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During the Iranian Revolution of 1978, Patrick's family had to escape to survive and ended up living at a refugee camp in Erlangen, Germany. At 12 years old Patrick found himself collecting cans & beer bottles to raise money that could help his family and get him a Nintendo. These childhood experiences had a major impact on his perspective of freedom, hard work and entrepreneurship. Today, he is CEO of PHP Agency, Inc. a financial services company with over 12,000 agents in 49 states and Puerto Rico and an active ALsel creator.

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  1. j buta

    Ye great Sammy. Killing kids with dodgy ecstacy. Same old mass murderer terrorists snitch. You couldn't trust this guy with your daughter. Total waste of space.

  2. TONI K

    The reason why most people support the commie is because you dont understand laissez faire economy that Patrick is talking about . The thing that most of the people are rightfully attacking in the comments is Keynesian economy , which is fundamentally as wrong as is socialist and communist .

  3. Mike Fernandez

    Are you kidding, Patrick? Of course the so-called savings rate has gone up; but it's a misnomer, it's a great fallacy. All that has happened is a result of stimulus checks -- that money is now showing in bank accounts -- and not paying rent or mortgage, and not being able to go spend it due to businesses being closed. So is this supposed to be some amazing insight -- that savings (ostensibly) increased?

  4. S1N2D3S

    I Hate wearing the Masks. They force you to continuously breathe in the Carbon Monoxide you exhale

  5. Marz

    People slowly waking up to policies, taxes, & affect on their lives. Great update on situations.

  6. MyessYallyah Americus

    theres noone in inteligence it seems even capable of teaching me how to make money, i taught them how it actually works, and thats come as a huge surprise, im no salesman im just the most tortured man on earth. i cant go back to ignorant, i need my money or im going to talk myself to death telling everyone on surveilance the truth they never had anyone else to teach them, they cant even touch my money . my money is only the money thats touched my hand, they steal money only from themselves, only i can spend my money by the law of logic and reason. ive got bthe money, they are ripping themselves off by cutting out the only one who could legally helpthem. the corruption has got them less and put all their lives in danger. i couldnt imagine how they fucked themselves in the perfect storm of fucking themselves in the ass. im the one who destroys empires that oppose their best interest. sorry, but everyones going to die if they cant get me to work again, i wont work until im paid for the work i already completed. seriously, now its all been on repeat since 2016 the last time i worked in april 2016. since then ive just said the same thing over and over and over and over again. its not me robbing everyone, im just telling the truth. i own all money on earth, all nations, all industries, all arts, all womens real minds.

  7. Nouney Hill

    I said I saw that article on CURRENCY also -- 33% is huge! NOW CONSIDER THIS... It made no sense why they killed that black man -- right! Why would a person no listen to the cry of someone saying -- I can't breath! BECAUSE if he got to the station alive, then he could tell were he GOT the FAKE MONEY... this is disclosure of a FAKE CURRENCY FLOOD into America. I could understand why banks would be attacked but when you consider that burning was taking place, and that professional person breaking windows one must consider what PROFESSIONALLY ORGANIZED activity was going on? When you burn you destroy evidence and finger prints... the film and perhaps the video recordings get destroyed. Each location which had a fire must be examined for the presence of FAKE CURRENCY. Was the police station holding EVIDENCE: of FAKED CURRENCY? The burned ATM Machines? The banks which were set on complete FIRE burned to the ground? Where other businesses involved? You made a great point. With people not allowed to enter banks the CURRENCY would not go through the usual screening. So what does that leave? With people keeping more and more, they are operating in cash... Everyone one which did not want to disrupt their unemployment checks moved to cash -- it is the perfect storm for a FLOOD of FAKE CASH into the American Ecomony... Every location which was burned to the ground or had a destructive act of looting must have its CURRENCY checked. Then the videos can help determine who was involved. NOW YOU SEE WHAT the mask cover up! was this a psychological operation: FLOOD AMERICA with FAKE CURRENCY? Peace and LOVE

  8. Steffen Schuchardt

    Hands up for Caroline Leaf, saw her in Karlsruhe once.

  9. Sangam Agarwal

    Work from home is all about Productivity and creating your own system Not everyone can do that

  10. Madrigal Publishing

    I worked as a loner until I met Pat! (and Tim Ferriss)

  11. Nima Khosravy

    I moved to a whole new country in 2017 when things were not working for me."If you don't like where you are, MOVE you're not a tree. "Jim Rohn

  12. Constantia de Gier

    Just woke up and listening to this. Becoming little depressed. 😅 Luckily my type of business is very much needed.

