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  1. Phillip II

    *Neighborhood aunty*

  2. Salamis

    I want to hear how he bought a house by 21

  3. JustSilly rachet

    I used to love them when I was a kid,they were just very comfortable and fresh

  4. Denesh Bhaskar

    Lmao poor joe. Arod isnt the guy . Hes worth over 300 mill and hiw gf worth over 500 million. U AINT EVER GOING BROKE 800 MILL LMAO

  5. Denesh Bhaskar

    Joe Smith had a hard career . so many different teams. NOT easy.

  6. Chad Nichols

    That was enjoyable to watch . Kevin unplugged is enjoyable and no thanks to McDonalds!! 😂

  7. TeenaNikole

    Saved 100k by 26. Almost 30 now, invested the money and have around 300k in net worth (invested mainly in real estate).

  8. Market Slice

    I'm 30 with 200k. I wish I started at 0, but I didn't. Worked hard to get myself out of 165k of debt. And I've been consistently working/investing since then.

  9. Justin Yoder

    Obviously not a car guy😂

  10. Teen Investing

    14 and over $6k by investing in stocks, and a bit of options. I caught Tesla back in the 200s.

  11. Anime Dimension

    Too bad i dont live in a city

  12. Neil Narain

    45k saved and I’m 25. No debt. Investing as much as I can early so that I use time on my side to compound and get more return on capital.

  13. Kamalpreet Singh

    Neil - Elon musk is the most important person on the planet. Go Elon you can do it Andddd I don’t care if he gets High !!

  14. Buddy Muniz

    He is doing very well... The only thing that would stop him is getting hurt and not being able to work or finish that valuable tatoo.

  15. Yutube SuspendedMyAccount

    70 % of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. 80% of those have less than $1000 in saving. Explain to me again how are you expect most people to save 100k by 33? Stagnant wage , high cost of living , student loan , personal debt all add up. At the end of the month if you have $100 left , you are lucky.

  16. Buddy Muniz

    I was interested until I heard the word RENT...

  17. ok lol

    I just lost my crocs 😭

  18. Jason McEwan

    Ramit putting in work at the gym.

  19. GENZ

    We had a great run, guys, we're all going down. See y'all on the dark side of the moon.

  20. Muhammed Manjang

    You guys should do one in Atlanta making 140,000

  21. BohemianAsh

    Graduating as a dentist. Job market looking mighty fine here in Australia. Want a secure job? Work in healthcare

  22. ILykToDoDuhDrifting

    The research is outdated. It was probably from when houses cost $200K. Now they're pushing $800K in a major metropolian area. Therefore, by MATHEMATICS, the happy salary is just about $350K/year until happiness gained from increased wages levels off. The happiest cities in the US are the likes of Fremont, CA and San Jose, CA where the median home price is about $1.2 Million dollars - They're all millionaires.. early home buyers know they can sell their home and retire without worrying about their finances again. The saddest city? Detroit, MI where the median home price is about $40K.

  23. Mauricy toys adventures

    Who’s watching this with there beats😂

  24. alex bob

    I just turn 22 and have 35k saved. Should have 80k on May 2021 when I turn 23. 100k saved at the end of 2021. Soo end of next year when I'm 23 and 1 semester away from graduating a BA in Finance. Already have paid off 25k car. Self made first generation. Good luck yall

    1. alex bob

      And I've traveled to Guatemala and Thiland before covid 19 and plan on traveling more once covid 19 ends

  25. Olives Olive

    So people should share their money. Live by example. Start with your money first

  26. Jessica Greene

    Surely I’m not the only one getting awfully thirsty looking at this Silver Fox?! 😩👄😅🥵

  27. R T

    I agree.

  28. Vasu Maru

    He also relates to college application tips!

  29. Vasu Maru

    I love the thoughts of the person giving advice!

  30. Cjon wickham

    Why is that? Support another business crook.

  31. tsurek

    Im 3 and already have $1,000,000,000 saved :)

  32. Quincy Hines

    Shes smart.!!!

  33. Jaybriel Akoi

    I thought his answer would be stupid but it's actually really good.

  34. James Town

    Everybody is rich except me.

  35. William Lauzon

    Solid video, I really like both Kevin O'Leary and Graham Stephan.

