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  1. SkiLL么 tonedo

    Mom:Dont touch this packet of chips. Me:Ok Mom:What are u chewing? Me:

  2. D'Varius Carroll

    Captain New York ass wayno love to hate on Atlanta

  3. JRCON314


  4. Raymond Reynoso

    Wayno tooo funny the way he be looking at akademiks whenever he trying to make a point 😂

  5. himintheflesh JordanNewarkVEVO

    Lol nadeska is so cute tho like damn awwwwlllllllllllll 😭😭😭😭

  6. Nolan Jacobs


  7. Matthew Jones


  8. Jem Ozgur

    mgk sucks

  9. Sick Lil Masochist

    It's supposed to be in a double cup you normies.

  10. himintheflesh JordanNewarkVEVO

    Literally sounds like nadeska and akademics is at the office lol wayno is on a ipod

  11. ParkinGlass

    Money kicks and BigBoyCheng would top that.... FatherofAsahd 3s, MCA Af1 sample, Paris dunks and AirMags etc...

  12. RealNettieB

    The fact that Drake tried to drop a Tik Tok single is disappointing. Like very disappointing.... I’m confused . Too safe

  13. Rizu's Best!🔥

    185k is bad??👀👀👀

  14. Latrice Coleman

    Shoot at em he'll

  15. RealNettieB

    Meek intro does NOT make u shake your ass in the club..... it make u get gangsta it’s a difference

  16. Beautiful Dreamer

    It's only a ' conspiracy ' UNTIL it's proven true!!!!

  17. J-Wake N2REM

    Joe got a nice job seeing and meeting famous people but damn he must be so jealous and insecure about those shoes and stuffs

  18. J6SK

    We love you and I hope you’re doing better today 😍😇😕😛🥰😂😝🤣😄🤣😘😠🙃😰😎😐🙃🤯😣😋🤓😧🙃😛

  19. Carrington Copes

    The Legendary Duo.... You damn right... #BadBoysForLife

  20. Daniel Vázquez López

    0 criterio

  21. Nova Conncept

    So cringe when joe said IGHT

  22. Localtrapsquad TV

    Wayno looks and sounds like he on the shitter

  23. KikiDaBody21

    Hip hop misses him? Ak is buggin


    Its couple extra things i want if you treating lmao 😂😂😂

  25. Trini Plug

    Whats sup everyone here are here today with rick ross "huhh" ........hes goin to take us through some of his most coveted sneakers/..."huhh" Like WTF ricky you dont know much words you dont know how to say Hi and yes lol.

  26. Aric Afzal

    It’s so sad because wills getting all the questions and Martin likes standing

  27. dlettern

    NOBODY down south can go bar for bar with Fab. Atlanta hits are because of Atlanta producers, not rappers. Bar for bar, nobody in Atlanta want that smoke with NYC.

  28. WhyPai FoMusiq

    The New Tory Lanez Mixtape Str8 Fire Tho🔥 🔥 TheNewToronto3.Weebly.Com

  29. d nasty

    Nadeska looking better, the more I’m on lockdown, the smaller her head gets.

  30. Cris Williams

    Wayno stay ripped up. I know he say he dont rep, 6ut most niggas say that. crip

  31. Duong Nguyen

    1:26 the beatles wow

  32. dlettern

    Akademiks has no clue what the super thug on the block thinks....

  33. THOED TV & Podcast

    Bruh fuck wayno , he a hater and is way too serious ... akademiks needs to leave this show man ... Nadeska is just wack

  34. joe montgomery

    He never gonna Wear does shoes 😂🤦🏾‍♂️


    🇵🇱 Poland 🇵🇱 💪

  36. mulla 365

    Fuck jay z blackballed my man Young Chris told radio stations not to play his music hating ass Jay z n he fucked over State Property,Meek wierd n selfish how u got ur own record label Meek n all the hot rappers from philly u dont have non on ur label Crazy i guess meek scared to share the spotlite Cuzz philly got Spitters💯✊

  37. Delusion In The Brain

    You could grab some used Lebron 9s for $100 wash em in the sink and not too much difference, then grab a new pair Cetiphil 3s for a little over $100. They got that off white mid sole and same hip look.

  38. Delusion In The Brain

    Gimmie a stack of Louboutins for that money.

  39. James Moo

    "the system gon win" fuck the system if that wasnt a white man dude wouldve got hit w tear gas n shitt

  40. Clark t. erhekent

    69 didnt learn shit he wants to play on being a snitch his time coming

  41. watchthethrone101

    Wayno's audio is horrible. Maybe he should adapt the gamer look and get some headphones

  42. Matthew Hord

    Griselda got it now2020

  43. Javier H

    Yo ak why you doing your boy wayno like that....make complex give him a mic. Wayno audio is trash af

  44. Sebastian Robbins

    Newborns try methamphetamine for the first time

  45. Yasir Williams 👈🏾👈🏾👈🏾 Great Music For The Morning

  46. Oro B

    Wtf is akademiks talking about, he is showing he dosent have a real mf bone in his body.

