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  1. Anindita

    Although this looks absolutely beautiful to me and very fascinating, what is the point of a folding phone? Not hating, actually curious.

  2. Budget Tech

    linus would have dropped that tv

  3. Angel Okoro


  4. Raghavan S.u

    Can you pls tell me the name of the Removable carpet that 1x1

  5. Daniel Oertling

    Lets see it! I am interested seeing the everyday Marques.

  6. Will Millions

    add a link to the desk lol

  7. Venhima

    Why don't your studio crew help you move?

  8. AJ Ponce

    more please🙏🙏🙏

  9. TMS YT

    Did anyone notice the 69 in the thumbnail

  10. Lolu lou

    Nice one. But where are the other guys that work with you?

  11. nikolas georgiou

    Yes Of course!!!!!

  12. Stas Klevtsov

    Sure! More videos from you it's always good :)

  13. Rajdeep Chakraborty

    Marques: Hey, so I have been moving stuff on my own now for 2 weeks and here's my thoughts on this.

  14. vDaBest

    Marques after 1 week of marriage: “So I’ve been trying this wife for a week now”

  15. Pierre B.


  16. M Adams

    @Marques Brownlee you taken of the most off putting tasks in life and made it engaging and interesting salute sir

  17. Anthony Di Pietro

    Hey MKB, Love the Channel and Hope to see more of moving MKBHD HQ. ADP (Melbourne, Australia)

  18. vDaBest

    Marques after 1 week of marriage: “So I’ve been trying this wife for a week now”

  19. vDaBest

    Marques after 1 week of marriage: “So I’ve been trying this wife for a week now”

  20. vDaBest

    Marques after 1 week of marriage: “So I’ve been trying this wife for a week now”

  21. Domingos Mendes

    With 4G the radiation had destroyed this nature. 5G will destroy human fertility completely. One covid19 corona patient is like a long range missile,it reached from east to west. Now only one 5G installer will make money and the whole world will surely suffer the fertility problem, loss of memory of school children,and the future will be like useless unwanted humans.

  22. vDaBest

    Marques after 1 week of marriage: “So I’ve been trying this wife for a week now”

  23. Sergio Patricio Vargas Bernabe

    You can always call Linus to help you move your stuff 😁

  24. vDaBest

    Marques after 1 week of marriage: “So I’ve been trying this wife for a week now”

  25. vDaBest

    Marques after 1 week of marriage: “So I’ve been trying this wife for a week now”

  26. Starship Driver

    I’m going to drive the cyber truck into a sandstorm.

  27. satya लौवंशी

    mi chinese virush

  28. C.F. Web

    Hey Marques, please post a link to the carpet tiles you are using in your studio.

  29. Joey Alcala

    Can someone please point me to where I can get those carpet tiles??

  30. edafade

    Yes. More.

  31. Prashant Vedula

    So....will we get our Oneplus 8 videos?

  32. Joshua Engering

    Go to Tracks he tests: Contact - Daft Punk Strobe - Deadmau5 Say nada - shakka Ongoing thing - 20syl

  33. john nguyen

    too expensive....

  34. Romu Alds

    Boring, what is a story behind? Why you are moving?

  35. Bryan S Arnold

    Yes more vids like this!

  36. Shivam Chounde


  37. Ordinary Kings

    A timelapse of the new studio being set up would be nice!

  38. Kevin Mangus

    I wanna see a tour of the new digs!


    Since it's quarantine period we'll watch few more tech shifting videos.

  40. Roberto

    Justine seams very fun to be around

  41. Carlo Stefani

    We're down!


    It has the perfect size and I really wanted the front camera to be centered. I love the display (coming from a QHD galaxy S8) 😍

  43. Yuuvraaj Jain

    Hey marques why don’t u make a video on s20 plus I really wanna know the difference between s20 plus and s20 ultra

  44. itcomeoff

    Why have I been recommended this now

  45. prime_soldier27

    Literally has placed the TV on the edge of the table 🤦

  46. Muhammad Syahmi Sukor

    Review lg v60 please mkbd

  47. Harryboi 64

    Ronny Chang sucked on his Gameboy LOL

  48. TRASDA 24

    my heart stopped during the tv part...

  49. Doğa Doğu

    Yes! More moving stuff videos, please. It is fun and something new for a change.

  50. TanvirSS

    Plot twist: The new tenant is Pablo Escobar

  51. jamestheradioman

    Great vid Marques! The true blessing about your move is it's the same building! Keep the moving vids coming. I hope you document the full move in one of those speed videos showing beginning to end. That would be impressive for a solo move effort!

  52. Eric Altenburg

    New studio means aligned red and black panels... right??

  53. Peppe Ddu

    So, you're moving to another floor in the same building. Have you considered asking the next tenant to move to your "new" studio instead?

