Welcome to Beverly Valley High School. Follow the lives of the teens as they deal with drama, dating and rivalry.

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  1. Ayrleigh


  2. Zhaara Shariffullah


  3. Any Game

    I think normal is more fun than rich (like if you agree) 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻

  4. Keeva McGinnis

    Lemme join u lol I go to bed at 9oklock

  5. paula brett

    I. Love. Cenimon

  6. Keeva McGinnis

    Mine is the Apple store

  7. Annmarie Houston


  8. living with gabriela!!

    My mom is 45 and I'm only 7 years old. PS don't judge me okay??

  9. Cassidy Williams

    I’m the cool kid

  10. Baby Kiran

    I Really think tootsie and cinnamon should be friends 👭 Who agrees With me Like and reply

  11. Galaxy Ginny

    First time I ever heard them swear.

  12. Gacha dragon 404

    Did all u sneak in cinnamons movie theater

  13. I C E K I N G V E V O


  14. Tones Centeno

    LOL “Margie red” No but I have bloody nose red”

  15. Sandeep Aujla


  16. rosa Franco

    Toostie is super duper dumb

  17. Sannie Dequito

    I take my bike

  18. Natali Monterroso

    Rhubarb :cinnamon is queen she is present she is the best Tootsie :Riya you should run Everyone:Riya Riya riya riya

  19. sofia casandra modragon

    Bts army

  20. Yung Yeet

    She has a wig😂😂😂😂😤😤😤😥😥😰😰😰😱😱😱

  21. zack ong

    Your should do one that you n your best friend tossit go on a filed trip

  22. Cristal Cardenas Estrada

    Who else looked in there report card before giving it to my parents

  23. Cristal Cardenas Estrada

    Jan 27

  24. Wiltanv Lopezh

    Tootsie:is this love!? Me:it is cause you have a shirt that says love

  25. Aman Gill

    My fav subject is texting in class

  26. Sarah Kim

    Boys and men will never understand about having boobs.

  27. Leynah Thomas


  28. Ritia Tuaine

    10 11 25 32 34 And when i forget my password

  29. Jade Luu

    i have 4 sister and 1 brother

  30. Jocelyne Saldana

    Lego land!!!!

  31. Jenna’svlog D


  32. Leynah Thomas

    sweet food

  33. bisha adam

    I thought dan and riya were together

  34. Seray Mansaray

    How do i mute notifications

  35. Denish Halilbasic


  36. Diana Garzon

    i luboo dan and riya

  37. Talin Usefyan

    Ya guys are my favorite ALsel channel

  38. Navjot Kaur

    HOLD UP, When Cinnamon said I love, NewYork, There’s Shoe..And TOOTSIE- She loves Tootsie- 🤨

  39. Mary Reza

    You can do like a three marker challenge

  40. yia yangu8o0

    Why does tootsie have a beard when she is a girl I now u are a boy

  41. Christian Leiataua

    Tootsie your so mean to your cousin 😪👎💪💟😍😝😛😘😋🙄😚😉☺️😊😛🙃

  42. Maria Gutierrez

    Why was Chad in the girls sction?

  43. Challenge Accepted!!

    How come dan and riyas school is so fun but real school is Hell

  44. Meli Zarcia

    That’s weird when strawberry said that she should dance for cad so he can like her

  45. Miguel Parada

    Can you maje a part 3 please

  46. Fire peashotter the youtuber

    Hey guys 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😆

  47. Tristan Miller

    Hello Dan and ria I'm lily your biggest fan and my name is Justin miller and I love eating too I sometimes make a mess but just I'm going because I'm a kid and I am 8 years old my birthday is March 1 and I just love your guys it's videos I just I'm scared of high school but like I just love people doing high school like videos and yeah I subscribed and hit the notification bell and I hit the thumbs up and oh my gosh I love you so much

  48. Fire peashotter the youtuber

    Red herd

  49. soraya yawari

    I have 3 siblings

  50. Angel_ ARJW

    Tootsie: why is Mr but head crying *I hate tootsie. *she is rude*

  51. Hypercookiecute hyper

    Jk tooties mom is a boy to

  52. Angel_ ARJW

    Tootsie: umm one time my hamster got out of his cage and hit the ceiling and fell on the ground so I feel like that relates to *I forgot sorry guy's* Mr g detention

