What would you do if you only had a year left to live? Would you squander the time you were given? Or would you make every second count?
Welcome to Unus Annus. In exactly 365 days this channel will be deleted along with all of the daily uploads accumulated since then. Nothing will be saved. Nothing will be reuploaded.
This is your one chance to join us at the onset of our adventure. To be there from the beginning. To make every second count. Subscribe now and relish what little time we have left or have the choice made for you as we disappear from existence forever. But remember... everything has an end. Even you.
Memento mori.
Unus annus.

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  1. Kilanna

    Memento Mori: Beiragons They were a Japanese variety channel of sorts. Bringing the crazy trope of Japanese game shows to the ALsel scene. Due to budget restraints, they changed thier style replacing the original cast with other people who didn't carry the same feel as the original. In a last ditch attempt at resuscitation, they brought back the original gang for one more game show. A game show that would be thier last hoorah. Now, it is dead, forever counting sheep in the afterlife....

  2. Christopher Colclough

    FPS russia went to jail cause he was caught with marijuana

  3. Smooth Yoda

    Mmm thegaminglemon i watch mmm keep uploading i hope MMMMMM

  4. NahBLUBunny

    I wasn't that big into ALsel or ALselr's while growing up. I didn't know that was a thing until my junior year in high school. And I'm not trying to get people to check out my channel or anything, please don't if you think I'm lying, but I did have a previous channel about two-three years ago that I can't get into anymore because I don't have access to the e-mail that helped me log into that channel. It had about the same name as my newer channel now, but it had 33001 right after, which I guess was a good call, since if I had just named it the channel I have now, I would have had to make some changes to my username. I wouldn't say it was my favorite channel, I just wanted to point it out since this channel is going to die fairly soon, and nobody will ever see this comment ever again. Memento Mori: Nahblubunny 33001 Unus Annus.

  5. The Dark Flower441

    video about youtube channel dying me: forgetting to upload my own cause im too lazy or can't think of what to make XD

  6. Insignia

    Mark is a masochists

  7. Emil Lindhart

    please do one with Sulfur Hexafluoride. it's the deep voice gas. perfect for murder stories!

  8. Katherine Coster

    Memento Mori: Sourcefed, Super Panic Frenzy, and Sugar Pine 7 They were all just full of fun and good people and I miss them.

  9. waluigi's twitter

    Memento mori: leafy, he wasn’t the best youtuber, but he definitely was the Crux of one of ALsel’s biggest changes to channels. Some people miss leafy, I’m here to play respects.

  10. BARBARA the barbarian

    Everyone : memento mori - * some random channel * Me : *_I don't watch dead people ya all weird af_*

  11. D. Scott

    Memento Mori: revengeofLEE Your editing and sense of humor influenced me in so many ways and made me appreciate the work you put in, because it made a lot of people smile. It’s been a long near decade without you.

  12. hanmana1999

    Memento Mori: Chronically Jaquie She was a daily vlogger about her life and how she dealt with many chronic illnesses. Her service dog went viral a few times but the one I’m sure most remember is when Harlow brought her ranch from the fridge. She wasn’t the biggest channel but I loved watching her videos. Unfortunately she ended up passing away. Her channel is still up but obviously not active. She’s helped so many people and is missed by so many.

  13. Afterglow Music

    Okay. Respect to all the people leaving Memento Mori's for all these channels, but SOMEONE HAS TO KNOW WHERE ETHAN GOT THAT SOFT BOI SHIRT.

  14. Dynnosower

    Memento Mori: Yamimash.

  15. Freziod

    Momento Mori: Makemebad35 Fucking Damien. The first ALsel channel I subbed to. Just checked and his last was a year ago. I know hes more active on Facebook but his childish humor was hilarious to me at the time. Looks like hes grown out of that but still. Was so dumb it was funny.

  16. TT

    Momento Mori: Batesee He was one of my favorite channels and horror game based. He was Australian and had very high quality content for the low amount of subscribers he had. He sadly had to quit because he was unfortunately one of the many small channels that couldn’t handle the first adpocalypse. And he had to quit to get a full time job. Here’s to hoping he might revive his channel one day. 🙏


    RIP to the College Humor subsidiary channels like Dorkly and Drawfee, laid off. They have a much more community active presence. I hope that they can turn it around and maintain themselves on a private channel status, but right now their future is up in the air.