  13. Nima Khosravy

    Earn in Dollars, spend in Rupees, compensate in Baht. Use currency differences to your advantage.

  14. MyessYallyah Americus

    i was so successful at the job i was chosen to do as a two year old 1979 prodigy that now im not allowed to work anymore because i did the job better than anyone expected. im being starved to death for being correct and original.

  15. Sangam Agarwal

    What if da Vinci was born in 2020s . Today's digital world. How would his work look like. Make a video on this imagination

  16. Jesse Tyson

    I loved this one! Thanks for doing all that research. I love the connections you make.

  17. shogun 012

    Bumping headliners is just as bad

  18. N Hinton

    America sucks. I'm moving to Mexico.

  19. Nima Khosravy

    This is definitely a mind-shifting year. Prepare for a completely different economy. It's 'pivot' time!

  20. Peter Vickery

    To valuetainment pls interview a remote vewier i reckon it would be very interesting .

  21. MyessYallyah Americus

    ive been treated like this my entire life by people, ive always been ignored robbed cast aside left for dead, ive never been treated good but bye i get ripped off by being alive. i know the only way to get rich, to share and get more people paid and pay them fair wages, you cant rip people off and be successful, its not even possible. ive never met a rich person who ripped people off, ive met lots of people who pretended they were rich and then werent and ripped people off, like trump, hes not rich, he lied, and he rips everyone off that believes hes a rich guy.

  22. Sergiu Spirescu

    17:03 "they shut down business who I think they could be SAFELY open". That right there is why business owners, not only from California, have the right to be pissed about. The authorities decided to close down instead of enforce measures that keep people safe. That is the REAL problem for them. Do you agree? What is your take on this?

    1. Mike Fernandez

      My take on what you said is that you're waaaay out in left field. Go back to first grade and start all over.

  23. Rekted Trader

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  24. B M

    Hows that 1 million dollar bitcoin doing.... Oh that's right, not supporting bitcoin anymore :-) Proof is in the pudding Johnny boy!

  25. Myriam Giovannini

    Bernard is a great American! Thank you for your service!

  26. Felipe Vejarano

    Blasts? What the hell man? I went through the pain of watching the entire interview to see the host own himself due to his poor education in the topic in front of a real economics expert. This is surely misleading and clickbaity. Be honest. You didn't blast professor Wolff, more accurately he pulverized you instead.

  27. s45gr32

    I am surprised you did not mentioned the restaurant/hospitality industry. First time ever that the restaurant/hospitality industry shuts down. The industry that survived the bubble, the 2008 recession. The pandemic came and boom the industry was shut down.

  28. Nima Khosravy

    For the past 2 years I have been so focused to not spend for non-essential stuff that the pandemic was actually good for me. My normal life style is what people are trying to adopt now. This is gold man, it's gold.

    1. Mike Fernandez

      Yeah, you're so right: What's happening to the world right now is pure gold -- just pure gold, man. So how's that Nazi-style fascism working for you, too? I'll bet it's like icing on the cake, right?

  29. MyessYallyah Americus

    englands woods were rich because there were fox not wolves so they could survive outside of the castle walls where in germany france and everywhere in europe you were in the village castle walls or you were eaten until they killed all the wolves after they got better persian weapons like rugs for flying that they made more dots per inch with better machines that made better weapons finer bullets finer swords finer armor . algebra. all get bras to keep ntheir tits in better shape. persians are the second only after china most successful empire in history.

  30. XuLiGaN138

    1:14 the dark side of Kobe 🔪 R.I.P

  31. Minister 4 Profit...

    Restaurants trimming the fat of their staff... store hours changing.

  32. P C

    l am long time Viewer. BUT, unfortunately, I diddnt have to view this video for more than the 1st minute to ask " WHY WOULD YOU, AS A SEEMINGLY INTELLIGENT PERSON BASED ON YOUR PREVIOUS VIDEOS" even believe those numbers you are feeding to us that were fed to you and quoting to us as seemingly fact ????? CNBC and B of A are part of the PROBLEM. Do you not see this?? How can you promote these numbers that are totally fraudulent made up numbers to corrupt the american perception of what is truly happening. You have always said you are neither left or right. BUT, by you throwing those unfounded statistical numbers out to the american public through this site says differently???" BECAUSE OF WHAT I HAVE HEARD JUST IN THE 1ST MINUTE OF THIS VIDEO" without you having any type of opposing statistical figures contradicting those supposed factual numbers from CNBC and B of A. This video simply seems like just another propaganda video in which we can expect to see on our local media in which you have previously stated in your videos are OWNED AND OPERATED BY LEFT WING MEDIA. If we wanted to hear and see this type of reporting we would simply watch our local BS news. Got to say, makes me sad to see this from you. Take from that what you will???

