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  1. Garrett Becerra

    Watching with my AirPods Pro

  2. K Tech

    Wth ALsel?? It's 2020, now this video is recommended for me to watch 😂😂

  3. Got Luck

    It's funny how people complain about reaching the top of the phone now. I know it's uncomfortable but imagine how awkward it is holding phones in late 90's and early 2000's.

  4. Irfan Mahmud Rifat

    Intro! 😍

  5. Sam'sShortVids

    Anyone else he thought he was reviewing the iPhone 7s?

  6. Equals Cash

    So Neil just basically put on the show without saying anything...

  7. Life

    Not good review you are very talkative...

  8. Ryan Muller

    Hey Marques, you have a album in it.

  9. Frieza 223

    Next up: We removed the camera. small portable cameras with magnets to attach anywhere on your phone

  10. Waqar Ahmed

    But huawei is much better than iPhone

  11. MrCubannn

    This dude turned the Sega on before putting in the cartridge.. That's a big no no and the reason it didnt work at first

  12. Paul Man

    did i just see KLAHR on Marques spotify? 😯

  13. Madara Uchiha

    I thought you will say same sh*t. 0:56

  14. Winston Lalicon

    iJustine is so MEH..

  15. William R

    1:00 why is the square on the right on the wall so off kilter

  16. Story Time

    Marques is like a none extra asmr channel

  17. AceWantsToDie


  18. Abhi M

    Took away the stand...and now you have to buy another one yourself seperately.. what the heck are they trying to do!

  19. Jole the Nebula

    One plus is great but when i buy a smartphone then i pay it out of my pocket so i bought a xiaomi mi 9t pro and for the rest of the money i took a Philips Smart TV

  20. techZoNe

    Mac in background but review microsoft 😁😁😁😁😁

  21. Royale dejdmlvr

    I think the main goal wasn’t to be good, but just to get$$, like, if new tech ideas are booming, unpopular companies get to profit from this because people are just eager to get new tech no matter if the build sucks or materials used are cheap

  22. Abbas Salvatore

    The actual card should change color

  23. Its AttackMail ツ

    Apple: AirPods are a *big* hit, I’ve literally been seen almost everybody wearing them! Tide: Hold my tide pods, please

  24. Melisa Zg

    I went from Samsung s8 to iPhone 11 and I’m very happy with it. It’s so good to be back on iOS

  25. Jizy 12

    Looking at that many quality phones gives me chills 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  26. Super Paulo Lagramada Valencia

    I don't need it I don't need it I dont need it *I NEED IT!* Just kidding! Don't have enough money to need it anyways 🤣

  27. Name Surname

    2020 :)

  28. streamGREEN!

    He approximately made 47,640 dollars during this interview

  29. Michael Angelo

    The funny thing about android is you need 4 or 5 cameras just to beat a 3 cameras on iphone

  30. Sohaib Mahagri

    It's so f****** big I'm getting the OnePlus 7t for the same price. Aside from being easier to use with one hand or even two hands it's also has faster charging and better software experience and faster updates and overall better more versatile cameras.

  31. Paulo Eduardo Pedroso de Morais Filho

    5.8" isn't a small display... Just fit perfect.

  32. Anthony Guzman

    How many times did Elon say "like"

  33. Wendy Kalvin

    I upgrade from my iphone 6 to iphone 11. Use almost a month no problem at all.

  34. Um Pouco de Tudo

    Great analysis my friend. That's exactly what they're doing, create a problem to offer u a solution. That's the way things are in most of tech business. Cheers from Brazil.

  35. shaan

    wow this guy really has no clue about mobile photography. i guess i'll buy one of his shirts. Nah...

  36. Samuel Vázquez

    Really? Wireless headphones are better for us? Research has shown that wireless networks like Bluetooth in an enough amount can increase the risk of having cancer. Well, with that said, I'll try to stay with my wired headphones.

  37. Trevor Mecaskey

    The shuffle was my jam for working out

  38. J D

    Watching on my iPad Pro 11"

  39. Ryan Fadillah

    damn 8 years ago

  40. Divyanshu Sayal


  41. Vasco

    Too easy.

  42. Princess Dolar

    My friend has a iPhone X and she flexin it but i be like "Girl i aint jelly, bc u dont have the newest phone"

  43. tayyab tariq

    How is a 700$ one plus 7t a budget phone???

  44. Apple Fan

    I have the Huawei p30 lite.😏😍🐶🐕🐕🤯. But you have that one. I mean we have good phones. Now you and me got that phone

  45. Peter Rafael

    6:20 nice

  46. YASH Maurya

    Still it's a dream to buy

  47. Ivan Nevřela

    I can easily do day and a half or maybe even two with my iPhone 11 Pro Max. A little misleading statement at that category?

  48. John Warren

    Ipad Pro it is for me then..