  36. Xinwei Guo

    from atomic bombs in ww2 to landing on moon is well within the life span of a person. One can surely imagine a person landing on mars within our lifespan if you are young enough.

  37. 4K & HD Train Videos!!!

    The one thing that surprised me that people don’t negotiate on is jewellery. Engagement rings you can get up to 20% off if you go in towards the end of the month. I was shocked that people didn’t know that!

  38. Oswaldo LN

    I did not know Kevin was so health conscious. 1700 calories a day? That's really low. Kevin, I commend you for everything you are doing, but I would hit the weight room and beef up. Maybe take a little testosterone cause of your age. You'll look 👌 and you won't have to retrict yourself so much. What you have going on now is good, but that will help. Cut back on the elliptical time if need be.

  39. Collin

    if you bought a cardboard box on a corner between 2009-2011 you doubled your money

  40. Ron Smith

    Wow so without ALsel he would be living at home

  41. Eric Highsmith

    I feel like a failure in life after watching these videos. I’m 30 about to be 31, last job I earned $13/hr as a shuttle driver before I lost it due to covid-19

  42. DaProdigy

    I'm from Texas but I'm gonna like Barbara halfway through this video, and for that reason I'm out.

  43. Eric Highsmith

    I feel like a failure in life after watching this video. I was working as a shuttle driver before covid-19. What does she mean that she looks forward to being ‘financially independent?’ She is making $250K/yr... isn’t that being financially independent?

  44. Trav Lund

    Ask Kevin how he feels on XRP Ripple?

  45. Mujo Arnautovic

    73 miles or 117,482km It doesn't go further up

  46. bella santini

    Good for her for making a change in her life and being the most successful rep in her office. Sales is HARD. And taking yourself out of a bad situation is harder. She deserves to manage her money however she’d like!! She should be praised for being a SELF MADE woman! You go girl!

  47. Michael

    Suze Orman should be in jail. She defrauded millions of people. How can she still be seen as credible and on CNBC?

  48. 3dgar 7eandro

    Hearing Neil saying Elon (my two favorite scientist minds) is the most important person in our days is the one and only thing I needed to hear today 😎🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏

  49. Kamaro

    Lol reading the comments here makes one think they just entered a room full of billionaires. Get real, guys.

  50. M A

    how he 37 and a millennial lmaooo

  51. TheRusschannel

    Most ,if not all condos HOA's dont allow AirBNB

  52. Harith MK

    The bitcoin thing sounds like insider trading, never buying bitcoin again.

  53. Luke Quinn

    Elon has nothing on my civ 6 game

  54. sotiri bjankes


  55. All Things Steph

    Dang can y’all let her spend her money as she wants??

  56. Lonely Kay

    I swear to god, if Elon had Bezos money, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Genoa


  58. Robert McIntosh

    In my opinion he just got the best endorsement ever. You hear the words then see who's saying them.

  59. Buddy Muniz

    Ok? So you dont really own this home you are renting the money from the bank to buy it. Sort of as you first stated. And "commuter expirence" is a fancy term for daily, nasty public transportation adding unpaid hours to each workday... FUN! At least they are frugal with food and vehicle choice... Nice S10!

  60. Kevin Tran

    I hope I’m rich enough that I don’t have to listen to this. So much money I can do whatever I want and it won’t affect me at all.

  61. chris schuff

    The best part of this video is that Neil approves that Elon smoked weed. change my mind

  62. Ricky BH

    love your story, am so happy on how you treat your dog and your self... and good on you for beating the nasty disease of substance abuse... one of the worse things to have to deal with because its something you can break, but breaking it is not easy at all... good job...

  63. exter2000

    ofc not. stop using animals and let them free.

  64. Ray C

    Salary doesn't matter too much. It's all about your savings (assuming you hit a 2k per month threshold). If you can, put that money into real estate, and the rest into index based mutual funds. I make only $40k a year and managed to save for about 250k in net worth on my meager salary. I lent my parents $170k in bank credit in exchange for them allowing me a room, and I pay only $500 in rent. I'm actually losing potential income on this, but they're my parents. Interdependence is one way to grow your net worth if you're willing to work with someone you trust.

  65. Rico Baca

    I remember when his channel was small enough for him to reply to comments.

