Because liking things is more fun than not liking things.
Sometimes the critics are wrong. Some movies, while full of plot holes, continuity errors, and bad acting have plenty of wins! Every week I’ll do a movie you love, that maybe the world hates. Did you go into a movie with your mind made up? Maybe there's more greatness in it than you thought! And some movies are just so good they deserve the winning treatment.
The internet is full of so much hate and negativity, ultimately I hope my videos will brighten your day!
I use a similar format as CinemaSins specifically to be their opposite. This is just my spin on films that I think don't get the respect they deserve or are so good they need to be celebrated. Or more often, stupid crap that made me laugh and want to watch it again.
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  1. Quigley 07

    That's what we call SIMBA LISOM!

  2. GutsherrAkrobat

    really bad misuse of Marry Sue/Gerry Stue

  3. 0math12345

    *8 years later* is incorrect. The Avengers happened in 2012. This movie happened in 2017.

  4. Jack Wargamer

    I was hoping you would include it but The same actor that played the daughter in this movie played eleven in stranger things

  5. Aizawa Shouta

    so i literally can't make it threw this movie without falling asleep and i watched it before i was a teenager so i would say i didn't like it very much but i fall asleep watching most marvel movies i think it just isn't my genre gritty super hero movies that's why i like guardians of the galaxy, dead pool 1&2, an the first ant man it was fun and had humor that as a fourteen year old i get i like slapstick and i have learned i like a lot of marvel *characters* not so much the movies

  6. Micshork

    PLEASE do Atlantis: The Lost Empire

  7. Mtkx11

    Win counter: 01 It ended.

  8. AlexOfSpades

    I cried during the scene in show yourself with her mother- I didn't expect to actually like the movie

  9. Jens Boehme

    The perfect film to watch in self isolation. I hope we science the shit out of this....

  10. Amy Smith

    That Harry Potter reference was brilliant

  11. Nena Arindrasari

    Request: Everything great about WALL-E

  12. King Rthur

    9:35 that backfired horribly

  13. Michael Hewitt-Clarke

    16:23 it’s funny since the spectacular Spider Man did the exact same thing when fighting mysterio ( he even webbed up his eyes) and he literally said “ Trust your gut not your eyes and may the spider sense be with me”

  14. Will Weichman

    At the 2:55 mark, look over at the magnifier used later, and you'll see 2 people in dark robes, like the guys Palpatine has with him in Jedi... maybe a little subtle foreshadowing for TROS

  15. e_fire

    That broom to the face always cracks me up!

  16. Michael Hewitt-Clarke

    Dosent bring up Rhodes and Warmachine and his affect of iron man ( his best friend) dead

  17. wespozo

    Instant classic sci-fi film. A big win for Cruise

  18. Pfistner

    I’m pissed that I seen Batman V Superman over this

  19. Alex Smith

    Dante was a win for me from the beginning because he’s a Xolo

  20. Silja Clara Frej Møller

    You should do Jojo Rabbit

  21. Overton Alford

    Well, it's out on digital. An EGA is only a matter of time at this point. As a fan of the film, I'm actually curious to see exactly what you thought

  22. Jorge Deaño Pérez

    I admire how seamlessly you got the advertising into the video. Truly impressive

  23. Fré

    9:47 Sweet, another wallbreak, that is like 64 walls.

  24. godzillaking 5678

    "Avengers infinity war and endgame was ultimate crossover movie" Ready player one: am i a joke to you?

  25. Bigmanshaqting 455

    It's time to show kong that man is king. That line sold the movie for me

  26. Aizawa Shouta

    Mr. blue sky is always a win

  27. stu desmond

    Moon please

  28. Ezra McNair

    an underrated classic...has Destiny and Death Stranding vibes for sure

  29. N.E. Wahn

    There's an answer for Minho knowing the first number in the sequence. It's called math. Once they mapped the sequence, they could either just count back to the day Alby first arrived, or count which it starts on at the beginning of each month. It's not a difficult leap to make.

  30. Aizawa Shouta

    when you watch a Trevor Noah comedy show you start to recognize him every where and a lot of people wanted him to be black spider man

  31. oiuet souiu

    details. Also love all the film knowledge you have and how you incorporate them into your videos. Feel better, and thank you for all the work you do! Stay safe!

  32. Genevieve Broyles

    I first saw this movie in the theater when I was little, and I loved it instantly. I feel like everybody secretly wishes that they could have a pet Toothless. He's so adorable! I just wish that dragons were real, period.

  33. Mr lemon lemon

    "Go fuck yourself" Wolverine

  34. daishin fade

    All of the transformers movies

  35. Eliude W T Cardoso

    I can't believe No country for old men hasn't been reviewed! Crazy stuff

  36. Finlay Humberstone

    I'm it had problems but the grittiness makes this possibly my favourite starwars even though it could have been better

  37. TalonDarkfire

    Something I've just noticed watching your video 8:05, but Vika's eyes are extremely dilated for the amount of light in the scene. Her eyes seem to be that dilated for most of the scenes (even when they take the selfie). Are they like that the entire movie and if so, what's the reason?

