Welcome to the Body Coach TV where I post weekly HIIT workouts to help you burn fat and get fitter, stronger, healthier and lean. You don't need a gym to get lean and most of my workouts can be done anywhere with no equipment.

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  1. Claire Dallas

    Hi Joe from Liam and his mum Claire in Perth Western Australia. Great workout!🏃‍♂️🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♂️

  2. Casey McNeill

    It’s good exercise though

  3. Casey McNeill

    On my class in google classroom they linked this and said it’s ‘thirsty Thursday’

  4. Chris Makris

    Ellie Leo from Australia

  5. Harrison Green

    This is the best

  6. Lou Van Stone

    Max here from Australia. Thanks for today's workout. We haven't missed a day!

  7. Patricia Percival

    Hi from Gold Coast Australia I’m 67 and loving these exercises sometimes modify jumps etc but do more squats and pushups !! Do them with my grandson 8 and 10 keep well and safe 🙏🙏

  8. im in australia

  9. Jack White

    A Brit from Canada. Thank you lad you rock

  10. Rosey Adam

    This is weard

  11. Devzy 793

    This guy is one of the legends that are gonna go down in history!


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  13. Natalie Kenny

    Mr Joe Wickes thank you so much for these videos and all the love, time and effort that you put into them, you truly are an angel 😇. You have kept both my 36 year old self and my 10 year old daughter happy and moving for the past 8 days and we love working out to your videos. So excited to tune in again tomorrow and Friday to see what you have in store for us all. What are we going to do during the Easter break without you joe? 🤔🤔

  14. LAC F

    hell yeah!!!

  15. Francis Haze

    Fuck me joe.

  16. Weilong Guan

    Spends about 3 mins talking.

  17. Patricia Mallitt

    Thanks Jo, Trish from Australia xx

  18. vtex Aqua

    Keep scrolling

  19. Josue Hernandez

    Who’s watching this cause of there P.E told you to for Quarantine

  20. Abigail Smith

    HAHAHA this is awesome.....🤣

  21. jdubb131313

    This is awesome! From Chloe who is 5 in Melbourne Australia

  22. Anna Hyde

    Hi Joe, thank you for sharing your workouts! I do them every day with my friends Taylor and Pearl online in New Zealand since we are in lockdown and can't go to school or sports. Can we please have a shout out!!!

    1. Anna Hyde

      by the way we are all 11 years old.

  23. All Videos

    Yh because looking at him you can clearly see he’s carved out of stone and a physique like a Greek god lool you all are fuckin inbred

  24. Ashley Gabriel de Sousa

    Hi Joe, Willow and Saffron from Sydney are doing your workout in the morning Sydney time, and are DESPERATE for a shout out ;)

  25. Vipul Patel

    Krish is doing your workout routine ever since we saw it on ALsel; my wife and I are also doing the workout with him. We are in Panama City Beach FL and love to get a shout out for Krish. Thank you. Keep the posting the videos.

  26. Rumi Mawji

    Doing this for school everyday as warm up of the day cause of corona

  27. Anne Kennedy

    We are all watching from Smithton Tasmania

  28. PankyCake

    best ever

  29. James Morgan

    This is so good!


    I love you're videos joe! you're so energetic its so nice

  31. Emma Shaw

    Emma, Jack and Rosalie dialing in from Canberra, Australia every day to catch up on the latest episode.

  32. James Morgan

    I love this!

  33. Ace Thomas

    good one

  34. Keneth jena

    Thanks Joe for doing the great workout 🏋️‍♀️ please give a shout out to Tobias and Samuel in Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺! We love your workout and do it every day

  35. a p

    My kiddos and I are loving the PE classes great way to keep the whole family active during quarantine ..thank you

  36. Jack Crook

    I swear you was in my rainbow six siege match telling me to subscribe to your channel

  37. Arun Allen

    Why are people jumping in their houses? I went for a nice run in my local park today.

  38. Ann Grimwade

    Any chance you could do an over 75's version? My mum would love this too!

  39. Julian RojasSerrano

    press ups are hard

  40. Cooper Gason

    Thanks Joe, from Kate in Western Victoria in Australia. Pleased I made it through.

  41. Gerard Healey

    Hi from Gus in Australia!

    1. Gerard Healey

      I am really liking the workouts.FromGus in Australia.

  42. Rachael Gaudry


  43. Bee1p


  44. Shae Namubiru

    Morning, we are doing this in Melbourne Australia at 11am. Thank you from Leif, Thor and our mum Shae

  45. GamerBrian2 Gaming

    My legs almost broke after this...WHAT A NIGHTMARE!

  46. Suki Bhatti

    Love it. We're in Canada Toronto Suki, Arjun and Ava

  47. Lynn Napier

    the differnses are your gitaur boxing gloves and stuffed owel

  48. Koby Harrington


  49. Ozu Mejia

    KAIROS, 6, MEXICO. My dad and I do this every day!!!! THANKS!

