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  1. Charles Jefferson

    I realize he didn't do the most in the WWE but I still believe he should be inducted into the HoF

  2. Keyla

    So all the samoans in the wwe are related?

  3. upsc dedicated

    Wow such a talented boy shilpas

  4. Chris Jack

    The Miz is the Greatest Heel Of All Time

  5. Shawn Amaefula

    Alicia Fox is so sweet and a pro. I wish I could hang out with her in the holidays.

  6. Logan Campbell


  7. Rap Artist

    Booed at rumble but he ended up getting cheered later but once that undertaker thing happened he got booed forever

  8. Drew Mcintyre

    Guys..This ladie was a marine! Respect!


    At this point, Vince trying to act as a Heel just feels extremely funny.

  10. Brady Wilson

    Future Hall of Famers

  11. David RM

    4 🐐

  12. Ryles ri ri

    I’m so happy Sami dropped the title

  13. Kunal kumar

    this should not be changed it is the best

  14. Oc Smooth

    love u

  15. Nikhit Reddy

    Huge win for Garza

  16. Aditya Vashishtha

    randy orton is the wwe

  17. luxz tx

    Visit number 228

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    superb channel broo 2L8j

  19. Muhammad Fadli

    Edge Spear Cena.. Cena : Ughh..

  20. Thirunavukarasu R

    Wrestlemania 37 the Rock vs Roman reigns mach Comments 💪💪& the Rock and roman reigns

  21. Sanwarlal Nayak


  22. Mahesh Chary 123

    We Want Kane 1999

  23. Mahmudul Swad

    0:04 Wait,WHAT!!!!! 619 by Sasha😱😱😱😱😱

  24. Romeo Valentine

    Shad gaspar came out of his car with morrison ..back in 2011 on a smackdown at copps coliseum hamilton ontario ..they didnt have to but they came out greeted fans took pictures gave us props and handshakes ..and when driving away ..shad yelled i love you all ..he was clearly a really sweet guy ..and him and morrison were riding together then ..i can see why hes upset ..i beleive they were close ..like cm punk and kofi

  25. TokyoAfterlife

    Jesus what a bunch of crybabys in the comment section lol

  26. Ava Ozkaynak

    James Ellsworth is literally to bad for both divisions

  27. Crepazillaux ASMR


  28. Neha Gupta

    Who is better becky like , lacey comments

  29. AZ Magruder

    asuka’s reactions made it 10x better

  30. Sayem Bhuiyan

    Who is see in 2020

  31. ocelot72

    Far Cry 5

  32. HemmarHaert


  33. Naser Saleh

    It’s been 10 years and I still can’t tell the difference between them

  34. A H R HW

    يا عرب 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  35. Lauren Rennard

    you cant try to brake someones neck

  36. Anthony Mcnair

    I have the blue belt

  37. Kurd Vids

    1:43 wwe still sell cm punk t shirt while cm punk gone for 5 years

  38. Wrestling Dekho 360

    Roman vs Broun Strowman SummerSlam 2020

  39. Messi Monkey

    The undertakers entrance is awesome

  40. Marie Kamara

    Am I the only one that saw Nicki Bella in the crowd

  41. Vignesh Achary

    In smackdown here comes the pain this move has very weak damage , goldbearg spear is best and deadly than others!!!!

  42. Emanuel Spencer

    I see Shad being in the HOF and earning the Warrior award

  43. Tahard Tuber

    *One of the best duos of the decade!!*

  44. Neha Gupta

    14 views 28 likes

  45. Peko Pekoyama Rayt

    He watching over his family and jtg family and his fans



  47. M_nxy YT

    0:48 is that chr... o wait we cant speak that name anymore

  48. Naveen McNeal

    Did anyone see one of the uso's fall in the top right corner at 0:47

  49. Thembeka Hlabisa

    Yes she is lit ♠♠


    Give me love

  51. redrose121123

    How do you break sum1’s face

  52. HemmarHaert


  53. Wrestling Lifetime

    Who want Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar ?

  54. 1000 Subscribers For No Reason

    Who can’t wait for BackLash

  55. movie people call me dude

    bobby lashely is a great talented wrestler but Vince is blind to see his talent

  56. Ashwini Bhardwaj

    Good luck

  57. Rap Artist

    Big show never got eliminated

  58. Connor DeJong

    14:13-14:18 That pretty much sums up the Trump presidency and the correct response

  59. Drew Mcintyre

    Edge's Spear on Jeff hardy on the top of the ladder : *allow me to introduce myself*

  60. GGx ManNU

    Why is not that clip 21-1

  61. Sk Dask

    Is she ok?

  62. Aditya Vashishtha

    randy orton is the wwe

  63. Ahmed Artist

    How's everyone! We are our own heros.


    Dean all ok

  65. Logan Campbell

    Jesus crist who would jump from a ladder to sphere edge would

  66. Your Players

    Khali is winner 😎😎

  67. Santiago Mediza Beloqui

    Si no fuera por el comentarista que tapa los gritos sería más exitanteeeeee