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  1. Malikha rdn

    Bramty is literally a SUPERWOMAN😂🦋

  2. IFFYx3


  3. Amina Rehman

    Balcom and Levi are so cute how’s yafee and gordo they’ve not been in the vids so hope they are staying safe

  4. soinhu foitu

    The clown fish are like Levi And Balcom because their twins and the big blue fish is Penelope because she is the big sister.

  5. Krisette Unicorn

    All the kids who have there dads in there life:🤗 Me:😭

  6. davianna lopez

    Ok so i had something in my eye it was like a bubble but it look weird it didnt hurt but it was red like blood shot red but i put some eye drops in and it went away

  7. Jazlynn Childress

    The kids look like the girl of course

  8. Gabriela Garcia

    ww cutes fm ever

  9. Nevaeh Gomez

    the babies are my favorite part 10:17! we need more of this is the vlogs!😂💗

  10. illiana esquivel

    12:57 what was luis starring at?

  11. Maria Miranda

    You know what my mom did to my sister who used to bit. She would hit her mouth

  12. Litzy Velasquez

    Hopefully you share your fish tank with us more often!! Very entertaining 🥰🥳🥳

  13. Jasmine Lehman

    When she said her speech about the par my heart just felt so good I love that like she knows god loges her I really needed that message

  14. Stranger._. things ._.

    My eye dose that but it’s just my eye just gets red it’s not all like hers

  15. Kiara Caro

    I was so interested in the fishes and all! Love itttt guys💗

  16. Heaven Nigussie

    Levi needs to stop


    Here go play In this box 😂😂😂

  18. kainaoina Hernandez

    Yeet skeet

  19. Valerie Duran

    Bramty i love your makeup you should do a makeup tatoriall

  20. Nicolle Castellon Moncada

    Son una linda familia los amo 🥰

  21. Sariah Skousen

    Levy is so happy that she did a tik tok dance lol

  22. Valerie Duran

    Ok so i literally saw Penelope checking out her buggy next to the car

  23. Valerie Duran

    Ok so i literally saw Penelope checking out her buggy next to the car

  24. Emely Madera

    love you Bramfam

  25. Vianet Marban

    Penelope looks like a mix of both Balcom is the next Louis aka swole

  26. Sariah Skousen

    Your so real I just sub I mean your the. Best

  27. Jordyn Williams

    At 6:15 you see balcony holding a bubble sorry if I spelt his name wrong

  28. Valentina Lavanchy

    levy was crawling and bramty said someones pregnant and that is true richards wife is pregnant

  29. Onnie Santana


  30. Priscillav3392

    Lmao levy!!! Hahaha shes sooo cute!!!

  31. paneet kang

    Poor balcom Levy is a savage

  32. Priscilla Duran Bañuelos


  33. Bryan Nava

    She does

  34. Sofia Xox

    Balcom really do be throwing it back tho

  35. SssᴀᴅᴛᴇᴇɴssS •

    when will there be a new vid ?

  36. Alondra Ipina

    Levy is meeeee😂

  37. Jadean Warburton

    At the end of the vid you could tell brandy was pist😄😄

  38. Paulina Dominguez

    can y’all post, i’m bored

  39. Hey Sisters


  40. Ian Martinez

    Your the best ALselr in the world

  41. Efrain Rodriguez


  42. Efrain Rodriguez

    Fhruu hi ygfhugg😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  43. lennon copeland

    OMG what was that???????

  44. Always RARE

    Get a lawyer ! And sue back !

  45. Always RARE

    Girl get A LAWYER ASAP

  46. Always RARE

    Dang I wish your community was better !

