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  1. Michael Atici

    Yeah This beat is crazy, shout out to me All you little fuckin', uh, D League, peasant Tier 98-ass rappers and little clickbait-ass journalists and shit Y'all can suck my dick I never even met y'all man, y'all so fuckin' obsessed I'm on some kill everybody shit, fuck y'all! Yeah, I've been withholdin', I really feel like explodin' People pokin', provokin', I'm suffocating, I'm chokin' The feeling that no one gets it, I just try to suppress it I really need to express it, I really should reinvest it And go off, off, off on you bitches I wonder why these fuckin' grown men always talkin' like bitches Y'all so obsessed with me, I've never even talked to you bitches I'd run you over with my Lambo', wouldn't stop for you bitches I'm at my breaking point, I can wave and point And they'll start breaking joints so loudly, exclamation point Rappers takin' bribes, they be shavin' points I see the game from every angle, I be playin' point I be playin' coach, I be playin' owner I be playin' fan, and I play promoter Gettin' great exposure from all the hate, y'all are hustling backwards This goes for anybody and any bum-ass rapper, pussy Now, you leave me no choice I have to kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Now, you leave me no choice I have to kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Yeah Any rapper can get it, I'm sending headshots, headshots You can't talk to me if you can't sell out Red Rocks, Red Rocks That's ten thousand, watch your mouth when you speak 'bout your superiors Premeditated murder, I'm plottin' with my Nigerians (Yes, oh!) Peekin' through you, chiefin' and eating fufu We see what this dreamin' grew to, arenas in Honolulu Doin' streams like I'm Hulu, Lambo' talks via Bluetooth People tryna do voodoo, this zoo is making me coo-coo And fuck the media and the politics in this industry The snakes and the lies and the gossip in this industry And fuck these WWE-ass rappers High school mentality, glee-ass rappers Fake family ties, y'all say brother too much Y'all get played by the same women, y'all say you love her too much And y'all be runnin' from the truth, y'all take cover too much I'm gettin' tired of this shit, man, enough is enough Now, you leave me no choice I have to kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Now, you leave me no choice I have to kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Yeah Rappers dissin' for attention that their music ain't gettin' I understand, it's frustratin' watching my rapid ascension Watching arenas sell out, watching my plaques multiply When you ain't headlined a tour, and when you drop they don't buy But you got followers though, but what they followin' for But that's 'cause most of them are fake, let me let your followers know That y'all be payin' social media agencies twenty thou' every month Just to comment, like, and follow your account It's all a front, y'all are glorified Instagram entertainers Got millions of followers, but can't even sell out your basement Y'all droppin' antics and skits 'cause you can't drop a hit Flashin' jewelry, posting lean, poppin' Xanax for clicks Infatuated with designer, costume shop carollers Bunch of crackheads and clowns, bunch of Boondocks characters Damn, y'all not scarin' us with your Internet loose lips I been at the same festivals y'all don't do shit Now, you leave me no choice I have to kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Now, you leave me no choice I have to kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Kill 'em all (kill 'em all) Man, I don't even like that it's this easy To write, whole songs and shit about this type of shit Sometimes you just gotta get it off your chest though I hope the fans understand that sometimes I really be tryna leave this shit, man I miss my old shit sometimes Fuck it

  2. Cesar Mateo Solis

    This shit is hitting way too fucking hard.

  3. Karol Gonçalves


  4. phát nguyễn

    from Viet Nam with love <3

  5. Hakeem Strickland

    Dang why i click only if they mention RUSS others lie

  6. Darshan Rai

    My favorite song

  7. Hazlopmen

    Vienes por xonnek?

  8. Farhan Muhamad

    I like it

  9. Hoang Ta

    Ai việt nam nào

  10. Jovic Henrisson

    This song just 😍😍👌😍👌👌😍

  11. The BabaYaga

    I played this out in the living room and my grandmother died from a seizure "Still a great song tho ngl"

  12. David Silva de souza

    Would Love to have a night with him oh my god

  13. Cauê Gostoso Lima

    Parabéns pra quem conseguiu el 2020

  14. L. Velez

    This dude is so underrated. Been a fan since 4 years

  15. Roy Meriaz

    Russ just became 4th best rapper on planet after eminem and wiz and cudi

  16. P A T R O N

    matei playhard , deitei papakill , matei os 3 tudo fraco clipa ai caralho

  17. Kaio rsd


  18. Gabriel Silva

    Quem em 2020😂 ??

  19. Andrezynn Bolonha

    vai tomar nu cu

  20. Steve Malva

    Manga com sal

  21. Juninarrocheira

    Te lamen go saiko NAU NAU NAU

  22. Gustavo Zc

    Te achei miserável 🤗🤗🇧🇷

  23. dudu play

    Pull the trigger cópia tropa

  24. Olavo Alves

    Eu e os brothers indo receber os 600 reais

  25. onixx xxoni

    Fuss and Ali needs to make a song

  26. faziil

    song i crashed to :(

  27. Brian Wright

    One word...... holy crap 😂

  28. EDU TM

    Alguien de argentina

  29. Aubree M

    This song... Hmmm no words. On Repeat 💚

  30. Aubree M

    Its been way too long since I seen you and looked you in your eyes....💚🖤

  31. Aubree M

    Fuuuuuckkkkk I just love it!!!💚💣🤤

  32. francisca jozelia

    Todo mundo veio pelo meme

  33. Gustavo Guga

    Do it myself is god

  34. salman Q

    Is that snare too loud? It is overshadowing the song!

