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  1. Evalyn Dean

    Laura: Boo boo, don’t! Me what the heck is that I thought it was eryn 😂

  2. Evalyn Dean

    Laura: “If you say it was hunky chunky girl I believe you!” Me: dying of laughter 😂 12:05

  3. Melissa A

    oh my god she looks like Elle from Legally Blonde

  4. Chelsea Grant

    I am kinda confused about some of these products?? There are some good ones.

  5. Krystal Manzano

    Girl you are crazy! I have long hair and I cut it short I went to a hair dresser but it was still really short and now I have it long again and I think I love my hair longer. I would be really scared to chop it off

  6. Nicole

    Laura, or anyone else, any recommendations for acne marks or scars on the face? Thanksss xoxo

  7. LeightonRebecca

    What hair products do you use??!!

  8. milena _s

    Laura your hair looks sooo gooooood! 😍

  9. Bryan Fernandes


  10. Meaghin Jordan

    the tatcha primer breaks me out

  11. Silvia Prelipcean

    and you still looked so beautiful!!

  12. Jazmin Romero

    The bipolarISM in this vid tho lmao 😂

  13. Mayjia miles

    She never said anything about the lashes

  14. Alice Banner

    Laura, I'd love to see you do a video using products from this site. Let me know if you do. www.copycatbeauty.com/collections/eye-shadow-palette

  15. sweet aleh

    when she said: so i’m gonna go in with the color that swatches like KAKA I was dead 😂😂

  16. Huma Babar


  17. NicoleKristine

    I think I might have to do a LAURA LEE MADE ME CUT MY HAIR VIDEO.. hmm 🤔 🤗😘💗

  18. Tania Santiago

    would you review NYX Launches 'Sabrina' Collection ? :)

  19. Lucy Ortega

    You look so 90s, I love it! 🖤

  20. Såida ÍñC!Yà.

    Who watching 27 January 2020😅

  21. Amanda Pollard

    I enjoyed this video so much, it reminds me of me and my girls. I love to see you in your everyday life w family. Hope see more soon!👍

  22. Steve T

    make up makes women even more fake than they already are. Think about it.

  23. Brittani Smith

    Too much avocado? What? That lip looks great too!

  24. Kimberley Nava

    I definitely went to the description box for the foundation review and nothing 😑

  25. Renáta Muszung

    Thata so weird , Beccas powder is like my favorite , I also love the too Faced bronzer !

  26. Steve T

    I can't believe I watch that whole thing. that's 18:17 minutes I can't get back. I wish I had more important things to do than to watch this foolish video. You are not tooooooo conceited. R U

  27. Latty Boo

    I would love some of those makeup.

  28. Evelyn Reyes


  29. Stefanie Morse


  30. BasicallyBeauty23

    I have the same ring light! It’s amazing! I’ve had it for about 6 months now and it’s incredible! I use it for tiktok and for videos, or if I just want a bright light while doing my makeup! Watching your vid using it while doing my makeup! ❤️

  31. ChristopherJMUA

    Love the video!! Was cool watching you just make it work! 💝

  32. twistedfateforme

    I think the final look looks pretty. That brow pencil looked rough lol.

  33. AuntSammy16

    I love their relationship 🥰❤️

  34. Shannon May

    I love that becca powder! haha best ever, feels so cool.

  35. Floriant Duo

    What editing software you use ??

  36. Toby Gonzalez

    I love the eyeshadow!

  37. Kansas Gilleo

    Lol I had to rewind after I saw conciller I couldn't even hear you any more, doesnt every phone have auto correct??

  38. Olivia Block

    Everyone seems to be obsessed with the stay naked. I tried it and didn’t love it but I think I had the wrong shade. Seeing how many people love it makes me want to buy my correct shade

  39. Amanda Whoso-Ever

    Hot mess express 🚂

  40. Rand Ghz


  41. Sandeeebeaches

    Did she ever say what she did to grow her hair so fast??

  42. Kelly Klonowski

    This came out so good though!!!

  43. Stormy Cassida

    Words of the day...hunky chunky 🤣

  44. Sofia Roca

    I love Tatcha for my dry skin! ❤️

  45. Katie Townend

    What was the brush you used for bronzer please 💗

  46. Hayley

    My coworker bought that Florence foundation and brought it into work just to make me smell it because she said it smelled like manure lol

    1. Jessica B


  47. Shayleigh Pappas

    The maybelline metallic highlights are pretty too.

  48. Falon  Adams

    I absolutely love you and your videos! I am also from Alabama so I can relate to the way you talk so well lol. It’s so cool to see someone that grew up in a similar atmosphere to me is doing such great things. It gives me a lot of inspiration! Much love. ♥️

  49. Joanne Burleigh

    I love the stay naked foundation. It's my favorite and I have a arsenal of foundation. It lasts all day, doesn't look cakey or makeupy. I dont know how someone wouldn't like it.

