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  1. Farrah Lynn Bitternose Onespot

    "my name is your waiter and I'm your waiter"

  2. Farrah Lynn Bitternose Onespot

    Omg natalia taylor!!!!

  3. Elodia Perez

    Can you recreate one of the dresses that rose wore on titanic ..

  4. hnlolin

    Your bird is the best part

  5. wondercub

    Yassss making one of these for my drag closet , so glad I looked in your channel , I figured if anyone has made a tshirt dress it is this lady. Thanks for posting this and hope you are doing well and are safe.

  6. little pøţåţø čhîpš

    Can you recreate Anastasia dress

  7. *{Winged_ Angel}*

    A n t o n i o G a r z a

  8. Mystikal _wolf

    Are you okay because who does not like Christmas

  9. CryBaby MM

    Anna's outfit cuz u have the hair

  10. Seraphin

    I can't resist a youtube video that features chickens

  11. Morgan Radocy

    ‘Kids these days are so smart’ 10 seconds later ‘Are you subscribed to Jake Paul?’ ‘Yeah.’ L

  12. MotherMetalhead

    Best thing ever 😂😂😂 And holy fucking shit she's gorgeous

  13. Starlight Luna :3

    Lol that’s how I got a bird because it was lonely in the cage but ummm...he died that was the saddest day of my life 😭😭

  14. Something Creative

    I think it would be more shocking if she WASNT extra

  15. -Glossy Gurl-

    You was looking exactly like Harley that’s kind of creepy 😂

  16. -Glossy Gurl-

    When your mom was giving you birth I was literally like : “is her mom a warrior or what” like the thing took literally only 1 Minute 😂

  17. Lily Bone

    The hole time she was dressed as Ariana Grande I thought she was her 😬😬😬😬😬😬

  18. Marina

    Were they really 12 min =.=

  19. Hatsumi Sakura

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEEE... Make a Melanie Martinez outfit. Or several. :3

  20. Lily Bone


  21. Kamie P

    Can anyone find th exact sewing machine where can I purchase it it's my dream to have it !! Someone please comment where I can get it

  22. skarlette Sanchez

    can you make a video when you restyle stuff in your closet

  23. random sandwhich

    tip: put fleece around wire to and rap more wire around and around. and you will get more volume and control. rap you will fleece till it looks like a long hot bog.

    1. Micarah Tewers

      Gotta love a good hot bog

  24. Clairey

    Why did she make a drawing if she's blindfolded lol she can't see it to follow 😂😂😂😂

    1. Micarah Tewers

      Just felt like the right thing to do I guess

  25. Clara Iramain

    Antidisestablishmentarianism is the movement of people who don't want the Church of England to be disestablished.

    1. Micarah Tewers

      Ahhh. I appreciate this information!

  26. Claire Wiegley

    how does she now i need to right a essay

  27. TheSofres

    Listen with your eyes. Lol. Reminds me of the time I told my daughter to look with her ears. 🤣

  28. Catina DeAnn

    I had no idea there was a group of people that didn’t know what Air Force Ones were I-

  29. Esther Eckstine

    I GOT IT!!!!! THE PARR JOKE!!!!!! I!! I! I... I'm gonna go now...

    1. Micarah Tewers

      I am so glad you exist


    is it just me or does she kinda look like Miley Cyrus, but slightly older and with red hair just me? yup

    1. Micarah Tewers

      Huh! That’s a new one

  31. Lilac Love

    She do be looking better than some celebrities though


    go to 2:58 and look at the rushed chicken

  33. Dee S

    you should be on project runway

  34. Kendra Crowe

    WeLl aReN't YoU a SmArT oNe?- Micarah Tewers

  35. A D

    Am i the only one who thinks her makeup is EVERYTHING in this video?

    1. Micarah Tewers

      Hey I really appreciate that!

  36. Jeanevee Davis

    yo that huge wite house in south carolina was the set for the skeloton key

    1. Micarah Tewers

      Wo seriously?!

  37. Ava Walker

    Micarah crashed a wedding. And DIDN"T dress as Rachel McAdams character in wedding crashers?!

    1. Ava Walker

      @Micarah Tewers Can't believe you responded!! Thank you so much you're my favourite ALselr!

    2. Micarah Tewers

      One of the bigger regrets of my life.....

  38. strawwanni [wanni]

    I always wondered why they can't just shear a tiger or an animals fur so they can make it into a coat like sheeps do. Is it because they're harder to shear since they're predators? Or is it because they need the fur to stay warm, or is there just not enough fur?

  39. Rose Siren Cosplays

    you use spirit gum for wigs :)

  40. zeroooni•\\\•

    She’s so beautiful omg

  41. Xx_Witch Gamer_xX

    I hate barbie but u look hella good in anything

  42. Kitventures

    Who saw the title, and thought that she made the ORIGINAL dress! Ha

  43. payal sharma

    😂❤️ this made my dayyy 😂😂😂💖❤️💖

  44. lauralizz1989

    I cried lol

  45. Isabelle P


  46. Van Ozzy

    Why’s ur Safiya impression so gooood wtf

    1. Micarah Tewers

      I’m just ... omjb thank u

  47. Madeline Gilbert

    Poor girl discovered ADBL...

  48. Aj’s World

    Oh right and that’s actually hogwarts not Cinderella’s castle

  49. McKenzie Rouge

    I don’t know if this ever got answered but that glasses piece is called a temple 😊

    1. Micarah Tewers

      Oh sweet! Thank you!

  50. Aj’s World

    Ok that’s actually kind of offensive to people that love Harry Potter. That is not groot, and your not in lord of thing rings your either in diagon alley or hogsmeade, and the man Is selling WANDS!

