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  1. Ms Sunshine

    Y’all losers if you have go on TV to find a date. Letting the world know you’re a loser and not being ashamed of it is telling. I’d run for the hills before I date anyone of them.

  2. Chris B

    My favourite song in the show. The kid can definitely sing and the arrangement of the song is so good! Broadway quality!

  3. Please sub To Tkh_ Dan Bob with the spaces

    2:46 in the crowd lol he’s dying 😂😂😂😂

  4. John Tao

    He's such a HILARIOUS goof Fake positive 0:20

  5. Mr Cheswick

    Give repeatable practical demonstrations that prove that the magical force of 'gravity' somehow stops all the water (71%) on Earth from falling off into 'space' while it's simultaneously supposedly spinning @ 1000 mph while tilted at a 23.4 degree angle Never mind Netflix is a joke...This so called 'comedian' is a joke

  6. Stephen Wilson

    Explain how an atmosphere and a vacuum can live side by side? Didn't think you could. Just ignore it like the establishment.

    1. Mr Cheswick

      Indeed Sir, and while they're at it, I want to see practical, repeatable demonstrations that PROVE that we're all spinning @ 1000mph, because, the senses I was born with and use every day tell me that the Earth is stationary and I'm not spinning And, that's just for starters, you know?

  7. Racel Carmelotes

    and you all believe we were spinning at 1,000 mph. look around my friend

    1. Mr Cheswick

      Ha ha, yup, they believe it because the TV says so, they've seen some guys in a spaceship on the TV and unquestionably believe what the 'spacemen' tell them

  8. Phyllis Snook

    He's hysterical! I just had a lot of work done on my house and every word he is saying is true but thankfully my contractors were wonderful even if they disappeared for a LONG time! Lol

  9. John Pickering

    Funny how the people who were championing Hillary Clinton for President were the same people mercilessly trashing Sarah Palin when she was in contention for the vice presidency. Even going so far as to say 'how is she going to juggle being a vice president and a mother?'. I guess the left don't think it's sexism when it's done to a republican. They're the same who call black people 'oreos' and 'uncle toms' for voting republican too.

  10. slipstreamer1

    SANDWICHES??!! 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Uniqsol Goddess

    Facts about your 30’s 😓😩😅

  12. jahni lee

    Her scream at 4:15 is amaaaziing

  13. Sonof Osiris

    Dave may be in his 40s but he sounds like he possess the wisdom and the calmness of a 80 year old man!

  14. Athena Aussie

    Does the baby have a choice?

  15. A better me

    Brilliant! 😂😂

  16. PaeronSodan

    His name is Rogen, though.

  17. Lorre Ba

    the flat earth meme is a psyop, but the earth is not what youre told it is

  18. Jenic Darling

    Sounds like his wife could do a show about daily life with him lol oh god and the two together with their total opposite thinking monologues

  19. Sanath Jo

    Justice for Jussie 😂😂

  20. Brian Nyaga

    human giant ilusionaters

  21. Ace Hardy


  22. Rio Bachtiar

    Dude this jokes too dark Im dying 🤣🤣🤣

  23. anthotype writer


  24. Christopher Renzulli

    wow!! she's great!! i love her

  25. Blues Man

    You got to love Dave !

  26. David duFresne

    He really isn't that funny. He was passable as a standup way back in the day but not great. He was a good actor on his show but that's where his talents end.

  27. Cadillac Kadafi

    The most famous rapper of all-time!

  28. Lio L

    I love when black peuple jokes about who’re people. It is just funny and gives us a perspective to think about ourself and acceptance. (I’m white)

  29. Tanya

    Girl go for it! you're young, cute and the audience already loves you!

  30. Nadine Owens

    Anyone else thinks Jeffafa is recycling Peanut with this new character? 😂

  31. Sy A

    It’s The Flash (not the DCEU one!)

  32. Michal neklan


  33. Ibthisam K

    God damn I want myself featured in this show! im suck fashion! who doesn't want Tan to dress em up!!

  34. Sibasish Chakraborty

    Joe "dolphins have a 40% larger cerebral cortex than human beings" Rogan.

  35. Steven F F

    She comes off as yelling at people. Very abrasive. Unlikeable.

  36. Steven F F

    Dane Cook called, he wants his comedy persona back

  37. blessed7fold

    Apparently Mike is just as stupid and dumb in real life as he is in the Friday movies.

  38. Ryan Jeffrey

    You're doing so about Donald Trump who's probably one of the best presidents we've had in f****** forever

  39. britta trelles

    Gabriel look good!

  40. britta trelles

    Well done =) Joe

  41. Peedinkus

    Disliked by Juicie 5K times.

  42. Blue Elf

    the GOLDEN ICE CREAM CONTAINER.... lols relate much!

  43. Lee Murdock

    Lorne Michaels

  44. cryora

    Oh this now makes me interested in watching it. Normally, attractive women are so intimidating and unaccessible. To see them in a different light is intriguing and cathartic.