  50. Shayleigh Pappas

    I own many too faced palettes and all are stunning. I own the original gingerbread, sweet peach, both the tutti fruity palettes, the natural love and all are great.

  51. Mrs Weirdy

    Who else heard the two foundations and thought, uh oh! Lol Laura’s going to look like she forgot to put foundation on one side.

  52. Shayleigh Pappas

    Those blushes are creamy smooth and stunning. Whoever doesn't agree is insane

  53. Angel Pintarro

    word of the day hunky chunky 😂

  54. Jennifer Hart


  55. Nikki McKenzie

    BOO BOO!! 😂😂😂

  56. charlixo beauty

    Girl I love the Stay Naked, I’m surprised multiple people said they hated it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  57. Sydney Wiler

    Booboo just wanted to be in the video 😂😂

  58. J ania

    I LOVE TY. .

  59. Mikala Warren

    Can’t believe people hated the powder. I LOVED THE BECCA POWDER!

  60. Kimberly Heier

    I love it, but it's not even!

  61. Simran A

    woohoo 2020 glowup <3

  62. Brittany Napior

    eeek that concealer made the under eye look grey!

  63. Stephanie Hernandez

    Candy cane🍭

  64. Kristian Alton

    Alright Sling Blade. I am dying over here. "looking for my M6 brush. (insert sling blade voice) lmao.

  65. Dannie G

    I love the milk chocolate bronzer, it’s my go too!!

  66. Kayla K

    You NEED to do this with Manny !!!

  67. Elizabeth DeBrosse

    *takes a shot every time Laura says “hunky chunky” 😂😂😂

  68. Maria Pascoal

    I love you ❤

  69. Baleigh Thompson

    Omg lashes-the lashes in a box from beautylish are the WORST-and they’re not cheap! They are just straight stiff plastic. Can’t stand them.

  70. ishita kapoor


  71. Heather Brenton

    I love the physicians formula butter blush I don't think it's shimmery at all.. and it smells just like the butter bronzer so it smells amazing.. the butter blush just gives me the perfect amount a little pop for the checks.

  72. Michele Bostic

    I love the elf primer. I want to try their new matt and their new luminous putty primer

  73. Geana Cardona

    Omg I am like Manny I forgive everyone.

  74. Hisana Nazar

    I love Huda Beauty Setting Spray.

  75. Briia Sandoval

    All foundation looks good on Laura’s skin for real!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Rusdie Rahim

    Laura, you are so beautiful 💖

  77. Melissa Hoch

    I just adore this. This is why I watch your family!

  78. Dion Collings

    I like the naked foundation too alternative for the other one maybe??? NYX bare with me one x

  79. Carla Ithier

    I have that too faced extra spicy and I REALLY love it!!

  80. Crystal Farmer

    My local Ulta has a smallish Catrice section but it's usually about half empty.

  81. Selena Rodriguez

    Girl your bronzer in the hairline prob again in this video tho

  82. Linda Weinstein

    I love your makeup ! You could use any brand n you still On point 🙌🏼😘🥰🌸💕🤩Unreal how you just go with the flow n easy going ! Leave that makeup on ! You are SEXY / Pretty always ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  83. Jenny Cull

    I'm so annoyed everytime i hear her say conciller. Like why?

  84. Aleksandra Moon Dancer

    I love LAURA LEE**********!!!!!

  85. Ameria Hampton

    Can I have some of the makeup

  86. Dexter Morgan

    It’s not a bronzer problem. It’s a scar problem maybe possibly a growth problem or a texture issue. Just to be clear, no scars are actually problems but it’s not you putting on the bronzer wrong.

  87. Lia M

    2020 anyone?

  88. Katies Kreations

    My Auntie helped raise me too <3 Auntie's are the best!

  89. zaina z


  90. Dalilah Cheatwood

    Your amazing

  91. Selina

    the glow stick primer is one of my favorites also the glow setting mist, the sprayer sucks but the product is so good!

  92. Cindy Abernathy

    Yes they Catrice products at Ulta!! Some Ulta's don't have a big selection!!

  93. Nalinha 1

    Quem veio por causa do video do F?

  94. Angelica

    How her hair got so long so fast? I want the secrete

  95. Ada Rose

    The sleeves on the third dress are so cuteee and the backkk but the rest of it is eh

  96. Ashley Sajor

    I feel like the face makeup aged Laura 😩

  97. Shannon Stevens

    I LOVE Becca moisturizing setting powder, am i just crazy?

  98. Hannah Gowen

    I love how many times you said “hunky chunky” hahaha 🥰

  99. aislinnfoo

    Laura Lee? More like Laura Farquaad 😂 love the short hair Laura!!

  100. marygee alcocer