  18. pro gamer

    Felix I’m taking a break My head: another one bites the dust

  19. iRemix

    Memento Mori: The meme god himself Filthy Frank One of my all time favorite channels, it made me laugh so many times and it really popularised the meme community. He left the platform at the best time to be honest,with the new laws and the demonetisation his channled wouldnt work out, but it was fun while it lasted. Happy his doing what he always wanted and that his music career worked out.

  20. TemporaryPeter

    memento mori: kitty0706 you probably know who he is (or was) in some way, shape or form, most of us probably knowing him from videos like team fabulous 2. used to make mostly team fortress 2 SFMs, but died from leukemia in 2015

  21. SamPlay

    Momento Mori: RobertIDK, i don't know why he stopt making videos or if he even stopped but he hasn't uploaded in a long time and im kinda worried about him.

  22. Ikuzuki

    Momento Mori: Super Best Friends Play I learned about them through friends and also a Pokémon snap animation of them as the MLP princesses. They were fun to watch especially their playthrough of Resident Evil 7 and Detroit: Become Human. Matt and Pat had a falling out causing the channel to die.

  23. Katy Wayant

    Memento Mori: Linz DeFranco I loved her family vlogs as I related to her a lot. She would speak honestly about her mental health and what it was like being a mother was anxiety and depression. She is still active on social media and just launched a media literacy campaign called Not So Fast. Linz, I'm so happy that you have found your passion, but I do miss your videos.

  24. Brian Rodriguez

    Jinbop. He should be there

  25. Max Fostepher

    This video made me think ;w;

  26. Manned Crown2

    Memento Mori: PaulSoarsJr. Not only was he a great ALsel channel but he was also a great guy

  27. Raven Ya know it

    I don't remember any but I do remember this one channel that used to get a lot of views (based on how much views a video from that community got at the time) and is now slowly but surely getting less and less views on a video.

  28. Colin Higgins

    Do this again.....

  29. Eric

    Memento Mori: googoo888 Doubt a lot a people know about this channel, but was one of the main channels that stemmed my introduction to vocaloids which soon introduced me to anime & their community. Will always miss those project diva videos.

  30. Tricia Sunderland-drezek

    Im sitting here needing a car and i like nooooo he just got out fixed up Stefan dontttt

  31. Laneice Garner

    freaking COREYXKENSHIN RIP I stil miss you Corey Momento Mori

  32. Logan Max

    Momento Mori: Filthy Frank

  33. lightning core

    Memento mori: thatguybarney Just got tired from youtube

  34. Glenhawk

    Thebatesee );

  35. Rub Rub Games

    So no one's gonna mention that one dank meme channel that got taken off of ALsel? I forgot the name but it had like a weird picture of a eagle or some kind of bird Ohh and the into song was "you reposted in the wrong neighborhood" Does anyone remember?

  36. Jojo97

    Memento Mori: Trickywi Really liked her fusion videos, although she's still an active twitter user and streamer nowadays so I guess she moved on

  37. Daniel Buckley

    You should delete your own channels to find out what death is like

  38. Jade Rivas

    At 2:30 we found out what mark did to get Amy to kill him. Wasn’t the fact that he locked her out of the house on a cold night where the only way she survived was to sleep in a van with barely anything to ease her suffering. No, it was the carpet... and the pre workout

  39. Gospon 9yrold

    Quinn:"If that's the only way for you to move forward,it's for me to die" Mark: NO

  40. Mia A.

    Memento Mori: Poppy idk if she's still uploading

  41. beltboi

    Minecraft villagers: 10:09

  42. Hamster Likes Bananas

    I thought it was Markiplier

  43. Vegeta, Mighty Prince of the Saiyan Race

    Memento Mori: Totalbiscuit A true combatant of the toxic environment the video game industry has become in the last decade. John Bain died May 24th 2018 at the age of 33 due to his cancer. The world took him from us too early. Rest in Peace.

  44. Marco Nunez

    I’m going to change this a day or two days before it’s dead

  45. James Oh Burn

    MissHannahMinx ...what?

  46. Stalpha

    Memento Mori: Ashdubh Used to watch him years ago when he was just starting out, I even met him one time! Loved his cheese jokes and just giggly nature but his channel gradually started dying until he abandoned ship. He started becoming more "memey" and fake so that's probably why but I so miss the glory days. Been 3 months since an upload.