  47. Dalin Fotache

    Kevin because Langston was just flexing with the prices while Kevin was flexing with the rarity and I think rarity is more important.

  48. Alexgaming

    I've always wondered is this an actual shop for people to go to and if yes where is it?

  49. SpankySZN

    W.i.p pop smoke. That's my nigga.

  50. Mclovinton Sr

    Smh this niggas nbthe bathroom sumwhere

  51. Kenyata Jones

    Hope he stays independent

  52. Kenyata Jones

    Kobe over Lebron

  53. Sole Stash87

    Fam I don’t see any yeezys off white or Travis Scott’s ain’t that a sight for sore eyes and joe la puma looks basic AF!!! 😂😂😂😂

  54. jojo siwa is kinda cute tbh

    Needa get young thug on sneaker shoppin

  55. Aramis Ponder

    23:06 Brooo AK is sooo damn funny!! Fuck, I rewinded this part a few times before I could finish the rest of the episode!! I didn't expect for him to agree with Wayno 💀😂🤣😭

  56. Kenyata Jones

    I need for him to open up his mouth and speak clear it's terrible

  57. Swag M

    3 out of top6 are PJ, including #3 &1.😂 This guy is a freak in sneaker collection

  58. Donny Joseph

    I just found out Nedeska is 33 years old !!!!!! Lol I thought this bitch was young .. she old af lol

  59. 사학


  60. Taty L

    “The south got something to say”

  61. TheDaveCshow

    Gunplay reminds me of Lavar ball

  62. Kenyata Jones

    He paid in cash

  63. Keko


  64. Kenyata Jones

    He got that southern Louisiana accent with mumbling

  65. TMLisborg

    Friggin awesome! :D

  66. Dave lykam

    Does he want to watch me go shopping at auto zone,,no,,great,,then who wants to watch him buy shoes,,no one,,your a nobody kid,,get used to it,,that an handcuffs

  67. Kenyata Jones

    Men love them some Jordan's sneakers

  68. random uploads

    "Why those are 700$?" You gotta love this guy

  69. shyb76ers

    That tootsie slide ain’t drake level at all.

  70. Dave lykam

    Prolly robbed someone for the money,,,ya know they dont work for it

  71. bone 4114

    Ak lost dat 1 wif snitch 9

  72. Kenyata Jones

    I always like Scott

  73. Simphiwe Major

    why are u drinking an empty cup Wayno, shit finished

  74. Jay V

    This half hour shit is wack what’s the point

  75. vreath.

    damn someone pls link me to intro song

  76. Big Seltzer

    These are sneakers, a subcategory of shoes

  77. Balls Deep

    Ak stop playing with ya snake

  78. Nvsh

    Why does she bring down all the artists after talking about what song kanye produced for them. She needs to be replaced fuck this chick. How dare she say what she said about Mobb Deep. Like irrelevant? Are u kidding me?

  79. Jack Gibson

    Pete AKA Chad from SNL

  80. Mayibongwe Jack

  81. created_solid on Instagram

    Watch "Love cover" on ALsel Click the link acapelo singing please show love

  82. Peter Von Blake

    Why does Wayno sound like he’s in a bathroom. Please fix it.

  83. Mackin No Slackin

    Ny would kill Atlanta..jayz nas fab 50 method man nikki cardi ATL run radio ..soon as the south took off record sales declined..ATL vs Miami sound more even

  84. g d

    Did u scan that correctly 🤣

  85. Herbert Campbell

    Wayno always talking about 69 snitching. The President of Roc Nation who Meek Mill works for and JayZ hired is a snitch. He should go out her.

  86. Scott Martin

    15 second adds! Stop it!!!

  87. StevenPT Martinez

    Will smith does not age LMAO


    There 4 dispensary in NYC, but they don't sell actual bud. Just edibles, THC drops, pens and so on. You do need a medical card thou.

  89. - Cushion

    joji's outfit tho 🤢

  90. E Money

    They both was ill lyrically but Nobody n I mean NOBODY!!! can make a rap song like 2 PAC

  91. Chris Moon

    69 still got it lol..141,000 views in 14 hours

  92. Ahmed

    $2000+ for yeezy 750 like wtf

  93. Dom DomD

    when it said ivory snake i was like oh shit KD got a jordan feature

  94. Kool Gamez

    6IX9INE lowkey has been a good role model - there’s numerous videos of him giving back to his community, encouraging kids to chase their dreams etc.

  95. McCoy Taylor

    Am i the only one wondering why they have a time frame/window on a internet show???

  96. Pawan s

    Tasteful it is😂

  97. Young Papertoilet

    Kobe stays #1 (rest easy king)

  98. Kaya Brown

    Wayno the next Joe Budden

  99. Smith Scott

    I.T much love brother

  100. Napoleon Bonaparte

    noooo klaus get those fingers away from your eyes