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  1. cresbydotcom

    neat idea but I would buy and use the vice to make things, but if it inspires people to innovate for themselves, it will have been worth it. My forte is VBA & JavaScript (200K and growing). The reward is the end product, which other people can use. Clue is in the name!

  2. Pam Iles



    The thumbnail contains the only things that we WEREN'T shown how to make: the legs.

  4. Leena Bhati

    All are good but video banate time kya bana rahe hai vo pahele show kare jisse Dekhane valo pata chale ki kya ban raha hai or music bhi add kare.

  5. Richard V

    I think going through all that for a tire pump is pretty poor time management but I can see several directions one could continue going with what he has done so far . American injenuity at work .

  6. Rowena Grahm

    02:06 01:58 05:32

  7. myutube1960

    Not worth the time spent watching this

  8. John Livingstone

    This is the dumbest waste of time ever.

  9. Earline Mason

    06:44 07:31 02:42

  10. Mr. Testtubehead

    I teach my students that muscles are quite blind as to the method they are trained. You can strengthen your biceps by lifting weights or lifting bricks. It doesn't matter as long as you get exercise. This applies to the brain. You can develop engineering skills by designing a car, or a Rube Goldberg machine. This guy advances his skill and imagination by playing, totally valid. New inventions do not come out of using things for their original intention. It was wildly impractical imagination that turned the Didgeridoo into the Saxophone.

  11. Brian Bosworth

    Put a "Warning, Waste Of Time" label on this video.👎

  12. slipsouce

    Or go to a store and buy a pump for 5

  13. Steve Polychronopolous

    Right up until the chop saw, I thought you were making a rotating grill and was wondering how that bearing would hold up in those conditions. Now I'm thinking... you could put the bearing underneath and have a spindle come up through the bottom of the coal tray. Yes, this is a versatile idea. Now I want to make one like this for woodworking projects - being able to spin freely while spraying finish would be handy. Great video!

  14. Stephen Ashfield

    8:50 You finally figure out that he has just made a crappy little table that folds up so you can take it to the beach. Disappointment is real.

  15. Michael Treadwell


  16. Chente Channel

    Sorry you are a little piece of

  17. Jorge Hernan Vasquez restrepo

    Que cosas tan pendejas. Dañas una pared para nivelar una tabla, que idiota.

  18. Argustin Y.

    Out of the 11 million people that watched this video, I'll bet that LESS THAN 10 PEOPLE actually did this, or even clicked on it to make a table. While the creator of this video got around 22,000$ USD off of it.

  19. rd zm

    Wow you're so damn quick..

  20. Luca Smid

    Wow wow wow hooooww you are smart

  21. Neal Thomson

    The problem with a washing machine drum braai is that it burns the coals too quickly. It's perfect as is for a boma fire, in fact it works so well that it glows red hot. Cover half of the holes and your coals will last longer, making it the perfect braai because all the guys can stand around the braai and do their own meat as well as be social at the same time, unlike those wall mounted braais where only 3 guys can stand at the fire and even then it's a push. . . TGC Blessings in abundance:)

  22. seumas2

    On our table saw that is a half fence

  23. Kurtis Hebel

    I have seen lots made with washer and dryer drums, but this is definitely the best. Good job

  24. Amaral Roberto

    Not only the idea of having the tools but knowing how to use them.

  25. The Lions pride

    So awesome

  26. Anjok TV

    Great precise work! Love to design and paint that table surface using airbrush and eventually laminate the surface!

  27. Dave Macgyver

    I like the bearing/carousel idea. But I think you picked 3 unrelated items to combine. I like my tools organized with similar uses. That thing takes up a lot of unnessairy room on a work bench. Not the best use of space in my opinion.

  28. Wise Woman

    To all the naysayers: y'all are just jealous because this guy CAN, and you CAN'T - which is why you go to the store to spend fiat money on something Made In China.

  29. Sky Light

    why not make a bigger one easy for your hand to have enough space ?

  30. kuzco31

    nice ideas :)

  31. Stacie Etheredge

    07:22 01:41 05:42

  32. Vanjohn Lim

    Very interesting idea!🖒 on how to waste the viewers time😮😕

  33. Ram_Esc

    Ah carajo! Y para que sirve eso?🤯🤫

  34. vbddfy euuyt

    "Putty for wood" AKA Wood Putty

    1. vbddfy euuyt


  35. Red Pill Diogenes

    Cool table

  36. TorusTattoo


  37. Jaxon Tuttle

    Should've flipped the hinges under the table, notched out a groove so they would sit flat, then when you closed the table, the edges would meet flush.

  38. Maria Aparecida Carvalho

    Well done. Thaks for sharing this great idea. I'll try it.

  39. david santana

    Definitely gonna do this. Thank you for sharing

  40. Michael Hartman

    Has no idea what you were building until it was mounted to the table... Then all I could think was, why did it take so long to figure that out... It was so obvious?

  41. George Garcia

    Waste of resources,electricity,time and money. Bettor to just go buy one,if you can afford a mig welder you can afford a bicycle pump. Crafty though it would come in handy if used for a permanent position.

  42. bridge 9

    Eh, just buy a pump

  43. Toditude

    Love the fast speed up brother! Great job and great idea!!! God bless!!!

  44. Ruby Beckham

    Like a man who can work with wood and build. Family will pass down your creations.