  38. Johny 17

    1:40 I'm lost. Why does he apologize so deepls to Shia LaBeouf??

  39. The Brad Marks Channel

    I think the score lets it down a bit, it's just all so gloomy and serious. Dope film though.

  40. TalonDarkfire

    I'll say, of the movies that have come out I guess I would say recently, there are four that stand out as my modern faves: Oblivion, Tron: Legacy, Dredd and Ex Machina. Great special effects, good action, but most of all truly spectacular music.

  41. BattleBeastsKing

    huh, that's weird I thought they'd be reviewing the last Airbender show which would be weird cause they usually do movies but all I see is a black box with static as sound.

  42. Aditya Ingole

    You go to great lengths to defend the indefensible. Don't have to gloss it like it's godfather. All movies aren't masterpieces. Show what you like. I don't think you like everything you review without any condition. This is too much.

  43. Shanyn TaToum

    You need to show us the good in CinemaSins !

  44. Gary Whitney

    Of course she is nebula that's her sexy voice you can't unhear it

  45. CopyCat Music

    2:17 😂😂👌🏼👌🏼 Edit: You totally missed the chance to say at Barty Jr's transformation scene at the end 'Doctor who do you think you are?' Haha

  46. Caine the Shadow Demon

    There are at least two actors in this movie that were in the hobbit. They were also in several of the same scenes.

  47. shot q80

    Almost hevan

  48. Clayton Kranik

    this movie made no godamn sense to me lol

  49. A.T.L.99

    how is this video longer than the dark knight one

  50. Inzane Artworks

    Perfect analysis for me. I cannot agree more. It’s one of my most rewatched movies because of the score and visuals.

  51. Cheri Berry

    You mentioned the island, could you pleaaaaase do an episode on it.

  52. gre mbiule

    "It's too late for Andre to get out" Damn this hit me right in the feels

  53. Heath Riley

    Fun fact about Olga: She's 5'9". That's it. I'm totally not mentioning how Tom Cruise is totally standing on a futuristic apple-crate and/or Olga is totally standing in a futuristic crouch or trench on set.

  54. lavupcreeper

    I wish Ultron was smarter though. Like he's an AI, come on..

  55. Light Oyediran

    16:46 "are u kidding im blind" 👌😂 also storm aim so bad a blind walking in a straight could Dodge their blasts 😂

  56. MaximumMatador

    Please do Titan A. E. !!!

  57. David Handley

    What’s with the stupid “Flipper” sounds at the end? Flipper as in the dolphin. Really?

  58. EvilMonkeyPaw

    Wasn't the Iron Giant an incomplete mod or something?

  59. Jessie Mcclenan

    I just realized... Tom Felton, AKA Draco Malfoy goes on to play Julian Albert in the CW's Flash. Mind. Blown.

  60. ShloKing

    It says, "no expectations". The graffiti, it's "no expectations".

  61. LightningLad

    The world won’t be equal because there will always be someone who wants there group to get more no matter there sexuality or race people are people so bring attention to when things were wrong but to act like your entitled to be racists because your ancestor did this is wrong. Learn from the past don’t use it to be bad in the same way to the people that had nothing to do with the bad things that have happened.

  62. Raymond Long

    So this movie is good its just so predictable, like okay cool twist with him being the doom but the first day this was out in theaters my friends and I began guessing about what would happen. The fact Sally wasn't real, the fact the bad guys aren't bad guys, when she gets shot, the other tom cruise going to help the kid and her. It was predictable but was still enjoyable and the attention detail is so amazing and it shocks me how much effort they put in so at least a 8/10

  63. Rachel I

    Fun fact: in theaters the “I am iron man” Part was on and me and a random lady started to chat “turn to dust” over as nd over again. We were so happy that thanos was defeated that we did fully proses the fact that iron man was dying.

  64. Bout video

    I'm crying.. Again..

  65. Rob Blatchford

    Spot on with the Halo Reach comparison. Great video

  66. Freya of Cerberus

    Yeah i dunno why but this Pixar film always hit me really hard. Like don't get me wrong you are literally inhuman if you don't cry in Up or Toy Story 2 but this affected me really deeply. Its probably because i'm always crushing sadness and enforcing joy in my mind and until watching this i didn't really realize how bad that is. Love this movie. Thanks for giving it the treatment it deserved :)

  67. TheFireLine42

    I grew up with these movies and I am glad that I did.

  68. Mateusz Marciniak

    Make "Everything Great about *Prince of Egypt* "

  69. namelesschnitzel

    3:56 anyone else notice how the bong is juuuuust on the other side of the barrier? ooooof

  70. Kimberly D

    Just realized Sean and Mindy St. Clair from the Good Place were in the movie.

  71. Astrokidxx

    if someone told me "there would be spider man in iron suit holding an infinite gauntlet while his web attached to flying mjiolnir thrown by captain america" in 2007, imma slap his head

  72. Al Die

    Why does no one ever realize that tony actually gives harley a mini dum-e at the end?