  47. Ayden Oliver

    unus annus not going to upload anymore in 200 days :{

  48. Babylon Redsworth

    Memento Mori: Bananapielord Lots of great childhood memories, definitely from a bygone era of youtube, the old Minecraft Parkour Videos and everything, I watched that channel grow from the beginning to the end, I was there when Dylan over-exerted himself and messed up his wrist. Things weren't the same after that, and when he became Mr. Hewbz, well, that was the end. Now the videos are all private, and I can't even revisit these old memories. R.I.P. Bananapielord

  49. A Hazy Nebula

    Memento Mori: Leafyishere Nobody really cared.

  50. Venomouss

    Memento Mori: DanPlan 3 friends parted ways not long ago when 1 of them got too greedy and selfish until two of them left. Missed the old vids they made together. If you see the vids theyre posting about the reason they broke up, its pretty heartbreaking.

  51. Holy One

    Dan plan

  52. Ai Morishige

    Momento Mori: MissHannahMinx I'm pretty sure theres only rumors about what happened/where she went. I hope shes alright. My pre-teen weeb self absolutely loved her.

  53. indy wait

    Momento Mori: Rekt And lemon made I miss them

  54. Gustavo Bruno

    Memento Mori: Filthy Frank wtf no one is talking about papa franku, against all possible family friendly that a video can have

  55. AwesomeKick

    Memento Mori: MasterNitrix A small channel by a Canadian guy that inspired me to upload my own videos too. He was one of the first people I've called an online friend and we supported each other on our channels. I bought Minecraft just to play with him and other subs on his server, but I never got the chance... :'( He still watches my videos tho! Thanks, Nitrix! Maybe one day we'll finally collab?

  56. mindofmyown333

    I’m trying so hard to catch up. I’ve been binging these on every lunch break

  57. Alex Baker

    Memento Mori: thebatzee, was forced to leave ALsel by stress and demonetisation

  58. Doom X

    Momento Mori: klay world The first ALsel video I ever watched was pancake mines and I’ll never forget

  59. Mike Poppe

    Memento Mori: Just2CrazyGuys The source for chel funny moments, pack opening and the such. The channel is now known as Wiggs and the main guy was hired as the editor for ThegamingTerrorizer and is making a living editing videos and that’s great to hear because he’s doing something he’s passionate about. I’ll just miss those pack opening with Daaaaaaaaaaley, and that one sound bite from The Mummy.

  60. Crystal Chaos

    Memento Mori: UltimaAlmighty This guy used to do reaction videos, but he just had such a cool “i don’t take shit but I still appreciate all of you” kind of attitude. I remember going through my subscriptions and his channel was just wiped out. He probably got copy-striked for it, but I miss him all the same.

  61. amelia lx

    this was physically hard to watch omfg

  62. TacoBella

    Memento Mori: WiiLikeToPlay/WiiRikeToPray They're still uploading videoes, playing games and stuff but they're not as popular as they used to be. When I was a kid, I used to watch their lets plays of New Super Mario Bros playthroughs with my brother, and we always loved watching them so much. But long story short, they're used to be 4 members of the group and I don't really know what happened exactly but from what I can tell from the videos they made about leaving, two members of the channel left due to personal reasons. I've since grown out of their content, but I will always remember them for making my childhood fun and amazing.

  63. Jorja Short

    Momento mori: Danplan I think that we all know what has happened 😢

  64. DaBayleef

    Memento Mori: 3WordsArentEnough I used to watch a lot of sims machinima's and hers were my favorites. It's been over 2 years so I don't think she's coming back, but machinimas do take a long time so maybe I'm wrong!

  65. Jacob Oliver

    Memento Mori: Kitty0706 An incredibly funny SFM animator who unfortunately died of leukemia a while ago.

  66. ciaran jack

    Aphmau fantasy’

  67. SuperSaiyanYamcha

    Memento Mori: SuperSkarmory This was the channel that got me into ALsel, playing Pokémon Emerald.

  68. Ivy Blackburn

    This is the 69th Unus Annus video

  69. William Jacklin

    Memento Mori: TapeGaming Did a lot of quality space/scifi games. Mostly KSP. Was doing youtube on the side and stopped uploading when he got out of college. There are a lot of channels like that.

