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  1. jice12

    Nah I'm good. Too many of these now. Boring aesthetic. Need new stuff.

  2. Ai Quoc Heller

    Is this availabe in the United States? I can't find anywhere

  3. Jacob Burgart

    1:44 THEY D A A A A A A A A B B E D

  4. Sqwooker

    Anime soccer Anime soccer

  5. The Underwater Crew!!!

    Samurai: Put in Cuphead and Mugman! Employee: Oh sorry, I thought you said Cuphead and Megaman!

  6. BlackGoldSaw 707

    0:28 Um... is that literally the SMM2 3D World Dash Block?

  7. Justin Arney

    To put this into perspective this only has 4k less down-votes than the Pokemon controversy

  8. B3toh

    2020: RYU DLC!

  9. mathiasmorqubus


  10. The Last Of Us is here.


  11. Aidan Hinojosa

    Damn it’s a just a character y’all some babies I swear.

  12. PrettyMuchEverything

    Another fire emblem for smas... Wtf am I saying

  13. ciscofire99

    FIFA killer.

  14. Inane Profundity

    This gives me a bit of a _Fooly Cooly_ vibe for some reason...

  15. Snailperson

    Tingles for SMAAAAAAAAASH

  16. ねこぱんち


  17. Chris Theo

    PLEASE ADD THE BIONIS SHOULDER AREA for those that dont know, it was cut out of the game but was found in the beta you can find it on youtube.

  18. Livonian Mapper

    This is just Super mario maker 2 co-op play but bigger

  19. The Spit Take

    I'm so hyped for this new character! 5 more challenger packs! Oh my god! So pumped right now!

  20. Mickey

    is This really Sad Nintendo you are really losing Fate of listing of your Fans and Sadly all these losers that only cares of original Plots never Remakes That is why you only care about Them Never real fans and made other's Wish Come True about Letting Bowsette happening Sad you are becoming To be hopeless glad that Sega cares about making Shows like Sonic why Not once for making Mario you Pathetic little Jerks

  21. Lolgames 268

    If there is super Mario maker 3 they should let you control the physics of the style so you can wall jump in 8 bits

  22. Robert Martino


  23. Lamborghini Shih Tzu

    "Its high noon OWO"

  24. Jack Hyland

    This game blew me away. I loved the way you could go literally ANYWHERE. No houses were restricted, wow that mountain looks tall won’t be able to walk up that, you can climb it! Absolutely mind blowing game and I love it

  25. Kevin Hernández

    Cuphead has more potential than this:/

  26. Clean Kills Inc.

    this is like harvest moon?

  27. がんばるゾイ


  28. ninjaruss

    this game was so good. i wish there was some extra content or some cool nintendo stuff thrown in there. i've beaten it several times on the original xbox

  29. Skyler Huynh

    She's from Dhar Mann!

  30. Tax Fraud

    People complaining about the number of fire emblem characters and I'm just here thinking about how Mario has more but no one complains about them.

  31. SpiderMark 86

    Got this for the PS4. Shame it's only an hour long. It's like a collection of 5 demo's than full games

  32. Hottie Thottie


  33. Aurora Ramos

    Were is suga ,R.m and j hope? Were is BTS?😖😦😧😟😵😲

  34. Minihardlevels gives no crap

    CaNt wAiT foR JuSt dAncE 2o69

  35. Minihardlevels gives no crap

    Try Steve from Minecraft It might help with the game

  36. 眠子丸

    日本人おらんかなー って探した人 ⬇👍

  37. Jyro009


  38. The Commenter Version

    When toad got a samsung

  39. Draweing

    I’m kinda hungry for calamari ( ‘^’ ) teehee

  40. Haze

    Be grateful

  41. Ximon Whhatt


  42. MagmaTri Studios

    what is this ring wii knockoff?

  43. JoseRex

    When free game

  44. Rishima

    I love Nintendo and the games but.. I feel like they are trying to be vocaloid rn 😂

  45. Weston Welch

    Imagine going back in time to 2016 after Bayonetta's release and telling everyone on Twitter that the next Smash game will have every fighter in Smash history, 11 newcomers, 12 DLC characters, and Sans

    1. dp045 0000

      And 3 carácter from Fire Emblem

  46. Do You Lie

    I want it to be more dislike than likes

  47. Matt B

    Byleth looks cool. The Doom Slayer next, please.

  48. Donovan King

    Nintendo pay snk

  49. Mario El Numero 1 7w7

    As a hardcore mario fan i was literally crying cuz apart from my collection and merch of mario and other things i have i am so happy that i am going to interact with something in the universe of mario for the first time, apart from visiting Nintendo store NY interacting with the guy in the mario suit and talking with charles martinet

  50. kaye and lunaxd geluxx


  51. Stephon Crews

    I have this game on my Galaxy phone in also HD

  52. Terrance Clark

    You guys kill good games by only making them digital downloads...

  53. mido tales

    Splatoon 3 splatfest : sanni vs cibbi Sanni and cibbi is like yanny And Laurel in splatoon world And the idols settle This in a splatfest

  54. TheGoldminor

    New n tasty next please?

