I have a passion for making videos, and have a blast doing so! Thank you for stopping by my channel and for being a part of my fun!

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  1. Nehal

    Exposing time 7:19

  2. Layla Sherrill

    “Done” I would love the James Charles items because I have been watching him for a year and he is a great icon and it would be my first makeup palette. Instagram- @layla_e_sherrill

  3. Aqua sur 7

    Hello tanner thank you for your time just wanna your an amazing person who inspires people and keep going for 11 million.The item i would want is the guitar because my dream is to start making music at age 15.The reason i would want to start music is because i want to spread a positive message to people that they should follow their dream and nothing can stop that drive .If i do get picked then my instagram is wiecha2005 that is the way you can contact me,thank you for your time and stay healthy to all the people in the comments.

  4. Aqua sur 7

    Hello tanner thank you for your time just wanna your an amazing person who inspires people and keep going for 11 million.The item i would want is the guitar because my dream is to start making music at age 15.The reason i would want to start music is because i want to spread a positive message to people that they should follow their dream and nothing can stop that drive .If i do get picked then my instagram is wiecha2005 that is the way you can contact me,thank you for your time and stay healthy to all the people in the comments.

  5. Christopher White

    Entire Full Send drop, Chris_white19

  6. Bahwy Hehwhw

    Yeezees @callmeoswaldo I'm doing this for my little brother hope everyone the best of luck but also hope I win

  7. Vishal m Bharadwaj

    Bro would like Logan Paul's boxing gloves a big fan from india followed you since roman Atwood

  8. Janel Divona

    John but you were high

  9. Parker Smith

    Done! Subbed to both, that scooter looks dope !!!

  10. Townseyy

    I want stradmans hoodie cause he’s one of my favourite youtubers. Instagram: @i.townsey

  11. Gur Dhanoa

    Been subscribed for a while now, please hmu with the Full send drop please!!!! IG is gurrrr.dhanoa

  12. Striffee

    I mean, you were also 16, and I'm assuming the girl you were with was probably the same age? Which would mean she's also underage, either way guys who make comments like that out loud are gross.

  13. Icepackjr2

    Anyone here 2020 because I be watching all the old disses

  14. Pebble J

    Who else want Tanner and taylor together

  15. Sierra Wood

    DONE! I would like Logan Paul’s boxing gloves! I’m taking lessons for self defense and we need gloves! IG:http_sierra1

  16. Denzel Pomada

    We’re here for Tanner, we love you!

  17. Genesis Fuentes Lopez (Student)


  18. Genesis Fuentes Lopez (Student)

    Because I’m giving them to my brother for his birthday

  19. Sativa Starnes

    I don’t know if you still got them costume shoes by MARKO, but i watch all his videos and love all of his designs ❤️ and I love Nike also I literally wear size 11 and blue is my favorite color so those would literally mean the world To me. Hopefully I still have a chance🙏🙏 (insta) Steven.starnes42

  20. Genesis Fuentes Lopez (Student)

    I want the customized shoes

  21. Aidan VanIstendal

    nelk giveaway, @aidan.vans

  22. Eli Culbreth

    “DONE”. I really want the Logan Paul boxing gloves because he is one of the best ALselrs and someone you can look up to. He has the best content around and I would love to meet him one day! Instagram- Eli_culbreth44

  23. Slime Izzy

    Bro it would of been funny if curby just ate it dude

  24. Ladarion Coleman

    When he remembered it was there 8 month anniversary and pushed her away when she hugged him😂 whoe else is watching this in 2020

  25. Nehaal Holeppagol

    I would really love to have Logan's boxing gloves I have been his fan since his day one so pls pls pls tanner I beg u to pls give me his gloves at-IG--n_e_h_aa_l pls pls tanner

  26. Jonathon Melbourne

    It was the pregnant girl from the gtr one

  27. Adrian Nunez

    these was good

  28. Adrian Abercrombie

    "done" I would like logan Paul's gloves cause personally I've been getting into boxing and all that stuff and it would be great to own a loser pair from Logan Paul. Insta: adrianabercrombie

  29. Biqboi Matthew

    Who else hear after Logan got clapped jkjk he should have won

  30. SQU stud.

    روح ف شغلك و استغل وقتك ف شي مفيد

  31. Cruz Barnes

    I love


    You need to find jake ! He’s been there since day one . Miss the old vlogs g just scooter and film random shii .

  33. Nikolai

    “Done” it would be crazy to win some logan Paul boxing gloves just to have them and use them would be sick insta:Nikolaidula


    4:56 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 is funny moments like

  35. Aidan Carter

    Ive been subscribed for a long time and i would either like logan pauls boxing gloves or jakes guitar the gloves because i have been a big fan of him for like 4 and a half years and i really enjoy boxing alot hes actually the one who got me into it and i would like the guitar because i was wanting to learn to play but then just kind of didnt but if i won the guitar i would learn how to play!!

