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  1. Steven Lopez

    Joey and Adam are so hot

  2. Kerissa H

    One of these days Jamie will lose his marbles and go mentally insane

  3. Matthew Chea

    The music really went jubilee lol

  4. Ronaldosoccerskills Chanel

    I love chinken feet cooked

  5. Mosoozy Videos

    0:13 Eric in the background just out of control

  6. Keston Mckay

    And the thief will still have to get the can out of the other cans

  7. Ra_The_RECKER

    6 years and we’re not even close to phones implanted into our brains.

  8. King Tomson

    I like pickle so don’t judge my food

  9. Nikogamer 2.0

    0:42 world war 3 would be like

  10. Growtopia Indonesia

    Yayayayayayayaypls more

  11. Steven Lopez

    Adam is hot as fuck

  12. Antonio Arechiga

    How did you make the Puddy

  13. Gab The crazy derp dude

    Great! Ima light my school on fire now! Take that Mrs. Arnold

  14. Given Family

    all i can think of while kara ate the chicken feet was jamie with a giant spoon.

  15. RAIU 9

    humans now part of complete breakfast

  16. cucxabong xabongcuc

    My mom is addicted to popping pimples and zits so this is going to be a great b-day gift for her.

  17. Mark Calland

    Most boring thing on youtube

  18. Jaden AGPAOA

    Boi the strawberry though

  19. Bryan Park

    I met the owner when I was working in Charlotte in a food kitchen. He gave me one of these without telling me what it was, and I died. He also wore a respirator when he was making these, when he opened the door, everyone in the building coughed their lungs out.

  20. Mia Serspinski

    I used to hope that Danny wouldn’t get found, but now I just hope that Jamie will find just Danny once.

  21. Lim Kee Chee

    I would eat them almost instantly Since i devour donuts Edit:and gummies

  22. Henry J Derment

    4:15 thats not a king you cant go backwards

  23. Bradley Smith

    You remind me of Michael Scott.

  24. Tiffany May

    I just barfed 🤮

  25. random deadtv 2.0

    You should put go soup in the catalog

  26. Isabella Dinobile

    He yelled cobey, and cobey just died today in helecopter crash. Rip.😔

  27. krissie velarde


  28. i like pie

    Why not just put liquid nitrogen on it then smash it

  29. strange duped shovel

    Why am I sill laughing at this? 10:39

  30. Roblox anime_Mix

    1:10 when my friend shows me a dead rat

  31. Sakura love light

    Hey I watch this video and thought of you guys. If people can make outfits out of Chocolate can Vat19 make Jamie look like Bendy from Bendy and the ink machine but useing chocolate? Here is a link to the fashonshow to show you what I'm talking about with outfits made of chocolate. Good luck

  32. Ayva Williams

    2020 people were you at

  33. Andy Davis

    1:27 Eric: *KOBE* Me: 😭😭

  34. Gladys Rosa

    I lost it at unicorn farts😂

  35. Audrey Smith

    This is even worse than just the beans!

  36. Nathan Reme

    Haha, *_free app_*

    1. Nathan Reme

      19.99 $

  37. ima gummy bear ok

    Plot twist i am the unicorn

  38. Dj Nguyen

    How do you even eat chicken feet? Asian: have we met before?

  39. ima gummy bear ok

    I just orderd a packeg from vat19 it was the magic candy despenser i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee it thx🥳

  40. salad pey6

    Bruhh, watching this on Jan.27th 2020 and he said “KOBE” when he threw the meatloaf into the sink😭

  41. Elle B.

    Kyle: is silent and quiet for most of video Kyle: or a booger Danny: uhh very good point Kyle!

  42. Thehockeyplayer77

    It is

  43. Good Gregory

    Why do they have to use so much food??

  44. Jerry OMG

    Do gummy bat vs real bat next 😍😍

  45. DiViNe ICYY

    Who is watching this after Kobe died

  46. Franky Star

    What if u never found Danny and went on with daily life

  47. Eyelinds YT

    Can I use liquid plumr to unclog me bunghole?