  33. Justin Trushell

    Dr. Wolff makes this guy look foolish.

  34. Hardcoretradxr

    Move to Thailand...

  35. Mike Dee

    Good interview

  36. kandi303

    Here is the thing, YOU CANNOT have a Democratic system to run a company, "Oh, we are going to invest into that company lets have a vote from the entire employees", YOU CANNOT have a Democratic System to run the military, "Should we arrive at Normandy by 6:30 am or 8:30 am? and should we arrive in boats or helicopters? let's have a VOTE across all the military personals and come up with a decision". Bottom line, I am NOT saying Politics or government shouldn't be Democratically elected, but for China they want their entire COUNTRY to be as efficient and catching UP the rest of the world FAST just like you run an efficient company or military.

  37. Just A Practical Monster

    I went to a free public collage in my country and it had a very low level of education. Everything I know is literally from the internet... entrepreneurship, programming , math , philosophy , heck I even studied Quantum mechanics for the fun of it. even the very words with which I speak , is mastered online. Never in my life did I have someone that could guide me in a certain area. Online you could find the best not only that but gather all the strong points from 100 people all at once I can actually contribute to the community I'm in because I have learned so many different things and knowledge I gathered and still gathering from the edges of the internet

  38. persuadeo

    These comments are interesting, especially that they are under the delusion that Wolfe somehow blew the interviewer away, despite demonstrating that he could not even understand how prices work. It is ominous that so many people - which means future power - have trouble following the logic.

  39. mekanicaldave

    What pandemic?? It’s all about the Riots

  40. Nimbus Nimbus

    The 2nd amendment isn't for hunting old man

  41. MyessYallyah Americus

    i believe in everything ever . if i heard it it was said if i saw it then it was written. i belieeve every illusion is really an illusion and absolutely authentic as a midirect can get. perfectly true.

  42. EndeavorWebs

    Wolff is a library, however he pushed socialism utopia, which men cannot make into practice, and what comes out of this 'socialism' ideal, nanny state, a total dysfunctional government and ultimate genocide as a end result. There is nothing wrong with free markets capitalism, the problem is that what we have today is not capitalism, and it has been this way forever. We don't know what a true free market capitalist is really. We need fixing our current dysfunctional system, but socialism is not the solution.

  43. Justin

    Never seen Wolff lose a debate, props for trying

  44. Andrew Yu

    Pat, I respect you man, but DK Yoo is full of shit. Can you take an Asian dude seriously if he looks at you in the eyes and tells you he has no idea who Bruce lee was or never heard of him? But I bet you what, if Bruce Lee was Korean, his answers would have been totally different.


    Hey viewers, are you aware both Obama and Hillary alongside George Soros deliberately ignited these riots to avoid court appearances. Yes, that’s correct! Do your research. MN police, France and Spain police all killed a black man the same day and the same way. All 3 incidents caused riots in those countries!!!

  46. weidles



    Boooom 33% 🤦🏻‍♂️ This guy is satanist as well!!! 100%. Boom to you not being so clever to be exposed! People this man is a free mason!!!

  48. T2ainwreck

    Carlos is so full of shit and he's trying to play the victim the whole interview its sad.

  49. Jack Ski

    I hate the Rich for they produce nothing but misery & grief

  50. Antoninus Pius

    Ok ok . You convinced me this was the next GFC. They smart it was a genius move and crisis.


    .....That's their problem...judge not least ye' be judged. Rumors are a reputation orchestrated.....they will be judged on that, not me. This is not the real lifetime....

  52. Marxxx Aurelii

    18:36 😂👌

  53. Shelby Robertson

    Not to devalue the interview, but Abe Lincoln in the back looks all like, 'Are you listening to this?' haha I'm actually a fan of Dr Greer. He's very devoted to his cause.