  36. Brian Barnes

    Congratulations Tanner fox you hit 10 mil in no time your gonna hit 20 mil keep up the good work

  37. Brian Barnes

    If you hit 10 mil you should give away a PC, an Xbox, and a ps4

  38. Lesly Lopez

    James Charles pallet I always wanted his pallet just don’t got the money to buy it love to wine this giveaway good luck to all the winners @[email protected] I only have email no IG sorry

  39. kieran duffield

    "done" I would like to win the 1 million orbeez to put all around my house and make a video out of it. Also want to say congratulations on 10 million subs that's huge. ig: itz.kieran02

  40. In The Life Of Kim

    "Done" I would like to have the Jake Paul guitar not for myself but for my brother. I really appreciate him and he has talked quite a lot about wanting a guitar, but sadly me and my family don't have the money to afford it. Hes going to college in a year and he has started writing songs. He works very hard to keep his grades in line. One day i would like to listen to his songs. My Instagram is @Inthelifeofkimk I hope you consider me and my brother.

  41. Nexus GAMING

    Yo tanner its ok your fans love you we will support you until the end thank you so much for making me happy all the times on your video love you tanner keep safe

  42. Nexus GAMING

    Hey tanner can the guitar i will give it to my brother for his b day he really want a guitar hes birthday is june 27 pls

  43. CodyAU _

    “Done” I would love to win the Guitar always wanted to start learning on how to play the guitar. I.G: codybruhh__ Twitter: CodyAU_

  44. jaydin fnaf animation sub

    Jake 💕

  45. Little Mavy

    i want the faze rug yeezys because i like shoes but dont have money to get shoes. my insta is notquitelikeb

  46. Abhijeet Naik

    Done .Jake paul's guitar my most favourite youtuber a very good man with an awsome yt channel .Never had his merchandise as im living in India and its way to expensive for me so it would be a dream come true to have his personal guitar 🙏 .Instagram ID: abhijeet_naik_23_agn

  47. Emery Evulich

    Done lol forgot that part

  48. KaSh carlson

    Hey Tanner, I would really love the Faze Rug Yeezys because I’ve always wanted a pair, but I don’t have the money to buy a pair. Plus I love Faze Rug I watch his videos all the time and I subscribed to your channel and I hope to see more content from you too. Instagram: carlsonkash 🤞

  49. Kevin Gaston

    I whant mil orbes

  50. Stash911

    I wonder why they broke up

  51. Gerald Aragon

    I want the basketball because i love basketball with all my heart not gonna lie and I also watch rug and Brandon for a while

  52. fortnitefreaks GG

    I would like the boxing gloves because I love Logan Paul and would Frame it Instagram name Jackson Curtis_12

  53. Newtralizerpro 2

    “Done” i really want raze rugs yeezys because im a big fan of his and i found out about your channel when you did the hide and seek video when yall played hide and seek in a mansion insta: dmaldonado31104

  54. Kc

    Not much of a mystery box if you know whats in it. Lol

  55. Domenic Brack

    “Done” I really want that Jake Paul guitar. I want it since I’ll use it, because it’s awesome, and because then I won’t have to spend tons of money on a new guitar. You can HMU on insta: @djbrack7473

  56. jaydin fnaf animation sub

    Happy birthday Jessica

  57. The Bowhunter dude

    Done! Let’s see it!

  58. Kaylin Naidoo

    I want the Steadman hoodie because he's truly such an inspiration and always spreading out positivity with the most amazing saturn purple cars He's story is also very inspiring from sleep in hes audi car spotting to eventually owning he's very own fleet of exotic cars

    1. Kaylin Naidoo


  59. Ben Sargi

    She's angry!

  60. SailingWinter 2

    “Done” i want the Go pro please im trying to make a mountain bike Chanel on you tube and I really need a GoPro because I use my phone and my phone isn’t the best so I wish I had a GoPro to film better quality videos and I love all the content man My Instagram is @ caleb_temple_2 with a mountain bike as the profile picture ❤️

  61. Yahya Shwaw

    I realy want faze rug yeezys i never had a yeezy and here is my instagram 0987654321_yet_idiot thanks for reading this

  62. Ben Sargi

    Poor goldfish

  63. Zac Lewallen

    “Done” I really want the basketball because brawadis is one of my favorite youtubers and I really love basketball. The ball looks sick and I would use it all the time. IG -zac_lewallen350

