I do what you want to see.

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    Marko: I'm giving this pizza away Erin: That's not vegan

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    When you never win a giveaway (☞゚∀゚)☞

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    When you just realize that Marko was a graffiti artist this whole time

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    Really cool !!

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    Cool my mom is working on a mural for a church.

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    wow you are awesome

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    Just want to ask.. Does the colour get spoilt if exposed to water..

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    I want the old marko back w/ the old non clickbait thumbnails

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    Rip jolly rancher

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    Ma questa è una bestemmia in confronto alla vera pizza

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    when i see the title : "giveaway a mural?"

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    5:31 hahhahaa the casa

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    1 step closer to painting his house I guess 😂

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    Random vídeo!!!

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    All Italians are crying (me too) 😠😭🇮🇹

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    When you thought he couldn't have anymore talent and then he slaps you with a mural

  38. Brittany Erin

    Marko! I had to train my phone to stop auto-correcting your name to “Mario”! 😆 o_o I’m entering your cheesy pizza giveaway (nerdy pun intended) oh fa sho! Great job on the mural by the way; but I’m sure you already knew that! 😝 🍕 Insta @Brittani.Eryn & @FrayedKnotDecor xo Deuces

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    3:09 rip the hoody

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    I’m Italian. I said all I had to say. 😑😰

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    I weep for the future

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    Why did you put some FUCKING PINEAPPLE on the pizza?!

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  45. brayam peralta

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    "i heard you're supposed to wash them almost every day" BOY *ALMOST*?? 💀

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    I think this needs to go in production

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    OH MY GOD!BOY!Your paint/grafity is beautiful!!!😱🔥

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    I’m italian and you’re pizza is terrible... Please came in the Italy and taste the real pizza!

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    ugh his editing skills make me want to day dream

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    that pizza is absolutely disgraceful.. almost bad enough to warrant a dislike

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    I Love Green Pizza!

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    fuck it! his transitions make me cum

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    The ammount of times he dropped it makes me not wanna buy it lol

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    Marko, stop eating us!😹

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    Marko is the only ALselr I know who eats his camera to transition xD

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    why did i enjoy watching this??

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    he says materials instead of ingredients how qt

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    It would’ve been better if the word “pizza” was actually painted in like a pizza way with pepperoni and stuff

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    Your friend sucks at rapping

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    Marko should make a cooking channel lol

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    4:05 me at 2 am

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    My boy trending 💪🏾

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    I'm italian and seeing the pineapple on the pizza i'm sick

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    You talk a lot man 😣

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    3:30 min some pineapple 🍍 came out of his mouth . I just had to laugh so much 😂


    I'm your fens from indonesia and i really like your video. but my cellphone is broken the screen yeah i want to ask your handphone from fens indonesia for your memories

  95. getar ninel

    I see your trying too hard.you dont like any of that shit.

  96. Jess Plays

    Ok I’m sorry but anyone who doesn’t think pineapple on pizza is weird is true. However ham and pineapple on pizza 😏 is the best thing ever so yeah

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    where did he get that tweety jacket ,

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    tangerine slices??? 3:37 WHEN HE SUCKED THE PINEAPPLE JUICE I LOSE IT