  48. McSL1PPY

    I’m lovin that morining hair jamie

  49. Dalton Romo

    I went away from the vid to check abd it played the beginning but it cut out where it said “ I like to hide from my boss to get fu”

  50. MiniWolf 697

    4:32 Nobody: Me: *HIPPIE STORMTROOPER*

  51. jenø the søftie

    Kyle is such a mood tho 😂

  52. NerdyPuga

    The reason I wouldn't be able to work at Vat19 even if I waned to, im vegetarian and I have a pet rat....

  53. ZambieSlayerYT

    i remember watching this thinking it was real and getting freaked out over it lol

  54. Fancy Dragon

    They should rename this video "The Chair Hunt"

  55. Krazy Kat

    These are so good!! Super funny😂🤣

  56. itsyoboiduck 4

    Oh they melt they always melt

  57. Funtime Time


  58. Polly Pocket


  59. Abby ??????

    He said Kobe :( 🕊❤️🧡🏀 rip Gigi and Kobe

  60. Calla Wagorn

    I thew up literally just by watching this... 🤢

  61. Blakely Fiveland

    When can I sign up to work for vat19

    1. Blakely Fiveland

      Jk i really want to but im 13

  62. Lynx Plays

    Cool fact a person in north tonawanda made that game it was a school teacher

  63. Meowmeowchinga _

    Okay, whoever the hell made the subtitles are gay and dumbasses

  64. The weird Sushi

    I thought eric quit but he didnt phew

  65. Carson Strong

    Adam: “skadoosh”

  66. Celita Garrett

    *gybgby6g*gtilkj Oj

  67. Carson Strong

    10 pound sledge with a splitting wedge could do some damage

  68. Alex K

    0:23 i would've just put the whole stick of butter on

  69. huh TV

    Adam is the same person as John hamm

  70. Ethan Anderson

    Gropener sounds a lot like groping her

  71. Kaichaniro

    I’m not gonna tip this cup by accident I’m gonna flip the entire table by accident

  72. XxNathanielGamerxX uh

    Anyone thinks he looks like jeffy from sml

  73. Arnold Palmer

    Take a shot every time he says “red haring”

  74. Sophie-Jo Hawkins

    I think everyone is waiting for the time when Jamie finds Danny with his poking stick

  75. ItzMikayla !!

    Me (the Jamaican) Waaat?? You don’t know how to eat chicken feet!???

  76. alex tseng

    Eric: It's an aggregate accessory fruit *getting fired*


    HM, yes, this looks like death

  78. Hannah Schuh

    Danny: Goes to his job Jamie: Oh, are you ready to start working? Danny: We do work here?

  79. Bags of YEET!

    we stew cow tails

  80. Dirty Danimals

    i just watched an 11 minute and 46 second ad

  81. XxDope_HaxX

    Water is not wet😑

  82. PH Vlogs

    Why tho

  83. Kingsaif 2099

    The kobe reference is at 1:27 may our legend rest

  84. Luna Wolf

    2020 anyone

  85. Lila’s World

    Who just watches these for fun not to buy anything

  86. Juan Cevallos

    Toung is a delicacy in Colombia

  87. Down syndrome Delux

    I don’t like Christine

  88. pigon pigon

    Make a jumbo slice of cake just 1 big cake

  89. Lily Hempfling

    Omg he said Kobe he just died :*(

  90. Hasan Khan

    "I feel like I'm eating pee" there are many things wrong with this statement

  91. Jim Halpert

    I’d rather do work than hide all day

  92. Sienna Rangi

    What if someone gets both the gold tickets

  93. Octo Queen

    *uses a freaking mini punching bag as a poking stick* That’s not a stick that’s a punching bag

  94. lol 123abc456789

    Freeze with liquid nitrogen - then hit with a hammer.

  95. GomezGamingYT

    om nom *eats cubes*

  96. Carter Fehnel

    Gummy car

  97. Fortnite Plays and fails

    No offence but I’ve had some and there not nic

  98. Mienyza Agustin

    Not perfect just decent Lmao😖😂😂😂😂😂😂

  99. Ale Shanghai

    This vid was my first Vat19 vid

  100. Brianna Mabry

    8:50 video of the year right there 👏🏽