  35. john lennon

    O cara é famoso no Brasil e nem sabe kkk

  36. Erik Wild

    Mandela Effect. I swear I know this song for years

  37. vitor holic

    Quem veio por conta do meme da mulher lá ?kkkkk

  38. Rayane Felix

    Manooo como é q pode kkk eu descobri essa música agora em 2020 nam mas amei 💖😍

  39. amy dnwa

    Incase y'all still wondering how ghosts be riding, here you go.

  40. Call of duty mw2 fan1992

    This song is gay

  41. GianFranco17


  42. Hip Hop

    Her voice give marry j Blige

  43. RAQWIN ركوين

    👏👏👏👏👏I love that music

  44. Kleon Hidri

    Best russ song

  45. juliana pereira

    Que musica show

  46. Noob elite

    Opan nobru apelão


    Vim pelo meme kkk

  48. Legendary AF

    What's this album?

  49. juliana pereira

    Vim pelos memes mas algem?

  50. Kassandra Stewart

    #2020 Russ4Life🤍❤️

  51. Jojo Schroeder

    Can someone Please make this Viral? Its about Globalization!!

  52. Дмитро Соловей

    ion know but i can clearly see freddie gibbs on this

  53. Jojo Schroeder Can someone make this Viral? its about globalization


    3 anos atrás agora fez mais fama top demais

  55. Dee_ xx

    I'm the english comment you been looking for okthxbye

  56. Kaegyn Diamond

    It’s the beat that makes it sound shit

  57. ? 9

    Is this the same house from Taylor swift blank space mv

  58. ? 9

    Taylor swift blank space

  59. FugkinHERO


  60. Skxppers _

    The beat kinda sounds like war baby

  61. vovo ff

    So tem br aqui kkk

  62. PEUZIN X

    Quem veio pelo meme curte kkk👌

  63. Lucas Andrade


  64. Treyhanca Mcelroy


  65. lucas aristizabal

    entre mas de 10k comentarios ha encontrado el de tu idioma😉

  66. Guelzin

    vim pelo oEditor

  67. Holli Holli

    Russell.........Looking forward to meeting with you #KISS

  68. Jonas Brandão


  69. Jonas Brandão

    *COMO EU pesquisei: Xiaomi GanLi Saiko oo* *COMO ELA É: SHE GOT ME GOING PSYCHO*

  70. Mello

    tu e muito bom pqp

  71. Holli Holli


  72. Killer .j

    Teyah I love you

  73. GoddessQueenn _kh

    #hashtag. Thanks Omar for showing Me Russ

  74. Joshua Haas

    Love the hook 😍❤️🔥

  75. The Kid Cholo

    Real fans know this is the sequel to Ride Slow. “I’m pulling up at 3, this car just ain’t the same, without you here next to me...” Russ pulled up at 3 and she either fell alseep or is ignoring him. “It’s 3 am answer your phone, I know you hate to be alone, you’ve been waiting on me all night...”

  76. LOUD JUJUBA Bauer


  77. Antonio Butcher

    fall out boy is that you?

  78. Victor rog yei DA CABEÇA GROSSA

    "E bem mais fácil a pessoas larga a droga do que a música".

  79. Francisco Prates

    Gostei muito


    This is LOVE ❤🌶

  81. Djair Miranda

    Boa jogador você achou a música do meme da gata e do "só o básico" dançando brega funk kkkkkkk

  82. Freddy Alejandro Peñuela Tabares

    Alguien que hable español...?

    1. Gabriel Davi

      No mas tem quem ablo português

  83. Manu Aihara

    vcs acharam msm dificuldade pra achar essa música?? Era só vcs ouvirem a voz dele e pesquisarem no Google

  84. Eduardo SÁNCHEZ

    Grande, Aitor

  85. Moy De Leon

    Dude why the fuck cant I see this video anymore.

  86. cheeks80 Huron

    Hes the only man who I'll prefer in a man bun......I'll allow it!

  87. biel play_yt

    so tem br nos comentarios kkkkk, se vc e br da like

  88. niko gavasheli

    i feel guilty listening this, cause all i do is going backwards but i love it russ!

  89. Miguel Gacha, Games e música

    Vim pela psycho girl

  90. Thiên Doãn

    Very very good

  91. RaceNow 1234

    chill song

  92. T. Harris

    Their match up is perrrrfect!

  93. Melissa DeRoin

    I like his songs I listen to all his new songs he makes

  94. ricardo moreira

    So os brasileiros aqui kakakakaka

  95. Carl Johnson

    kkkkkk finalmente,depois de procurar 10vezes o nome errado e agr eu consegui(sim eu sou o cj brasileiro)

    1. Gabriel Davi

      Oh shit here go again

  96. Andrea Suarez

    Porque tanto brasileño?

    1. Kauan Lemes

      Meme del brasil

  97. FL Rye

    so sad :((

  98. Mini Boy

    Aquí está el comentario español que buscabas 😬😬😬😬

  99. Larissa Rhannia

    " Qual o nome daquela música. Psaicosaicoooooooooo" skskskskskskks

  100. ku shin GAMING

    Đã 3 năm rồi mà nhạc vẫn hay