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Hello there ALsel! My name is Gibi - I have been watching ASMR videos by accident since I realized that some sounds and movements made me feel blissfully relaxed. I've watched the ASMR community grow into something incredible, and I decided that I wanted to hop in and be a part of it! You will see a variety of videos from me, from roleplays, to makeup, to cosplay, to original characters! I hope you very much enjoy.

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  1. CatWolf123 Gacha and Things

    2020 anyone??

  2. Hanna Cox

    This is so boring

  3. Lea

    Gibi: * is drawing me * Me: * pauses the video and sketches her *

  4. Gabby Coker

    5:15 made me cackle.

  5. zyx bee

    Daisy: "You must me my 11 pm apointment" Me: "Oop my dumbass it's 9 am, peace out"

  6. Hungry Mungry

    16:00 cancer

  7. Hungry Mungry


  8. briannaand kayla

    There should be a roller coaster called the toaster coster 😂😂😂

  9. imLovely ._.

    they really look like a professional doctors or maybe because they are just so good at acting XD

  10. avery

    If he doesn’t make his own ASMR channel imma throw hands

  11. melb slimers

    the amount of tingles 🤩😩

  12. Usama rafieck

    Can you write the cat's name below?

  13. melb slimers


  14. Red Balloon

    Dis man must be protected at all times...

  15. Данил

    hate paper sounds:(

  16. Cc_mi_23

    This is the level of tiered I am at: At 0:08 when she said “I see that you are a bran new patient” I answered in my head: “Yep brand new, only born an hour ago”

  17. Dan California

    Giordano's or Peequads??

  18. Cc_mi_23

    When you think about it this is really funny. We’re just watching gibi love a flashlight around a screen for 15 minutes in total silence. 😂

  19. Dardanelle Green

    Wait holdup shes married? lmao i knew i spotted an engagement ring ohwell im very happy for her bruh been a fan since dayyyy 1!!💖

  20. Jess Thomas

    Can you please make more videos like this? Asking questions videos are the absolute best!!!

  21. Holly Nunnaphat

    Gibi: Her dad: Where's all my shaving cream?

  22. Keryl Ousey

    “I DONT CARE. I LOVE IT.” fuck you KFC

  23. Walter ManyBallz

    Fly me to the Moon reminded me of the end of Bayonetta 2 when she is dancing and it plays in the background.

  24. Yavor Flov


  25. The Entitled Gamer

    i could watch a hundred videos on this series. the foreign designer and her mysterious important client.

  26. groove

    idm sitting through the ads bc her voice is so soothing

  27. bella boo

    His beard looks soft lmao

  28. Gacha Music

    Gibi: I recommend getting a flu shot Me: Please no Gibi: Yes we can set you up with a flu shot Me: *Runs away screaming*

  29. XxAcid_ AxX

    I fell asleep when you said ‘Close your eyes.’ And my phone wasn’t plugged in either

  30. Violet Icy

    "I don't want you defiling the product" she says while rubbing her hands all over it

  31. I Sniff Glue 6784

    I approve.

  32. Ariel Dickerson

    Hi gibi

  33. Ariel Dickerson


  34. Matthew Mogg

    I mean I’m not going to lie I love his ASMR 😂. You may have competition!

  35. abc games

    I love it

  36. Mike Banach

    Am I the only one that would rather stare at her face and can’t concentrate on the light?

  37. The original Fire hybrid

    You know gibi is a good actress when the video is over and you realize you've been talking to yourself for 20 minutes...no just me ok

  38. Georgia Hildenbrand

    Receptionist: Astrological sign? Me: *didnt I JUST give you my birth date?*

  39. paige bp

    This looks like one of her old videos

  40. _ BlaxkSunshine_

    He’s a ginger John Krasinski

  41. Minnie Pickle

    12:21 is we're she starts to prepare to Peirce your ears

  42. My Free Space, Low Key

    Bart: "do you go in your phone at night?" Me: *watching this on my phone at 3am* ...yeah. Bart: *pulls out a gun*--

