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  1. Frownz

    I voted

  2. Mia Barajas

    Is it just me or is this the wannabe version of lily Singh ???

  3. Texäs Kaiserreich

    Am I the only teen who acts like an adult ?

  4. Bill Thodori

    Lol that secret one is legit me

  5. Fantanesh Gebresilasi


  6. Justin Cui

    Do a video on TikTokers vs Byters

  7. J Dmitri

    Nobody: harjit:oh my balls😫

  8. Future Trunks

    I subscribed and I turn on all notifications and I liked your video👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌👌

  9. Smol Fajita Gacha

    Android duh!

  10. logan dufault

    By the way i love the mr lazy teacher I bet we all do

  11. UwU Trash

    Every Asian parent.

  12. Matt Stiles


  13. Omar Saleh

    Apple Rocks and Samsung Sucks

  14. sarah Q

    a boy in my class sed f*ck you to the teacher

  15. CeticKnight

    Team BlackBerry

  16. Kylee Hunsaker

    2:44 vsco boy

  17. Ryan Solano

    Rip kobe

  18. Daniel Domination

    I did it

  19. Tara Marques

    I go for Android because the samsung galaxy s10 plus has 5 camera,s on the back and 2 on the front pless 8 hours of battery live

  20. Meriem Boumedien

    I'm soo sorry, I can't vote !!1

  21. Jennifer King

    Android are better

  22. Connor Ball

    Y’all married yet?

  23. emile daher

    I knew this was fake when I saw this

  24. James Dickerson


  25. William Cox

    At 3:06 I went to that hotel it is it in Orlando Florida and has an arcade and a hot tub behind the rocks and for plasma screen TVs and to the left it has a waterslide

  26. Loona Mane

    Oh my god they are the cutest did you notice the whole time jazz was trying to talk to Harvey and she was looking at his lips😂😍😍👑👑❤️❤️❤️🥰

  27. Yasmin Maow

    U know theres something called *bluetooth*

  28. Ayesha Abdussamy

    Love that Jon belion t shirt!!

  29. 100 subs with no vids ?

    I don’t celebrate Christmas lol

  30. Becky McWhirter


  31. Tobias Candia

    Samsung team

  32. Jhemy Acero

    This is Not even related but like..... *jazz is so pretty*

  33. Korban James Plays Games

    Straight iPhone

  34. ultimate animation

    Im feel bad for black berry dude



  36. Eman da dude2

    I’m the bad student but actually Smart lmao

  37. • Henry •

    this reminds me of dan and riya

  38. AngieRpRoblox Roblox


  39. Yashk rajan

    I tweeted this video

  40. Yashk rajan

    I just voted now

  41. Téa Bradley

    I’m rich

  42. Shrijana Magar

    I mostly relate to rich

  43. Ridhima Khanna

    Oh my god I swear the stop sign stuff my mom does like wtf

  44. Auto H

    Its 40

  45. Ethan G

    your fuck jas

  46. Angel Lopez

    Team Boyfriend

  47. Zolted Bot

    Im team Android BECAUSE iphone can break easily and android are bulletproof

  48. Magic Moon

    Apple Is Better :) 🙂🙂

  49. Shank Kulkarni

    Trust me, PhD does not mean money! 😂😂

  50. Kendra Gilliam


  51. Kendra Gilliam


  52. Kendra Gilliam


  53. Kendra Gilliam

    Child's play

  54. Angel Hurtado

    apple rocks but i haft to use samsung cuase my phone broke

  55. Hussnain Ahmed

    Kobe Rest In Peace with your daughter we will miss u 24/8

  56. Catherine Xikis

    I’m all the way Apple

    1. JakeLoompa

      Yeah they are safer

  57. JakeLoompa

    Once I forgot my phone charger (I was the only one at the sleep over with a iPhone) And when I said anyone have a charger? The mum said BORINGG and why do you have iPhone It’s on my nevers

  58. bpajor

    team iphone

  59. kayla laskey

    my ex is driving me crazy

  60. lyrical lemonade


  61. XboxGamer 2020

    Samsungs are the best

  62. Sebastien Corné

    Quick! Name a difference between the IPhone 11 and 6! Differences that don’t count: no home button and more cameras

  63. Urja Jain

    Just voted!! Hope you two win!

  64. Sydney Smith


  65. Evan Silander

    Team Apple

  66. Bertie Mercan

    Team blackberry psych team iphone

  67. Aalin

    me: is this gonna be on the exams? teacher: no but it's important for you to know me: *well if it was important, then why isn't it on the exams?*

  68. Rubia Shahzadi

    Guys they live at 515

  69. Phantom-boy 6000

    0:42 to 1:15 thats me lol

  70. pink doodles

    im hell voting

  71. The Patel Diaries

    Follow alsel.info/video/video/naKDnaKEk3p_ncg.html for Indian Couple’s Vlog! ❤️

  72. Nomon Munir

    oh yep the desi style ;)

  73. Anisha Aremanda

    2 mil man

  74. Nayeli Rosa

    Rosa family

  75. Jay Saini

    i like your shirt harjit can you put the link i wanna cop.

  76. Sprintiez HCR2

    *blows up a condom* "Happy birthday dad! It's a balloon!"

  77. brookie casey

    4:42 when i saw that laker jersey 🥺🥺 R.I.P Kobe Bryant💗🤞🏽🥺

  78. Tamzin Kelsey

    On The BULLY Poor Poor Poor Poor Poor Guy I Am Soooo Soooo Sorry For Him!

  79. Laddi Singh

    i cant send pictures or screenshots so sorry but i voted you

  80. Laddi Singh

    voted for you

  81. Na'Veyah Barnes

    I love you guys

  82. Jake Daw

    Good luck youtwoTV

  83. Zachary Yao

    just get rcs on android

  84. Damien Gagnon


  85. Alisha X

    Jaz is such a bad actor

  86. Phoebe Lawrence


  87. Aisha Mahmood


  88. Min Yoongi's Sweg

    Rajiv is my dads name😭😂😂

  89. Aisha Mahmood

    My baftayis at Oktoberfest 18🦄🦄🦄❄️❄️❄️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️⚜️⚜️

  90. Aisha Mahmood


  91. Aisha Mahmood

    I always wanted a doll🦄🦄🦋🦋💍💍👑👑👗👗

  92. Falak Din

    I’ve obviously voted for the favs ...... which is u guysssss🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️

  93. Aisha Mahmood


  94. Jhemy Acero

    ;) Harji: we are finically responsible. Also haji: “why did I spend all my money on food”

  95. teddysaur

    Blackberry gang where you at !

  96. xDitspri

    6:25 he still had the drink 😂

  97. Naz R

    I voted for u on shortyawards !

  98. Mr galaxy kid

    32 seconds ago and already 13k likes

  99. Bayonetta

    Sorry, but I really hate how sexist these types of videos are. "It's a joke" dont care.

  100. Preet K

    Please tell me did you really broke up