  55. Nan0SMM?

    This is not how i remember Super Mario Maker 2's Multiplayer VS.

  56. Axtlár

    Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes) for Smash!

  57. Dr. 616

    I'm a PC gamer. I love my Switch more than PS4 or Xbox One. Make more games for Switch and PC. You make your games via PC. Release them all! All gamers want to play all platforms!

  58. mido tales

    If splatoon 3 Have Two idol bands

  59. Lincoln Walker

    Everyone: are we finally getting Fallout on the switch?! Nintendo and Bethesda: well yes, but actually no

  60. Clone26

    Omg omg!!! Sooo excited!! I love u miku 😍😍😍

  61. yoav koifman

    It's already 1/28/2020 and byleth isn't out yet

    1. Driblee the fish


  62. Rhett Mitchell

    Joe Zieja doe 👀

  63. UHFStation1

    Just finished the Switch remastered version. Wasn't as familiar as I thought it would be. Then watched ALsel video of the Wii version. There were a lot of changes. Is this like the Play Station version? In the Switch version there is no t-rex, electric ghosts, less hidden doors, no museum basement, no spiral staircase, no spiral hallway and upside-down and sideways rooms on floor 13, no multicolor slime, and no dancing skeletons in the graveyard. The switch version did have those opera singers which was cool.

  64. Clone26


  65. Alex the Orange dinosaurs AOD

    Hi Nintendo my name is Alex

  66. ツ DoggoGamerYTAKA JamieBoi ツ


    1. ツ DoggoGamerYTAKA JamieBoi ツ

      he also gained a lil wait that guy

  67. Mild Lakes

    My friend sent me this video with no context at all

  68. max

    nogami-san is too wholesome and cute

  69. Tableton Usernamington

    Nintendo with Sega stuff? Rare!

  70. kent leonhart

    Edgy. I love it.

  71. ABigLoser •

    The first song Just cut straight to the middle. It cut me off a bit...

  72. Fire Decidueye

    😒Byleth 😏cuphead

    1. Sol the Random Fox

      😏Byleth 😏Cuphead

  73. Kenshiro Shinken


  74. Dillan Barry

    The fact that Nintendo permitted musicians to make a MUSIC VIDEO promoting one of their events is just next level modern. Good job, Nintendo.

  75. el jamzter siego :v


  76. Deimix

    This was my second Zelda Game, and i enjoy it a lot

  77. EditingSponge

    i thought this was a pokemon dlc add on

  78. Mike Ceranic

    Wish there would be a scouting video game.


    Creen luigi mansion 4 por fis

  80. Agent 3

    2020 Anyone??!

  81. Tony Woods

    Mario watching the execution of protestors and cheering on them 1978 colorized

  82. Max Morgan

    I saw this trailer and decided to look into it. I saw it was on PSN for 10 bucks so I went ahead and bought it. I just finished it. Played it all in one sitting and I just couldn't stop. The game evokes nostalgia in the best way, from the atmosphere, the story and narration, and the games themselves. This is truly a little masterpiece and I can't wait to play it several times over as the years go on.

  83. player owo

    nintendo es verdad que la skin de splatoon es ta la en fornite verdadero o falso

  84. Marcos Sierra

    Octolings for smash please we need a new splatoon stage with marina an pearl

    1. Marcos Sierra

      But all of us splatoon fans one day we’ll get what we want an new game with new weapons, armor, story, maybe even some new battles but to this day we still all are sad that our beloved game has ended but has it really we’ll never stop playing even when it’s over an it’ll always be alive in our hearts Love you all octo’s an squid’s🦑🐙❤️ Freshsquid switch friend code-SW-3535-6782-4213

  85. OctoGamer YT

    Man wish they can do this on this year

  86. joaquin pittaluga

    Todavia no salio aunque son las 00:00 en Argentina

  87. Marcus Rivera

    Omfg... in 1994 I experienced a moment of life that is so easily described by a line in this trailer!!! "They say they when you grow up, something inside you dies. I'm not sure if that is good or bad. When you're a child, shadows seems darker, and light seems brighter. Everything is more terrifying, and more exciting, at the same time." I remember realizing what death truly meant at 8yrs old in 1994. The morning after, I woke up to a world that was a lot duller, as if it had lost its light. But that wasnt the case at all... I just realize the truth of our reality.

  88. Ryosan

    I saw this as a kid on X-Play and thought it looked amazing. But I didnt have an X-Box. I am so psyched to finally be able to play it!

  89. Tombstoner

    Why didn't the voice actor fully wake up to do the trailer?

  90. Ace Case

    Thank you i can now go to the eshop

  91. maddie sparks

    I have a Nintendo :3

  92. Andrew R

    Blade runner and cyberpunk vibes heavy with this one

  93. Corgipeito

    Imagine if they performed at one of Queen Elizabeth II’s concerts.

  94. The Alphanoid

    Let it die

  95. Justin Lawson

    Is it still considered "home made" if you're homeless?

  96. StoutlandJim

    But I can't afford my switch til next week 😭😭😭😭

  97. Cesar Berlanga

    Wish i had seen the series as a kid but definitely I'll get this game 🥅⚽️