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  1. Joshua yew

    Next gen James charles

  2. Andrei Statchevschi

    Jonathan, I don't know you but I respect you for not eating that.

  3. William Deoro

    Jackson is over dramatic

  4. Burcu Ergin

    Minnie ears,elsa funko pop,mickey pin

  5. Carlos Vazquez

    Where are The Office fans at!? đŸ™‹đŸŸâ€â™‚ïžđŸ™‹đŸœâ€â™€ïž

  6. kimmy ÙwÚ

    There is a elsa toy on the celf beside the plant above the ?box (Sorry for my bad speling)

  7. Kim Jeon Taeyeon

    2:12 I died laughing 😂😂😂

  8. Luis Torres


  9. Tony Nuryaman

    Subtitle indonesian I like this.

  10. sugarlette86

    Yaeeeee I’m so excited I can’t wait to see the new channel

  11. ia akra

    Everyone who didn’t win the laugh challenge “You Have Failed This Universe”

  12. Alisha Khan

    Lmao this is so funny 😂😂

    1. Yasi Ali

      True tho

    2. Yasi Ali

      Fuck u!

  13. The Guitarist

    These videos seem so staged.

  14. Lafaty

    Middle class white girls: Watching The Office is a personality trait

  15. ia akra

    Gotta be Team Sharon on these type of challenges

    1. Mya Miller

      LMAO 😂😂

  16. Bliss Clair

    Peer pressure is real in this challenge!

  17. terry stamper

    Tell that Michelle girl to him I like her hair

  18. Desiree Orona

    Yeah you guys completely failed to realize the mother dog in the window is also the dog who sang "hes a tramp" in lady and the tramp. I seriously thought that was the cameo you were suggesting. Check your own work next time

  19. Jesus Christ

    Ricky looks high


    Krusty krab pizza

  21. chloe W

    Can you do innuendo bingo?

  22. Zaim Zainal

    That Siri always got me no matter how much I watched it....hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  23. 83gamimg Roblox

    2:14 the Minnie ears 4:26 the Elsa funko pop 6:19 and the Mickey pin

  24. Mike Seo

    Subbed. Thanks for the laughs.

  25. 7 little sheeps

    June 6 is my birthday!!!

    1. I only comment

      7 little sheeps really me too!!!!!!!!

  26. Isabella Krivorot

    Dude, the pretzel is not worth more than the steak wrapped in bacon alone. And I love beets so that punishment would have been a piece of cake.

    1. Isabella Krivorot

      @Vincent James I agree. Pretzels are definitely delicious. But when you're really hungry, you don't want a pretzel as a winning dish. You want a MEAL.

    2. Vincent James

      Pretzels are delicious

  27. Cactus Juice


  28. ĐšŃ€Đ°ŃĐœŃ‹Đč бархат

    My everyday challenge is “try not to eat”

  29. Kacire, o Caipora

    Sergio always looking good 😍

  30. FredisNedis

    2:14 the Minnie ears 4:25 or 4:26 the Elsa funko pop 6:19 the Mickey pin

  31. David Kite

    laughing at baby yoda is something id expect only from a senior citizen.

  32. Shoe Mania


  33. Claudia W

    Awhhh, u should invited billie to this challenge, she loves the office.

  34. Cecilia Moyer

    In the 101 dalmatian scene there was also the two dogs that are friends with tramp in the window but no one said anything about that and it was way more obvious.

  35. Danika Patrick


  36. Beebo Beeb

    It's a puzzle...its meant to challenge your brain. How does this have any connection with locksmiths? Not to mention, aren't locksmiths supposed to use specialized tools to break open a lock?

    1. Mrtrip69

      Because it's a lock puzzle pretty simple

  37. gasmask gaming

    Minnie ears elsa funky pop and Hercules stand

  38. Chelsea cream

    Guys in frozen 2 there is a easter egg baymax was there in the starting when elsa and anna was playing

  39. Abhay Namboodiri

    Have elders or anyone just react to adele

  40. Haley Faragalli

    I love Michelle's hair

  41. Anna Wolf

    Can I just go and get free food😅😂

  42. Taisha Egan

    Siri sounds just like cartman

  43. Edex Crow

    React to Eminem-Godzilla

  44. J-Vlog s

    Good burger

  45. Luis Miller

    Do Try not to eat That 70's Show's food

  46. Emiliano Alegre

    Michille is so pretty :c

  47. Nikita Rose-Roberts

    I feel bad for Jaxon

  48. Michelle Balibrea Saldaña


  49. Shea Meyer-Hanson

    Mats hair left like my dad

  50. Katie A.

    okay the reward was definitely not worth missing all those amazing foods that came before... But punishment... That's Beyond horrific. I'm not even picky but beets are one of the few things in this world that I just absolutely hate so muchđŸ€ą

  51. Kfkdjejc Ehhdjdnd


  52. Jorge Hernandez

    I'd sacrifice king's blood to the lord of light of I could marry Daniel.

