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  1. ben pill

    No one: People in comments: GoRo iS GoNnA GeT StOmPtEd

  2. Sebastian Cano

    So it's for vs Machamp

  3. Vincent and darkco

    Will you ever add banjo and kazooie in D B

    1. omar عمر

      Vs who? Maybe that small green dragon with a bat?

  4. Pinhead Larry

    If you actually think doomsday would win, read heart of the monster

  5. Ian Herms

    No you downplayed alien x so much he could’ve just snapped him out of existence

  6. Visy Laszlo

    What was the point of that? He didn't have a chance..

  7. N26P7

    Now UI or Ssj blue kaioken would easily destroy super man now

  8. pikaruto uzumaki

    It's very fanboy or one piece

  9. Ian Herms

    He still could’ve beat him with the pain going through his ears. Like I don’t think they understand what he is actually capable of

  10. Krishna Naik

    Reboot this video for the doomguy has rebooted... For eternal.... OK that sounds really bad but please a reboot is required

  11. pikaruto uzumaki

    Más falso que yo estudiando

  12. Taiga Dorrian

    If sonic goes the speed of sound does that meant that he surpass rock lee and Gaara?

  13. Ian Herms

    This fight is bull because I mean seriously th daredevil can take out a whole army night wing can’t do that. And daredevil is better in everyway

  14. Mo Blacklion

    Wow you guys surprised me I thought you were going to give it to CM and not Shazam

  15. Tavah Royes

    Riddick Rddick next

  16. Vlad the Impaler

    A pokemon really? Couldn't they have pitted Four-Arms from Ben10?

  17. LiquidJules

    Anyone wanna see Scarecrow vs. Mysterio

  18. Donelle Bullock

    One of Manchamp's entries state that the belt acts as a limiter. If he removes it, he will have infinite strength, or close to it. He can already through thousands of punches in a second, and move mountains.

  19. Dario Galindes

    Story telling the humor is kind of corny, better illustrate it

  20. Terrence Mcsween

    Could you-all do one with guiver vs tecknoman

  21. LJ

    If it’s gonna show boomstick taking off wiz’s arm then this episode is going to be so hilarious

  22. Chara


  23. Zach Eads

    how the hell did zelda not win?

  24. Power fever

    Better be a rematch soon

  25. daniel spell

    broly, the increadble hulk, kratos


    Saiyans doesn't have limits

  27. Blackfyre

    While I have much more emotional attachment to Mister Chef... Doomguy today... would likely destroy him. I do agree with this video outcome if you talk about Doomguy before he was the slayer.

  28. m. alonto

    do machamp and ben ten's four armed alien. then goro vs marvels forearm from mutant liberation front!

  29. Jomuan

    Goro: I fear no man *Machamp capable of moving mountains with one hand and can punch 1000 times in two second Goro: But that thing, it terrifies me

  30. Kelvin Perez

    😂my name is kelvin

  31. Yarie Diallo


  32. Monica Stone

    This was the weirdest episode of dragon Ball z

  33. Best Anime Hero

    Out of curiosity, what Death Battle's comment section are visiting besides this? I've started appearing in Kenshiro vs Jotaro by now

    1. Sora-Rex Kairi-Pyra Naminé-Mythra

      I occasionally go to the Sora vs Pit and Luke Skywalker vs Harry Potter comment sections.

  34. Reepecheep

    "It's not flying, he just manipulates air currents to keep him aloft." In what universe is that not the definition of flight?

  35. God Tastic

    Iron man vs the blue beetle 🤔

  36. Visy Laszlo

    Awesome BadAss 😃

  37. Mr Platinum

    DIO: invents ZA WARUDO Esdeath:Hippity Hop that move is my property now

  38. RA - BIT

    Sooner or later cuphead is going to beat Bendy, in Cuphead the first attempt is never the final one.

  39. ThatDude Daniel

    I’d like to seen them remake this and go more in-depth on the abilities of the characters and such

  40. Jason Maxwell



    What about venom vs doomsday?

  42. Jason Maxwell

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He said that your a bicth

  43. Madara Uchiha

    Minato solos the entire HunterXHunter universe. prove me wrong.

  44. Ky Games

    I loved the light saber battle that was cool

  45. Connor Mathews

    I feel like Sam is better against the kind of soilders in mgsv but against a man who took down ninjas and took down a psychic twice and a man who is on fire and is immune to bullets

  46. Thomas Ivan Gallito

    Everyone: Akira Kurusu/Ren Amamiya (Joker: Persona 5) Vs Giorno Giovanna please! Albert Wesker Vs Alex Mercer please! Deathbattle: Goro vs Machamp

  47. Jason Maxwell

    Get rotated wiz 😱😱😱

  48. Spartan wolf

    Genos could easily overpower warmachine anyday

    1. Charles PAILLOT

      Genos doesn't have any power feat above 286,53 Teratons of TNT. Genos is easily overpowered.

  49. Bojac Long

    Ok before I watch I have a few thoughts. 1. This is dumb. Esdeath should easily win given the very nature of their abilities. 2.I predict Esdeath wins, even if grey uses ice shell.

  50. Jennifer Piacenti

    Goku has no limits he is stronger

    1. Kaihedgie

      He really isn't

  51. benyboy 48

    Spd is speed

  52. Kirboweirdo

    14:15 Am I the only one who feels bad for that frog.

