What's up ALsel! Welcome to Guava Juice!
I make videos sometimes. Here are some cool Kawaii faces.
ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) (⊙‿⊙✿) (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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  1. Nadia Bousfield

    I want the phone

  2. Paulynnah Berniz Lim

    I laugh at the same time you laugh Roi

  3. Rax Salas

    No it's quarantine

  4. Liselotte Nijst

    he:someone is barking meh: Is YoU´r DoGe BrO

  5. Miranda Amundson

    First comment

  6. Competitive Muffin

    It’s Levi-O-sa not levio-SA

  7. OMG_ Unicorn YT

    2:05 I should of brought my sMWweMeSwewSweeswewse SwEaTer

  8. joseph berry

    Why did you say not to make a fire and then you said not to forget to make a fire? So confusing!

  9. Raymond Vickers

    My name is Scotty

  10. isaiah lambert

    I'm seeing this video in 2020 covid-19 is around

  11. Carlyn

    PresedentDuterte:keep safe at home and do not go out side because of quaranteen/corona virus/covid19 we have a deal to keep selves at home and give food the government got soldiers poloce and swats and other guard and guava juice be safe and all watching be saf to

  12. Ethan Karstel

    Guava juice at the start:don’t light a fire in the forest Guava juice at the end don’t forget matches

  13. Thyeyauhuey Yauhuey

    Ur phone turned to a magnet

  14. aldo espinosa

    0:06 look back of him

  15. Edwin Nyamanga


  16. Cathie Guiffrida


  17. jack handy

    10,000$ i want

  18. Joey Fencerilla


  19. HOK TJIN

    Hey Roi

  20. aldo espinosa


  21. Memie Hamoy

    Guavs can i have a shout out my name is jerom please

  22. ayden the fox

    Guava juice has been watching Sam and colby

  23. ALPHA Werewolf

    Why is the bug big and also talks like and alien hahahahahahahaha

  24. singhamritpal2000

    Guava juice oggi why did you take a extra extra extra extra large bed oggi i want to fit my whole family in it ok guava juice

  25. domi g

    Hi Guava

  26. aldo espinosa


  27. Marelin Rodriguez


  28. Ice King

    i saw a check mark

  29. Daniela Garcia

    Mmmmm I love tokies

  30. Daron Ventura

    6:29 YO XDDDDDD

  31. Silly Banana


  32. Charisse Arevalo

    im pilipino to

  33. Daron Ventura


  34. XxGacha_ Møćhì

    I was soo scared i just closed my eyes roi dont do that again!!!

  35. Joylin May Palma

    Im fhilipino so i understand guava juice

  36. Gabby Lenchico

    I'd definitely go camping with you😂😁

  37. Axel Gassay


  38. ponnidevi muthumani

    #1 and #2 tells not to make a fire then says not to forget the matches 😂😂😂

  39. Andrei Krapivnitski

    10 things to distract hot bikini bears shoot them with bunch of rifles

  40. Eliza B

    just stop

  41. rachel rodgers

    How 15.1M subs

  42. rajalakshmi jayachandran

    Or play alone battle royal

  43. Kokmeng Koh

    Red is the best

  44. Caitlin Steeves

    Camp guava

  45. Keo Channora

    I like the first part is don’t faul people that funny

  46. Bee spidey

    wait,did mr beast comment before? cause i saw mr beast comment before

  47. Janzelle Villar

    This is EPIC!

  48. Whats'up Gabriel

    Do not camp on area 51

  49. Tarik Jarabi

    I want is name the dog kratos

  50. Ady`s show

    My name is Jordan

  51. Anita Carrasco

    Bay max

  52. Tanya Marx

    The way they laugh lol

  53. H Six

    I’m why you did this 1h ago because you wanted this to be a night

  54. Acidatronic

    You are 27?

  55. Toastysean1

    Can u do 10 thing not to do in a jungle or a 10 thing not to do in a party

  56. Jk Tufts

    If you are in qarrintin

  57. Glenda Foster


  58. Ice King

    i saw rick from rick and morty twice

  59. Keo Channora

    This channel is so funny and I so laught hard and harder like if youseen

  60. Roy Richy

    This is how much videos guava juice has posted ⬇️

  61. Corbin Gannon

    Por guava

  62. Glenda Foster

    Remember your old channel wasabi

  63. carlojune18

    your the best

  64. Tanya Marx

    Marlin you look like Bruno mars

  65. The Kiara Cute With me

    Hi 👋

  66. Jk Tufts

    Do not go camping

  67. Jar Head

    Hi roi this is my address for you so you can come to my house 50 tarra ave

  68. Ady`s show

    I subscribe and like your video's

  69. Andrei Playz


  70. warrior wolf45

    hi iam Alyssa at ako ay Filipino

  71. Braedyn Newbold

    0:12 7:28 Hmmmmmm

  72. Toy Review Travels Rides by Jaden

    a lot of fire

  73. Tanya Marx

    Love your vids shotouts to you

  74. Camaro Esters

    Thor hammer

  75. Eshny hima

    Guava juice💎🍔🍑guuuuu

  76. Sonic The Hedgehog

    Thors little hammer

  77. Annalyn Panganiban

    Stay home quavs

  78. Trex Curley

    in the parking garage i saw a figure walking

  79. Kevin Connor

    Building a fire is like the first thing to do when you go camping

  80. Milo McClellan

    Seltzer is Sparkling water witch contains carbon dioxide

  81. katie crawford

    I saw behind you he here ?

  82. Rosalie Simpson

    Papa John's

  83. Manveer Pratap Rathore

    5:49 that wasn’t gross . 4:15 that was gross. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤟🤟 drinking with a straw from t shirt and calls spilling fanta gross.

  84. PriNicKiel Corner

    the camera man is holding the camera dihh

  85. Aythan Gavin

    Pokemon zygarde the best of all the other pokemon

  86. Kitty Vloger

    Kamusta roi hi

  87. Jayden Addy Ordinario


  88. Leo Le

    0:13 look at da tent

  89. Martina Ugar

    I chew more on the right side because I had pain on my left side and my mullar tooth was coming out.

  90. Hdhfg Hshd

    I love both

  91. aimee morais

    My mom is making guava juice

  92. Muhammad Bhatti

    Blower Dubai so why are you so sad really Rowley

  93. Gaming seriesYt

    *IMAGINE* You are travelling on a plane and suddenly your plane crashes what would you do. Answer: stop imagining😁😁😁

    1. Crystal lights gaming Channel!!!!

      Wait. Then stop playing roblox?!?!😰

  94. Kerri Richardson

    Who else was eating when guava was pooping

  95. Honda Pakistan

    A lough

  96. H Ø N Ë Y

    Wait didn't MrBeast ordered Domino while making they're own food??(or something like that🤷🏻‍♀️) 😆

  97. PriNicKiel Corner

    that magic trick was the camera man pull the ring

  98. Kaydon Thomas

    Doughnut mess with me

  99. Elias Brother noob


  100. Glenbert Amoson

    Hey roy your microwave is burning