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    looking for the live...

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    Good evening 😊

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    Oh gosh good morning but it's goodnight time in India


    What about my dad's wife? And my husband's daughter?

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    It's fall Lana? Lol

  8. lysiane balonga

    The black one, is very cute and fits her.

  9. dearyewon

    Girl you have a beauuuutiful voice! <3

  10. dearyewon

    Omg 20:40 when Israel's face is glowing as Adrienne curls up next to him <3 beautiful-est moment

  11. Cuisine Rene

    Grace's skirt suit her, lana shd have worn rocky's skirt and rocky wear hers or something a little flair

  12. Amber Mccutchen

    Hey Adrienne I have been water with 🍋 I love it. I love eating lean vegetables and lean proteins sincerely yours Mrs Amber McCutchen

  13. adriana L

    Ecuador wo hoooooo!!!!

  14. M. Low

    Man I really want to look at this video but when it started all I can remember is when she said she doesn't wash her hands after she does the number 2. AAAWW 🤢🤮

  15. Priscilla Jamieson

    something with a latin flare

  16. Gia Loren

    you look so healthy adrienne!!

  17. Sophie J

    So sweet. “ are you gonna let us compliment you?” Great friends Adrienne has x


    Good video but it’ll help much better if it states like inverted triangle shape, hourglass shape, rectangle shape, oval shape & pear shape. I actually have difficulties knowing which body shapes they are. So Raquel is pear shape ,Grace is rectangle shape, Lana is round/oval shape.. wha about you and Taysha? So if Taysha is hourglass, then the MC are you inverted triangle shape? Please enlighten. Thanks

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  20. Irene Martinez

    I love your positive outlook! And this whole channel of yours!

  21. Hey its Andreia

    adrienne looks so much like her mother here

  22. L. Bay

    Young girls or anyone looking for diet tips and inspiration, do not follow this diet alone. She did not eat nearly enough food in her day. Stay healthy and talk to a doctor and love your bodies regardless ! Your beautiful !

  23. Miry Lis

    I would’ve love for Lana’s juimpsuit to have an elastic cuffed ankle detail, and paired with strap sandal heels, nonetheless that’s definitely her color and style, great selection overall.

  24. Jessica Rivera

    I eat my Swiss rolls in layers too, my mom hated when I did that.

  25. icecube miles

    I loved most of the stuff you got, but that last pajama...I need that in my life lol

  26. bubble gum0203

    Anyone knows where her jeans are from?

  27. Linda K.

    I‘m soo obsessed with your channel😍❤️

  28. Jacqueline Vega

    I can't find the Dior One Essential Mist lotion..any suggestion where to find it?

  29. Dwi Purwanti

    My perfect jeans would be the ones I got them altered. Girls with bigger booty and much smaller waist would understand 😁


    Excuse me.. Where's today's episode????

  31. Ishola Olabisi

    You both look great🥰

  32. Michele Ward

    What department store has the best bed in a bag?

  33. Indrani Persad

    What have u done in ur New house?

  34. AriesLibraAqua

    you guys are so cute, i love it

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  36. Manie Khamsihong

    I’m sorry but that is your step daughter and there’s no way around it!!!!! It’s cute and all that your lovy dovy around each other but at the end of the day!!!!! That’s your step daughter, stop trying so hard to put another label on something thtat’s already there!!! Just saying....?

  37. Priscilla Delvalle

    I like the sandals that are furry now would I wear them out-probably not but they look comfy.. .

  38. cupcup

    10:33 that shits SOOO trueee lmaooo when I heard that I screamed imma sub rq😂

  39. Joe Francisco

    Were my plus size girls at?

  40. Prijapati mouse

    Israel is looking hot she doing a great job👌

  41. Shadow A The Mathhog

    He looks so good!!! They make each other better and compliment each other!!! God is good!!

  42. icecube miles

    I love these videos! They show case such positivity and yet still keep it so relateable.

  43. ytt5yglany quinones santos

    Hola yo soy puertorriqueña Y yo sé quién es Iris Chacón estoy orgullosa de Ser latina 🥰

  44. MegaLuanaC

    I came up with an idea to start an interview live show on instagram where I interview actors, artists etc to cheer up people during this pandemic. The name of the show is going to be Staying Positive with Luana. I would like you to be a guest. What is the procedure for an interview request =) ?

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    Can we just please have a moment of silence for Adrienne's beauty😭😭❤️❤️

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    Beautiful girls !

  47. Tiffany Alvarez

    Lana lost a lot of weight. She looks great and yes that jumpsuit looks good on her.

  48. K Parker

    Sorry, I've missed some episodes of her show/vids on her channel?? Is this the new house?!! The one after Chateau Houghton! If so, I'm so happy for them!

  49. L U L A tv

    Sweet Adrienne it's called " DéCOLTé"

  50. Sandra Luckett

    I love jumpsuits but I always have an issue with the length not being long enough.

  51. Laure pug

    All great Jean's for you 5 ladies 👏👏

  52. Jane Doe

    She does this BEFORE The Real!? 😂🤔

  53. kianna carrillo

    This is cute ❤️❤️

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    Adrienne's thats the one!

  55. Petrushka Akinyi

    Grace rocked that high high slit. Awesome

  56. Jessica Daniels

    Adrienne fashion line?? Ummm pleaseeeeee?? Absolutely would buy everything in the collection

  57. Arlen Montalban

    2020.- I’M FROM ECUADOOOOOR 🇪🇨

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    Everyone looked so good!

  59. Ava Ava

    Lana that olive color looks beautiful on your skintone.

  60. Marina Keza

    This is literally the best thing ever!

