"How To" videos by a dad who has raised 2 adults (and we still talk).
I will do my best to provide useful , practical content to many basic tasks that everyone should know how to do.
I will release a new "How to" video every Thursday.
I am planning to start "Tool Tuesday" May 26th, where I will go over a tool a week to help you complete your tasks.
Here was an article written about me In April;
I was interviewed by Jamie Tompkins with Q13 news in Seattle (my hometown);
Please visit our Facebook page;
We recently set up a PO Box if you would like to write me;
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  1. Samuel Lujan

    I would also recommend getting your vehicle on as level ground as possible.

  2. TBNRTomboy 17

    I wish this was my real dad!

  3. malachi thomas

    Yoo you are the man bro I have my dad but he is in jail and he writes me everyday but he is getting out when i am in fourth grade and i can learn so much from you.

  4. Tiffany Curtis

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  5. Dara malik

    Aw you have the sweetest heart, I'm crying because how sweet you are. We love you dad

  6. Tiffany Curtis

    Awe you're so nice!❤ i have a dad that is very present, but he doesn't know how to do any of this because he wasnt taught!

  7. Vicky Nicky

    I'm in literal tears right now I have never once been close with my dad he was only ever close with my siblings and even when he left us im glad my siblings had there loving uncles and Im so happy that they are there for them and kinda jealous of them for that but since I'm older now just hearing this man saying he is proud of me and that Hey kids really makes me feel like I have a loving father figure in my life Thank you

  8. Jacob Magny

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  9. 兪滐藥Allan Yee

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  10. Ariadna

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  11. Marga Massmann

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  12. Ariadna

    From all girls without dads, thank you! Can you show us how to change a damaged toilet seat? And how to choose a right one?

  13. Katiekat 3000

    You are amazing! I have a dad, but you do amazing work and I have subscribed 😊

  14. Tay B

    i have a hole in my wall :/ can you make a video showing how to repair drywall possibly

  15. Ya Last Brain Cell

    I have a dad but he can’t do nothing bc he has many problems so he can’t really do anything and I’m not lying

  16. Mohammed Ayman

    Heyy why do we do it in a star pattern :’) Also why is it harder to remove the slugs/nuts when the car is elevated Also... your laugh at 9:40 is so heartwarming

  17. Keller532

    The only bright light I can find in these dark times

  18. RFK

    2.14 million subs in 1 month is incredible

  19. Rika Kub

    Love the dad jokes!!!!

  20. Cassidy Perez

    I love this guy he's doing this for people who don't have dad's you just made my day .😀

  21. Kira 176

    hey dad? what’s does aftershave gel do and is it neccesary? if so what aftershave gel do you recommend

  22. Leonardo Cruz


  23. Stephanie Valdez

    My dad got deported so I have to learn how to do things on my own now I was trying to patch a bike tire but couldn’t figure out how, maybe another video idea?

  24. Nicole Sanchez


  25. Betzy Roldan

    Hey Dad! How do I fix the kitchen faucet?? It's dripping. 💧💧💧💧

  26. Nicole Sanchez


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    The first time in my life i didn't skip the adds!

  28. Betzy Roldan

    When he said im proud of you. It melt my heart 🥰 #thanksdad

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    youre literally the best

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  33. M L

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  34. kombuchaa

    While I have an extremely kind mother and father, I wholeheartedly appreciate what this man is doing for everyone that needs just a little help. I feel anyone can use this helpful information, and it’s a great thing to see on ALsel.

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  36. Veronica Vlaecic

    hey dad 👋🏻🙂

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    Hi iam need 10k subscrieb for my channel i am love all humen here came on my channel you well be love alsel.info

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    You are an incredible person 🥺

  40. Linda K

    I never thought to use the wide end of the ironing board before. Thank you.

  41. lucy

    this is so sweet im gonna cry <3 this man deserves everything good in life.

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  46. Felipe Cantillo

    Um dad I'm to young for to start a car

  47. Austin Hoskins

    im 18 years old. ive lived on my own since i was 17 and it was really hard for me to get started out on my own. could you teach kids in my situation how to setup a basic budget? not knowing that almost became my downfall

  48. Faith Defender

    This makes me so thankful I had a dad who taught me. God bless you, sir.

  49. Random dancer Dibz

    I have a dad but this is so wholesome, I found him on tiktok and it’s perfect. Another comment already said this but he’s so humble about 2mil and he has it on a notepad. I love these videos. Keep doing what you’re doing!!!