  54. Antoninus Pius

    During chaos Hollywood stays quiet. During peace Hollywood b$&Tc$&s and Moans about everything. What does that tell you about their agenda.

  55. Antoninus Pius

    When the fish get injured, the sharks come out to feed.

  56. Colonel Kurtz

    And now he is running his mouth in front of a camera, for a ALsel channel......

  57. Jeffery Sherwood

    Coronavirus is fake what went around was a bad case of the flu.. people research the truth,talk to doctors and specialist

  58. Max Ant

    So when everything is closed down and people can't spend anything you call it "saving". Great analysis bro.

    1. Mike Fernandez

      Yeah, chilling, wasn't it? Glad you can see the insanity of it, too. At least I'm not all alone here.

  59. Jordan

    This has never been more relevant

  60. diep dao

    Richard Wolff = hypocrite

  61. Kun Deng

    Professor Wolf gave excellent answers to so many questions. Amazon uses borrowed money and low prices to crush competitors with their own amazon branded knockoffs, a capitalist tactic that does not rely upon technological improvement. Amazon uses similar tactics and fees to force individual sellers on Amazon to gradually give up their business and become absorbed into the Amazon collective. There are many products on Amazon that sold at a higher price than if you buy them from a retail shop. However, modern monopoly DOES NOT need to rely on raising prices to increase wealth accumulation for their shareholders and CEOs. Monopolized profit increase married with 0% of actual wage increases is enough to explode income and wealth inequality, let alone millions of lost jobs in small businesses and traditional retail competitors.

  62. What Ever

    Empty office buildings in my city will be used as Homeless shelters.

  63. HL Dye

    I just hate to listen to stupid men making stupid decisions and now kids are paying the price of two adult fuck up`s . he let her call the shots. he should have been pro active and not slack because you will always get screwed over.

  64. What Ever

    Dan Pena is going to buy cruise ships and scrap the steel and sell it for profit.

  65. What Ever

    Maybe Amazon is forward thinking by purchasing AMC, level the buildings and build More warehouses where we the buyer pick up our packages, so they don't have to pay driver's.

    1. Mike Fernandez

      Wow, brilliant, then that means Amazon has come full circle and now we're back to brick and mortar retail stores. Yes, those "big warehouses where the buyer stops by to pick up packages" was actually a retail store. Can you believe it? Who would've thought of such a novel, clever idea for product distribution to the consumer.

  66. Term limits Com

    My old ww1 relatives saved most of their earnings for hard times the ww2 and Vietnam relatives not so much savings but they used credit purchases.... me? I keep enough liquid assets /expenses ratio to tread water for 3 years.... absolutely no credit short term or long term .

  67. Consuelo Helbling

    Where is the other video re education is a scam????

  68. Candice G

    Patrick, you're an awesome interviewer! Strong structured questions and you listen well. Thank you!

  69. sgt Muntz

    They are saving money because they are not paying their rents/mortgages/credit cards/car payments

  70. Zeon X

    Wow, good explanation. I am not against Chinese trade. I am against Chinese communist ideology. Engels and Marx ideology is suck. USSR and it's killed citizens is example

  71. Joy lynn clark

    I've always said If you put all your eggs in one basket , a wolf,snake,etc... can come and steal them all

  72. Rhsheeda Russell


  73. 项羽王

    I love capitalism.because the Communist is Centralization of power.the people in Communist country like ants.they are no freedom,no democracy,no right to object.They are the modern slaves of the Communist party.i say China

  74. ann henry

    Capitalism worked because entrepeneurs lifted other like minded people up. it wasn't fun to just be greedy. people wanted to do something worthwhile. now its more about greed and people don't enjoy their jobs because they are so de personalized.

  75. Neon806

    Anyone looking to move to Texas needs to understand. We welcome everyone, but, you better leave your liberal politics behind. If you bring them with you, you will repeat the same mistakes and destroy any benefit of moving to Texas. Texas is great, but it will not be for long if you destroy it.

  76. Mohamud M

    A lot of people never paid their bills they postponed

  77. jojo aguyam


  78. Hyojin Kyoma

    I ain’t buying a bike to decorate my living room - but I might buy the stock.