  53. Yurio Plisetsky

    2:14 the Minnie ears 4:25 or 4:26 the Elsa funko pop 6:19 the Mickey pin

  54. Jonathan BrogÄrd

    Do Try Not to Eat with Rick and Morty food!!!

  55. Veyiro

    Izzyyy <3

  56. haudace

    So boring

  57. Big Chungus

    4:43 la turkler durdurun hayvanin etiketine bakin AASASASASAS BAYAKLARI ASSSđŸ‡čđŸ‡·đŸ‡čđŸ‡·đŸ‡čđŸ‡·đŸ‡čđŸ‡·đŸ‡čđŸ‡·

    1. game_ hunter


  58. Cory Klein

    This was a good one. Some of these are too easy. This one got me

  59. Nart

    Don shouldn't be happy cuz Marco son is smart with his money but Don's son isnt smart still they're KIDS

  60. Fatema Danyal

    Is there anyone else with bigger Alpha energy than Sharon!?!

  61. justenleonas

    Michele and Sharon... last ones standing on REACT

  62. Adrian Lopez

    "I wake up in the morning in a bed that's too small, drive my daughter to a school that's too expensive, and then I go to work to a job for which I get paid too little. But on Pretzel Day? Well, I like Pretzel Day"- Stanley

  63. Jacob Paul

    9:17 Sanos hand

  64. Mikasa Ackerman

    *Sanos hands*

  65. Eithyr

    Is there a filter on this video?

  66. Malibongwe Shezi

    I actually LOVE beetroot. Can legit eat it on its own.

  67. EllaRen81009

    Tbh if I was ro I would still touch the alpaca

  68. Jessica _

    Punishment could’ve been the belsnickle meat thing 😂

  69. Allyson Mandujano

    Why does Kostas give me Zac Efron vibes

  70. Nick Barry

    The Mexican kid is definitely gonna come out of the closet

    1. Just Gabe

      Nick Barry that's what i was thinking i went to the comments to see if anyone else said it

  71. ケレックă‚čAlexander

    How tf am I already subscribed to the new channel, when this is the first time I’ve ever heard about it? That’s a bit sus

  72. Lps pikachu tv

    *that one hey Arnold episode helga on the couch*

  73. saul diaz

    honestly if there was an episode with nothing but Danny i would love that soo much

  74. Brad L.

    We need more Teddy Ray content than just tik tok!

  75. The_ _Hunter

    Omg they have the big dog Roman Reigns (WWE)

  76. Sclaz Beatbox

    8:57 BMG approves, comment if understand (i am sorry xd)

  77. ケレックă‚čAlexander

    Michelle’s hair color is INCREDIBLE holy

  78. Harris 3dgamer

    The girls who are playing this game suck so bad it hurts watching them play. I play Arkham Knight on PC but still the way they play is Soo bad no offense.

  79. Simona Pawluk

    Ngl I'd do ice cream, bunny, chemistry set and charmander

    1. Arturo Romero

      Ice cream, elephant, drone, charmander

  80. Oldoajs Olllgsh

    The reward could have been the bacon wrapped steak, jusy saying

  81. Avery Whitton


  82. Sam Rabey

    Lol nicked this from the Scott Mills show in the UK

  83. Lovable Stitch

    Sharon at least you are still a beast in Try not to Laugh Challenges! 💕

  84. Jansen Sturniolo

    Dope or nope

  85. Crystal Li

    Punishment should’ve been the “ice cream” Michael was eating towards the end of season 6. They didn’t have ice cream so he used mayo and olives đŸ€ź

  86. wilfrid fred

    That water shit is discusting

  87. HeyyyImLina -

    I have a idea, do a try to eat --- food with baaadd food

  88. Raquel  Curiel

    Hey Dany smiled at 3:48 where's his ❌?

    1. KarlaRockangel

      He smirked...maybe that's why they didn't count it. Dunno.

  89. EndieStuff

    Slender man appears in frozen

  90. Jellxstic

    5:59 *I can relate*

  91. Sue Stevens

    Lol Chelsea said what the f*** in madden 17 she’s cra cra

  92. Annie Ryan

    6:22 I love that I understood what she said 😂

  93. Clive AR

    5:59 minecraft sex 😂

  94. carrastealth

    Hah jokes on you, I love Beets!! They're nature's candy don't you know.

  95. Some random emo person

    Did he just. Shawn mendes and Gerard Way what?

  96. Paul McG

    Michelle's hair and outfit combo are the flipped version of Mikaela's.


    Ok, but poor Jaxon😂😂

  98. Zodiac Star

    5:12 I've seen that before

  99. Rama Farandy

    The winning dishes was so bad! That guy seems like so dissapointed

  100. Pepsolman

    Next time... full mouth of white gravy. Please.

    1. umm yea umm hi guys

      Oh no pls no