  50. Krista MT

    Day 4 done!!! Holy kicked my tush!!!

  51. Hugo Savage


  52. Hugo Savage

    Your the best!!!!

  53. Rachael Gaudry

    owl and boxing gloves

  54. ShadowBoy Gamer


  55. ShadowBoy Gamer


  56. Rhys Skelly

    Weres mr b

  57. Rehana Begum GFRT

    Anyways keep up the good work sir

  58. Rehana Begum GFRT

    Hi how can my daughter who is in wheelchair as she has severe cerebral palsy and is 11 years old do her PE exercise sitting down..please help...she says "mum I can't stand or walk, how can I do the exercises?" It breaks my heart when she asks me questions like this 😢😢😢😢

  59. Izaac Reyes

    Здравствуйте, я наслаждаюсь вашими видео до сих пор действительно хорошая работа

  60. xx_ HZO _xx

    This guy's all over the trending page because of online classes

  61. Loubna Kisha

    Differences:🦉owl,boxing gloves,guitar

  62. Average Alien

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  63. Fortnite Topic

    Quarantine sucks dosent it.

  64. It’s Genji UwU Official

    whos joe

  65. Tracy Killeen

    We are doing it everyday. Thank you Joe. From Cora (7) & Tracy Kennedy in Swifts Creek Australia. Feeling the burn 😂

  66. ABaines700

    Hope you get covid... I'm fucking sick to death of seeing you everywhere.

  67. roraa park

    What happened to your arm

  68. Rachel Harding

    Doing the third warm up I kept cracking my knees


    Alby from Australia

  70. Ricky Olfacius

    Alix 7 and Luka 4 in Brisbane are back. Every day now - but you almost lost us with the music. So much better without. It keeps the kids focussed. Thanks so much!!

  71. Natalie P

    Piper family in Australia

  72. Antonio De Lavega

    +447471068968 [email protected] contact for good fuckin

  73. Jazzy Froehlich

    Huge fan of kettlebell workouts-this one was AWESOME, keep ‘em comin!

  74. Natalie Mercier

    Not all heros wear capes!

  75. Lachlan Hutton

    Are you Ok

  76. Aaron Sherlock

    People actually thinking hes just a P.E teacher 😅😅😅

  77. Iker Torres


  78. Kensington Debose

    I was forced to do this for Google classroom

  79. Bannana Pinnaple

    Happy April fools Joey love your video from Oliver in the blue Mountains Australia

  80. Zakariah Warwar

    Since the school closed down, they're making us do this for PE, cant believe this.

  81. Adhritt Seth

    My family and I, the Seth family do your workouts every day.

  82. S Lon

    Pure Spew!

  83. kirsty beckwith

    Wow 2nd exercise will bugger up a lot of people’s backs especially fo senior - flexion and twist - ouch! Not being rude but don’t think you have worked with seniors or else you would know that a lot of seniors are very limited and chair based is best -

  84. Adrienne Taylor


  85. G Boys Productions

    your the best

  86. LilacShine xox

    My teacher forced me to do this pls save me

  87. sreelatha ketineni

    you are the worst pe coach in the universe

  88. Heidi Townsend

    My teacher sent me here

  89. Mystery channel

    I liked Your workout from Phillip island Australia. hi I’m in mystery channel 🤚🏻

  90. Michelle Rickett

    My 6 year old daughter has written her own workout to send to Joe. Where should we send it? 😊

  91. Kristy Gibson

    We loved meeting Indy she is so cute. We think your new spot the difference game is great Grayson 5 y/old from Bathurst Australia guessed the guitar first up. Thankyou for giving this mumma some inspiration ❤️

  92. Unabashedly Isla

    Love it! Can you shout out to Isla in Melbourne Australia??

  93. anitoee

    STILL DOIN IT! I live in NY so it's 4am when it's live, but TRUST I come back to watch it everyday! [I am a teacher myself in Brooklyn, New York]

  94. Amanda Schmidt

    Jonathan and Luca from Australia Largs.

  95. Zara Hluschniow

    for free dancing I did the renegade XD

  96. Zoe Barrett

    You are amazing


    hi I will love to get a shoutout because I never got whon before I love your work outs good job stay safe

  98. Regina Mushi

    Am alright knackered just with the warm ups!

  99. Jo Angwin

    Hi Joe! The Angwin Family here in Salt Lake City. Just done Amilia's workout with you, boy that was hard! Thanks for doing this for us all we really love doing PE with you and appreciate you taking the time to come up with the lessons xxx

  100. Marcus Barrett

    shout out pls to MArcus Barrett Sydney - for PE in Australia