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Memento mori.
Unus annus.

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  1. IAN YAN

    The day this video was uploaded is my birthday ,nothing like looking back to my youthful days

  2. o Mayonnaise

    Does anyone else want to know what they bleeped out!? Like wtf

  3. Aylah Brown

    Excuse me but I have read every harry potter book and hunger games books and I'm in 7 grade

  4. Sunflower covers

    Dear sirs I am starting high school next year and I know what hunger games and Harry Potter are 😲 (love you guy your two of my favorite youtubers)

  5. Someone Unknown

    "Like death, you can't take it with you." Archivers: Yeah, I think I'll take it before it dies.

  6. Conor Bunge

    Its 8 months

  7. spookylissy

    it's super sweet how Mark kept helping James

  8. FurtMufin

    0:58 Ethan... wtf

  9. Crotono Anims


  10. FurtMufin

    0:58 Ethan... wtf

  11. Bekfast 1258

    Aight someone take one for the team and screen record all the unus anus vids and post them so we can have the greatness forever “evil laugh”

  12. Jolie hedgehog

    7/10 Ethan I agree with you


    i use the forget your name video to fall asleep like at least once a week

  14. Super Sam

    3:25 “Lick lipping”

  15. janishu

    Im playing Animal crossing New horizons and i caught a Giant water Bug just a few days ago. I had no ideal that such a „thing“ exists“. I saw what it is and was so disgusted. And now i See ethan eating One of it... man i kinda felt bad, like i dont now Why But something How They Look Is making me feel uturly disgusted. Nice Job there!

  16. GraceChan

    Ethans floof is gone

  17. Lil Smokeyyy420

    I got a very strange feeling of deja vu from this..

  18. Jack Howell

    Do this with wwe superstars Also what website is this

  19. Aiden Presser

    I'll be fifteen next year and I have a sister, I know what the fucken hunger games are

  20. Im Phoutain

    This is making me unbelievably uncomfortable

  21. Big Ben Games

    Pufferfish moment 🐡🐡

  22. Audrianna Hendrix

    oml i thought mark was really gonna kill him i freaked

  23. Gavin Williams

    8:17 when the spirit says get em eyes open next to Ethan

  24. Food Friends

    I was addicted to hunger games fan in elementary and middle school

  25. Raptors Fan

    In the end I would kill Mark and Ethan for sure

  26. shawn sandy

    *claps for Eathan's vocals* Edit: some how war hog flashed on the screen 5:34

  27. Lexx Ghost

    So let me get this straight...Yall accusing Mark of being homophobic for no valid basis?... I'm gay and disabled, both of which are brought up in a joking matter. Mark has raised thousands of dollars for the disabled, and gay. His own branding is paired with the Trevor project which supports the LGBT community as a whole.. White knights put your pens down, you sound stupid and uneducated in this situation.

  28. Zane McLemore

    bruh Ethan is such a baby. it doesnt even hurt that bad

  29. Trevor Musser

    They should've put wingus and dingus

  30. Declen Plays

    What u wanted came for 9:45

  31. A Drunk Potato

    how many times has mark/ethan died on unus annus?

  32. Kai Le Potato

    More VRChat!!! I will teach you da wayz mah children >:3

  33. That Random girl

    Laurernzside : *aykm*

  34. Stece Ztvenson

    Ethan = Bart Simpson

  35. Louise van Dijk

    fun fact, i have latin lessons on my school and unus annus mean 1 year in latin so mark or ethan is really smart

  36. Yolonation Gaming

    It was expected that once ethan got to the parents page the common sense of the articles will dwindle. Some said not friendly content, almost assuming he said his contents friendly when he has cleary stated its not for children lol. What do adults do with such a low IQ brain. The adults who say just ignore the "problem" or something you dont like but then hypocritically sits on their phone or gets on the computer and doesnt ignore what they call "problems". Just gets better and better

  37. Benjamin Burregi


  38. Elite Gamers

    o k b o o m e r

  39. Ieuan Protheroe

    Sorry but what the hell was that when the ghost said get them in seen 2 green eyes between ethan and the man

  40. Armen Mardikian

    Ethan: Chains his hands to his desk Also Ethan: Takes off the chains Chains: why are we here, just to suffer

  41. destiny toole

    the bald cap has became a reality..

  42. Lil Smokeyyy420

    I got a very weird feeling of deja vu from this

  43. shamrock_luvs

    Omg yall are to much lol love tho fr

  44. Aiden Presser

    10:50 is that a fucken fort in the background?

  45. Tori

    Man I thought Unnus and Annas had this in the bag

  46. Mark Burnett


  47. Tori

    Parent review was rough.... I feel like its a parent's job to monitor what their children watch and not criticize youtubers for their content

  48. Cow not a bad Bat

    Mark: we’re being very safe Also Mark: laughs uncontrollably with a saw in his

  49. Sammyshock

    But why not Shroud

  50. procarl yotic

    that hand got really broken because of that punch in the wall

  51. Fairy Girl

    They are really good friends and i feel like some people take that for granted. They are the people who helped me and have haved helped lots of people. They are my heros and i wish i could give them all i have so they can keep making people happy. have a good day.

