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  1. Goddess Maat

    Blove that’s what I was thinking too.. an eagle 💕

  2. Monekia Evans

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this convo is hilarious

  3. Royal Rap 21

    Bloveslife: I would never be no PIG..or no COW..😶😶😶

  4. Chandra Martin

    She's brilliant

  5. Middle Age Gladness

    She’s Powerful and Has Been Very Inspirational To My Kids and Grandkids and Have Had To Meet Her Personally!!!❤️❤️❤️

  6. smelly

    All I gotta say is get that revenue

  7. Andrea Gonzales

    You been wanting a chain not needing!!!

  8. Shadena Lutin

    Love this video

  9. Carol McCord

    Girl you are "Ghetto" as hell. You had me going while trying to act as though you can't relate to your brothers lifestyle lol. New money is still good, however I can tell that you're not use to a conservative lifestyle. I Love watching you two, so funny

  10. Andrea Gonzales

    I love Nates jacket

  11. Andrea Gonzales

    Carne Asada

  12. Abby Lopez

    Hey mama B! Have fun on your vacation... don't forget to enjoy the little moments! Love you❤

  13. Shayla Jones

    Why he always look like he don't wanna be there Like he over everything and his facial hair be just over the top

  14. rfarris38

    Uncle Nate I love you but wth you got on. Ole Maze and Beverly band members jacket 😳

  15. Gail Willson

    Hey now! Proud of you all. Keep going hard. I love it.

  16. K Queen

    Lol. She can really eat!!

  17. marilyn hanger

    Hey y’all, who else think Nate was looking very handsome in this video...NO DISRESPECT TO BLOVE, YOU LOOK GREAT AS WELL AND YALL DRIP WAS ON POINT TOO🥰😍🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻💯💯

  18. Kae Latta

    Nobody: Blove: look at that bad boy 😂❤️

  19. Trikeila Sillyrabbit

    I watch blove eat when I don't feel like cooking 🤣🤗😘😘

  20. Aery Combs

    You should video the first class suit so we can see how y’all rockin!! I’ve always wondered what it would look like!! 🥰🥰🥰

  21. RB Photography

    Nate, you looking like the cover of a 80's CD... LOVE IT! That necklace is fiyah! I love ya'll's connection as a married couple.

  22. Camesha Roberts

    Nate's jacket is clean! Blinging on camera 🙂👌🏽✨✨✳️

  23. Tannika Legion

    This so clutch.

  24. Alma Padilla

    15:00 was the cutest thing ever😂💚💚

  25. Vonshay Johnson

    I love how y'all are so comfortable around each other. Y'all talk like best friends 💕

  26. My Thick Roots

    In my neck of the woods! Hope you enjoy 💞

  27. Blacc Queen

    Wish I could meet u 🥺🥺😭😭😭 I’m in LA

  28. Aleta Pickett

    Continue your Success

  29. Goddess Maat

    Love LA , so beautiful out there

  30. Tyra Callands

    Please Subscribe to ASMR with TZM... Thank You😘

  31. Dawnishaa Byrd

    I really like the change in your life you came a long ways you worked hard to get where you at I’m sure you don’t care if people watch are don’t I listened to you say you don’t care how people feel bout the noise but people will always have something to say the reply you gave watch don’t watch don’t forget those are the same people subscribe to your Chanel sometimes we forget where we come from and just thankful for what today brings fast as u made it faster it can be gone so hey be thkful they comment that’s why you got this far people comments there why it’s got to this point ,never forget where you came from god bless blovely.

  32. Marco Garcia

    I wish one day I can eat with you big fan

  33. Darren and Sherla

    Sounds like it’s Mastro’s Steakhouse y’all ate it! It’s super good! Y’all should try Catch LA since B love seafood!

  34. Marco Garcia

    I wish one day I can eat with you

  35. Eliz

    You too are perfect. Congratulations on your success.

  36. Periodt Pooh

    Do a meet and greet collab in each city so you can get a lot of people out the way plus that would be really fun and interesting.

  37. Dora Anderson

    Hey y’all that’s so crazy because I said the same thing Blove I would want to be a 🦅 too.


    La is beautiful

  39. Taj Matai

    What kind of wing sauce is that????

  40. Tannika Legion

    Omg. That lobster and corn with the sauce.

  41. Keke Cole


  42. Periodt Pooh

    Can you please do a book about where to eat in the 50 states!

  43. Karmari C. Watson

    ooh, those tacos are dripping and it's making me hungry. The Bald Eagles were recently removed from the Endangered Species List.

  44. PharmacyTechLove

    The bird industry 🤩🤪🤪

  45. Cristina Cuti

    You know that takies make holes in your belly

  46. Nickyloveslove ENTERTAINMENT

    B love. *My Son Robert Lewis* loves your outro song. He dances to it and asks me to repeat it. At the end he says, I love that song~


    I must say I love your channel and am so proud of you guys I just start mine and I pray it will be good lolololo thank you you are such a blessing

  48. Queen Diva

    Oh and y'all should mail somethings home instead of getting more suitcases. Those extra bags can become more than and actual plane ticket. 2nd comment enjoy your trip.

