Welcome to the official Dean Schneider ALsel channel! What happens if you leave
everything behind to chase your Dream? I am Dean Schneider, 27-year old Swiss guy,
who has dedicated his entire life to the animal world! Nowadays, I live in Africa, I am a
member of a lion pride, my wife is a hyena and I’m a daddy of two monkeys. Besides
that, I have built a global voice for our planet’s wildlife over the past two years! On this
channel you can watch my weekly vlogs, compilation videos, wildlife videos, and more.
Join our journey with new videos uploaded every week!

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  1. Kesh Gurung

    I wanna work with u 😭😭😭😭🤩🤩

  2. jan izery

    Im just new to the channel but broo i got goose bumps damn 🔥

  3. Heroin e

    Where is this dude from

  4. tahira yousaf

    Your haters are jalouse and unable to reach the your level...

  5. tomas nistal martinez

    The Game

  6. Quantela Lewis

    IK 😂🤪🤨🤨🤨🤨

  7. daddy J

    Lions: we have one of our own, he's a little different!, a bit fragile, but we love him too 🙃

  8. Gita Utami

    I'm very love your content

  9. Novee Chubby

    I stan you!

  10. Don’t have A name

    1:17 super hyper shows him lying down

  11. Aaryan Dingle

    Do clamp with Mr beast

  12. a Kiewhuo

    The most peculiar, genuine and amazing ALsel Channel I've ever come across.


    The pump of Adrenaline to be der.. man.. really a dream life..

  14. a Kiewhuo

    This youtuber is on a whole new level. Glad I am here ❤️

  15. Kesh Gurung

    I was so happy. I was already thinking of baby mama having her own baby but at the end it for her. I was heartbroken but it was meant to be. Lion pride ❤️

  16. Iron- Iven

    Ich finde es so schön das so Leute denken ich selber liebe Tiere und würde alles geben einmal ein Löwen zu beschützen oder mal neben ihm zu stehen ich respektiere dich so doll es gibt sehr wenige die so denken wie du 👍🏻🙏🏻


    fast and furious 10(family=pride)!!

  18. Tawawa Drax

    How does dexter react when you hit him with your knuckles

  19. Order B

    Just wonder how idiot the haters calls him animal abuser 🤣. Come on dude, he pet lions while you pet your virtual pokemon...

  20. xeswayo

    Dean is a loving guy

  21. YahyaCODM

    A man whos earned a lions trust is a gangster and we must respect him

  22. Evuvwevwevwe Enyutwewewe Ebuabube Osas

    Abusing haters is the real definition of animal abuse

  23. xeswayo

    Noooooooooooooooo I mean Dean is a Angel he's a loving guy how cares

  24. xeswayo

    Dean is a breeder all of us are bleessers😇😇😇

    1. xeswayo

      Nooooooooo I mean Dean is a bleeser Dean if you see this God loves you

  25. Gilang Farel

    Ada yang nonton ngk ni dari Indonesia??

  26. KejserS

    Stunned to hear that people would ever say you're abusing your animals! Wtf is wrong with people.. You are a great man! Fantastic spirit and mindset and the way you treat your lovely animals.

  27. Order B

    This guy makes me fall in love to all about Lion

  28. Kesh Gurung

    I love you DEAN ❤️ I wanna one day come visit to your place.

  29. Kyle Yes

    Africa is a cool place

  30. Lukas Wettich

    Dean ich weiß du wirst es nie lesen aber bitte schalte mehr Werbung

  31. I just exist

    I wish I had a life like this

  32. blue

    Those lions are pretty brave hanging out with an apex predators

  33. F Sei

    Which one of you is watching this because you can't even get along with your cat

  34. Sasuke Amatya 989

    New videos please

  35. xeswayo

    Where does he live in south Africa

  36. Ieru Leilua

    Who came here cuz they saw blood on the dudes hand

  37. Mariluz Galindo Rodrigues

    Yo adoro esos gatitos puedo ir alla para jugar con ellos

  38. Emilio de Bruin

    dude i really want this too

  39. Ailing Fu

    Unbelievable!!!! Be friends with huge lions!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  40. Sudip 18

    Man you're crazy. You're crazy as F 😲😲

  41. WinterSwerve 452

    Refreshing bro... Have to subscribe, my kinda stuff. Would love to tour your animal kingdom for real... GOD Bless

  42. Mahesh Appu

    U r very lucky 😍😍

  43. Naomi_ Horses_

    Random person: Dean how much breakfast do you eat daily? Dean: I don't eat breakfast, my monkeys eat my breakfast. Sorry for bad english lol :)

  44. Oliver Hunt

    love you soo much soo true

  45. Better Beauty Bd


  46. Shadow Gaming YT

    Can you guys pls sub to cause my brother is keep bully me he said you dont have 17 sub he cep saiying quit youtube 😞😞 my name is shadow gaming yt 5 sub

  47. Legend gamer

    Dean schneider how could you see a innoncent animal dieing ,,everyday


    me and my bros lovee watching those lions love their owner!!! btw we are teens!❤❤