  43. Andrew Young

    Imagine spending $15 on a jar of liquid almonds

  44. Love Princess

    To the reader of this comment: I just saw your face in this video ! Just make sure you have a light at the back of you And, press this: 14:13

  45. I lovetrains

    I am the train guy

  46. Virgil _

    I hope this will be on spotify

  47. Mikinyuu

    I'm so glad you added captions! I have auditory processing issues and even if the volume is good and enunciated, I can still miss stuff. Thank you :)

  48. Rhonda Hall

    *Aha yes someone is reading the comments*

  49. Vade Snip3r

    “I’m mister green Christmas, I’m mister sun. I’m mister heat blister, I’m mister hundred and one. They call me heat meiser, whatever I touch, turns to ash in my clutch. I’m too much...”

  50. Zack Bennett

    You and Taylor are gorgeous but I also think ya’ll are devils. Can’t wait for tonight’s show 🤩

  51. Jeana Yan

    Goodnight moon is better with role plays or at least that's just my preference

  52. Faithxo

    How is someone waving a flashlight around getting me so sleepy?? Like I’m literally falling Asleep As i type thiss

  53. bea scribbles

    Here's a hate comment ... I hhaaaaaaa. No i can't say it WE LOVE YOU GIBI

  54. Josuke Higashikata

    this video is just a jojo reference *-sponsored by the duwang gang-*

  55. smb96

    Gibi, where can I find a brown-eyed-puppy boy like yours? Asking for a friend

  56. AdamskiDam27

    can we have Ben either reviewing jedi fallen order or playing it? Doesn't have to be asmr but would be cool if it is.

  57. Josuke Higashikata

    Momo: What’s your quirk? Me: *absorbing children* Momo: That’s amazing!

  58. Xtyles Garcia

    Perfect 👌!

  59. Blake the Lemon Boy

    You should do another video like this, but the comments are all confessions

  60. Marshal Maverick

    Just s puff seeing what’s up with the grifs

  61. Kronk

    I was almost asleep and my fridge kicked on loud af... damn near shit the bed.

  62. My Free Space, Low Key

    I am incredibility immediate omg she has me sleeping!

  63. Kronk

    5:14 ded😂😂

  64. NemoFadeGaming

    NGL tho 2.4 million for making sounds and moving flashlights 👌

  65. Señor Diaz

    H E L L O T H E R E

  66. NemoFadeGaming


  67. LilGhostZ

    Day 1 of asking for “bedtime with Ben”

  68. LilGhostZ

    Day 1 of asking for “bedtime with Ben”

  69. Jacksparrowgamesyt 1

    Aye, I’m also a Scorpio ♏️, nice

  70. Ricardo R

    Do a blow dryer asmr please I promise that’ll be the video I’ll watch every night I go to sleep

  71. Sorberus

    twomad why is this in your livestream highlists playlist

  72. Collin Forseth

    What's the word on the pirate captain? Not worried though..she's very meticulous 😉

  73. Kelsey Randall

    Gibi, bless you. You know just how to do these kinds of videos without all the role play to make me fall asleep almost instantly. Just a dark room and a flashlight and I can feel myself drifting off in under 5 minutes. Absolutely amazing. You have a gift.

  74. Pia Lily

    14:23 gibi - **answers thought i didn't say out loud**

  75. Perktube1

    Gibi and Frivi doing a collab would be fantastic.

  76. erik areizaga

    It appears Shrek got some fire ass eyebrows

  77. Duckbyteplayz -

    2:03 HELLO THERE

  78. Dark-Ninja_98

    W Gang G Fuel 😎 That is all.

