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  1. It ́s a good night isn ́t it?

    *Prince sings Jojoreferences 2017 (colorized)*

  2. Greg Popp

    What about tailgating? Are you going to be able to drink in the parking lots!

  3. Lou Bell

    dumb.... skills comp used to be entertaining. to much show with no talent now

  4. Key Smith

    Back when football was fun!

  5. Michael Nguyen

    Would've been better if they didn't play some wack ass Pitbull

  6. ikeep seeing44

    Russell a beast

  7. Neville Arroyo

    En una jugada hubo holding d parte d los patriots a cook y no lo cantaron

  8. Blake Jones

    ....These dudes made it to the "best hands" competition? On purpose?

  9. Jonathan Landeros

    I want a tug of war event

  10. hello 1

    Giants trade for Jarvis please

  11. ENLFRO

    Landry looked so much better than the others

  12. Sam Axe

    Overpaid and over rated

  13. Gabriela Matos

    I thought this was the ESPN The OCHO ALsel channel

  14. Sam Axe

    How many more super bowls will the over rated Wilson appear in....O

  15. Te Dogg

    It was a bold move Cotton, we’ll be back here on the Ocho

  16. BS Catcher

    Wilson could lose some weight. He seems a little too big.

  17. Lane Bonnar

    Do people actually watch this?

  18. Krishank Vangala

    1:01:13 Someone’s salty

  19. The Madden dudes

    go von

  20. darth anikin vader

    little did the 49ers know there goin to the super bowl this year😭

    1. darth anikin vader

      but i like the packers

  21. mam zand


  22. Aydan Kaczmarek

    I think this showed that Lamar can’t throw

  23. Brian Cook

    Dodgeball where you can deflect the ball coming in with a ball your holding just isn't dodgeball to me

  24. Michael Powell

    Dalvin cook was my coach in elementary school so cool.

  25. KSI Starscream5

    10min in and still haven't seen Jerry Juedy.....

  26. Squishy Plays

    The sixth d of dodgeball is dcatch

  27. Walter '

    Is no one gonna talk about how deshan cused when he was getting interviewed with rus

  28. Icey Davidaye

    Here from 2020 pro bowl videos

  29. Leroy Rodgers

    Pat Mahomes would be awesome at this

  30. MacKenzie Elliott

    jesus christ Lamar is bad

  31. Retrovirus09

    “Why do you grown men enjoy dodgeball so much?” She realizes that there are men (and women for that matter) who play dodgeball professionally, right?

  32. ENLFRO

    These events are so much more entertaining than the actual pro bowl game

  33. Kirk Meyers

    Brett would be putting holes in these boards.

  34. Double Oh Seven

    Oh sure , let's risk injury for our multi million investments. Owners are cringing

  35. Logan Lynch

    Landry tho

  36. Mark Davis

    There is a lot of depth to American football. I watch "futbol" also, and there is some strategy, but a game of set plays will always be deeper than an extemporaneous sport.

  37. s-plan none

    way more watchable than the actual game

  38. BS Catcher

    Wait... This was in Orlando? I would have thought it was somewhere up north. So cold

  39. loud loud

    Great game 😂😂😂😂😂👍👍

  40. M Performance

    The Woke - “Watson and Jackson dropped in the draft Bcs NFL is racist” Pro Bowl Accuracy Drill - “let me open your eyes”

  41. Lesley G.

    Jarvis Landry like I got this all on my own

  42. UltimateLucario

    Deandre Swift is too skinny and way too injury prone. I think either Jonathan Taylor or JK Dobbins is the best RB in this draft

  43. BS Catcher

    Did I see a guy with Michael vick shirt on?

  44. Jake Rasp

    wow illegal block in the back must not have been a penalty in 2002

  45. M Performance

    Why Wilson looking more and more like Paco Rivera?

  46. Hunter Schirr

    Why aren’t the lions in this video

  47. Johan Arevalo

    We beat the 49s once we can beat them twice

  48. Joseph Perei

    I've seen better games of dodgeball in my P.E lessons 😂 😂 😂

  49. Giants Nation

    You guys should've lost to the Vikings and easily beat them.

  50. Ray Acevedo

    Russel Wilson acts like a stuck up lil b***h

  51. Deshawn Chris

    Who is Adrian Hernandez?

