me too.

  35. Maggie Millsap

    I love this song

  36. Maggie Millsap

    I love this song

  37. Damien Wiggins

    I’ve this is cruise

  38. Josh Crawford

    I love Flordia Georgia Line.

  39. Emily Driscoll

    This is just one of my favorite songs from them along with May we all and many many more lol ! I also went to one of their concerts last summer and it was the best!

  40. Megan

    Ok I feel dumb rn.....was I the only one who thought it spelled S.I.N.G.L.E.

  41. Rebecca Frye


  42. Julya Damiene

    please listen to my musics 💞

  43. Kristine Wilt

    Absolutely Love this song! You are amazing this song was meant for you, Thank you!

  44. Steven Adams


  45. Steven Adams

    I don't care what others say, It is SO cool to hear where Country music has expanded! Whether it's Gryffin & Chris Lane, Marshmello & Kane Brown, Diplo & Thomas Wesley, or just good ole FGL! Keep creating! Doing what you do!

  46. T C

    Awesome!!! Perfect anniversary song.

  47. Nightmare Foxy

    I. Reilly. Reilly LOVE the song

  48. Nightmare Foxy

    I really. LOVE the. Song

  49. Austin Laliberte

  50. BlueBirdy Share


  51. spark9of9creation

    Rap music for people scared of black people

  52. Lucky Rooster


  53. Victoria Bowley

    We roll

  54. Victoria Bowley

    I love all if Florida Georgia Line songs and Luke Bryan. The best song of Luke Bryan is kick the dust up and country girl shake it for me. But with Florida Georgia Line I would say the two best song from them is cruise and this is how you


    I keep on singing this song every time I hear it

  56. Mrs Erika

    Awesome video

  57. Teresa Horn-Hooper

    I love simple it’s simply amazing

  58. Caleb Keister

    Were as simple as a sixth string the way this world was meant to be like laugh and love make a lot out of a little... I hear this song and forget about everything except of who we love.

  59. engineerEagan

    Hahahahaha typical for us southerners! God bless the USA and his favorite the south!!! 🤣🤣

  60. Tyler Wieloch

    Girl do I have your love

  61. My last three brain cells

    Damn no way it was 2012

  62. My last three brain cells

    Why is the intro so Jackass

  63. Wesley Brown


  64. TeOrange mp3


  65. Annie Barnard


  66. Annie Barnard

    I miss u

  67. Annie Barnard

    James morgan

  68. Tarri Rothman

    Great song. Love the show!

    1. Rock girl

      Love this song💯🔌💖

  69. HAYDEN Tv

    Loving my Country

  70. Miguel González

    Yoooo this is trash

  71. Max Covarrubias

    Well this is a really bad time to post this song lmao

    1. CardetailK

      Max Covarrubias ong

  72. Mike Enders

    That's filmed in PHOENIX! Old Desert Sky Pavilion!

  73. Mike Enders

    Love 'em or hate 'em, this song HITS HOME TO ME!

  74. Pro jayvin

    I am a huge fan if country music and i support florida georgia line through all of the corona virus

    1. Pro jayvin

      I ment of not if

  75. Dirty Heck

    "You know how you fix a ford, you buy a chevy."

  76. Vincent Martinez

    Victoria's....a Secret...🤔....🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️🤐

  77. Todd Clark

    Country baby

  78. Joyce Pugh


  79. Agapes Faith Manzano

    You guys will never know how amazing you become when you appreciate little things like this. Bless you for this, Florida Georgia Line. Love from Philippines!! <3 And thank you for making me cry at work.

  80. Micah Ragsdale

    Good Lord almighty, I love living in the south!

  81. Zachary Goddard

    yes song eh

  82. Mike.

    Aye florida I gave u about 2-3 millions views from playing it so much LOL

  83. Matt G

    Florida Georgia Line, the guy's that officially killed country music.

  84. Tara carlson


  85. Derek Roldan

    Fgl is awsome and stay is the better song than any song that I listened to

  86. Sawyer the offroad monster

    Send it

  87. Francis Rochon

    I go at least twice a year in your country with my wife and son.everybody is always nice with us everywhere we go.i really miss you.stay safe revoir from french Canada.❤️❤️

  88. Kylee Limelight Mendesarmy

    This is such a good song for any generation. Love this song so much!!!!

  89. carolyn thompson

    This music video is jammin' with country music lovers! God Bless Nashville! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  90. Kelly Walker

    I listen to this song every day

  91. Daniel Oconnell

    I lived in Massachusetts and the whole state has woods expect for the airport

  92. ken ken

    If you are listening to this in 2020 you are a Legend

  93. Chancellor Xeno

    heard this on the radio today, and not being a country fan already I can say that this made me a fan... of older country. this is absolute shit. what the fuck is that rap section in the middle with THE most fucking obnoxious accent I have EVER heard in my life. but if you like this then keep on keeping on, that's how you roll. I too like many terrible things.

  94. Stacy Hammett

    Hey Luke I love all your songs My daughter is a huge fan so am i

  95. The Gully Farm

    Music sucks when you turn old.

  96. ItzzJamar

    Im not here you are

  97. Dana Williams

    Not really a country fan but this song is amazing

    1. Rock girl

      original version was even sweeter and more from the heart than this one imo

  98. Rose Walker

    Beautiful song omg its amazing

  99. Jessie Ausken


  100. Ellie Mehling

    This is bring memories