  54. Bradley Wilson

    Bro mad props keep it going well done

  55. idrees qazi

    this video is colder than my heart

  56. Mitch Yelverton

    I just got 2 for $20

  57. Khaled Ahmed

    Creative as always, Marques. Loved it.

  58. Vivek Shah

    We would surely Like to See more of this 😅

  59. Joe Baller

    Using 5G for surgery is hysterical. People who live next to a cell phone tower have less health than those who don’t. The electromagnetic waves will do enough damage to the patient and maybe even the doctor.

  60. Albert Li

    where are your friends?

  61. Phela H

    Just put in a: Disclaimer the actions in this video were done by an experienced professional and can result in serious injury or death. DO NOT TRY AT HOME!!

  62. YuukitheMighty1

    Geez, they still make these? I remember everyone in middle school either had one or wanted to have one (me 😂)

  63. Cindy McEwen-Davidson

    More, yes.

  64. Gerardo Sanchez

    Something is wrong with this dude. He on some "Get Out" shit!!! Fuck 5G and Agenda 21!!! Love always wins!

  65. William Lee

    Where did you get those flooring "tiles" from?

  66. Sam Rockwell

    I smell the ccp in these comments

  67. tim buttry

    My samsung tab A is a lot better

  68. Fighter1f16

    Hell no, it's not that simple. 5G is: We as a piece of meat inside of microwave and everything to kontrol everything, peoples, weather, earthquakes

  69. xjyrki

    Does anyone know the manufacturer of those floor tiles?

  70. Rashid Raza

    Watching it on my OnePlus 5 in 2020.

  71. Justin Miller


  72. Eusebius Bob

    I stop breathing when he lifted that TV one side up

  73. Nick Howland

    Why not dismantle the floor tiles 3x3 rather than 1x1 to save time?

  74. Gospel Guitarist

    I would gladly help you out lol since I live relatively close by.. nice moving tips!

  75. Madhulika Patni

    Do it

  76. Madhulika Patni

    Do it

  77. AA Gaming

    I would love to see the moving in process in time lapse 😄

  78. BooDotBoo

    I'd have dropped and broken everything.

  79. Adarsh Jayamohan

    Dark mode and volume rocker.That’s pretty much it.

  80. Sing With Jaya

    will this mean I wanna wait more days for your next video?.. thats so sad....Happy to know that you are hard working...

  81. Titminea Yin

    Notifications > App icon badges > Notifications on app icons

  82. Toran

    I'd be up for seeing that sort of thing.. :-)

  83. Jarrhead

    Make A Time Laps

  84. Babas013

    isn't there anything you would like to get rid off before moving to the new studio like a giveaway?

  85. Guilherme Teixeira

    This is possibly the first MKBHD clickbait ever

  86. Bruce Dwayne

    Marques I'm pretty sure you could have a reality TV show on your move from one studio to another on Discovery or History Channel if you really wanted. You can't tell me a good producer couldn't make an entire episode of you moving that TV from the old studio to the new one. Moving the Red camera equipment could probably be a two parter. 😅

  87. YDS Productions

    down for moving in content!!!

  88. Khaffit

    Office Moving Vlog! where is nicky V?

  89. Nedim Talovic

    Cool you did the work yourself - using your own hands is the right way. Being humble is good in the sight of the Lord Jesus.

  90. Rahul Saini

    So one half of the OnePlus 8 Review will be shot in the old office!!

  91. Cauê Fabiano

    I don't feel confident enough to do that furniture moving by myself, and this guy not only does it, but MAKES A VIDEO ABOUT IT. A crisp, well filmed, well edited video. Marques, you're amazing, dude.

  92. BooDotBoo

    Construction is "essential"? Are they building new hospitals or houses for the homeless, because otherwise, it's NOT essential. I'm wary about some of the stuff they are calling "essential".

  93. Vijay Kumar

    Coincidentally this is my last video of yours before I moved to me new apartment. I'll get to to watch your new video in my new apartment. 🤞

  94. Neilski Angliski

    The only man with a mullet I trust.

  95. Ajuchacko91

    Hey, I have been watching your videos since 2012 and seen most of from that time. These days I've got some free time, so thought simply to say hi to everyone of my favourite youtuber's. Keep making videos. Thank you

  96. Thomas Wehner

    So I really need to know where I can buy these carpeted floor tiles in Germany.

  97. Beshoy Nagieb

    Just beware that intruders would use any weakness points to have access to your new space. Enjoy yourself and thanks for sharing these moments with us, Marquees. Here is what I would like to watch with the new setup: General and pro tips on the installation process, tools and materials for sound isolation.. Maybe your viewpoint on different scenarios for workspace design and specifying certain areas for certain tasks to have comprehensive integrated studio. Stay safe Prayers from Egypt

  98. Lucek

    Who got here after watching David Icke on London Real?

  99. Chris Thorne

    Big time lapse of you hooking up the new studio!

  100. Prasad Koli

    Hey "MKBSD"