  49. Joshua Rizzello

    man your videos are amazing

  50. Spitly _

    Am i the only one who doesn't like bright colours on phones

  51. احمد الشعراوى

    Love you mkbhd from egypt

  52. Zadie Whitehead

    I love ur vids so much your ideas and the way you express them are so clear and you get exactly what you want across 💖

  53. Niklas von Haxthausen

    And I don't know how everyone thinks apple is the initiator of all technology like there has been so many companies before doing the same that were not the typical dumb fuck consumer mainstream company. But I think no one is interested in that either

  54. Berke

    If anyone's curious what Sega did between Genesis and Dreamcast, just google the SegaCD, 32x, and Saturn. It's a pretty good rabbit hole of how NOT to learn from your successes

  55. Niklas von Haxthausen

    Everyone missing the headphone jack would probably miss the 400mAh more they give you more due to place efficiency

  56. PeteZahad

    Anyone know where I can find the desktop background at 5.28 ?

  57. Bruhman

    When the “quietly dropped” the airpod pros I ha donuts bought regular AirPods three days before


    I like your desk

  59. Gouri Sankar Bhuyan

    Why dint apple put their connector in that notch?

  60. Noella Bason

    me personly, yes i want! cant waite! yes, you right, nostalgie!

  61. TheEvanH09

    Would love to see the Tesla MS changes video!

  62. Taiga Aisaka

    IPS display is a no go for me

  63. nato

    Rich kids: H Y P E B E A S T

  64. iPhqne

    when Elon stepped infront of the robot how much money do you think was lost in that second or two

  65. Osman Gazi

    This phone looks like it's in slow motion.

  66. CrossX75

    Ahhhhhhh the old ALsel Sign/Symbol, I remember i would grab my Moms phone and just press ALsel

  67. Nxckoo

    I see you Marques with that T.I.T.S Album Cover over there on the left. 6:26

  68. Razor123

    This is how I talk about my Sim City game after 1000 hours played.

  69. Alexandru Sabou

    You can have Google Play and Facebook and all the app's

  70. David Pantoja

    I type this on my S10E, perfect size no edges and didn't cost a grand.

  71. Yeet Yeet

    Who else watched this with beats in

  72. YoshiThatsMe

    Setup tour project 2020? Like if you agree

  73. Joshua Rizzello

    I have an phone 7 and fantastic wired hearphones and I noticed that the music has much more quality when is playing on my iPod instead of my iPhone , so yes, I still use an iPod in 2020

  74. Fallingout EMS

    Still love the design!

  75. Sharafazz sharafazz

    so iphone has the longest screen....

  76. ana

    why did youtube recommend this to me in 2020

  77. Dog Man

    when its 2020 and its still not out yet

  78. Витя Щелочков

    11:48 1000th time

  79. MrSpiderDeath

    R u mark ass brownie from rewind 2018

  80. Rondec Cosare

    Are you somehow related to Brownlee who plays here in Philippine Basketball Authority (PBA)

  81. sharan chakradhar

    why not small bazel less smart phone with no chin? im talking 5.8' or even 4.7'

  82. Iris Iris

    Elon Musk went furious in his mind when you named his competitor 😬😬 17:53

  83. Martin Grant

    I got the iPhone 11 Pro Max 256gb and I seriously regret not getting the note 10 plus .

  84. Dhawal Jaiswal

    They all got cheater's heart LMAO (grass is always greener on other side)

  85. John Smith

    They have already done surgery over the 2003. A surgeon in the US did it on a patient in France.

  86. Bilal M

    1:16 that aged well...

  87. John Smith

    LIFI via street lights would be faster and better.

  88. John Smith

    If your phone company is putting 5g on a 4g connection... vote with your feet and use someone else. Dishonesty should be punished.

  89. Harrison

    2020 anyone?

  90. Rajendhar Rachakonda

    Is one 7 pro has dual stereo speakers or no???

  91. Prazzo Rambo

    MKB! What’s the best budget buy with NFC. I feel like a phone without NFC is stuck in the early 2010s and is a critical feature now that I am so used to paying with my phone

  92. Roy Dow

    the surface duo, is worth ditching apple for; as long as they support it properly, they will cull a good following ...

  93. Alex McCaffrey

    The cool coloured versions usually network limited :-/. I dislike how they boring colours come first.

  94. Sido Dz

    A 3200mAh battery \(◎o◎)/

  95. Nikos

    Dictate instead of typing. Printing is its main problem

  96. Roopesh .Udupa

    So there should be a battery exclusive for always on display or introduce mini solar panel on the strap to charge battery on the go! If I work @appple perhaps I would share this idea 🤪

  97. Soul Mortal

    Watching it on my OnePlus 7

  98. Dashaya Nvt

    I’m buying this for my mom

  99. aakabli86

    You should give away this phone to your followers. Its the best looking phone Ive ever seen and it wont be available for us to buy :( Thank you

  100. BVD JVD

    If the g9 doesn't have an aux port, im blaming it on you