  52. thisis myname

    Ethan touching his face in the thumbnail

  53. Tori

    I absolutely despise feet or my feet being touched so this video was HARD to watch

  54. Bridie McClure

    I thought I read about a jellyfish that could theoretically live forever, because it could revert to its 'child' state and regrow to adult size and it could just go back and forth

  55. Mr Jakeypoo

    Literally the one time I find a good channel, there’s always a catch.

  56. Tori

    Woot woot get it mark

  57. TheWolfBoi

    I'm watching this on my irock

  58. Tori

    At first i was like what how has mark never built a pillow fort but then i realized i didn't ever build one until i had kids so it makes more sense

  59. procarl yotic

    People want to know what happened during the cut between the punch in the wall and the "im sorry" HAHAHAHA

  60. Ida Ariane

    I'm never barefoot if I'm not required to, like in water. I can't stand the feeling of my feet touching, god I hate it.

  61. Tori

    Wow y'all were amazingly close in your guesses

  62. Amberly Smith

    I really don't like the way Mark is making fun of Ethan, I know he joking but I looks like it's been taken to far. I think Ethan is very attractive and he doesn't need change anything. Even though I dont know Ethan personally I can tell he has a great personality too, which also plays a big part in attraction as well.

  63. Monika L

    rip ethans hair

  64. Tori

    This was really cool to watch and also funny how they kept finding the same people but not each other

  65. Piza T1m

    Whats this website called

  66. Brent Q.

    Ethan's ass tho

  67. Koibi Arts

    heyy this was posted on my bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Melanie Chohon

    Momiplier is my new favorite on Earth. I love her so much!!

  69. Car Battery Juice

    I was in third grade, and had a best friend. 99.99% sure he’s gay now, he just gave me a vibe? He was a bit feminine, enjoyed dolls n makeup but could also be good in sports and “boy” things? (not saying every gay boy or man is like this! He had some crushes on dudes later in 4th and 5th grade, and he didn’t like girls flirting with him). Well him, his sister, and I were at a park on the weekend for a play date. We were just pretending to be monsters n princesses n what not on an adventure. There was this rlly tall slide with a little roof dome at the top, where you could hide. I don’t remember how it was brought up but one of us asked if we could try a kiss. Being a shy, little dude who had a few awkward confessions to other kids about my crushes, I had no clue how kisses or relationships worked. I hid up at the top of the slide while he shooed off his sister for a moment by saying he was going to tell me a secret. I remember feeling panicked not only because I had no clue what I was doing but also because his sister began to cry and ran to her mother feeling left out. It was a quick duck lip peck that was my first kiss. Then we went down the slide and never brought it up, we kinda just acted like it was a normal experience.

  70. a petticrew

    This just proves James Charles is short.

  71. Dayday 6297

    7:53 So...I guess Mark's both a masochist AND a sadist

  72. Shayla Cook

    I worked on my art last month 😎

  73. Aquaris Mizu

    5:15 Me: *slowly dying inside* 5:32 Me: *dead*

  74. Jolie hedgehog

    5:42 Mark:I wanna wax your chest,I want to paint it on you Ethan:ok paint me not pour it on me

  75. Oreo Cookie


  76. ItsLynx

    Collecting Berries, StrawBerries, Bananas... Theyre the same thing

  77. Grace Wen

    I just had to do a ballroom galla and we did the meringue the salsa the tango the waltz ( which was terrible I had to do that with my brother) and another one that I forget

  78. Edith Hazel


  79. Tom Rosewell

    Memento Mori: Eddsworld, I loved the show and the people behind it! But the creator sadly passed away and after the final episode released (made by his friends) the channel stopped uploading

  80. Satanic_bitch1 *

    When mark started screaming at the end that's when I got scared

  81. ShadowMaze64

    Ethan: I've met kids who dont know who harry potter is, he was my childhood. Me: who is harry potter

  82. The Reactor

    In south africa rhinoing is called holkanker or in english but cancer

  83. Ūla Jakutytė

    That speech gave me the shivers and made my eyes tear up that is *impacting*

  84. Charlotte Reed

    Ethan really just became the teacher from Charlie Brown like that

  85. Fireballking 21

    You should do ALsel hunger games part 2

  86. Pastel Kidd

    Play of the game Unnus

  87. Luis Castro

    Hunger Games= legally influenced child slaughter

  88. lord hokage

    This is the video where the deep part of mark comes out

  89. Cody Malo_25

    1:28, "Will it make us horny?" That's what Ethan is always thinking when there is a mystery item.

  90. insert_username

    Ethan deadass tore the arm off of his baby proceeds to wonder why its not crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  91. Grayson Setliff

    Mark looks like pin head (hell razor)

  92. Winchatticus

    I spat my water when I saw the Ethan Nester AO3 page lol

  93. Haley Harris

    Watching this while Ethan is shaving his, can’t bear to watch 😭

  94. Caitlin Kincaid

    Love the chaos happening around her and the yoga instructor is just “alright now inhaaaaale”

  95. BlueDreamKush23

    From 18:15 did anyone notice two glowing eyes appear from the dark from the right of Ethan’s head?

  96. Cody Shields

    I knew Ethan was gay

  97. Diego Treadwell

    I'm pretty sure this is just pg-13 Pokemon

  98. G-Rad Productions

    Just got merch! U guys the only thing on ALsel uses very interesting humor and make me want to keep watching! P.S. my three-year-old cousin looks older than Ethan he was 16

  99. Ciuraru Zara

    i love the girl with the Tata pillow