  52. MaDwOrLd365

    😂😂😂😂😂carried over by playoff loss

  53. Cash ꧁꧂

    He really thought the Jags would beat the Chiefs😂

  54. Avery Dentz

    7:45 it looked like dolphins lineman tackled him instead of cam

  55. Vantage Seeker Gaming

    Why wasn't this broadcast on the ocho?

  56. Evan Kerr

    Lamar seemed stoned😂

  57. Vantage Seeker Gaming

    Garrr Peter

  58. Trev and Shun

    Where’s Peter Lafloor

  59. Craig Childs

    No pack No 🐻 Down

  60. Tim Castens

    Joe's arm strength is fine, accuracy and touch on long balls remember the offense he was in was not a dinker and dunker he was throwing it down the field that's what got Clemson

  61. A G

    I'ma dolphins fan In tears😭😭

  62. LittleMcbro

    We don’t know who will win it’s hard asf I mean titans took out ravens everyone was aspecting that team to be in the super bowl

  63. Jonathan Ardila

    I think Mahomes has experienced a top defense like these rams, he will know what to do against the 49ers

  64. Lurx -_

    They throw like baby’s why?

  65. ᆞ ᆞ

    조올라 멋있다;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  66. Dirk Diggler

    Remove the gloves and see who is best

  67. bill b

    Ban ALL CHINA man and woman from every country NOW. If they are in your country get them out.... NOW Also stop buying junk Chinese products NOW

  68. Ofn grave shorty check it out

    Lamar wanted to run and drop it in the hole so bad

  69. Isaiah Martinez


  70. kall el

    Jackson is a great athlete by as a Quarterback was exposed.

  71. Philip Tucker

    Man, that old school fox scoring sound brings back memories. Not just that put hearing Pats voice reminds me of the earlier madden days on Playstation. The very first game I had

  72. Geaux Tigers


  73. Fast Lane 171

    I feel like most of us guys in the comments can out play these AFC dudes in backyard football without breaking a sweat

  74. ChrisGeez

    Standing backflip @11:58.

  75. will stone

    Did I see Vick?

  76. Devan Gonzalez

    I’m a dolphins fan and I love the picks you made (I hope the dolphins actually get tua)

  77. John Horn

    League needs to get pro bowl the F out of Orlando. Big reason why this comp was awful.

  78. Honore Noussoukpoe

    6:30 when you hit puberty and a new one joins the party

  79. FM57

    Good to see Landry finally win something

  80. Keiwinn Mitchell

    Long arms are not for benching!

  81. I'M AWAKE - ARE YOU ??

    Patrick had nothing on Carson before he tore his acl,mcl and other damages he caused in that knee it's not even close. Let's not forget the lack of weapons Carson played with and all the weapons Patrick plays with there's no comparison whatsoever smh.

  82. Widow Maker

    Unfair, AFC had only 1 QB, plus a WR and a RB

  83. Amir Kabre

    You idiots gotta throw know that's where we always be losing NFC🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤯😡😠

  84. Tony R

    Lamar Jackson is going down as the worst MVP in NFL history.

  85. Amir Kabre

    Its always Jarvis Landry 😔😔😔😱😰😭😨🥶🤬🤬🤬🤯😡😠🥵😱😰

  86. Francis Besana

    They should add a defensive or offensive lineman in this event

  87. William Brooks

    He will be number 1 if he can beat the 49ers for the Super Bowl.

  88. John Marshall

    Like father (Jack) ....... like son (Joe)

  89. Jack Plays

    He looks like a bust, he will never win an MVP or even go to the playoffs and most definitely won’t beat the Titans to go to a Super Bowl. I think it’s safe to say that this game will likely be his only start especially with Alex Smith as their main QB.

  90. Amir Kabre

    Come on nfc afc always win damn

  91. ChrisGeez

    That scramble by Mahoney just before halftime was epic!

  92. Scott J

    It's good to know Jarvis has a career in dodge ball if this football thing doesn't work out.

  93. FM57

    I read about this on Obscure Sports Quarterly, apparently it aired on ESPN 8 The Ocho

  94. STIOPIC!

    What is it with Russel and undershirts?

  95. Brianna Hamrick

    The browns actually won for once

  96. BigBoiSpeedy 24

    Those are my browns! Jarvis carrying in that second game

  97. Speedsoccerboy7

    Titans: it’s so cold I’m using my nose Some Titans: I got no sleeves Haha

  98. Jesse Wright

    That's a good reporter.changec the subject fast

  99. Reign Lhyt of Gratitude


  100. Cool Kid

    NFC got cheated and NFC could’ve had someone better