  61. Olivia Haisler

    I just now am following your utube channel and came across this video. I HAVE to know - what color is the lipstick you are wearing???? Please tell me!! Love it!

  62. Tavia Saldana

    Can u do your curly hair routine please?!

  63. Ruby Li

    Dear Adrienne, This is BoSidin marketing team. We are amazed with your super fancy content on your channel ! Recently, BoSidin launches a new hair removal device - Xmooth. With the need of branding in US, we are looking for business cooperation with the KOL who literally meet our brand values. I, as a representative of BoSidin, would like to invite you to promote Xmooth. Are you interested in making an exclusive video and posting it on your Social Media for BoSidin? Our brand website: Find us on facebook: Email: [email protected]

  64. Toni meow

    They got the body types wrong, and they don’t really have good reasons on why they look good or explanations why stuff works, they should focus on how their skirts match or balance the figure and aspects such as the shoulders or hips affect the balance. I feel like yes the skirts did look nice on all of them but, no they could find better fitting skirts... and also give better advice. For example the chick that was more top heavy, the big bust slim waist, if someone with that figure followed this and went out to look for a tight pencil skirt you may not get the same results , something that flairs out would give her more of an hour glass effect, giving the appearance of thicker hips to match her waist, making her look more balanced, a maxi skirt with a slit would also work because it draws the eyes down to the legs and flairs out a little at the end to give that balance so it matches the width of her upper body, its how they paired the skirt with her top that made her look really good, the skirt the asian chick was in would have probably worked for most body types. It also helps to expose the thinnest parts of your body such as wrists and ankles, and to essentuate parts of your body you are confident in, ie. the first woman and her beautiful legs, this just shows that if u have confidence and find the right piece you can pull any type of skirt off and look good. How you match the skirt and dress it up will also change the look, like a lot of these women had blazers or a jacket that they paired with, this can make u look slimmer and cut the shoulders and make them look smaller, helping bring balance to your figure and looking more put together. Think of the colors as well, having a color palette and knowing about your color season will also help. There was a lot of black in the video which is already slimming, think of texture and material as well.

  65. California Patty Cakes

    Love “before” & “afters”, can’t wait to see what it looks like when it is done! May God continue to bless your life & marriage ❤️

  66. Johanna Mendoza

    Tayshaaaa STUNNING!!!!

  67. Faith Alvarez

    You're all SOooo beautiful!!! Muy hermosa, chicas!!!💜💜💜🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍

  68. moroccansalma

    Wow, that's interesting. As a Muslim, my parents and grandparents would advice us to read a quranic verse for protection before leaving the home.

  69. me me

    Lana has really shapely legs that she should play up

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    Her hair looks bomb! And he looks cute!♥️

  72. nico nicolle

    Short torsos are annoying. I am short petite with a short torso 🙈

  73. Esther Wanza

    Daughter in love and younger mother/mother in love is not so bad

  74. Sithembinkosi Sibanda

    I feel like Adrienne is that friend who would never be honest and tell u truth. The poor black friend looked awful in that outfit and kept bigging her up. Why?

  75. Sithembinkosi Sibanda

    That python shoe girl, just no. Why u lying!

  76. vania legall

    I love pb and j vegan shakes too!!!!! Omg!!! I’m hooked and don’t want to try anything else. I make it with pb fit powder and frozen strawberries

  77. Ness Duran

    OMG! Power couple vibes you guys look so great, quarantine definitely agrees with you! I love you guys so much, it is so awesome to see a couple that is grounded in God, the church and family. Love, love, love to see episodes that showcase your amazing bond.

  78. monika laosi

    Israel looks like he lost some weight, his face looks smaller

  79. DaY Day

    I thought she was more than 50% white XD didnt she do a genetics test lol

  80. Heather Baen

    Where is your white tee from? So hard to find a good white tee and you’re looking hella cute as always A!

  81. ebl ebl

    Its the girl from cheetah girls no wayyy!!

  82. Nontokozo Duma

    When things go back to normal, we are visiting so Israel can buy us something

    1. monika laosi

      Israel's hair cut is fly😊 Weight loss makes him look younger and hot

  83. Clarence Dixon

    That's a good wife, take, care of themselves.😃 Good Example 🤓

  84. Kathy Vasquez

    La pegaron todas casi 😍

  85. S St Catherine

    Get some inspiration from Robeson Design Adrienne! Rebecca does virtual designs. You seem so down to earth. I love the inspiration you bring. Thanks for sharing.

  86. dearyewon

    Lol "I had a breastplate of righteousness! Deana knew it better, I love you!" <3

  87. Jaleesa Soco

    I love you girl lol

  88. Laure pug

    Sorry but second swimsuit is just 👎👎 those puppies are so out of control it's not pretty 🙁🙁

  89. dearyewon

    I'm watching this in the middle of COVID and riots, on my night off work, completely down about how im going to plan a wedding in the middle of this chaos. but you keeping it so real and energetic has me feeling loads better! Thank you Adrienne <3

  90. Faith Alvarez

    *Gasp* Taysha is soooooo adorable!!!💜💜💜

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    I may not be able to pay the rent today 😂😂😂

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    BEST weight loss tips video everrrrr!!!! I love her!!

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    Watching steel magnolias 😭

  94. bilinas mini

    The people who disliked this video are definitely single and lonely in this quarantine

  95. Laticia Lee

    Adrienne you did an awesome job on hubby's hair. Israel looks so much younger and handsome!

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    I think all of the women look smoking hot in there bathing suits.

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    Beautiful 😃

    1. bilinas mini

      talked about myself.