I make medical videos, telling stories in medicine. These are variations on cases I, or my colleagues, have seen in the past. The main goal of these videos are to tell a story about people, as we each have a unique story to tell.
This channel was created in September 2015 as a way for me to create something I could call my own. The earlier videos served to teach me how to make a video, as I have no background in filming, editing, etc. That early content was following trends of the time, learning how best to approach my lack of understanding of video.
I hold no responsibility over what you do with your or anyone's body after watching any of my videos. You should not recreate any of the presented situations. These videos are not and are not intended to be medical advice. I do not give individualized medical advice over the internet, see your physician for that.
I am a licensed provider trained and based in the United States.

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  1. Jamm

    I lost 31 in 3 weeks

  2. XxRoboticNerdxX

    Wow, humans can be very stupid or very smart. This is a case of below very stupid

  3. Wellstar

    Eggs do not contain salmonella though

  4. WarpPal

    At the time of this post, this video has 666k views....

  5. WebbTV

    damn she fine, and we're the same age :P

  6. WebbTV

    why did she heat up potato salad?

  7. This is Geh

    I accidentally touched my tongue while sanitizing my hands. I spit out and washed my mouth but I think the spirit already steamed away before I spit it out. It was about 1-2 drops. I might have swallowed 1 drop while cleaning my mouth. Is it fatal?

  8. Mike C.

    Natural selection at it's finest

  9. Adventist

    Mom: Brush your teeth. Me: No. Mom: (Shows this video) Me: Several years to live sounds fine.

  10. João Guilherme B Correa

    A guy breathed. This is how he got fucking thanos snapped.

  11. Gameing Prince

    BB's mom is Karen

  12. Lauren Mccrea

    I feel so bad for him!!!

  13. Negativity

    RIP in peace

  14. Laura Cooley

    I'm loving how his hair looks different in every video. It works well. . . He does it on purpose for visual affect.

  15. sanji-kun


  16. ですLuice

    I'm just playing 5 hours a day (ofc with break) why did this video got recommended to m???????????????

  17. Roger Peterson

    This is every student in college tho

  18. now slam

    Honestly fuck that wife who left him even though they were dealing with the same issues together.

  19. Joel Vergara

    How did humans become superior

  20. Ken Hoang

    Are these cases real? How can anyone play for 73 hours? Staring at the screen, I fall asleep after 3 hours lol.

  21. juju june

    Also I love what you do Thank you for making these

  22. juju june

    Hello Chubbyemu Can you please discuss SENSORY ALALIA? This disease is rare but I feel like important for awareness as many times it is misdiagnosed because people don't know of it. Thank you

  23. Luke Jasper

    Architecture students watch this and laugh at BB's weakness

  24. marsig01

    anyone here to mashup it with eminem?

  25. jingle bells

    lol drinking a beer is the only way to get rid of a hangover

  26. Matthew Zhang

    Moderation. That's the lesson learned.


    It doesn't work like that for all people I used to drink coffee on my job at least a little bit more than 13 cups a day fast while at work

  28. jingle bells

    son your gonna drive me to drinking if you don't stop driving your hot rod lincoln

  29. jajohnson7809

    I usually drink decaf; hopefully I'm safe.

  30. Apollo Praetorius

    I love this guy!

  31. funnyyylock

    I'm shocked no one else noticed. 4:25 underneath the hospital bed there's a man's legs and feet but above the bed there is nothing. Really strange?

  32. Snow Bird

    Turn music off while you talk please.

  33. Dish Man

    When the anime doctor becomes the smartest character in the show

  34. Joseph Mason

    The constant theme in these videos seems quite clearly to be EXCESS! EXCESS! EXCESS! Your body can handle just about anything in moderation.

  35. jingle bells

    thanks China

  36. locrianic


  37. Esoteric Groyper

    Me: "Wow, I hope this never happens to me!" Also me:*struggles getting even 40 squats in 20 minutes*

  38. Chowchow Man

    I looked this up because I was going to eat two gummy vitamins when I’m sopposed to have one

  39. malevolantANGEL

    Is there an update to the studies?

  40. Saturian Khazard

    Great channel for people who want to lose weight by NOT EATING anything... XD Kidding of course, and thank You for another great video! :)

  41. Rockhead Patch

    But DIP Diet by Dr. BIswaroop Choudhary is curing Covid-19 Patients within 4-7 days. Do please cover this topic sir.

  42. scooter800m

    wow, i really liked that guy's accent. Definitely doesn't sound a native english speaker, but he certainly entertaining to listen to.

  43. GodSpeed14

    I learned more here than in my Anatomy and Physiology class. I rewinded like 10 times to make sure I know something😂

  44. bg24955

    Mountain Dew instead

  45. GodSpeed14

    You should narrate movie Trailers

  46. scooter800m

    anything can be a poison if consumed in high enough quantities.