  45. James Carpenter

    That drill seen better days

  46. Mac Cann

    It's easy to be a cretic, great work young man. a great idea put to good use

  47. Serious liar


  48. GinoKaneki Sasaki

    I thought the first one is a frikking table😂😂

  49. Mario Muranaka

    Very good idea, congratulations!

  50. Manish Goswami

    I am from India.

  51. Noor Zaidi Ahmad

    Good u r creative !

  52. Nimrod

    Não jogue fora pedaços de madeira... a menos que tenha uma madeira

  53. Pat Cruz

    Truly outstanding ideas and indeed GENIUS. Thank you for sharing

  54. JJ_TIME 13

    I wish i had the money to buy a shit ton of tools that do the same thing but in different sizes 🤦

  55. Sneaky Black Dog

    Nice light weight table built for traveling. You got me to follow to see what else you've made

  56. Николай Белозёров

    The screw is always breaks first on my jack!!

  57. Michael Mustermann

    Wearing gloves while operating saws or any spinning machinery is a no-go! Please do not try this at home, dear future viewers!

  58. vukile adonsi

    From Zimbabwe 👍 you are amazing

  59. T John

    Thankfully I did NOT see the video in its entirety, just read the comments. I have seen a video or 2 of this guy and all I can say is... this guy MUST truly HATE his life or his wife. His life must SUCK if he's just looking for B.S. to "build" just to be in the garage.

  60. Angelika Merker

    👍👍👍.🙋‍♂️🐺i 🇨🇭er

  61. Любовь Третьяк


  62. Mohamed Boubaker Boubaker

    جمعية أباء وأمهات وأولياء تلاميذ مدرسة الفتح - أغراس / أكادير Escuela

  63. Jesse Dover

    Dude......., it's a table......😒🙄

  64. Anthony H

    ClickbIters suck....

  65. Morgan Patton

    Women use vacuums, too!

  66. Mega19841985

    🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩wooowwww amaizing Lol I don’t see 💩💩💩💩💩🥶🥶

  67. matrix49A

    Bullshit you failed on the drop to break in half fake.

  68. Dawie Sutton

    Kia ora mate. Question for ya, is your speed square in metric? Most the ones I come across seem to be imperial. I enjoy these. Ngā mihi

  69. Germancristian Marti

    excelente muy lindo trabajo

  70. YA - NI


  71. R.A.V. STUDIO

    Very clever ideas, thank you

  72. Marcos Castanha Cadeira


  73. august smith

    Click baited

  74. Marcos Castanha Cadeira


  75. Aeronaught

    Thank you friend! You’re videos are very captivating. I appreciate all the work you do.

  76. clem

    🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺. Very interesting ideas. Lover the candle holder . The ones who bad rap you have never done anything without being told first what to do. They have no imagination for creativeness. The plate n waste cutting board was a good idea that I could use also. Don't ever stop what you do. Thousands of people would watch this even if they don't subscribe. Well done 👍👍👍🍻🍺🍻🍺👌😃⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  77. Weldon Teixeira

    Está fritando e não assando.... fake

  78. Don B

    Halfway through I wanted to fast forward to see the finished work but resisted the temptation! What a great use of spare "bits" of timber, brilliant!

  79. Artalex91

    skoda karoq? что за надпись на коробке starline?

  80. Ali Ramazan Arif

    Hmm nice wood art video and interesting

  81. Aj Salinas

    5:48 should be all metal backing for stability and strength.

  82. Antonio Valenzuela

    Que genial, gracias por Compartir, saludos

  83. Flamary Coutinho

    Fine. Wow

  84. Ricardo Silva

    I don't have a pin. What could be replaced? Tkanks. (Não tenho pinador. O que poderia ser substituído?)

  85. SupHaters

    Please consider telling people what you are making in the title. It is totally annoying to not know the whole time, only to find out what is being made is not something someone would want.

  86. Ivonne Chavarria


  87. t sam

    Who the hell uses paper napkins? How gauche. Crikey is that plebeian.

  88. Juan F

    Hi do you have the plans/ measurements?

  89. Fun hobbyist


  90. Denny Crane

    3 hours of labor, 300 usd in tools and materials, for something that you can "assemble" at home depot with a bucket, a shopvac lid and your actual shopvac.......#Genius

  91. Luis Augusto De Bourgoing

    ¡¡¡Guau fantástico trabajo!!! Saludo Cordial desde Argentina!!!🇦🇷!!

  92. michael hines

    Did anyone notice the fence on the table saw was only half the length of the table. Anyone ever seen a table saw fence like that before?

  93. Ismael 2A


  94. Master Chief

    #Handcraft You should patent everything and go in mass production. IKEA would fight for you.

  95. Harold Kuehler

    He does all these great things in flip flops

  96. Song

    Fantastic job. reply if you see this comment. Sending My support :o

    1. soiung toiue

      So what your saying is that my three warped leftover pine furring strips and a rusty ol' mitre box saw isn't enough to make this table?

  97. Shawn Byers

    From the title, and the first piece he cut, I never would’ve imagined it being a napkin holder...😬

  98. Marcos Diniz

    Man, perhaps it is a good idea to place an old x-ray exam between the layers of the table, moving along with the device, to cover the screw and prevent wood from falling on it?

  99. SSGB TECH creation

    I didn't understand what was that.. Means what was made

  100. NS

    And ps.....only a fkng tool would sit and criticize the guy.