  53. Hypercookiecute hyper

    Why is everyone being a girl when there a boy but sinom and tooties mom arent fakin being a girl

  54. Luisa Payano

    Hi Dan and Riya

  55. Mariam Manvelian

    But was the skunk real or fake

  56. Angel_ ARJW

    Ms hunter looks like Daniel's mom

  57. Mariam Manvelian

    That video was short

  58. Kawii Boi

    Sometimes because I have a long term sub and she drives me crazy and she says my answer was wrong but I had the same answer

  59. Krankem Spinnerbaits

    ok You guys are amazing I love how you be so many people at once and yes I will follow you on tik tok

  60. Idc About idk

    Can you make a video where riya gets popular and cinnamon wants to be riya’s friend?(ps just asking

  61. demoxn ._youth

    1:56 everyone be sturrtimg and I'm over here like OMAY CAN I READ NOW I BET I READ BETTER THEN ALL IF YALL

  62. Laineley Diaz


  63. Jes Kylie

    I think they should post more and tootsie getting a boyfriend

  64. Denise Contreras


  65. Maxi Glyde

    I LOVE STRANGERTHINGS!!!! But I'm sad bc I finished all the episodes


    Im the person watching ALsel on the toilet because im on the toilet 🚽

  67. Alondra Velasquez

    Tootsie: oh my god shut up I was dreaming about Logan Paul body Me: what the heck

  68. angelina herrera

    Akw wow riya you could do worse

  69. Emily Darling Asmr

    Princess diaries

  70. Wendy Garcia

    The Cute one and the gossip girl...

    1. Wendy Garcia

      And lazy

    2. Wendy Garcia

      And the smallest and the smartest

  71. •Wolfie• 6

    cinnamon I bet that rhubarb had the best time without cho but to bad she's dumb and doesn't release shes being used

  72. waqar ahmed javed


  73. Gamer ranger Lol

    Dan Riya Daniel didn’t have detention

  74. Zulexma Delgado

    No have you

  75. Can you keep 2 secrets

    LOL youchanged your shirt🤣

  76. ツYaya

    I love it

  77. Marixza Lemus


  78. Mariah Espinosa

    The first time mom 😂

  79. 50K subs with 7 videos ?

    You rich people so dramatic...

  80. Denise Contreras

    The kissing Booth is my favorite movie to

  81. Incredible Isan —The Best Channel

    Make over for Gladys and Samantha H

  82. Vidya Ehmer

    I love you ❤️😇🤩☺️😉

  83. Vinyl Scratch

    This is a copy off of Kevin Perry's video tbh so delete this

  84. Gia Williams

    🍕 Pizza 😎🤑😎🤑

  85. Challenge Accepted!!

    The movie I think is A Cinderella story ( on Netflix)

  86. progrow pw


  87. Puppy Lover

    𝚆𝚑𝚢 𝚍𝚘𝚜𝚎𝚗𝚝 𝚁𝚒𝚝𝚊 𝚐𝚘 𝚝𝚘 𝚝𝚘𝚘𝚝𝚜𝚒𝚎

  88. Zeneida Reyes

    I would sue them

  89. Carlos Alberto

    I have 2 brothers

  90. Rose

    If cinemas are rich why does she not have the iPhone 11 Max pro

  91. Samantha Tolentino

    Types of annoying students

  92. Sandra Rodriguez


  93. Sarah Kim

    It was funny when Raja said I feel very stupid and uncomfortable. The squirrel costume is hilarious

  94. Melissa Rodriguez

    I’m the one that opens snacks and eats it then puts it back LOL😂

  95. Lina Enneiymy

    I have a connection at a time in my bed with my iPad every time when I get out I crashed and I accidentally hit myself and then a shake with him to see with the big Mac I actually instead of a big Mac it's an iPad so they can clean I'm like jumping off the bed with an iPad

    1. Lina Enneiymy

      Please give me a lot of likes and things

  96. Thedguy 123

    I don’t know why but I’m just on cinnamons side for no reason

  97. Pichu baby

    Who want to see cinnamon get broke and riy Rich

  98. Dalila Navarrete

    Riya and dan morning ruting.

  99. Pichu baby

    Who want to see cinnamon get broke and real rich

  100. Grace Kozlowski

    Anyone in 2020