  70. Aarixtre


  71. Max Copparstad

    No you guys were wrong fps russia did go to prison for 2 months and he is still alowed to own guns

  72. Dean Host

    RIP Jontron, always made the funniest content. May his memory be- Oh wait hes back?? . . Aaaand hes gone again.

  73. kal b

    omg redkeymon he used to do gta content [clips]

  74. Jordan Podoll

    Memento Mori: THAC The comedy channel created by the amazing folks behind Marble Hornets. Never failed to make me laugh ^^ Unfortunately, due to financial difficulties and some interpersonal conflicts they are no longer uploading. Troy, Joseph, and Tim, I hope you are all doing well. You brought so much joy into my life

  75. The Mind of 18 Men

    Memento Mori: OneManSho He made short, amazing videos, and disappeared without a trace...

  76. Light Moe

    Triggeredtro 😢

  77. The wild one

    9:12 "are those boobs" leaned in for better look. Nice ( ;

  78. Dennon White

    Momento mori: madness64 He use to make accurate medieval builds on minecraft, and he was great at what he did, but about 2 years ago he stopped uploading, whether it was because of college or because of stress he just stopped. I hope one day he comes back to upload more but if not, have the best life man.

  79. Pudlik Madafaka

    memento Mori: Cyndago :(((((( Mark was big part of this dead chanel

  80. Rachel Rose

    Memento Mori: bill wurtz Your content will always be a wonderful piece of internet history

  81. SammyEdgeINC

    I miss nanners... but thanks for the memories

  82. SpecManX01

    R.I.P. Eddsworld.

  83. crytyping cryptid

    Memento mori to Community Channel.... she was super funny and idk why she stopped

  84. Nelson lol

    Bro ethan is a pussy

  85. Lightning33 3

    Memento Mori: Kitty0706 A channel made with an incredible talent in Garry’s Mod, Kitty0706 was a channel filled with unforgettable gems such as the Eliot goes to school series with many quotable lines such as “Wow that sounds gayer than tits!” Collin (channel owner) was no longer able to upload once he had lost his battle against leukaemia, I will always look back fondly remembering his awesome creativity. Kitty0706 was a channel bursting with potential of more creative content. Never forget.

  86. Breanna Stellar

    Amy is like boi why didnt you use my name in the scenario lol whos Abigail and why u picking tomatoes lol

  87. Colin Higgins

    Classic game room

  88. Jesus Fr33k

    Subscribe to Death Date!😁

  89. jindo5

    Memento Mori: Jindo5 I don't even know why I stopped. I was actually having fun.

  90. Syd Addams

    Memento Mori: seventybroad A really old arg about a guy who murdered someone and was hiding in an abandoned building. Unfortunately it never got the proper ending it deserved because the guy who created it didn't have the time, money, or resources. It had to be completely abandoned.

  91. TheAileZX2

    PopularMMOs, a Minecraft ALselr channel used to feature solely a couples' adventures in modded maps. They broke up. But miraculously, they're still running. With the girl, Jen, being a nominee for an award. So that's cool. Also, a very early/young ALsel channel that does animatics, DanPlan, pulled a Beatles because one of the seemingly best actors wanted 33 percent of his 'company', treating their hobby project into a full on working job for some reason. Also, remember ProJared? I remember ProJared. I'm glad his name is cleared of all that mess, but his channel almost peaced out too.

  92. Ashton Musie

    Yo, where can I get that soft boi shirt??

  93. Ballschapped

    Memento Mori: MissHannahMinx The queen of all dead ALsel channels.

  94. Duckie_21 Johnson

    Momento Moro: Gradeaundera

  95. Gagor Kay

    why everything come to an end whyyyyyy

  96. The Dark Flower441

    When your more attracted to fictional skeletons then real men with abs you know you have a problem XD

  97. Daniel Hartnett

    Ethans trim is smexy lol

  98. Sane DerpyGoat

    Billywurtz: a great and funny creator that educated us and made us all laugh yet I think he saw the Internet make tik tok videos and memes of him that had not much haert in them and I think he didn't want to Stoke no more flames so he left.

  99. Sincerely, Kendra

    The first person I think I EVER watched on ALsel was Kyle Monkey. He used to make super weird and random videos that I thought were hilarious as a kid

  100. Ellie Kawaii

    Momento mori: GradeAunderA The channel's not dead but he doesn't upload as much as he used to. I just hope he's doing well, wherever he may be at rn.