  47. Always RARE

    Lol I love bramty ! They messed with the wrong ! Baddie

  48. Itzel Valdez

    Bramty your glasses are sooo cute 😍

  49. Ashlee Sinchi


  50. Funneh Fan

    Did everyone get toilet papers lol

  51. The life of Bree

    Go grab a mop lol

  52. Lena Brewer

    It's cool for trampoline!!😇 I hope Penelope!!We can not break the law then you go to jail right?Love your video

  53. tom kim

    i thought it was pink eye

  54. Ashley Hernandez


  55. kelly rivera

    Yay the comments are back!!!!!!☺️

  56. Triana Bernal

    penelope and levy have always looked like your side of the family and balcolm looks like luis side of the family he looks like gordo

  57. Daisy Carranza

    Penelope is a savage screaming at her younger siblings

  58. Daisy Carranza

    What ever happend to Maylow your doggy

  59. Violetta Sings


  60. Julissa E

    I need to be apart of your family lmfaoooo I love them I’m dominican I’ll fit right in

  61. Ashely Arteaga

    I have a community like that except the people are really nice but I live in a village so the manager doesn’t want any Halloween decorations or Christmas decorations and that’s why we wanna know because I can’t stand it

  62. Oriana Garcia

    Yesssssss twin

  63. Ailani’s Beauty

    WHEN ARE YOU GOIGN TO POST I SWEAR IVE BEEN WAITING but i still love y’all 👉🏼👈🏼🥰 i’ve been waiting 4 days

  64. Alexus Avenetti


  65. N Chamber

    Hi I wish I can meet u in person because I'm a big big big big big fan u are the nicest family u u mean the world to me I love you guys so much I like your kids thay are so cute I wish I was in your family I wish all of u have a good day I wish u have the best bye

  66. Hello World

    8:02 says Luis

  67. Beautiful People

    Penelope in 5:10 is a while mood

  68. Sky19 Qu33n

    You look exactly like Levi Balcolm and Penelope look like Luis


    I can type

  70. Maya Ruano

    i have the same scar where P got her burn mark 😩😍

  71. Lilz Lz

    3:19 she dont look happy

  72. Lilz Lz

    Bram new vlog!

  73. Alina Aguilar

    Bramty you should do a video of you guys riding the golf car in the backyard

  74. alissa marie

    the way she did runagade

  75. Aileen Perez

    Balcóm Shaking his butt just Like her mom

  76. Bob Pablo

    Earth is lit

  77. Lupe Estrada

    Sue them honey

  78. Candice Watanabe


  79. Sofia Quintanilla

    hold tf up. i miss 2 videos and i miss that comments are back 🥺

  80. Candice Watanabe


  81. Ashley Martinez

    my favorite is the jumpers the snake fish?

    1. soinhu foitu

      Is nobody gonna talk about Luis’s face at 12:06? 😂😂🤣🤣

  82. Jayla Groves

    Levy is a badass😂😂...I love her❤️

  83. katelyn nicoleee

    Penelope is so cute how she starts giving a speech about how babys are special and important she so cute 😘😘

  84. katelyn nicoleee

    Lmaoo at end when bramty spilling the tea and reading her tweets lmao

  85. Life Of Paris

    i corona i corona i corona i corona

  86. Ashley M

    they look so calm but when i was little I would be terrified of the carwash😭.

  87. Mia Maines

    Please have Luis do funny skits like that one it was hilarious 😂

  88. martina guerra

    Ahahahha it's not a carseat it's a booster seat okkkk big girllll

  89. createdncali

    LOL! I love you guys, we have the same sense of humor.. 😂😂😂

  90. Holly Coleman

    My name is holly and i love you guys

  91. NJ Day

    Girly that's wack af & I would def counter sue for distress . If mail that receipt back to their house when your done lol don't touch their mailbox

  92. NJC For You

    Why aren’t u guys posting not saying u need to I was jus wondering if u guys were ok or what cause I been checking like 4 days of u guys posted cause I love ur guys post

  93. Solly Maharaj

    Hi i love u guys so much my name is ahista i would really like if u come and visit me

  94. scarlet Kearney

    yes she is ur twin i think the other two are Penelope is u and blecome is lyis

  95. makeup with paulerys world

    Balcom looks like Lewis

  96. Lesly Vera

    Who else knows what TikTok dance they’re doing?! 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

  97. Lesly Vera

    Who else knows what TikTok dance they’re doing?! 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

  98. Jennifer Espada

    I remember Stacy omg

  99. Tamica Allen

    she is very mean

  100. Annie Martinez

    I know that tick tock dances!!!