  49. Mauricio Cesar

    subtitles in Portuguese, please!! 🇧🇷😊

  50. Gamerkirito 322

    Bro you li e with lions, cheetahs, elephants dogs hyenas and i dont know more xd

  51. Gamerkirito 322

    Lol I wanna be there xd

  52. jayden Leemker

    Expost this is all edit

  53. Royal_ zlp

    You life in my dream place to go

  54. IDA'KHAN 88

    Who unlike this Chanel that means why are you so jealous with MR DEAN 😘❤💚💜💜💜❤ keep doing mr dean 😘👑 My vf no1 is 👑DEXTER N 👑snoWwwww❤👑queen nayla n 👑leo 👑kirana n 👑kalesi ❤❤❤❤❤👐👐👐👐👐👐😉😉😉😉💖😍😍💖😍

  55. Boop Bop

    How to you identify a hyena?

  56. Fina Lia

    Kesini karena nongol di beranda

  57. Micah Balan Michael

    I think bumba is protective to you


    U_U pobre cebra...

  59. Mini Tnt

    Imagine the balls of this guy

  60. Alfred Freedom Jones

    Why is nobody talking about the fact that *all* hyenas HAVE P*NISES

  61. Micah Balan Michael

    So many people said tigers and lion are not freinds to human but i love tigers and lions

  62. Fucek gaming

    selamat anda menemukan comentar bahasa indonesia wkwkw

  63. Roblox Vsco girl

    And here I am scared of my pet chickens bc the male one chases and bruises everyone

  64. spirit _ animals

    Hmm can I ask you a question, are white lions rare, ultra rare, common, uncommon

  65. hentai connoisseur

    So female hyaena is a futa?

  66. Pùshkar Chandel

    he is the real mowgli

  67. Neha Shrestha

    Leo baby protective towards his sister ♥️😢 i love you Dean

  68. Leonardo Pardini

    God bless you

  69. Speed Mize

    His way of keeping them maybe is the best instead of keeping in a small captivity keeping in part wild is best

  70. Sophia Garcia Navalta

    This is the best video that I've watched during this quarantine. Keep on bringing the animals to the people's heart. 💖🤙🏻

  71. Ethan Dur

    There is something wrong with this equation. Why are lions fighting amongst themselves, but not with Dean? Isn't he part of the pride? lol, if they are not fighting with him, could this be because they see him as the leader, or is it because they are aware he is not like them? I wonder what his rank is in that pride?


    13:37-13:42 uske pants fatey hai😂😂

  73. TheCreepykid

    That zebra looks like it’s so relaxed lying on the ground like that, how nice that a zebra could feel so comfortable around predators 🦓❤️


    So adorable 🥰!


    That's the beauty of the animals 😍😍😍

  76. Angelo Curry


  77. Shane Tallon

    Your so fine omg

  78. Nathan Wolf

    I can hear king mufazza's voice while watching this video . So inspiring . You are one of a kind.. 👍

  79. Living in the islands

    My god! I thought lulu was a monkey 😂

  80. sawaira dean

    He is so cute

  81. Aldo Navanto

    5:45 omg so cute...

  82. 4Skn 420

    Wow people need to understand that behavior like this is an everyday tool used between lions to set boundrys and show how you feel about their behavior and or actions

  83. Indian Food

    JJ is super cute

  84. Rodney Jerry

    All the animals are cool especially the cheetahs and hyenas

  85. DicasdaTininha

    Snow is my absolute favourite lion on your Pride Dean. Congratulations for such a beautifull family. A big hug to all the animals from Lisbon, Portugal! 🙅

  86. Carl DiVeglia III

    Hey, this is David Blaine.... you want to see some lion magic?

  87. the fallen angel

    I have a chicken called bedrock i take care of her and her family when the chicken thinks that a person is trying to hit me it comes running at the person and puffs up and when im sad or sick it snuggles with me and calls its family puffer a chick, Louis the 2nd chick and pecker a little agresive boy also there dad louis the nicest rooster

    1. Harvey dogcognito

      Feed him chicken nugget

  88. the fallen angel

    Dylan eland nice

  89. the fallen angel

    Kenzo looks like half german half doberman

  90. the fallen angel

    I subbed soon as i saw the intro

  91. the fallen angel

    This guy is joe exotic but is actually loyal nice and actually takes care of animals

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    Tiger kings little brother???

  93. Rita Syahara


  94. Rafael Fraga

    Hi i'am of Brazil

  95. steel crow

    3:13 rip headphones people

  96. Sports all day

    My dream is to stop global warming and the killing of animals. Polar bears a suffering because there isn’t as much ice to walk across to get to their food. So that makes the bears starve because they can’t get to their food and that kills them.

  97. abod ksa

    بيك خير قربله هههه

  98. RN KUCH

    you filthy mouth swearing like that shame on you.

  99. Akon

    She’s not gonna survive against a pack of lions.

  100. Craig Gray

    Dean: unfortunately I cannot pick a bloody nyla me: bro wtf