  64. ZNormiesProdigy

    The marco shoes. Well cuz there marco and there size 11 and i need new shoes. Instagram : daniel.f3oktistov snap: weeb_content

  65. Avhapfani Nedzingahe

    What's wrong with the longe control

  66. Gagesnyder 10

    Strad man hoodie please Gage Snyder 10

  67. TheoDora Keravnou

    i wish to have a car like this one @@@

  68. JFK Pickle

    Yo insta nicholasgregg

  69. TheoDora Keravnou

    i wish to have this car [email protected]@@

  70. Nick Sweney

    “Done” Nelk merch. I have always wanted some nelk stuff big fan of you and nelk and wanted something from them. Insta: @nick_sweney

  71. Cimba_4 Gaming

    “Done” I want the Logan Paul gloves because I like them and have been watching him for over 3 years insta:cimmeron.loughran

  72. Jose Ignacio Muñoz

    "done" I would love the Logan Paul boxing gloves, I want them because I actually want to become a pro boxer. hopefully you see this!!!!! @j_munozw_

  73. Marissa Massullo

    Just discovered your channel through the funk bros videos, specifically Capron's! Congrats on 10 mill, what a milestone! I'm sure I dont have a chance since I'm new to the channel, but Jake Paul's guitar looks dope! I've been struggling to get the funds together to buy myself a decent guitar- I'm also sure this is the most popular item 😂 next to James Charles' merch..Anyways, congrats again! I'm @marissa.livia.9 on IG :) good luck to everybody!

  74. Teddy Bear

    "Done" I would like the logan paul boxing gloves because I have been a huge fan of his channel for years but don't have the money to get any of his merch Instagram:aydanmacarthur2

  75. hallowen days child

    You are talking touch werlly

  76. Dominic Ramos

    HAve fun netflix and chilling ;)

  77. D-Wang

    you are a huge inspiration, i recently start making videos :)

  78. Moksh Patel

    I will love to have the boxing gloves bc logan is my favorite and I love boxing. dm me on Twitter @mokshpatelboss

  79. Andrew Mccutcheon

    This is literally age restricted

  80. Nic Bryson

    “Done”. I would want the nelk boys merch. I have watched you since your scooter days and I also love your content. I also love the nelk boys and all of their stuff is always sold out. “I’m tanner fox and this is how you buttercup.” Congrats on 10 mil. @nicbryson_

  81. Andrew Mccutcheon

    June 2020 anyone

  82. ethio tiktok

    give marko shoe please 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  83. Lil Vargas

    Marcos shoes my instagram is vargasadrian1201

  84. Taylan Karabas


  85. Ref

    Now this takes me back

  86. Kason Bruns

    They both unfollowed each other on insta

  87. Jack Painter

    Tanner all the way from Birmingham uk id love the Samsung note 10+ lol

  88. Ayus Ali

    Why do you hate faze rug you bitch

  89. BsV

    Boxing gloves because I'm a big fan of Logan and im trying to start boxing iG: stubbsbrody8

  90. jess m

    all done 💗 i’d love to win the macbook air, that would be such a blessing! it’d help a lot with college. thank you for the opportunity, my instagram is @jessmikaila ✨ ps follow you there too of course!

  91. lol master

    What name of that song is

  92. SplinX 1

    0:34 kid brakes his ankle 😬 4:56 kid is a mop 🤕

  93. stephanie diaz

    My brother is starting boxing and he has always loved Logan Paul he was the one who made my brother fall in love with boxing and his birthday is next month and I wanted to surprise him with Logan Paul’s boxing gloves and the fact that they are signed would make him flip out. He thinks he’s not good enough so if I win this I hope this changes his mind about himself. He just wants to make everyone proud of him. I really hope to get these for him but if not it’ll be ok. Good luck to everyone who is trying to win the give away. @stephaniediaz32 GOOD LUCK EVERYONE and congrats to anyone that wins!!!!

  94. Morgan Alford

    ive done both of them already the scooter looks fire by the way

  95. Jackson Rutledge

    when is the give away

  96. Nick Saeger

    “done” i would like the air forces because i collect shoes and i’ve been trying to get a custom pair of shoes to add to the collection (twitter @nsaeger21)

  97. DraaGsaa

    "DONE" I really want logan pauls boxing gloves because i recently got into boxing and i dont have the money right now to my some regular gloves. Insta : simen.aasgaard From Norway

  98. DraaGsaa

    I want a guitar because i want to learn how to play it.

  99. Blake Call

    “Done” I would really like Marko’s custom shoes because they are so cool and I need some new shoes it’s been a while. insta- blake_call_25

  100. Tyrese Callahan-Cross

    U have to buy 2 Lamborghinis