    Oh God!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Japanese is lit 😭😭 See ya on April in Denver 😍

  46. Chizelle Otta

    Maybe Akshay Kumar should play JB

  47. aanab Syed

    I love my vagina 😂

  48. Ernesto Perdomo

    Ali Wong is a BEAST! Need more stand up. Excellent writer too!

  49. Leo Miranda

    Alpombra was popular when i was kid, 'cause it's a very powerful pamato in the game "finish line". Normal slippers are simply no match.

  50. FLOWER

    Kind of sexist. Oh, poor men.😭 You went out and cheated and now you're facing the consequences.

  51. vic aldama

    She's funny as hell on Theo Vons podcast ! Netflix is just bad clippers! Papa Bill verified!

  52. MG42pillbox

    Poor globers still loving there cartoons. 21:37 r i p

  53. HO LL OW

    I support flat earthers, Like if you think Im gay | \/

  54. Tupac Shakur

    Kev use to be funny not nomore tho 😭😭😭

  55. Manda Spain

    I'm crying right now!

  56. John Possum

    When are you going to have JB Smoove on?

  57. Superlative CG

    Weddings are the only time in real life where people encourage couples to make out in front of them and not be weird about it.

  58. Superlative CG

    Divorce rates probably skyrocketed once hiring strippers became the norm at bachelor/bachelorette parties

  59. Comedy Kings Network

    Biggest conspiracy theory ever.

  60. mOejOe33

    Everything is "chingadera" for illegal alien contractors. None of them have licenses but they're all experts. No technical nomenclatures, just "chingadera". FYI: Chingadera is very expensive.... in the long run and also takes forever to finish.

  61. DaylightDigital

    3:00 I see you Swaim!!!!

  62. gymnopedie

    The angles are weird and so is the inflection in his voice whenever he's trying to add emphasis.

  63. Kristen Davidson

    Ive despised that show since it started. Ridiculously stupid for women to participate in that. How degrading and makes us all look foolish.

  64. Kensington

    And then the horse saved the economy!

  65. 13Fayt13

    Yes. Fuckable john indeed

  66. co1003

    Your “boy” has the best economy and the least amount of unemployment in decades. Open your eyes Dave...

  67. co1003

    Liberals and their agendas...

  68. js art

    I couldn't stop laughing!! 😂 and gosh, Tan is so hot. 😍

  69. Jess Connelly

    Look at all Trump has done for the country why would anyone vote Clinton in the first place 💣💣💣💣💥

  70. Phil Leary

    This is NOT Dave Chappelle but an impersonator. His voice, vocal tone and nuances don't fit the REAL Chappelle. It doesn't fool me at all. Welcome to the Matrix, where clones infect society. It's real y'all - and this joker is not real. Wake up America! People can't SEE, 'smell', taste and feel the difference? My goodness. Are Americans THAT dead?

  71. Aaron Morris

    Dave "One Note" Chappelle.

  72. Ryukiki Gasai

    This is a comment section... *Could be a nursery*

  73. JT JIMNA

    Shiiit remember gettn beat by one

  74. tariq ramadan

    Went from a great Clinton impression... to a horrible Obama impression 🤷🏿😂😂

  75. Jonathan Arena

    I think Joe Rogan just became the most important political pundit of 2020

  76. D0om 5y

    Peanut and a little Walter


    Eat responsibly!

  78. Charles Longfield


  79. Michael Shannon


  80. Charles Longfield

    Juicy Smooulia

  81. hurtig heinz

    1:31min The couple (blonde curly haired lady + red shirt guy) in the front row that doesn't laugh is so great to watch. So fun to make up a story about them in my mind. It seems like they simultaneously tried to figure out what Dave said and whether or not they shuld be offended.

  82. Charles Longfield

    Naw, white people were strung out on crack to.

  83. N J

    Did she come out in Bad Santa?

  84. mykotron

    Never thought this guy was funny at all. Seems like a nice guy. Total boomer jokes though. My dad and his girlfriend liked him.

  85. Sebastian amalfi

    her mind is just brain wash

  86. huberfloover

    At first I thought he was going to say electing some dictator or letting some king get on the throne...history's shown they could put up some staggering numbers once they convince their supporters there's some needless war to be fought...for the benefit of their king/dictator of course.

  87. Ripptyde64

    That nigga did that shit LOL

  88. Leonard Rahming

    Dave speak it brother

  89. Leonard Rahming


  90. Othanus Vlog

    Hi! Relate... How r yah.. hahahaha

  91. Matthew M

    so glad this guy is back, with a fresh taste of old talent.

  92. Grey Ang

    I had about the same experience but as a gay man... I wasn't amused by it at all. I was brought to a brothel one day and oh my god titties everywhere, God help me. But I am not interested in titties! They did the parade thing and I'm like oh no there must be a misunderstanding here. I was expected to pick a girl and I'm like, no sorry my dick totally shrunken inwards right now. Love Fortune for being real with her experiences! This is what happens when LGBT people get dragged into heteronormative activities lol.

  93. Hope Bewick

    his voice got higher and higher the further he continued lol

  94. Tj Rans

    OMG Wanda is hilarious!!!

  95. Dishon

    Both Tan and Miranda needs some fashion advice. 😂😂