  66. A Hoosier On The Run- Travel Vlog

    So an ultimatum 😈 this relates to knowing your worth...

  67. Justaname

    Everything is wrong with this .. spending spending.. But if she’s happy go for it. I bet eventually sage will always be in debt

  68. lol xoxo

    When I decide to cheat in sims

  69. Emily Browning

    Uh I’ve never been charged international with fees. I have several credit cards but mainly use chase sapphire reserve.

  70. Josh

    Bill gates is doing more humanitarian deeds than musk. Although musk is pushing advancements in technology, Bill helped thousands of villages to get fresh water and sanitary bathrooms across the world.

  71. mitali patel

    90% work is done if you are white women believe me world is still stuck up in 50's

  72. Jay-T

    COCAINE....lots of it.

  73. Heart Healthy Hustle by Jonathan Frederick

    The budget breakdown confused me; bringing in $145K/ year but the graph shower less than 7,000 monthly, what am I missing?

  74. Heart Healthy Hustle by Jonathan Frederick

    Don't get me wrong, all these episodes are fun to watch, but this was the realest one yet!! She also found the greatest riches of all in God. Good for her!

  75. CrazyFanaticMan

    Does this work for probation officers too?

  76. Bemnet Assefa

    Why isn’t anybody talking about how my mans worth 400 million and he still can’t get good camera quality 😂

  77. Chubbylito11

    Get an entry level job outside your "career path". It tells your future hiring manager that you are flexible, adaptable, and someone who doesn't mind getting their hands dirty. Plus you get to earn money, pay your student loans, and get your mind off worrying on what the future holds. This too shall pass!

  78. Genoa


  79. Cher Lopes

    It took me almost ten years to reach the 6 figures salary I have now...now it is growing about 10% every year.It's crazy

  80. Ines Filipa

    I'm from Portugal.. Why was this recommended to me? Trader Joe's doesn't even exist here And why am I so interested in the video???

  81. NPJ Global

    Call me old school but I find a girl who cannot cook AT ALL extremely unwomanly and unattractive for a marriage prospect.

  82. Paul james Lee


  83. Freddy Tang

    is 75k pre tax or after tax income? because if that is after tax income, then you have to make like 100k to keep 75k

  84. Juan Berton

    hey @millenialmoney #millenialmoney why don't you making it on 20k a year in Brooklyn or better yet find someone making it on minimum wage in the lowest income bracket a year (below $9000 per year) anywhere in USA and see what life is really like.

  85. Nate M

    This guy is a moron. If he loses his job, within 1 month he is bankrupt

  86. Yeezy Sn4cks


  87. miciahwashere

    Her's is really awesome, I love her sotry and how she's unselfish with her moneu!

  88. Alban DB

    Great video !

  89. Frenki Guess

    This is the best PR & Influencer Marketing, Uber & Lyft will ever get 🤯

  90. lordchill

    I am currently making about 52k and I just started with this salary beginning of January, but with more money..., more problems. I’ve been working everyday and hardly get days off cause I don’t want to fail and feel guilty taking days off but I got so burnt out, i did a no call no show and every early morning my mind immediately thinks about work causing it to think a million things at once. Really got to me mentally that I broke down. Rn, my bosses saw and heard how I’ve been lately, so I’m currently taking some time off but I still think about work everyday.

  91. amazing hannure

    when a Berkeley and Harvard major can't find jobs you know it's bad.

  92. Santonio P

    I think they left out a key comparison. Active income versus passive income. We make a couple hundred grand in our household but we gotta grind grind grind to get that. If we earned the exact same amount of money but passively, I believe that’ll make us happier because we would own our time.

  93. ruanorafa

    I’m 34 only $30k saved but about $850k in equity and $30k in 401k😐

  94. Lux Modelz

    Use a better green screen or background .

  95. Bryan Abad

    I have a credit card with no foreign fee. So I go anywhere and just swipe 💳 😜

  96. ClarksonsinUSA

    Money is freedom...... To do what you want, when you want! Trump understands this, and that's why we love this Man!

  97. zijuiy wttuy

    I can't lie, this was a wholesome video lol.

  98. B Jamin117

    Your amazing is there a guy who came up from recently those are really amazing inspiring stories