  51. Aj’s World

    Did she actually eat that stuff ?

  52. Beatrice Bianca

    This was so cringed and I love it!! ❤😗 You are beautiful in any color and any style!! xoxo

  53. Andi Maddux

    How did I get here? You are hilarious, I'll be back.

  54. Ozan Basoglu

    did you actually paint your door

    1. Micarah Tewers


  55. TheZZplayz

    Shouldn't rapunzel be used to stay inside she legit did for half her life lol

  56. Elizabeth Devens

    So pretty!

  57. Traveller Diary

    2:55 Isn't that the place you stitch in ?? Do you work in your RV ??? Wait I saw many more places you shoot in ! DO YOU LIVE IN YOUR RV ?????

    1. Micarah Tewers

      Mostly! Right now I’m parked in my dads back yard and his AC actually works, so I’ve been staying inside :)

  58. taoshuo Yang

    I hate the CORONAVIRUS

  59. Lemon Pie


  60. VitaChan

    Can someone, too, love me so much as she does his chicken.

  61. decredtrouble

    Her Dada sings so good. ❤

  62. Esther Eckstine

    Okay but your voice is actually very good

  63. Keegon Dragon

    In British therefore I'm close to royalty ✊

  64. Kana Mizuhashi

    i hope she never starts streaming so i dont have to witness her reacting to toxic people live

  65. • gxchakiiara •

    Her explaining is Me spitting facts at my stupid classmates. [EDIT]: *"Accidents only happen if youre being stupid."*

  66. Sadie Lee

    Did anybody e notice that she was wearing that Barbie dress that she showed in her declutering video!

  67. Kadence the guinea pig girl

    hey Micarah! (check your dms)

  68. CaraMel Mocah

    this girl is crazy hahahah - keep it going !! too funny

  69. tejash patel

    Loved it 😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  70. Alexander M

    Oh my god, the first 10 seconds was so creepy cause I am doing what you said...

  71. Kaylee Jones

    Can you make bell’s dress from beauty and the beast

  72. Phantom Renegade

    14:15 You cannot tell me she isn't floating off the ground.

  73. Jason UwU The red eyes

    I’m actually watching in 11 am

  74. Schylar McKenzie

    As soon as she said that it was wisdom teeth day, an ad popped up and said, *pain or no pain, you should have your wisdom teeth checked regularly each month* !😂

  75. Jasmine Lloyd webber


  76. Kai The Gamer

    Ummm is nobody gonna mention the body in the car

  77. GalaxyWolf Playz

    Me in quarantine: Finishes Fairy Tail in a week

  78. Kuripot Si Talim

    *_im going to scream rn because her voice was so very accurate to Barbie's... please you can do some Historical Accurate on Perrine Paindavione's countryside dress that features to her light yellow shirt top, brown vest & boots and also her iconic red skirt and also her iconic dark blue dress which she works as a secretary on her grandfather's factory (which Bilfran was actually Edmond's father and Perrine's grandfather)_*

  79. Elianna Kooger

    She probably won’t check this video anymore but if she dose... then love youuu

  80. *{Winged_ Angel}*

    You should make a Victorian style accessory out of the hair you collected

  81. Jc Ruiz

    I just notice that she kinda looks like Giselle from enchanted hit the the like but if you think she looks like her

  82. Siham Al Kurdi

    You think ancient women wanting their face to resemble an egg weird? In 50 years from now people will wonder why girls wanted fish lips and huge disproportionate bums

  83. Khaith Salt

    these videos are so relaxing and entertaining all at the same time ✨

  84. Uni Panini

    I agree that Rapunzel is the readiest princess for quarantine lol! I recently uploaded a Disney Princess on Quarantine in my channel 😂

  85. _Firefly Gacha_

    And hey a good thing about quarantine is after corona you’ll never run out of masks and toilet paper again lol

  86. 《YourFriendo》

    You remind me of my lost sister. Maybe you are my lost sister- Oh wait, I dont have a sister. Yeah, I have a lost brother. Im such a liar, I have neither of those. Okay Im addicted to your entertaining videos

  87. Kaiyana Chan

    Her: There are only 3 cases of corona in the USA but I feel like it’ll get worse Me 3 months later: Oh, it got worse all right **the almost 2 million cases of coronavirus in the US approaching in the background**

  88. Riya D

    You look straight out of The devil wears Prada 😂

  89. Llama Rama

    Ms Micarah's mom: oh my gosh my water just broke Mr Micarah's dad: oh boy oh boy oh boy let me grab the camera

  90. Dennis Aguirre

    Does rapunzel want her kingdom to end like is u understand😄

  91. Riya D

    I love how you measure in cats

  92. Yippee YIPPER

    I love her so much 🥺

  93. Natalija Lazić

    you are just the best youtuber ever

  94. Prizmar Valschi

    Come on micarah We want moooooooooooore

  95. MjrKime

    These videos leave me feeling more cultured than I ever was. I'm getting chaotically educated.

  96. Kerrie Garling

    0:55 11:45 03:43

  97. Niamh Roberts

    i'm tearing up...your dad omg

  98. Erin Metcalfe

    @Gloom you should react to this!!

  99. Nelma Laitinen

    Is the fabric blue or green? Cause in the end it looks green and otherwise it is blue.

  100. Kim Boyer

    Am I the only one coming back on this channel every single day waiting for her next video?

    1. UseForMisc UseForMisc

      I too am doing the same thing. I just found her channel and watched all her videos multiple times. I need more content!!!!!