  50. Cobalt

    You are like the dad I don’t have

  51. FyBxStevo xo

    I'm 14 and this is helping so much keep up the good work

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    I saw you on TikTok and I started crying because you help people without dads 🥺

  53. Gabrielle Rippe

    Omg Thankyou for what you do,

  54. Aryana Hallan

    who are the 358 people who dislike let's have a conversation you are ether that one person who dislikes everything OR you are salty because you whent to the grocery store to get milk and never came back btw 2,000,000 people disagree with you

  55. Hakku Rec

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  61. Hakku Rec

    Thanks, dad.

  62. Andrea Guio

    I graduated from one of the best Universities in my country at 21, have a master's degree before turn 25, now I have a quite successful career and my dad have never EVER said he is proud of me, so thanks you make a total random person feel a bit better

    1. Dad, how do I?

      I am sorry you never heard that before, it sounds like you are doing great things Andrea! I am proud of you!

  63. Hakku Rec

    Thanks, dad

  64. Cristóbal Ariel Parra Leficura

    Saludos desde Chile, me gusta tu canal, que bien que des consejos, yo tengo padre pero el mio no habla ingles.

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  66. Katrell Blue

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  73. Ana Gallegos

    My Dad died last April. Months before it happened I thought to ask him how to fix some things at home but in the end I did not do it and now he is gone. Thanks for opening this channel, I found out through a meme hehe. God bless you, greetings from Mexico. P.S. This video interests me a lot. 😂❤

    1. Dad, how do I?

      I am sorry to hear about your Dad. Glad you're here Ana!

  74. Katherine Bran

    Hi, i lost my dad when I was 2 y/o, I have not relationship with my dad family and don’t know much about he, my mom doesn’t like to talk about. Found your channel because a meme on Instagram lol. But I’m crying right now, my mom isn’t the most caring, she gave me everything I need, education, clothes, a roof and food. But never gave me a hug or a demonstration of love aside from, maybe that her way to love. Our relationship is cold, she is more like a tutor from me. Sometime i dream about my dad and his personality and if he would be fill that space that my mom doesn’t fill. Even when we fight, I think if my dad would have thought like me and how different my life would be. I’m so thankful to find you and hope your family feel proud of you. I’m from Chile, I’m sorry for my English, is very bad but I make my best.

    1. Dad, how do I?

      Your English was fine, thanks for joining us Katherine, glad you're here. 🙏

  75. Warrior Wolfette

    Hey dad- can you teach me how to unclog a dryer lint trap? Mine is jammed with lint inside the shoot and I need help!

  76. Dana Quinn

    I dont have a dad to ask and idk if this is stupid but you know how you have to change winter tires to summer tires and vice-versa every season? Can you not just replace them yourself this way or do you HAVE to go to the shop??

    1. Dad, how do I?

      Hi Dana, you can do it this way yourself IF you have the tires mounted on separate rims. If you just have the tires, you will need to have the shop unmount and remount the different tires.

  77. Marina Soto

    Pretty good advice! As a person without dad, all i can said is: thank you Dad!

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  79. Maria

    ❤Good morning from Thessaloniki of Greece dear Dad ❤ You are lovely person.

    1. Maria

      @Dad, how do I? Yes ??? Great...Well come ☺This morning in television show us your success and I finding you. I have 1 idea and i written in some other comment but I whrite here also.Can your wife make MOM HOW DO I ? to help more kids ????🌞

    2. Dad, how do I?

      Very cool Maria, we hope to visit Greece some day! :0)

  80. Sheldon Dinkleberg

    HEY DAD!

    1. Dad, how do I?


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  85. Averageuser Commenter

    Would love to see a video covering tips and rules of the road 101.

  86. Monique Haller

    My dad was never part of my life. I often have friends chuckle at me for not knowing seemingly basic stuff their fathers taught them. Thanks for this. I think it’s really awesome. Helpful, and warms my heart. Blessing to you♥️

  87. 선배•Sana Animates•

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    Me, who has a great dad but there’s a strained relationship: “oh cool, a new dad video!” Dad: “I love you, and I’m proud of you!” Me: 😭 LOVE YOU TOO

  93. tank grisly

    The only problem about checking at the gas station is that your car will still be hot and this means oil will still be on the engine. This means that the oil level measured can be a little smaller than real level. Learned that in driving school. Agree on everything in the rest. Also, a factor for, as you mentioned, changing the filter with the change of oil is that if oil is new and filter is old, the old filter will contain old oil onside.

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    Thank you so much for doing this sir, my dad died when I was 10 and I'm almost 20. There are so many things I had to learn by trial and error and it was really difficult at times. I'm in college now but there are still so many things that I don’t know that you cover in your videos. This is really important. Thank you for doing what you're doing.

  99. Brittany Kennedy

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