  53. Breezy

    I really thought it was gonna be four arms from ben 10

  54. Aadi Bhandary

    Inb4 Goro vs Four Arms (MK vs Ben 10).

  55. Austin Robb

    Captain marvel is such an annoying character it’s good to watch her get killed over multiple episodes

  56. Gordon-John Manche'

    I don't like this sonic could win you don't know how powerful sonic is.

  57. Caius Nair


  58. Christopher Gilowey

    For the next death battle can there be a showdown of Goro form MK and fourarms from Ben 10

  59. Ethan Spivey

    You guys should do one involving the SCP universe like 682 vs (any ideas?)


    Do batmans plot armour vs iron mans god killer armour PLEASE




      I shat meself


      I ate poo





  62. The Cat In The Hat If you didn’t know that

    I will never not see the testicles on his back... thanks a bunch

  63. Jack Paris

    I love spawn

  64. Michael McGann

    Mid rib arms vs shoulder blade arms

  65. Arclight Sama

    Until he faced Kotal Kahn . Leaving him with a crushed pride & Not even a single arm to wipe his ass with it .

  66. Kelley Owens

    Sonic is better Mario sucks

  67. John Smith


  68. Joseph Chuqui

    I thought Luigi kang would win

    1. Joseph Chuqui

      Lui kang can defeat goro shoa kahn and shang tsu and lui kang defeated veronica with help with raiden and lui kang can defeat scorpion and scorpion can defeat lui kang and shoa kang defeated the boss of ryu and won and lui kang is stronger that shoa kang so lui kang can defeat ryu boss and akuma maybe

  69. Michael McGann

    Machamp would put him down with a single ice punch

  70. Nathan Eric Dolloso

    You know who I’m curious for a death battle? Light Yagami with a death note vs Saitama

  71. Carlos Munoz

    Bruh alright starman shouldnt have lasted that long hyper sonic should have destroyed his ass

  72. Rouba SAIEGH

    Killer croc vs the Lizard Clay face vs Sandman

  73. Nasr. fadel

    Kratos became a full god himself so there is no way spawn can defeat Kratos the son of Zeus, Kratos killed many gods.

  74. Sushi Boy

    Lets be honest putting anyone up against a Pokemon is immediate death

  75. elf-amazon 500

    Issei Hyoudou vs. Meliodis plz

  76. Dyllan Rodriguez

    Spawn def needs more battles

  77. zabriel clinton

    Raiden slash his head like sushi

  78. Clare Sparkes

    I do agree but don't I mean I think you forget UI goku but yes I would agree with you

    1. Best Anime Hero

      Check the date if you don't mind

  79. Oscar Alonso el Grande

    Im still waiting for...... Perry Platypus (Phineas & ferb) vs Nigel 1 (Knd)

  80. David Singhaus

    Round 3

  81. Revolver -Hanoi Leader

    Lol that wrong

  82. Chad Peterson

    I don't know who would win but a lot of people say the Pokemon will win but I wouldn't be surprised if Death Battle says Goro will win

  83. LordNune Z.G

    Now do one with mirajane

  84. Anonymous Dogooder

    Obviously they haven't seen what Gamera's feats in 2016. But whatever....Just wait until KONG kicks his ass... it's a coming REAL soon.

  85. Ramesh Gore

    Totally disagreee

  86. tintoy victoria

    Super saiyan God is not a technique

  87. red kanikel

    Beliv it

  88. Stefania Daidone

    Death battle wishlist . Negan vs frank west dead rising vs the walking dead . Jotaro vs joker persona vs jojo bizzare adventure. Rash vs Mikey battle toads vs tmnt . Arbiter vs predator halo vs dark horse. Sagan vs geese Howard street fighter vs KOF. Sorrow vs genji one piece vs over watch

  89. Matthew Scott

    I think Geralt of Riva would be a better battle.

  90. Jahaziel Davila

    Goro vs Machamp vs a Tetramand (ben 10 fourarms alien race) A triple threat 12 pack of arms ○>>-<

  91. Heavente

    Did you took into account Jack's distance from the source? I guess not.

  92. john hancock

    Ok lets get this straight when Doomsday fought Superman they destroyed half of a City. When Broly fights cities, islands and Planets get destroyed in a instant. DC is weak compared to DB Doomsday Died with a 2 handed punched that shattered a bunch of windows. When goku defeats someone with a spirit Bomb nothing is left of them.

  93. Andrew Still

    Video game Swordsmen 2, would 1 of them stand a chance against Cloud or Link, or any other swordsmen?

  94. John Zoidberg

    What do you expect was gonna happen, the old man still up and kicking in the series while the other guy is...well... dead.

  95. ietaM

    Dracula is a legend from Romania coming originaly from Vlad Tepes who was considered a vampire due to his impale proud he won

  96. Itz_Silent Wolf

    I hate this show! How could Weiss lose! That Mitsuru is gonna pay!!! *this channel must be destroyed i hate this* >:(

  97. Itz_Silent Wolf

    I hate this show! How could Weiss lose! That Mitsuru is gonna pay!!! *this channel must be destroyed i hate this* >:(

  98. Itz_Silent Wolf

    I hate this show! How could Weiss lose! That Mitsuru is gonna pay!!! *this channel must be destroyed i hate this* >:(

  99. Fish_Kid_420_Blaze

    They already did a mortal kombat vs pokemon spoiler pikachus heads ends up in a blender

  100. Fish_Kid_420_Blaze