  79. Kooi Seng Chng

    Patrick was very kind to Prof Wolff. Because Prof Wolff is white and American




    i quit going to menards because of masks ... this is about controlling the flock of sheeps ... they have epicly failed that in the midwest ... i used to envy people in big cities ... now i feel sorry for them because they are controlled by the propaganda more than anyone! why do soo many have blue hair, hate our country, and think that EVERYTHING the president does is wrong!? i think its because these people live on social media more than the average person .. AND .. these places are often controlled by the left ( sidebar: i hate politics.. its all a show .. the two party system is just to divide us.. but i see trump doing things i NEVER thought would be done to help our country ... im not a big 45 fan .. but credit is due where credit is deserved .. this is why nobody listens to the left anymore! they are so brainwashed they only think ONE WAY! thus, making almost everything they say not valid) i just want whats best for our country, and all the citizens living in it!

  82. A BG

    Yes California is expensive, probably doesnt make sense financially for a middle class family to stay. BUT you can not compare New Hampshire with California. California is still the 5th biggest economy in the world and its even not a country. You remove California out of the United states of America and the whole country will go to shit.

  83. Bearded Vegan

    lol.. the savings statstic is quite hilarious!!!!! the savings numbers are just as fake as the currency itself. The reason Americans have more money in their accounts is because they have held onto payments that would have otherwise been disbursed, especially the one that is usually 30% of your gross monthly income!! RENT and MORTGAGE. They definitely didn't earn MORE than usual, they just disbursed less. but its only temporal. The payment forgiveness will expire and savings will once again be nill.. Not to mention you have many people receiving more in un-employment benefits and government hand outs than they earned on the actual job! #FACTS!

  84. ExireHG

    Comments show people just have no idea how to respond to an Independent Libertarian type like Pat. Too caught up in the American political duality.

  85. Daniel Gonzalez

    good work. thanks for getting professor Wolff out there he is a really important American.


    You’re next steps: 1) Get creative - start up business 2) Buy silver piece & don’t sell it! 3) Content Creating using it to educate! 4) Work for smaller companies (keep it nimble)


    My biggest take away is that SMALL is actually better than big. When he used the analogy about the president in Switzerland - no one knows who it is- he made it clear that small is better because you are not targeted. Which to me meant- when you aren’t the big target 🎯 you actually are better at running your own business/company. Less “knives” being thrown at you = More productivity/success.

  88. Vince racco

    Wolf gets cronyism mixed up with capitalism

  89. Charles Smallins

    When are you going to make a video regarding what happened in the Twin Cities? Let me guess......DOESN'T MATTER TO YOU HUH!

  90. CAt From Outer Space

    they want You to EAT EachOther Forced Cannibalizm Just ask Macdonalds wheres the US Cattlemans Association -Become a Staunt Vegitarian & then they will come Out-Law & Destroy Farming /Organic Gardens & AmeriKas Crops [Oh Yea - they already are / Done-Did]

  91. JCTV

    What is this intro? "Did Robin Hood Tale from the government?" No of course not, he literally is known for taking from the rich and giving to the poor. He was not taking from the government, mainly because there was not really a government back then

  92. ܠܫܢܐ_ܣܘܪܝܝܐ Sakamoto

    we are not saving money, we are putting our indemnizacion for being redundancy in our banks accounts

  93. Eli Morales

    I don't think it went up 33% when is 30% unemployment and checks are late

  94. Evilio Sierra

    Pat love your show think you're doing a good job. ( "Just so you know that I believe in capitalism it's not perfect but it leaves the most amount of meat on the bone and and gives the most freedom" ) I'm Cuban and I was having a discussion with a neighbor, I believe he was from one of the countries that was part of the Soviet Union. He said all systems capitalism, socialism and communism it's all the same s__t. At the time I argued with him, since I've had time to reflect. Today we don't have pure capitalism cuz the government, lobbyist manipulate everything. I would think no matter what the system the more powerful and energetic will always rule the masses. In the end call it a three-headed coin. Bottom line no matter what system manipulate, divide and conquer.

  95. Ton Erus

    Capitalism = Corporate Doctatorship

  96. Kai Maxfield

    When I try to read I fall asleep. Any advice?

  97. TotallySafe

    Absolutely awesome advice !!!!


    Thank you Valuetainment this is incredible insight & really helps you to think differently. Thank you.

  99. CAt From Outer Space

    there is No Fukking ``Corona Virus`` this is all Simply Motivated by Intentional SATANIC EVIl & Utter HATRED For GOD & Humanity these Worthless Detestable Monsters will be Wiped Completely Out of Existence as they try Wiping US out of Existence

  100. Richard Picone

    I agree with him. Reposted to thousands of followers on