  49. miranda pow

    Y’all so cute

  50. Kween Mo

    Positive vibes in this video...God will bless you 10xs more for blessing that family! I lost my grandma my backbone in October 2019 to cancer and felt like i lost a part of me! I was blessed to have her 30 years but i wasn't ready to let her go becuz life got hard for me and my daughter without her! God bless you! Btw that food looks amazing

  51. Lola Sparks

    Blove “we are on rodell drive” me what? Lmao

  52. Arelis Davis

    Y’all had me cracking up 😂 😂😂😂 this was such a good video it looked beautiful out there. I’m glad y’all enjoyed y’all day out in rodeo dr.

  53. N&G Studio

    This is how many times she says “yal” | |

  54. Bette Simmon

    This piece about the chicken was so funny fried on somebody's plate , crispy with hot sauce. I am telling you throw some comedy in your Mukbang.

  55. Linda Smith

    Do a Delta 1 Mukbang...:-)

  56. Mommy& Zy world

    Y’all go subscribe to my channel I’m lit I’m 12 years old me and my mama and we a big fan of blovelife and I’m tryna get support plz subscribe to my channel and show love : mommy& zy world

  57. Tasha Banks

    Your hot sauce? Lmao u have got to be kidding me, mixing others peoples hot sauce in a bottle doesn’t make it yours😭😭😭

  58. Tasha Banks

    Sum hmm hum hmmmmmm..that’s how u talk u illiterate moron

  59. Tonya Flowers

    Those outfits giving me ice skating vibes 😅

  60. Dastunna Chick

    Damn that necklace nice asf

  61. Nickyloveslove ENTERTAINMENT

    I stay eating the green now and laters

    1. Nickyloveslove ENTERTAINMENT

      And banana

  62. Mel S

    Maestro’s?? EDIT: where’s the collab with Zoie?!? That’s what I’m waiting onnnnn. Lol

  63. Queen Diva

    Y'all should fly Emirates first class suite. They are amazing, it has bed and shower. Oh and an actual lounge with a bar and bar tender. ❤❤❤❤ I love Emirates.

  64. Tricia Tennell

    I love me some tacos....

  65. Regiane Silva

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  66. SeLlamaEvee

    B love.. you need to go on an interactive tour! Do spicy challenges and all that! That would be so fun and I’d pay good money for that!

  67. ladied56

    B you don’t have to explain yourself, we’re all busy, that’s what business is! 👌🏾😍

  68. Sharon Peterkin

    Happy Saturday Belove Nate Enjoy 😇 much success in life 😇

  69. Deja Rene

    Congrats on your success but I feel like you brag about finances on almost every video now days. Tired of hearing about your money, more intrested in hearing about other things. Just being 100 but i still love ya

  70. Chelsea Jones

    It is orange

  71. Jamila

    Fried and died with hot sauce🤣🤣🤣

  72. Harriett Davila

    A eagle and a loin ,I,m dying lol at you 2 that hawk will tore that ass eagle up ,the loin is the king of jungle but still get jump by others animals lol lol blove and husband I love you'll video together black love

  73. Chelsea Jones

    Enter me

  74. lainey wright

    What's up my blove. yee

  75. S.O

    Blove's question to Darius @ 27:56 🤪😂🤪😂🤪😂🤪🤪😂😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆


    I just feel like your too aggressive towards your own man. im happy he's got thick skin.

  77. mizzropella

    Not being mean, but that whole set up doesn't even seem like Nate. IDK...

  78. J'Christine

    Im one of those persons 😩😩😩😩

  79. ladyknow how

    It is not rare Zaddy. There are a lot of Black men that have raised their wives children as their own. My husband is an example.

  80. Dej Deonna

    What’s the movie called ? Did it ever come out?

  81. tiffani l

    Yall kill me acting like she owe yall somethin because yall get a kick out of watching people eat smdh

  82. Paprika ASMR

    Welcome to LA 🌴

  83. Dena Love

    I feel like this is how mukbangs should be. All eating and way less talking. FINALLY!

  84. LSF3

    Hey B and Nate 🌞🌞🌞 look like you guys are really enjoying yourselves peace😘😘

  85. Chyna Hart

    I ❤ me some Que

  86. Lasharra Trammell


  87. 2 Girls 1 Feast

    Oh beloves! This looks soooooo good! I’m so jealous

  88. Ahreanna Hytche

    She need Cardi on here

  89. Christina Abeita

    Nate we love you but plz stop wearing that ice skating jacket lol 😆

  90. Ella Brown

    Hi Blove and Nate. The eagle is a great choice. They're mentioned in the Bible 34 times. Read Isaiah 40:30. Have a great day!

  91. Adrian Cooking & Food Review

    Blessings affi fall like rain. You guys always bring positivity so your blessings gonna continue to overflow

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    I love watching them as a family. They are sooo much fun!!! 💕💕💕 They behave like a typical healthy family. ☺️



  95. lateshia Thomas

    Where is she ordering this from? Drop the LINK!!

  96. MsLuvmusic81

    you two lol:) yes when harry met sally - billy Crystal and meg Ryan

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    I want to see it you guys I know it will be funny

  98. Crazy Kids

    Gooood Mooorning! Bloeslife and Nate! Looks so beautiful out there, how nice. All I have to say to you guys is your the cutest little couple on "ALsel" ever! "God Bless You Both".

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