  79. Andrei Neacşu

    Traiasca familia ta

  80. Feli Agostini

    Es hermosa aaaaa

  81. Raven Verrett

    Bro this is incredibly Genius

  82. Kiano L

    I think i am just sleepy but you look like poppy

  83. Hardcore Halo

    Oben Wan Kenoni

  84. DJ

    This following a light visual focused ASMR is new to me and this video has me feeling SOME kind of way haha. I keep wanting to watch the light but I also can’t look at it too long when it feels like she’s staring right at me. I have to make eye contact 😆 Still get tingles though when I do watch the light. So strange and cool. Nice video Gibi 👏🏻

  85. CLo Wn

    Well,How much for the light 👀

  86. Scottye Moore

    Me: oh, Marno’s really relaxing and sweet. I should check out his channel. Me, after checking out Marno’s channel: WHO IS THIS IMPOSTER LOOKALIKE THAT GIBBY HIRED FOR THIS VIDEO

  87. RedxGacha X

    I need this 😂 i don’t feel good rn so i actually started talking to the phone

  88. Andy Gaines

    Only just seen this. Very entertaining. I'd love to see a "part 2"

  89. Gargilla Ape

    “No no u can keep ur shirt on” had me dying lol, I didn’t want my shirt off anyway lol

  90. Tessa Lou

    "Self care is in jars." I need that on a shirt.

  91. chucker73

    I've watched this video multiple time Gibi but can't make out whose you day did their first asmr video. Can you reply with who it is please? I really enjoy your content you post and also checking out new and other channels too

  92. X cross

    He has such a noice bread! He’s fun I like Ben 😁 also you soft speaking bro 😂 he needs to do another!!!

  93. Duckbyteplayz -

    Play 0:17 again over and over again

  94. ManjuOm Jugtawat

    21:40 I want to be her camera.☺️☺️☺️🤤🤤

  95. Lewis Duerden

    It’s breaks my heart when I watch the bloopers of your videos and you swear

  96. alpha dragon

    When you run out of content

  97. Lewis Duerden

    The music in the background is the music from my last massage😂

  98. captainbro999

    1. E**n 2. E**n/J***o 3. Straight 4. Single 5. Body image 6. Stability 7. Humour? 8. First person you think of when someone says love 9. Toxic communities 10. Private 11. Porn 12. My own 13. Not giving certain people a chance 14. Guy named k****n 15. Yes, I think, not everything is black and white 16. Not at all 17. Yes 18. No 19. Yes 20. Guitars, computer, video games 21. $50,000+ 22. $1000 23. Money 24. Teeth 25. Party I’m going to won’t have drinking or marijuana 26. Go through anxiety and ADHD without knowing what they were 27. Bottle of rum, condoms and dirty clothes 28. Body image 29. Yes 30. No 31. Guitar 32. 1 year ago 33. Nerdy ness 34. Yes 35. Porn/eating schedule 36. Exercise 37. I think I called someone an N word once when I was 12 38. Football 39. Eating watermelon seeds can make watermelons grow in your stomach 40. Yes but not excessively 41. Yes 42. Sorry? 43. My phone 44. 5-6 days a week 45. It’s not, I probably have too much privilege 46. Neveah, Garth, Scott 47. Give me advice on something that you yourself are terrible at 48. I don’t think there is one 49. No 50. Get into college Football 51. Childhood 52. Yes 53. When someone says they like me (romantically) 54. Laziness and procrastination 55. Yes, mostly 56. Literally nothing at all 57. Standoffish 58. Space definitely 59. Love, passion, schedule 60. My parents 61. $18-20 an hour 62. I mean, I’m more of a masculine guy 62. No 63. Rape 64. Yes, only for spicy stuff 65. Honest and unpopular 66. No 67. Their privilege, at least compared to others less fortunate 68. They have to earn it 69. Who knows man, who knows 70. Their kids, if they can’t handle it professionals 71. My procrastination (get it) 72. Porn 73. Matters who you are and what kind of life you’ve had 74. What’s a trauma from childhood? Jeez I guess I missed one. Sorry for this, just thought I’d answer it, mostly for myself.

  99. LyingSauce358

    that time she went mmmhhhhhhhhhhhh i felt that

  100. LyingSauce358

    Some idiot: *watches* *whole* *vid* the same idiot: man imagine spending 15 minutes doing this lol what a loser