  73. Deven Anderson

    I loved the dancing. I felt they explained EVERYTHING in this movie. He dances when nobody is watching (in a more disturbing way) and when he is preforming for people he puts a "joyous" look to his dancing, you see the real preformer when he dances alone (not an act) vs dancing for people, and with every single version of the joker he has some sort of twisted showmanship in his movements. Wether its flourishing with his arms/legs, in cartoons/movies/games, spinning when he walks, saying things like ta-da, it shows he was always how he is. Just even more so when he accepts the joker persona.

  74. Foxx222

    If you like this, play Knights of The Old Republic, and strictly be a light side character. Though you do the "right" thing, there is still harm to your decisions.

  75. Manny Rashford

    1:37 New York Cap?

  76. BENJ1 Bo1

    Cinema wins, Do I AM MOTHER on Netflix

  77. AnAnaithnid

    First movie was a great thriller. Second movie was an alright adventure/action movie. This was a good action movie. Cast killed it, had great chemistry and it was all a lot of fun. I've actually gone back to these movies multiple times simply because of the cast. They do a great job. Also, sound design and set pieces are stellar.

  78. Ewout Herder

    I love your videos man. One of my personal favorite movies is Surf’s up, but it got bad reviews and I think it’s super underrated. Could you maybe do Surfs up?

  79. Rinno866

    As a huge Pokemonfan, a little disappointed about the noices Psyduck and Bulbasaur made, I really wished they had gone with the psyducksound he made in the anime, same with Bulbasaur

  80. Claudio de Leus

    thank you for this man, i hope youre all good and that little cold is just a cold.

  81. Alex Ross

    Please do King Arthur legend of the sword and bright

  82. The Radioactive Player

    Yo so up until the instant you mentioned it I never noticed the starting battle had a 2d/3d blend _What sorcery is this?_

  83. Samuel Gonzalez-Tovar

    I still believe black widow is dressed like that to honor her fallen sister

  84. Bigby Wolf

    Jack Reacher vs Ethan Hunt I think its a tie

  85. Maya-Alexandra Martin

    That dreaming without your SO thing? I get that so much. I have dreams without my boyfriend and it's just before I wake up that I realise he isn't there. More sadly, I have it with my now-pass nan too - I'll have a dream with her in it, then remember that she's dead and say goodbye to her before I wake up because I know I'm in a dream at that moment. Basically, it's not just you, but it's really cool

  86. Chris Bade

    have you ever thought about doing the godfather movies? I'd love to hear your take on them

  87. MrThorsStone

    I think David Prowse said "Obi-Wan killed your father," during filming, which I think is also absolutely bonkers. It doesn't top "I am your father," but MAN it's wild

  88. Heathcliff

    "His fate will be the same as ours" All 3 die on death star.

  89. Erik Smith

    Cigar lighting scene... how about Rear Window.. the OG

  90. Tarun Sakhivel

    now you make movies a lot more deep than its intended to be

  91. Greebo

    One of the best. It was so refreshing, after all the other 'spy' type films. Central character superbly flawed. Love interest an interesting character in her own right. Totally believable plot. Superbly directed. Actors on top of their game, especially Damon. What's not to like? Oh, the car chase isn't in my top ten..., no, it's in my top one. Every part of it is so superbly crafted to make it totally believable. Comparisons with The French Connection, and dare I say it, Bullit, show how flawed those were. Hey, I'll still watch and revere them, but the Mini in Paris is superb. Fabulous movie al round, and the BEST in the trilogy, which is saying something.

  92. avalanchesoul

    That bar scene was the best! Intense pacing and acting

  93. Jessie Mcclenan

    Flight of the Navigator. P L E A S E. I am BEGGING you to Win Flight of the Navigator. AND/OR The Last Starfighter. PUHLLLEEAAAASSSEEE

  94. Jak Daman


  95. Cyclonz

    Wait If thanos went forward in time and died then doesn't that mean that there was no thanos for the rest of that timeline because if he died then in 2014 and onward there is no thanos, so infinity war never should've happened unless when tony snapped his fingers he made it so thanos goes back to his time instead of killing him and technically cap never died so i don't know why everyone is saying r.i.p cap

  96. Blackout7583 AGL

    Call me crazy but this is a top 5 favorite movie for me

  97. Sadhbh Ni Dhonaill

    “The game is a foot” I see what ya did there

  98. SharmClucas

    Found this movie on demand one day and loved it. Never knew it existed before that, so I think one of the reasons it was underrated was because it was also under advertised. I really love this kind of "what if" style of sci-fi, the kind that makes you think, but isn't depressing. Not enough of that in entertainment, sadly. Maybe not enough people who enjoy it, too, based on reactions to some of my favorite thinking required movies.

  99. Andrew C

    I really liked this movie, but the final act was very dissapointing.

  100. Cyclonz

    wait if thor took his hammer from the past then wouldn't the thor from that past not have the hammer?