  47. TON O'CLAY

    His first mistake was trusting gas station sushi

  48. GabrielExists

    Hey uhh, did you make the video length 13:37 on purpose? Also, I absolutely love your videos, I really find them quite interesting, and it's fun to learn a few little things along the way like disease names and reasoning behind some of the names and such. Whatever happened to the video of you reading through the entirety of the medical dictionary thing though?

  49. Zane Shute

    Honestly dude should've just taken the addy lmaooo

  50. Lord Master

    This guy is a trip

  51. Michael K

    Who in their right mind would say, I need to drink 2 gallons of coffee so I can stay awake

  52. Joseph Mason

    Haven't watched but assuming stimulants and a lack of sufficient fluid consumption contributed

  53. Patrick Reilly


  54. Residue Fingerz

    i used to eat 31 grams at a time in highschool

  55. Macer

    7:01 play this part of the video with Eminem lose yourself instrumental playing at 0:50

  56. F.B.I

    i didnt brush my teeth for 5 months nothing happened but i didnt eat a lot only drink was water

  57. Allison Womble

    Ok everyone, say it with me! Essential oils only makes things smell good. They will not cure polio/corona/measles/cancer. It’s not that hard.

  58. E i

    I'm surprised hypercaffeinemia doesn't exist till this point

  59. Android Arkitecht

    Just say no to Starbucks.

  60. stickpixel 1729

    i ate water

  61. golden Fern

    I take the real one

  62. Rudy Garcia

    This guys very smart , wouldn’t it be nice for him to be your doctor

  63. William Chadwick

    I'll bet she heard loud noises in the bathroom.

  64. Mr owl L.

    Next video: Kids sniff a bunch of gay people This is what happend to their hands

  65. freddie

    m a n y o t h e r t h i n g s

  66. luke&logan Johnston

    There is no way he died like those are vitamen gummies they can make you an increddable life form of so much power he died

  67. Richardus mario tobia

    Wyh do you name every one kc bb and i dont no

  68. EchoVR

    ...I want a bagel.

  69. Sarcc


  70. aditya srivastava

    A man fapped 10 times a day for 1 months this is what happened to his brain ...

  71. Lil Moee713

    a p p e d i x

  72. Corby Dorian

    Tommy boy: "Did you eat paint chips as a kid?"

  73. Corby Dorian

    I feel like this would be common as hell. Especially years ago when all toys were hand painted and such

  74. jacob birch

    Lol, OR WRESTLE A BEAR. I actually dream of wrestling bears. I feel trapped between being a nerd/warrior. I like your channel you give me knowledge and healthy balance you've actually helped me slow down on alcohol and even cigarettes. Thank you for sharing!!

  75. Corby Dorian

    I heard he was playing "The Sims: Job hunt"

  76. minixo Mini


  77. MrXxColexX1

    10:10 I thought that diuretics caused an increase in sodium excretion causing the water to follow the concentration gradient and also be excreted. While something like aldosterone increases sodium reabsorption in the kidneys causing urine to be more concentrated and increasing blood pressure with water reabsorption. Please correct me if I'm wrong

  78. Erik Budrow

    Something this detailed and sciency shouldn't be so hilarious and alluring. Especially when this guy didn't even smile or crack a joke once.

  79. Ruhr Red Army

    Don’t goddamn self-medicate. And take yourself to hospital if you need to!

  80. Patrick Reilly

    At least he didn't drive

  81. No Fullname

    Doctor: Don't drink more than 4 cups of regular coffee. Me: Knocks over 10 Monster cans as I stand up to empty my pee jug.


    Instead of brewing a pot with 5 scoops of coffee grounds, Ive started putting 2 scoops of coffee grounds straight into milk and drinking that. Half the coffee and Im getting twice the buzz. Am I going to die?

  83. Corby Dorian

    His 1st problem is he doesn't know how to write..

  84. Daevin Dilbeck

    “PRESENTING 👆🏻to the emergency room”

  85. KenzLlama 12

    Just get a bandage smh 🤦‍♀️

  86. AduptUniform26

    Nutmeg minty? Wtf. It’s closer to Cinnamon, then mint

  87. YT CLTW

    where had quarantine brought me

  88. Jackson Ayres

    I mean... how stupid do you have to be think that the logic "this kills COVID on a counter so it'll work fine if I drink it" checks out?

  89. Gavin Lulu

    I only searched f*cking tobu - candyland and this came up

  90. James Salter

    Music at start reminds me of doom

  91. Dave Wineman

    Let me guess, natural selection happened?

  92. BJ JM

    To be honest, coffee never did something to me lmao Pd. I don't drink coffee so idk

  93. J O

    So regular show is a lie then

  94. Dr.Derpy

    A Karen walked into a Publix This is what happened to the store

  95. Kaihatdiemacht

    TFW Mountain Dew Cheetos are in your bloodstream

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    His brain after drinking: *GG*

  97. Rachelle Lachica

    Scam. Bitch

  98. Rachelle Lachica


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    When you get keto ads in the middle of this video... 😳😂

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    Moral of the story is go to the doctor